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New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Three.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-11-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

This will be part 1 of a series because I was out of time last week; and these other ways to prevent or reverse mental decline will need to wait to next week and likely the week after that!:

(Our post, on Tuesday, 3-28, has why this happens AND an effective but not yet well known two part way to boost the success rate in quitting smoking from 6% to closer to 70 to 90%.  Best of all you can buy both books that teach these methods for under $30 on Amazon.)

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells.

The mitochondria are in each off your cells and turn carbohydrates and ketones from fat plus oxygen into energy.  Your muscles have them. But so do all your nerve and brain cells.

We covered two ways to do this and then found that we had three more ways in addition instead of one.  We then concluded by saying:

“This set of things not only prevents Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline; and can reverse diabetes and its harms; but it also slows aging by actual test if you do all of these steps!”

This week we cover:

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well. 

In addition to these other methods to restore nerves, there is a proven way not yet well known to stop many of the things that destroy myelin; AND there is way that very recent research suggests to shut down most of the other things that destroy myelin. 

By adding those to these other strategies we now can fight ALS and MS and Parkinson’s disease. 

The MS effects are close to a cure while their use in ALS and Parkinson’s disease look likely to at least slow and even partly reverse them.

Myelin is destroyed by chemicals that directly harm it; by high inflammation that targets it; by autoimmune attack; by harming the mitochondria in it; and by shortages of the nutrients needed  to make it.

We just covered protecting and increasing the mitochondria. 

*High exposure to pesticides and herbicides (or lower exposure in people who clear those toxins less well due to their genetics) directly attacks the myelin.   Staying away from farms when these are sprayed; not drinking tap water nearby; spending less time on playing fields or golf courses or large lawns that use these heavily; and eating almost only organic produce and protein foods and fats from animals never fed grains that have been sprayed with them –ALL help.  And to avoid exposure doing them all may be needed.  The chemicals in ground up tires in turf fields may well have the same effect.  And so may fertilizing playing fields and lawns with manure from animals fed grains that have been sprayed.

*MSG and its related compounds and the artificial sweetener aspartame and very possibly the rest and any fast food, packaged food, etc in which nanoparticle sized titanium dioxide is used which is most of them tends to harm nerves and myelin.

We know that avoiding MSG etc and the foods and drinks containing these ingredients entirely restores myelin because the Wahls Protocol which does so and has people eat a large variety of vegetables and fruit instead has the symptoms of MS caused by myelin damage often disappear or become much less.

We think when doing this with 100% organic produce is tested that these very strong results will get better.

*The things we covered that such as DHA & Bacopa & regular vigorous exercise that release the nerve growth hormone BDNF very likely also help restore myelin to some degree. 
And because of the effects on nerve and brain function of B12 deficiency, we also think that just as daily supplementation of chewable methyl B12 lozenges of 1,000 to 3,000 mcg a day restores nerves, it may also have a similar effect on myelin.

Doing all these things may prevent or reverse myelin damage in many cases.  At the very least they will slow the progress of diseases caused by myelin damage.

*AND, two more things may directly restore myelin when added to those:

When people fast, it’s been found this causes new stem cells to be released.  These include stem cells that make new nerves and may contain stem cells that make new myelin.

New research shows that the autoimmune diseases that harm myelin are caused by defective regulatory T cells causing immune system attacks on myelin.  The study reporting this on Medical News Today was done because this might mean a drug to reverse this would stop myelin damage and help reverse Parkinson’s disease, MS, and ALS.

The very good news is that for some people we have something known to do that NOW!

More and more people are beginning to read of the research showing 7,000 to 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 prevents or more easily stops viral and bacterial infections.

This is because taking that much or being in the sun that much causes your body to release dramatically more killer T cells.

What’s far less known is that taking that much D3 or getting that much from being in the sun ALSO causes your body to make as many more regulatory T cells.

We also know this effect prevents or stops autoimmune destruction of myelin in MS because MS is so much more common in countries with low sun exposure.

I think that means that adding this much D3 to the other things will stop or reverse myelin damage in MS even more.  And, in at least some people, I think it will do so in cases of ALS and Parkinson’s disease as well.

So, by adding D3 to all these other strategies, I think we already can stop  most MS and many cases of ALS and improve some cases of Parkinson’s disease.

If I had any of the three and wanted to fight them, I’d certainly do them all!

The next strategies we will resume covering next week:

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it.  

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