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List your way to fat loss success.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-13-2017

*There is a book that has literally dozens of proven ways to empower yourself do anything you want to do called SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal.

Because of the challenging nature of upgrading your lifestyle to lose fat and keep it off, wouldn't be great to boost your power level to overcome challenges by five times or more?

Because this book has proven ways to do that of several kinds, if you are committed to becoming free of excess bodyfat and staying that way, buy the book on Amazon and try the things in it that do what you most want and need.

You'll be very glad you did!

One of the points she makes is that if you feel able to persist and overcome difficulties to overcome challenges and that you have some strengths that will help you, you'll try more things and persist more; you'll learn and discover things, and you will get results!

*And, one of the three most valuable strategies in this book is when she tells of a technique to overcome severe stress.  In fact, for me it has been the most empowering technique.

I was under some extra stress at the time.  So when she said this technique was best tested on severe stress because the greater the stress the better it worked, she had my full attention!

The technique was to describe the threat or stress as a challenge to overcome first.

Then the technique was to list several items in more than one category that I could try to solve or overcome or survive the stress.

Then to list several kinds of people I know or can contact who might be useful allies in achieving the key things.

The research says, and her coaching experience confirms, that taking this step dramatically increases the feeling of being in control of your life for the people who do it.

This enables you to systematically try those things.  When you do you will find some won't work and surprising reasons why they won't.

But taking this action makes you feel in control AND you still have things to try on your list.

So you try a few more.  Eventually you will try one that works or makes you think of a better thing to try.

Then you'll find one that works so well, you think of ways to capitalize on it and THOSE work.
For the stress I was under, I did that and eventually got that result.

*She also teaches to find and practice using what she calls "Power Ups".

Everyone experiences a few good experiences or achieves a few successes that make them feel good.

They did something really well or overcame something or really pleased someone.

So to increase your feeling of being able and in control, it helps every day to remember a few of these.

And, it certainly helps when you try to overcome challenges.

**So the first list to make is to list some of these for you.

What are some physical challenges you overcame or things you did really well that it pleases you to remember?

What are some mental challenges you overcame or really handled well that it pleases you to remember?

What are some ways you have pleased someone that really worked well that it pleases you to remember?

***The second list to make is to list all the things that help fat loss that you are ALREADY doing and some you are sure you can do.

One of the examples of success in SuperBetter is a story of a person who hadn't really addressed losing their excess fat.  Then when they were told of the way to overcome things was to list many things that might work, they decided to list several things that might help their fat loss.

They then tried several of them and lost over 25 pounds.

AND, it worked for me!  Long before I'd discovered SuperBetter I'd gained 30 pounds over the weight I'd been when I was completely lean.

I listed about 25 things that might work.

Then I began to try each one and promptly lost the 30 pounds!

I've gained some of that back but am still 22 pounds less fat than I was because I just kept doing the ones that worked.

So once you've listed some of the things that you've done well and listed the things that help fat loss you are already doing make this list in two parts:

a)  Much of fat loss and keeping it off is to stop doing the things that make people fat.  Because most of these things also dramatically harm your health, stopping those entirely is best.

So, if you still have some areas where you haven't done this, list what you can and will do to stop them.

As an example, millions still drink diet soft drinks or use the artificial sweeteners in them.  The data have shown for years that this makes them fatter instead of leaner.

Last week we posted on the smoking gun research.  Besides the many things that may cause this, doing this was found to make genetic changes in the people who do this which made them much hungrier for other fattening things AND it directly programmed the bodies of the people who do it to add to their fat deposits!

Add that to the over seven known health harms that all soft drinks and diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them cause and this one is great one to do.

My own problem has been with real sugar and since some doesn't cause such dreadful harm, I resisted giving it up.  Then I found that at the level I was eating each week it was helping keep me fat and that much WAS that harmful, I cut my intake of sugar in half and then in half again and then in half yet one more time.  Studies found that most Americans consume over 7 Tablespoons of sugar a day between sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

By doing that repeated cutting my intake in half, I now eat closer to 3 to 7 Tablespoons of sugar a week.

b) Much of fat loss and keeping it off is to do several things that keep you healthy AND free of excess fat.

The more of those you do, the less fat you will be.

*Some examples are eating three to nine servings of organic vegetables a day most of which are nonstarchy low calorie ones.

Nine works best but three plus regular vigorous exercise most days of every week works as well.

*Eating one or two servings of whole fresh fruit a day also helps you be less fat.  This may surprise you and it was recently proven to be the case even for people with type 2 diabetes!  And, it is also the most effective way to prevent strokes known.

(Note that fruit juice and fruit juice concentrate used as a sweetener are fattening however!  This is even so for organic high nutrition fruits!

Besides eating these as whole fruit, the other nonfattening way to get their nutrition benefits is to take fruit extract supplements.  I  myself take cranberry, bilberry, elderberry, and cherry extract supplements.)

Adding effective strength training and higher intensity cardio and health OK protein foods and oils are each worth listing and doing.

But I'm out of time to cover them today.  But I have done so often in the past.

*Completely eliminating all hybrid wheat from you food is another action that both helps you be less fat and much healthier that is worth listing and doing.

Now the payoff for you!:

Start doing the things on your lists.

Keep doing the things on your lists.

And, those that lose the most fat for you, make a strong, focused effort to keep doing to keep off that fat!

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