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Protect yourself from the effects of fat gain….Today's post:  Thursday, 1-18-2018

Some eating styles support fatloss best and a custom version of them that works for you is best of all.

Tuesday last week, 1-9-2018, I posted on how to slash your risk of a heart attack in just two to four weeks.

The same eating styles work for that also!

Last Friday, 1-12-2018, I posted on the several somewhat similar eating styles that support fatloss & keeping off excess fat or fat you lost.  You can use that information to adapt recipes or choose foods to make an initial custom version for yourself and then upgrade it.

You can gradually make it work better for fatloss.  You can gradually make it faster and easier and more routine to fix many parts of it. You can gradually find foods you can include that you enjoy eating.

And, you can start immediately to make it protect your health better and give you fatloss faster by simply no longer eating or drinking heart attack starters or fatteners.

There are now two major sources for how harmful it is for your health to eat in ways that add pounds of fat to you.

1.  Super Size Me was a 2004 American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock, an American independent filmmaker.

He successfully got considerably fatter.  His heart risk indicators got a lot worse.  He lost much if not most of his energy and feeling of taking new initiatives. 

And, his bedroom activities got way less and not anywhere near as enjoyable which was an effect he had not expected.

2.  Now Stanford University has released a study that caused people to gain about 6 pounds of fat by simply feeding them an extra 1,000 calories a day.

They used multiple kinds of measurements including genetic effects and changes in gut bacteria.

They….”found that the entire body undergoes microbial, molecular and genetic changes for the worse when people pack on the pounds. When weight is lost, the systems return largely to their original state.

Even just a modest weight gain of about six pounds, researchers found, alters the body’s basic biology -- potentially boosting the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Bacterial populations morph. Inflammation patterns shift. The cardiac system undergoes genetic changes.

“Your body is responding to a very stressful event,” said lead researcher Michael Snyder, a professor of genetics at Stanford. The study was published in Wednesday’s issue of the journal Cell Systems.”  [Apparently the publication date was yesterday, Weds, 1-17-2018.]

These two sources show that if you gain fat weight by eating and drinking too much and of the wrong things, you put your health at risk in many ways similar to those of smoking.

To protect yourself, do the things that reduce heart health risk.  Do the things that slash the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Do the things that reverse high chronic and excessive inflammation.

There are two kinds of good news here:

1.  The foods such as those we covered last Friday that support fat loss and those to stop eating or drinking to cause fat loss and keeping it off ALSO provide these protections. 

2.  And, the food changes to reduce heart risk and that of type 2 diabetes and high chronic inflammation also are those that help you lose fat without excess hunger and help you keep it off because they are sustainable and effective.

Adding effective and progressive strength training at least once or twice a week and adding short sessions of vigorous cardio 3 or more days a week including some short, brisk walks can add to your protection and also make it easier to lose fat and keep it off.

Knowing to NOT take statin drugs or beta blockers which harm your ability to use exercise to do this and increase diabetes and make it more deadly, is also important.  The good news is that these actions are far more protective than even the unearned reputation of these drugs.

And, the protections these targeted health upgrades provide can be very fast as we posted on last week.

And, for each of these kinds of protections, there are several supplements that can add a good deal to your protection.

In our post last Tuesday, 1-9, on fast reductions of heart attack risk and in the comment we added we list several of these effective supplements.

In our post “How to eat a low inflammation diet” on Tuesday, 12-19-2017, we also list several spices & supplements that are proven to help lower inflammation.  

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

 Real anti-aging methods….Today's post:  Tuesday, 1-16-2018

1.  The basic actions to protect your health and stay healthy are essential and many slow aging directly.

2.  Eating no heart attack starters and harmful ingredients AND eating an abundance of organic vegetables including those high in folate and multiple carotenoids and the cruciferous vegetables and only health OK sources of protein and fats and oils HAS been tested to slow and even partly reverse aging!

Dr Terry Wahls’ Wahls Protocol is a bit too high in vegetables to be doable for most people.  That said, the people who get help and follow it entirely, not only slow aging, after several weeks they begin to visibly “youthen” and look years younger!

She and several others have gotten near complete reversal of MS by eating this way. 

Dr David Perlmutter has found treatments to add to this that even come close to turning off Parkinson’s disease.

In the UK, research found that people who ate 6 or more servings of real vegetables (NOT French fries) and one or more servings of whole fresh fruit a day aged more slowly and got far less strokes and heart attacks and were far less likely to die from ANY cause.

Since then, research has found that people who exercise regularly and who eat 3 or more servings of real vegetables and one or more servings of whole fresh fruit get as much protection as those who eat six servings.  That’s quite important because 3 or more servings of vegetables is so much more doable than six!

3.  Several years ago Stanford did a study of the men who initially were regular runners for exercise and compared them to matched people at Stanford who did not exercise.  Note that both groups were well paid and had safe to perform jobs and access to good medical care and interesting and worthwhile work to do.  AND, in these seemingly advantaged and matched groups, the regular exercisers simply aged less by a huge amount.  They had fewer strokes and heart attacks and remained mobile and mentally competent and alive as long as decades more than the non-exercisers!

