Thursday, April 27, 2017

Get the better sleep that helps fat loss.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-27-2017

1.  Enough good quality sleep helps people lose fat and keep it off in several ways:

*You feel enough better you are more able to make an extra effort and persist in doing the other effective things that help fat loss and keep it off.

*Good quality sleep we now know literally cleans the brain.  So you think better the next day and even are far less likely to get Alzheimer’s. This makes getting effective exercise and eating foods that help you stay healthy and lean easier.  It makes saying no to food that harm your health or fatten you much easier.

In fact, getting enough good quality sleep has been shown to reduce excess hunger and cravings!

*Your body releases more growth hormone and testosterone when you get enough quality sleep.

So you can use effective strength training and short, vigorous cardio to lose fat. And you are better able to keep the bone and muscle you already have to prevent age related fat gain.

2.  Commitments & responsibilities, exercise, worthwhile work, & learning and good quality recreation mean that healthy vital people can have trouble sleeping a lot more hours.

3.  But there are dozens of ways to get better quality sleep anyway.

They are all well tested to work.  Doing several of them every day can often be very effective.

Even better, many of the most effective ones are easy and cheap enough to do, you can make them happen right away!

*Doing at least some vigorous exercise each morning almost every day before breakfast and before work -- directly helps fat loss and health protection of course.  But doing it that time of day makes it reliable and much easier to continue. 

Best of all people who do this tend to fall asleep reliably within minutes most days.  They get better sleep with more growth hormone and testosterone release.  And, they stay asleep all night except for bathroom breaks more often also.

*Think through and try out what time of day works best for you to get up each day.  If you can, set your alarm clock for that exact same time each day.  Then when your alarm goes off, get up and start your day no matter what. 

I have a set of things I do each morning right after I get up that I try to do as few minutes after I get up as possible. Brewing and drinking my first cup of coffee is on that list.  I aim to drink it within 15 minutes of when the alarm goes off. 
It can be challenging some weekends to get up at the same time you do during the week.  But I’ve found doing so gives me more unrushed weekend time now that I do it.

*I saw a doctor who specializes in sleep issues.  Two of the most useful things she suggested DO work. 

a) Drink any red wine or other alcohol before dinner only!

This one does a nice double I’ve found.  By the time you fix your dinner or it arrives in a restaurant, you feel mellow and less stressed.  Then after dinner enough of the alcohol is processed you are less groggy and more able to converse and do things.

This strategy also makes avoiding enough wine etc to be helpful in preventing it from stopping or reversing your fat loss.  After I started doing it, I found I was able to drink about 8 to 10 less glasses of red wine a month and maintain the lower intake.

b) Drink any coffee or tea by 6 to 8 hours before you go to bed most days. I now do that almost every day.  And, on the days I do it, I do sleep better and feel better rested the next day.

I also recently discovered a bonus to this.  Since I hardly ever drink coffee just before or after dinner, if on occasion I need to be more awake and productive after dinner the coffee I drink seems to work better!

*Get a sleep mask and use it every night.

Moving to a nice cabin far from city or freeway lights or getting 100% effective blackout curtains can make your bedroom dark enough for good sleep.  But you may not be able to do this in a few days or at all.

But buying a sleep mask on Amazon for less than $20 and wearing it every night can do the same and you can be doing it a few days from now!

I got the Nidra sleep mask and wear it every night.  The results were so good, when I realized my first one began to wear out after over a year of every day wear, I bought a second one that I’m now using.

It’s also nice because I can take it off in seconds since I’m wearing it if I need or want to see.  I a room totally dark from blackout curtains, I’d need a flashlight that I could grab reliably and it would still take longer.

*Take a chewable melatonin supplement just before bed, so it goes directly into your blood stream from the mucous membranes in your mouth.  That way by the time you put on your sleep mask and get into bed, it’s taking effect.

If you are below 45 or 50, you may find that half of a 1 mg chewable melatonin is enough to be effective without making you groggy the next morning while more is too much.

But if you are over 65 or 70, a 2.5 mg chewable may be more effective and give you other health benefits.

*Wear cloth gloves and soft socks to bed.  This has been found to relax and open up your blood vessels and help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

*Keep your sleeping area cool.  Temperatures in the 63 to 69 degree range a and light blanket &/or wearing a hooded sweatshirt test as giving the best results.

 BUT this one can be a BIG problem to do for many people!

In the Silicon Valley here many homes have little insulation and no air conditioning.  Particularly now that global warming has been keeping it from cooling off at night at it once did, this makes for a hot and sweaty bedroom.

And, in places like San Diego, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, Tuscon, or Oklahoma City it can be very expensive to cool your bedroom that much in the summer!

What if you could get your bed to that temperature for $150 so you could do it at all in the Silicon Valley or for much lower costs in hot places with A/C?

An upgrade of an effective product to do just that is about to become available:

Better, cheaper, and smaller than AC way to cool a hot bedroom!

This product is quieter than their original product.  In fact, it is an upgrade for a product that WAS successful in helping people get better sleep!

The price is reasonable!  It will sell for about $150; but in this pre-launch period, you can order it for less than that.  It will be shipped between mid-June and mid-July it looks like.

4.  NEVER take a prescription “sleeping pill.”  These hypnotic drugs are the very worst possible combination of disasters you can imagine!

The “sleep” they cause is very low quality and delivers none of the benefits of real sleep.

They are as addictive as heroin or cocaine for many people.  Taking them for just two or three days has caused ruined sleep and continuing high drug costs for many people!

There is a direct death rate increase in people who take them.  People taking them have driven while hypnotically asleep into concrete pillars on the freeway and one man sleep-walked nude into a below zero blizzard and froze to death.

And, if they don’t do that, they may kill you as certainly but more slowly.  People who begin to take them have their rate of death from cancer and heart disease and any other cause more than double just after they start taking them.

When you can do much more so fast for less money and get good quality sleep too, this seems like a very bad idea to me!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Five.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-25-2017

The first four of the posts in this series has enough different kinds of effective techniques to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s to cut the risk to near zero even for people who live to be older than 70 or even 85 years old.

Of course that’s for people who do all of them or very close to all of them.

But by beginning with cutting the overall risk in half and relentlessly removing the remaining risks with things proven by research to work for each one, this seems quite likely!

This is in stark contrast to the myth now repeated by many doctors because it’s what they have been told that they take on faith that it isn’t possible to prevent Alzheimer’s.

In the first four parts of this series, we’ve shown that many kinds of research show the exact opposite.

Of course, for people who are doing everything wrong now to switch to such an opposite lifestyle in so many ways and keep track to ensure they keep doing it all may seem impossible.

But since these same actions clearly work and also prevent cancers and heart disease and strokes and diabetes and can help people lose excess fat they keep off, the rewards make it worthwhile well before people live an Alzheimer’s free live too.

But what about people who are in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s?

Are there ways to rescue some of these people now and then gradually restore some of them to health?

There might be! – That’s because some methods DO show large enough effects in such people that if they were all used with some of the appropriate methods from the first four posts, we can clearly save some of these people.

Will that turn out to be 10 % of them or 90% of them?  That may vary depending on how severe the damage is and how far along it is and the variation between people.

But if we can save 90% of the people who have been placed in an Alzheimer’s assisted living because they can no longer feed themselves or recognize close relatives to 10% of those who would not otherwise live longer than a week, it would clearly be worth doing.

There are two things that have reversed Alzheimer’s in people at the first part of this spectrum.

1.  People who have been given MCT oil a few times a day for a few weeks who were in the first group have recovered. 

This is apparently because the ability of the brain and its component and connecting nerves to use glucose has been dramatically reduced or almost eliminated in these people.  BUT your brain can also run on ketones from processing MCT oils.  So the person’s brain has been like a car engine with no gas or electricity to fuel it.  No wonder it has little function.  But this is a way that often restores a fuel source the brain can use and it often fires back up.  That then gives you a way to use the methods in the first four posts to further reduce the damage and prevent it from returning.

Note that MCT oil has several fractions.  Some taste worse than rancid food fat or car grease.  Some are bland and almost tasteless.  Some feed the brain in this way quite well.  And some hardly do so at all.

An entrepreneur called Dave Asprey found that two fractions fit the desirable combination:  They taste bland AND they power the brain well.  He sells it as “Brain Octane.” 

So that likely is the best MCT oil to use.

2.  Somehow a man in the first group was given a supplement that contained an extract of the Lion’s Mane mushroom a few times a day.  He’d been unable to eat unassisted and rarely got out of bed.  Within a week he was getting up and helping to care for and talk to the other patients.

Since then research has verified that Lion’s Mane extract does grow new brain cells!  The only downside is that to keep the gains, you either have to keep taking it or you have to add a lot of things that produce more permanent new brain and nerve cell growth before you discontinue it.

3.  An Australian group tested a method to use electrical stimulation to remove beta amyloid plaques that was reported to remove something like 70% of them. 

That’s significant for two reasons.  Many of the people who had this treatment recovered memories and mental abilities. 

Secondly, people without Alzheimer’s reduced functions have some beta amyloid.  But Alzheimer’s occurs when there begins to be more than the normal clean up functions can remove, so it builds up until it causes damage.  And this method removes so much beta amyloid there is a small enough amount that it no longer builds up or is at a damaging level.

I recently saw a more detailed report of this research.  Instead of removing the beta amyloid directly, it enables the immune system to remove it.