Separate research since then even found that measures of blood lipids indicating heart risks IMPROVED over time in the exercisers where they got worse in those who did not exercise!

4.  Exercise and eating right and having a good social life and dealing well with stress also have been shown to make your telomeres get longer where the reverse makes them shorter.  When your cells have long telomeres, they make accurate copies and there is little or no aging.  When your telomeres get too short, they make bad copies which is what causes aging.

And, there is some evidence that also taking the herb astragalus causes your body to make your telomeres longer.  Since astragalus also boosts your immune system, as does vitamin D3, taking it during cold and flu season is extra beneficial.

5.  Strength training has been shown to change the genes in your muscles to youthful ones or to maintain them that way.

Between 65 and 85 years old there is enough general aging to make this restorative effect happen less.  In people who don’t exercise with even walking or do strength training, this effect causes such people to become frail and often to need to go to assisted living.

Doing the other things here AND strength training makes that far less likely or to happen 20 or 30 years later than it otherwise would.

6.  Now there is something new you can add.  Somehow a doctor in Iowa found that ursolic acid which is in apple peels and most spices, helped to prevent this down-regulation from happening.  Other researchers have found that ursolic acid tends to have an anabolic effect in younger people as well!

That means that taking Ursolic acid gets you an anabolic effect that helps you build muscles or keep them from declining. Nature’s Way Holy Basil has some and if you take four a day it’s close to an effective dose.

There has been a stronger Ursolic acid supplement.  Oddly they are apparently discontinuing it from lack of sales.

Given the huge number of aging baby boomers who would like Ursolic acid’s effect, this seems extremely odd to me.  So I’m going to contact a man who can sell it to see if he can replace the supplement that will soon be discontinued.

7.  Next week’s post will be on other ways to slow aging since there are a few I’ve left out of this post!  

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Eating styles that help Fatloss….Today's post:  Friday, 1-12-2018

Some eating styles support fatloss best and a custom version of them that works for you is best of all.

Tuesday this week I posted on how to slash your risk of a heart attack in just two to four weeks.

The same eating styles work for that also!

The US News & World Report just posted on best diets.  But the eating styles here work better than those they have as winners if done the way we suggest here.

1.  First we cover the Primal diet by posting most of a Medical News Today article [with my comments in these brackets.]

This includes the good point that too little meat can cause deficiencies and too few vegetables with the meat can also cause deficiencies. So this article and my comments have information that covers Paleo style eating.

(After that we cover the related best form of the Mediterranean diet.)

All you need to know about the Primal diet
A look at the primal diet, a way of eating that copies how people ate thousands of years ago. Included is detail on the benefits and what the science says.

All you need to know about the Primal diet   Fri 5 January 2018 By Jenna Fletcher           

Weight loss and a growing desire to be healthful lead people to explore different dietary choices. The Primal diet is a lifestyle based on eating the foods that primitive humans would have eaten.
It stresses that people eat raw, minimally processed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, certain oils, and dairy products.

Cooked meats are allowed, but all other foods should be as close to natural as possible. Milk, for example, should be consumed in its raw, unpasteurized state.

Fast facts about the Primal diet:
The principle is that eating zero processed foods will reduce the amount of sugar a person consumes.
The diet excludes farmed foods, such as grains and more modern processed foods.
The Primal diet is a relatively new diet and not thoroughly researched yet.

What is the thinking behind it?
Grains, such as wheat and corn, were introduced in later agricultural development.
Since early humans did not have direct access to these foods, the Primal diet rejects their consumption.
Processed foods, such as hot dogs, baked goods, and others, should also be avoided, as these food types did not exist at this time.
According to his book Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson developed the plan following years of being a competitive athlete.

He was looking for a way to keep healthy and in shape once he was no longer able to commit to long hours training in the gym.
The conclusion he eventually reached is that modern humans consume too many processed foods and not enough raw foods. Sugar has been shown to have drastic long- and short-term consequences when consumed in large amounts.

Instead, the focus of the Primal diet is on raw vegetables and fruits, as well as fats and proteins from meats and dairy. Sisson believes that these foods provide all the nutrients a person needs to live a healthy life and is much closer to how early humans would have survived.

What can people on the Primal diet eat?
There are a variety of foods allowed on the Primal diet. Some of the recommended foods include:

seeds  [Sunflower & Sesame]
nuts  [Some people are allergic to tree nuts; some people react to lectins which cashews have the most; but for everyone else raw nuts are a superfood!]
any fruit  [Only organic are Primal or safe to eat EVERY day!  Low glycemic fruit like berries and cherries & kiwifruit are best for you & work best for fat loss]
any variety of vegetable  [Nonstarchy ones -- he lists starchy ones separately.  Only organic are Primal or safe to eat EVERY day!]
honey and real maple syrup [Only unprocessed honey is Primal.]
meats [Only those fed only their natural foods such as grass and no grains are Primal.]
raw dairy products, such as milk [If you don't want to risk raw milk or cannot get it, only Organic Valley Organic, Grass Fed NONhomogenized, whole milk or organic goat milk is close to Primal.]
fish   [Only wild caught fish are Primal.  Farmed fish are definitely NOT Primal or safe to eat for that matter.]
starchy vegetables  [Yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash]
wild rice and quinoa [Rice is not Primal; is high glycemic; and most has harmful levels of arsenic for an everyday food.]