And, that likely means that adding 10,000 iu a day or more vitamin D3 and enough curcumin from turmeric and turmeric to this treatment would clear far more beta amyloid because they each boost the immune system’s ability to do this.

4.   I’ve lost track of the research report.  But when the ability to store short term memories or access long term memories is lost because the link of the main part of the brain to the hippocampus that does these functions no longer works, so are those abilities for the whole person.

Some researchers realized that electrical stimulation couldn’t re-connect this broken link directly because it didn’t go deep enough to do the job.

So they focused their stimulation on an area just close enough to the hippocampus and closer to the skull that they thought it might initiate a repair process that would restore the entire link better than just the stimulation alone.

It worked!

So, as you can see, using the first two methods here may be enough to begin to reverse more severe Alzheimer’s damage if it is short of very severe.

And, adding to that the second two and then adding more methods when a recovery does begin, we may save over 10% of even very late stage Alzheimer’s patients.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easy way to lose fat without hunger.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-20-2017

Medical News Today had an item today that showed a way to do this.

Researchers wondered if they provided a variety of foods in a meal which they also provided labels for each food of what was in it that people could read BEFORE they chose what they’d eat.

And, they found what they hoped to find, that when people read the labels first, they ate enough food to not be hungry at the end of the meal AND they ate enough better and left out enough fattening things that those who had been eating differently would lose fat without excess hunger.

“a greater proportion of nutrition-label users selected more fruits, vegetables and beans, and fewer potatoes and refined grains, compared with non-label users. In addition, fewer label users selected fried foods and foods with added sugars….”

Clearly someone who knows to always avoid high fructose corn syrup and any hydrogenated oils and any hybrid wheat and any soft drinks whatever to prevent their dreadful health harms would do even better.

And, providing well prepared and displayed organic produce would also make it work better.

But if you have been buying much of your food at a grocery store and have not been reading labels, this research suggests that always reading labels is an easy and effective way to become less fat without eating enough less to be hungry.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Four.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-18-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

This started part 1 of this series.

(Our post, on Tuesday, 3-28, has why this happens AND an effective but not yet well known two part way to boost the success rate in quitting smoking from 6% to closer to 70 to 90%.  Best of all you can buy both books that teach these methods for under $30 on Amazon.)

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells.

This post on keeping the mitochondria that power your nerves and brain cells health was on Tues, 4-4.

Last week, 4-11, we covered:

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well. 
This week I’ll add this:  A study, reported by Dr Al Sears said that besides its better known effects, the herb gotu kola was found to cause the growth of new neurites which are the dendrites and axons that interconnect nerve and brain cells.  And, it may be that doing this plus the other things that grow new brain cells may replace all of some of the ones that are harmed by myelin breakdown.  This combination may also replace myelin.  At worst it looks likely to help retain the connecting nerves and slow the effects of MS and ALS.

The next strategies we will resume covering this week:

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.


*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it. 

(We cover them together because the actions that do one of these almost always does some of the other also.  AND, the end results are very much the same for each of these.

*Social conversation even though it feels easy most of the time actually engages most of your brain as proven by brain scans!

Learning new things that you find valuable or enjoy researching or that interrelate with things you already know also uses most of your brain and can cause new brain cells and interconnections.

Learning a new language does both of these at once!

This intensive use tends to also prevent any formation or progression of beta amyloid or tau caused tangles research has found.  This is even the case when a good bit of beta amyloid is already present.

**Following a low inflammation lifestyle and taking turmeric or curcumin supplements taken from turmeric tends to prevent the formation of beta amyloid and tau tangles in the brain.  AND, turmeric and curcumin also apparently empower the macrophages in your immune system to remove tau proteins from your brain!

***The sterol stigmasterol that appears with beta sitosterol removes beta amyloid from your brain!  Losing your sense of smell is a symptom of beta amyloid killing your olfactory nerves.  But somehow it was found that when people who this had happened to took stigmasterol, their sense of smell returned!  I read that; and since then have read that other research has verified that stigmasterol removes beta amyloid from the brain.

When I read that, I was very pleased because, by accident, I’d been taking stigmasterol for several years before I read it!  Here’s how that happened: 

I began taking beta sitosterol because it prevents or slows the development of BPH which can block older men from urinating well AND it lowers LDL cholesterol.  (Taking 3 a day of the Natrol tablets of beta sitosterol was one of the two things I did to lower my LDL cholesterol the first 25 points I’ve lowered it.  Natrol knows of this effect and calls their beta sitosterol supplement “Cholesterol Balance.”  I take three tablets a day which is not expensive, about $15 a month.

I read labels and noticed that the product also had another sterol, stigmasterol.  I realized it must be another sterol that appeared with beta sitosterol in the natural source they took the product from.  At the time, I decided it might also help with the things I was taking beta sitosterol for – or, at worst it would do no harm.

I now know that the stigmasterol is a significant protection for me ever getting Alzheimer’s; and I will make a strong effort to keep taking it!

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it. 

One cause of beta amyloid buildup is poor circulation to the brain reducing the flow of waste products and macrophages containing beta amyloid from the brain.  So more beta amyloid builds up.

Poor circulation to the brain also may prevent the effects that keep beta amyloid from forming, so more forms.

All of the things that prevent heart disease do so largely be increasing blood flow to each part of you – including your brain.

Vigorous exercise most days of every week does this directly.  (You can see a ruddy red or pink glow in the skin of someone just after such an exercise.  And you can feel the heat or see the sweat that results.)

Vigorous exercise most days of every week does this indirectly too because it lowers the level of small particle LDL that reduces blood flow several ways.

(In people who have been doing vigorous exercise most days of every week, you can see this in their readings because their LDL and triglycerides are low and their HDL is high.)

As you might expect, a result of this is that research would tend to show that sedentary people are more likely to have heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  It does!

And, as you might expect, research would also show that people with poor circulation are more likely to get heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

This was in Medical News Today on 4-11, a week ago today:

The more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the greater the beta amyloid build up!

Importantly, this measured the same for all races AND for people with the gene for mercury build up and without i.

So, eliminating all of those and boosting blood circulation can VERY strongly prevent beta amyloid build up!

Link between vascular disease and Alzheimer's strengthened
Middle-aged adults with at least two risk factors for vascular disease may have higher levels of beta-amyloid - a hallmark of Alzheimer's - in later life.

Following the low inflammation lifestyle reduces that risk factor and directly reduces a cause of beta amyloid.

This involves eating no hybrid wheat and far less grains and almost zero grain oils AND rarely eating the fat of animals fed grains.  AND finding out how and eating ZERO MSG lowers inflammation and directly reduces a cause of beta amyloid build up.

And, a bonus of doing this is that in addition to reducing inflammation is that it increases your HDL and lowers your triglycerides AND THAT means that it reduces small particle LDL and increases your circulation.

In fact, the triple of the no wheat low or no grain low inflammation eating style and regular vigorous exercise (and NOT taking statins which harms the vigorous exercise) and taking DHA prevents Alzheimer’s disease three ways!

It prevents beta amyloid from forming, it removes beta amyloid that does form, AND it grows new brain and nerve cells!

Is there anything else that increases blood flow?


*Taking niacin 300 mg once or twice a day lowers LDL and triglycerides and INCREASES HDL.  So does taking 250 mg once or twice a day of insositol hexaniacinate because it is a no plastics needed slow release of niacin supplement.

(I do both.)

*Taking 900 to 1200 mg a day of deodorized Kyolic garlic was found to lower LDL cholesterol AND stabilize existing arterial plaque making it less likely to break off and cause a heart attack or stroke.

I added that and my already low triglycerides and LDL went down significantly!

*Taking or eating turmeric and/or taking curcumin supplements taken from turmeric ALSO lowers LDL cholesterol.  That’s in addition to lowering excess inflammation and its other actions to directly prevent beta amyloid build up!

*Eating ginger or taking ginger supplements also lowers inflammation and LDL cholesterol.  (Botanically ginger and turmeric are related.)

(This is a well known set of effects by researchers.  I discovered the LDL reducing effect after adding both turmeric/curcumin and ginger daily.  That single change dropped my LDL from about 105 to 75!)

*And, there is one more:

Eat ZERO hydrogenated oils if you possibly can do so.

Ingesting this awful stuff directly increases your level of small particle LDL that directly causes heart disease!

It literally is heart attack starter!

And, it’s even worse than that!  Consuming less hydrogenated oils will still harm and might even kill you because your body only removes some of what you take in each day!

That means that just a bit of hydrogenated oils each day will build up to very harmful levels within a week or two.  And if you keep doing it each day, you will always be operating with a high level of heart attack starter in your body.

If that’s so, you’d expect that banning hydrogenated oils in a large area would result in fewer visits to the area’s emergency room for heart attacks.

BINGO!   New York banned hydrogenated oils and the research showing exactly this effect was just reported!

AND, that literally means that eating nondairy creamer or commercial baked goods or packaged baked goods with hydrogenated oils or using Crisco or margarine ALSO will tend to forcibly cause you to develop Alzheimer’s.

So, if you want leverage to avoid Alzheimer’s one thing you can do is to take a sword and strike these things off the list of things you are willing to consume!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report.....

Today's post:  Monday, 4-17-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 4-15-2017

Lost 0.9 pounds from 168.3 last month to 167.4

No change in chest at 37 & a half.

No change in waist at 41.

No change in hips at 37 & a half.

1.  Since last month I lost about a pound.

All of my measures had no change.

I changed my food intake. 

Twice before I added a food with high calories almost every day.  THOSE times I promptly gained six pounds.

This time I had added about a half tablespoon to tablespoon of coconut oil to a drink twice a day.

Coconut oil only added 5 pounds.  But since I saw the reading Saturday, I no longer do this!

I’d just gained another pound just before I stopped this entirely and I lost that pound and one more by last Saturday for a net loss for the month of about a pound.

Paradoxically, that may be good news twice! 

*Based on my experience last time with the other two things, by stopping the way too high intake of coconut oil almost completely, I expected to lose that 5 pounds by this time.

I only lost a pound or two but I may lose a bit more by next month.

*I was consuming at least half that much coconut oil during my fasts and my recovery right after them.  That might mean that consuming a bit less during my fasts and none just after them, I might have netted out a fat loss instead of gaining it all back.

2.  I was able to lose weight and lose inches not once but twice with a 5 day fast.  But both times the weight and inches came back when I began my normal eating again.

In my case, I now know there were FOUR likely reasons for this:

*Allowing myself too much coconut oil during the fasts and right after them!


*Lack of muscle mass

*A few too little calories burned per week from my current set of exercises.

*Stress.  I have that triple because without having a reliable increased income, I owe more money than is wise and don’t yet have a way to turn off that threat.  Second, I have some help but not yet enough to relieve this stress.  Third, my body tends to over-react to threat and not recover after it’s been stopped. (This over-reaction does get better when I have enough money to relieve the financial threat.  It does get better when I have help.  So the first step is to do the first two things.  Once I have those, there are some ways now that I can use to turn off this third problem for future temporary stress.)

Long ago I found a study on Medical News Today that found that stress tends to lock down fat and resist its removal.  Fasting may remove the lock but only if the stress is gone.  This may mean in my case that when I fast, it removes less fat.

I just found out that stress ALSO tends to add as much as 11 pounds a year by reducing the calories you burn if you are always under stress.

Stress directly reduces the calories you burn even if you avoid comfort foods!!

Somehow I saw this from a study written up by Women's Health initially:

" research sheds some light on how exactly anxiety may lead to weight gain: Women burn fewer calories in the 24 hours following stressful events, according to a new study from the journal Biological Psychiatry.  

For the study, researchers from Ohio State University interviewed 58 healthy women about the stressors they'd experienced in the previous 24 hours, then served them a high-fat meal that included eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits, and gravy (the meal came to 930 calories and 60 grams of fat). 

Afterward, researchers tested the women's metabolic responses -- how quickly they burned calories and fat -- for the next seven hours.

Although all of the women simply rested after eating, those who struggled with stressors the previous day expended significantly less metabolic energy than those who reported no stress; on average, they burned 104 fewer calories. 

At this rate, they could gain 11 extra pounds per year without changing any other diet and exercise habits.

Why? In addition to slower post-meal energy expenditure, women who reported more stressors also experienced lower fat oxidation and higher insulin production. The less fat your body oxidizes, the more fat you store and the higher your risk is for obesity; high insulin levels also enhance fat storage."

This suggests that, in my case, fasting may remove fat but will do so only if I turn down my stress levels.  And, it may do so better than now once I can add a way to turn off temporary stress faster once it’s gone.

*Lack of muscle mass.  When I was doing heavy weight lifting with barbells once a week at the gym AND running a total of 7 fast miles in four parts, I weighed 161 pounds – 6.4 pounds LESS than now; and my waist was about 5 inches smaller.

Once I get back to a gym with the heavy barbells even once a week I will have enough calories burned by regaining at least some of the muscle I had then that I believe I’ll regain less of any weight and fat I remove when fasting.

*It’s likely that adding that hour a week of heavy strength training will increase my calories burned by 400 calories a week.  By training hard during that hour my body may burn as much as another 200 calories a week to power the recovery of my muscles from the work.

*Very promising new information!  There’s a new way to increase the gains from strength training AND boost recovery AND by getting both the gains can be faster too.  This DOES tend to remove fat because people using it have their metabolism go up 12%!

It gets better!  I can build muscle as well or better in the early stages AT HOME as I can by going to the gym by using this device. 

AND when I can go to the gym once a week 3 or 4 weeks a month, also using this device means I can make as much progress as a younger man who goes two or three times a week and has longer workouts!

(The information on this device was in part in my post Thursday, 3-16 and even better news was  in my post on Thursday, 3-23!)


For now, focusing on adding the income and the team of people to help create it will be my focus because it will reduce my excess stress and enable me to resume working out in the gym.

AND, that may happen sooner and the fasting and adding muscle may well work better by using this new device!!

So, these reports will be focused on a summary of that and my work to add muscle until it looks likely that fasting will remove fat for me that stays off afterwards.  

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

List your way to fat loss success.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-13-2017

*There is a book that has literally dozens of proven ways to empower yourself do anything you want to do called SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal.

Because of the challenging nature of upgrading your lifestyle to lose fat and keep it off, wouldn't be great to boost your power level to overcome challenges by five times or more?

Because this book has proven ways to do that of several kinds, if you are committed to becoming free of excess bodyfat and staying that way, buy the book on Amazon and try the things in it that do what you most want and need.

You'll be very glad you did!

One of the points she makes is that if you feel able to persist and overcome difficulties to overcome challenges and that you have some strengths that will help you, you'll try more things and persist more; you'll learn and discover things, and you will get results!

*And, one of the three most valuable strategies in this book is when she tells of a technique to overcome severe stress.  In fact, for me it has been the most empowering technique.

I was under some extra stress at the time.  So when she said this technique was best tested on severe stress because the greater the stress the better it worked, she had my full attention!

The technique was to describe the threat or stress as a challenge to overcome first.

Then the technique was to list several items in more than one category that I could try to solve or overcome or survive the stress.

Then to list several kinds of people I know or can contact who might be useful allies in achieving the key things.

The research says, and her coaching experience confirms, that taking this step dramatically increases the feeling of being in control of your life for the people who do it.

This enables you to systematically try those things.  When you do you will find some won't work and surprising reasons why they won't.

But taking this action makes you feel in control AND you still have things to try on your list.

So you try a few more.  Eventually you will try one that works or makes you think of a better thing to try.

Then you'll find one that works so well, you think of ways to capitalize on it and THOSE work.
For the stress I was under, I did that and eventually got that result.

*She also teaches to find and practice using what she calls "Power Ups".

Everyone experiences a few good experiences or achieves a few successes that make them feel good.

They did something really well or overcame something or really pleased someone.

So to increase your feeling of being able and in control, it helps every day to remember a few of these.

And, it certainly helps when you try to overcome challenges.

**So the first list to make is to list some of these for you.

What are some physical challenges you overcame or things you did really well that it pleases you to remember?

What are some mental challenges you overcame or really handled well that it pleases you to remember?

What are some ways you have pleased someone that really worked well that it pleases you to remember?

***The second list to make is to list all the things that help fat loss that you are ALREADY doing and some you are sure you can do.

One of the examples of success in SuperBetter is a story of a person who hadn't really addressed losing their excess fat.  Then when they were told of the way to overcome things was to list many things that might work, they decided to list several things that might help their fat loss.

They then tried several of them and lost over 25 pounds.

AND, it worked for me!  Long before I'd discovered SuperBetter I'd gained 30 pounds over the weight I'd been when I was completely lean.

I listed about 25 things that might work.

Then I began to try each one and promptly lost the 30 pounds!

I've gained some of that back but am still 22 pounds less fat than I was because I just kept doing the ones that worked.

So once you've listed some of the things that you've done well and listed the things that help fat loss you are already doing make this list in two parts:

a)  Much of fat loss and keeping it off is to stop doing the things that make people fat.  Because most of these things also dramatically harm your health, stopping those entirely is best.

So, if you still have some areas where you haven't done this, list what you can and will do to stop them.

As an example, millions still drink diet soft drinks or use the artificial sweeteners in them.  The data have shown for years that this makes them fatter instead of leaner.

Last week we posted on the smoking gun research.  Besides the many things that may cause this, doing this was found to make genetic changes in the people who do this which made them much hungrier for other fattening things AND it directly programmed the bodies of the people who do it to add to their fat deposits!

Add that to the over seven known health harms that all soft drinks and diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them cause and this one is great one to do.

My own problem has been with real sugar and since some doesn't cause such dreadful harm, I resisted giving it up.  Then I found that at the level I was eating each week it was helping keep me fat and that much WAS that harmful, I cut my intake of sugar in half and then in half again and then in half yet one more time.  Studies found that most Americans consume over 7 Tablespoons of sugar a day between sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

By doing that repeated cutting my intake in half, I now eat closer to 3 to 7 Tablespoons of sugar a week.

b) Much of fat loss and keeping it off is to do several things that keep you healthy AND free of excess fat.

The more of those you do, the less fat you will be.

*Some examples are eating three to nine servings of organic vegetables a day most of which are nonstarchy low calorie ones.

Nine works best but three plus regular vigorous exercise most days of every week works as well.

*Eating one or two servings of whole fresh fruit a day also helps you be less fat.  This may surprise you and it was recently proven to be the case even for people with type 2 diabetes!  And, it is also the most effective way to prevent strokes known.

(Note that fruit juice and fruit juice concentrate used as a sweetener are fattening however!  This is even so for organic high nutrition fruits!

Besides eating these as whole fruit, the other nonfattening way to get their nutrition benefits is to take fruit extract supplements.  I  myself take cranberry, bilberry, elderberry, and cherry extract supplements.)

Adding effective strength training and higher intensity cardio and health OK protein foods and oils are each worth listing and doing.

But I'm out of time to cover them today.  But I have done so often in the past.

*Completely eliminating all hybrid wheat from you food is another action that both helps you be less fat and much healthier that is worth listing and doing.

Now the payoff for you!:

Start doing the things on your lists.

Keep doing the things on your lists.

And, those that lose the most fat for you, make a strong, focused effort to keep doing to keep off that fat!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Three.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-11-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

This will be part 1 of a series because I was out of time last week; and these other ways to prevent or reverse mental decline will need to wait to next week and likely the week after that!:

(Our post, on Tuesday, 3-28, has why this happens AND an effective but not yet well known two part way to boost the success rate in quitting smoking from 6% to closer to 70 to 90%.  Best of all you can buy both books that teach these methods for under $30 on Amazon.)

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells.

The mitochondria are in each off your cells and turn carbohydrates and ketones from fat plus oxygen into energy.  Your muscles have them. But so do all your nerve and brain cells.

We covered two ways to do this and then found that we had three more ways in addition instead of one.  We then concluded by saying:

“This set of things not only prevents Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline; and can reverse diabetes and its harms; but it also slows aging by actual test if you do all of these steps!”

This week we cover:

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well. 

In addition to these other methods to restore nerves, there is a proven way not yet well known to stop many of the things that destroy myelin; AND there is way that very recent research suggests to shut down most of the other things that destroy myelin. 

By adding those to these other strategies we now can fight ALS and MS and Parkinson’s disease. 

The MS effects are close to a cure while their use in ALS and Parkinson’s disease look likely to at least slow and even partly reverse them.

Myelin is destroyed by chemicals that directly harm it; by high inflammation that targets it; by autoimmune attack; by harming the mitochondria in it; and by shortages of the nutrients needed  to make it.

We just covered protecting and increasing the mitochondria. 

*High exposure to pesticides and herbicides (or lower exposure in people who clear those toxins less well due to their genetics) directly attacks the myelin.   Staying away from farms when these are sprayed; not drinking tap water nearby; spending less time on playing fields or golf courses or large lawns that use these heavily; and eating almost only organic produce and protein foods and fats from animals never fed grains that have been sprayed with them –ALL help.  And to avoid exposure doing them all may be needed.  The chemicals in ground up tires in turf fields may well have the same effect.  And so may fertilizing playing fields and lawns with manure from animals fed grains that have been sprayed.

*MSG and its related compounds and the artificial sweetener aspartame and very possibly the rest and any fast food, packaged food, etc in which nanoparticle sized titanium dioxide is used which is most of them tends to harm nerves and myelin.

We know that avoiding MSG etc and the foods and drinks containing these ingredients entirely restores myelin because the Wahls Protocol which does so and has people eat a large variety of vegetables and fruit instead has the symptoms of MS caused by myelin damage often disappear or become much less.

We think when doing this with 100% organic produce is tested that these very strong results will get better.

*The things we covered that such as DHA & Bacopa & regular vigorous exercise that release the nerve growth hormone BDNF very likely also help restore myelin to some degree. 
And because of the effects on nerve and brain function of B12 deficiency, we also think that just as daily supplementation of chewable methyl B12 lozenges of 1,000 to 3,000 mcg a day restores nerves, it may also have a similar effect on myelin.

Doing all these things may prevent or reverse myelin damage in many cases.  At the very least they will slow the progress of diseases caused by myelin damage.

*AND, two more things may directly restore myelin when added to those:

When people fast, it’s been found this causes new stem cells to be released.  These include stem cells that make new nerves and may contain stem cells that make new myelin.

New research shows that the autoimmune diseases that harm myelin are caused by defective regulatory T cells causing immune system attacks on myelin.  The study reporting this on Medical News Today was done because this might mean a drug to reverse this would stop myelin damage and help reverse Parkinson’s disease, MS, and ALS.

The very good news is that for some people we have something known to do that NOW!

More and more people are beginning to read of the research showing 7,000 to 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 prevents or more easily stops viral and bacterial infections.

This is because taking that much or being in the sun that much causes your body to release dramatically more killer T cells.

What’s far less known is that taking that much D3 or getting that much from being in the sun ALSO causes your body to make as many more regulatory T cells.

We also know this effect prevents or stops autoimmune destruction of myelin in MS because MS is so much more common in countries with low sun exposure.

I think that means that adding this much D3 to the other things will stop or reverse myelin damage in MS even more.  And, in at least some people, I think it will do so in cases of ALS and Parkinson’s disease as well.

So, by adding D3 to all these other strategies, I think we already can stop  most MS and many cases of ALS and improve some cases of Parkinson’s disease.

If I had any of the three and wanted to fight them, I’d certainly do them all!

The next strategies we will resume covering next week:

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it.  

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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Diet soft drinks now PROVEN to fatten AND a good replacement.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-6-2017

*The “result data” experiments have long ago shown that people who drink diet soft drinks tend to get fatter;  and that obese people who drink them to help lose fat gain it instead; AND that people who drink diet soft drinks have more belly fat and bigger waists.

But the hope that no-calorie soft drinks can allow people cutting back calories to drink soft drinks plus the massive marketing that makes them look like a celebration drink, has still overpowered the thinking of most people.

Millions of people with these false beliefs still drink diet soft drinks.

The research has now been done to find the “smoking gun” that proves beyond doubt that diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them directly FORCE the people who consume them to get fat or fatter AND cause that fat very hard to get rid of!

It couldn’t be simpler: 

“Diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them directly FORCE the people who consume them to get fat!”

We now know why! 

We’ve known some likely contributing factors before; but since it wasn’t quite for sure, it had little effect on the public.

THIS is different! – And, it’s comparable to the Surgeon General’s statement on tobacco causing cancer in 1964.

Artificial sweetners, sucralose the worst, cause genetic changes in stem cells that INCREASE fat formation and inflammation! 

People who drink diet soft drinks consume the most and are most fattened.  AND, it may be even more effective in people who are already fat!

This was recently in Medical News Today:

“Low-calorie sweeteners increase fat formation, study finds

Written by Honor Whiteman    Published: Tuesday 4 April 2017”

"Many people opt for low-calorie sweeteners as a "healthful" alternative to sugar, but a new study suggests that they may not be so beneficial after all. Researchers have found that consuming high amounts of low-calorie sweeteners may promote fat formation, particularly for individuals who are already obese."

"For their study, the researchers sought to gain a better understanding of how low-calorie sweeteners affect the body's metabolism at a cellular level.

Sucralose led to buildup of fat droplets in fat-derived stem cells

Firstly, Dr. Sen and team applied sucralose to stem cells derived from human fat tissue.

The stem cells were exposed to the artificial sweetener for a total of 12 days at a dose of 0.2 millimolars - a dose comparable to the blood concentration of people who drink around four cans of diet soda daily.

The researchers found that the stem cells showed an increase in the expression of genes that are indicators of fat production and inflammation. Additionally, the stem cells demonstrated an increase in the accumulation of fat droplets, especially when exposed to a higher sucralose dose of 1 millimolar.

Next, the researchers took biopsies of abdominal fat from eight adults, of whom four were obese and four were a healthy weight. All adults reported consuming low-calorie sweeteners, primarily sucralose and aspartame.

Abdominal fat samples were then compared with samples taken from adults who did not consume low-calorie sweeteners.

The team found that adults who consumed low-calorie sweeteners not only showed an increase in the transportation of glucose into cells, but they also demonstrated an overexpression of genes associated with fat production.

Furthermore, the researchers identified an overexpression of sweet taste receptors that was up to 2.5 times higher among the fat samples of adults who consumed low-calorie sweeteners. Such overexpression may play a part in the transportation of glucose into cells. From there, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The effects of low-calorie sweeteners were strongest among adults who were obese, the team notes."

*Good replacement for soft drinks and diet soft drinks:

People like several things about drinking soft drinks and diet soft drinks.

Most want a way to have some kind of chilled or iced water.  Many want a way to get an extra sparkly mouth feel.  Many want a caffeine boost. 

Most would like to feel better; and many would like the feeling of having a youthful libido like the young people in the ads from the soft drink makers.

Chilled water kept in a glass jar with a secure lid works for single drinks.  Iced water with lots of ice and gradual additions of water and ice lasts for several drinks.

Iced or chilled coffee stored in those ways adds a caffeine boost if you want it.

Some people who are older or like hot spices find that a dash or two of cayenne pepper mixed into a drink can give a crisper and more refreshing “bite” to a cold drink without using carbonation – with carbonic acid -- or phosphoric acid which is in cola drinks.

What about a way to feel better and have more of a feeling of having a youthful libido?

Adding Maca powder to your drink by whisking it in or chasing a few capsules of Maca extract with your drink has been tested to do this!

This article by Mike Geary has more details:

*Maca DOES boost libido in men AND in women too! 

*Al Sears, MD says in his separate article, that studies show that while Maca does not boost testosterone directly, it DOES prevent conversion to the form that lowers actually usable testosterone -- free testosterone -- AND helps stop the converted form from causing more BPH in men!

So, unlike the effect from diet soft drinks which is entirely a conditioned placebo effect, a Maca powder chilled drink or Maca extract with your chilled drink, there is also an added REAL effect!