Any food consumed should be of the best possible quality -- this means organic and fresh. Any food that can be safely consumed raw should be eaten raw to get the maximum nutritional value from the food.  [For greens and cruciferous vegetables and starchy vegetables, and particularly for tomatoes, you get more bioavailable nutrition if you also eat them steamed and reduced in size.

Eating these heated vegetables with nuts or avocado slices or avocado mash adds to this and is Primal.  Extra virgin olive oil is close to Primal; has this effect; and has several other key health benefits.  However, it is best served unheated or very lightly so to make it as close to Primal as possible & as health giving as possible.]

Foods to avoid

People following the Primal diet should not eat any food that was unavailable to early humans.
In general, avoid any foods that do not come directly from a naturally growing plant or animal.

Foods that a person following the Primal diet should avoid, include:

sugars [High fructose corn syrup does NOT qualify; fruit juice concentrate is NOT Primal nor safe to eat if you want to stay healthy; artificial sweeteners are NOT Primal]

peanuts [These contain a cancer causing mold toxin, aflatoxin; many people have life threatening allergies to them; and peanuts are excessively high in omega 6 oil.]

processed oils, such as vegetable oil [All highly processed grain oils, including canola, are excessively high in omega 6, processing chemicals, and hydrogenated oils from the heating they undergo.  They are FAR from Primal!]

alcohol [Red wine is not Primal but IS health beneficial in light moderation.]

soy [Most soy available to Americans is flat out harmful to eat as it is highly processed and GMO.  Non GMO fermented soy such as miso and natto in moderation are not quite Primal but are safe for those not allergic to soy to eat in light moderation.]

any grain [Wild rice and quinoa are closer to seeds than grains. Many of the benefits of both the Primal & the Paleo diet stem from never allowing hybrid wheat in any form.]

processed foods, such as cookies or crackers [These all are NOT Primal and DO contain hybrid wheat and a very large list of harmful ingredients.  They are well engineered to taste good but should be totally avoided for those who want good health and to be free of excess fat.]

Is it healthful?
The Primal diet may be a healthier alternative to diets rich in processed foods and lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables. The foods allowed on the Primal diet can offer a variety of nutrients that the body needs as long as the person properly balances their food intake.

However, if a person focuses more on eating meats and eats few vegetables, they may miss out on several essential nutrients, especially fiber. [This is where some Paleo style eaters who eat too few vegetables sometimes wind up!]

Conversely, eating more vegetables and fruits without meats may lead to other nutritional deficits.  [This is where vegans often develop nutritional deficiencies.  But those who wish to avoid Primal meats and fish -- and dairy -- and eggs from pasture fed chickens -- CAN take several supplements from methyl B12 to zinc & copper to omega 3 from algae to other B vitamins to vitamin K2.]

[The article in MNT then suggests running your Primal diet plans or eating by "a knowledgeable doctor or dietitian." 

In practice this is currently likely to be harmful advice because most doctors and the majority of dieticians still think that hybrid wheat and artificial sweeteners are safe and health supporting to eat. 

They also think that foods like nuts and avocados and fats in naturally fed meat are harmful and that grain oils are good for you.  Each of these used to be taught as true.

And, unfortunately, not only are they false; but these people have degrees suggesting they are knowledgeable from courses that taught these now disproven beliefs.]

[The article then goes on to say that a Primal or Paleo diet can cause iodine depletion.  Dr Terry Wahls who purposely assembled a primal eating style that does contain every vitamin & mineral humans are known to need includes seafood to solve this problem. 

On a related note, Whole Foods sells a kelp supplement capsule standardized to include 400 mcg of iodine which can also be used to prevent this.]

“Ultimately, how healthy the Primal diet is, depends on how well a person follows the recommendations and interprets them.”  That is quite true!

2.  The Mediterranean Diet with no grain or pasta is a variation of the Primal diet or even Paleo with wild caught fish and seafood from unpolluted water and/or lean poultry & goat meat from naturally fed poultry and goats.

Its additions in the best form of the Mediterranean Diet add to the health giving and protective effects you can get.  So it belongs here.

In addition, its emphasis on greens and onions and garlic and raw nuts and avocados – and olives and cold pressed extra virgin olive both adds much to its protective qualities AND has been shown to help people losing fat or keeping it off to do so while eating more and being LESS hungry and far more likely to keep off any fat lost!

This form of the Mediterranean Diet also includes a super-protective ingredient that may drive much of its extra protection AND that ingredient is also available as a supplement.

Here’s my post on that:

Mediterranean diet health protective discovery….Tuesday, 6-27-2017

The Mediterranean diet has been in the medical and consumer news quite often.  That’s because it has strong heart protective effects.  Many of the foods that make it up taste good. It even seems to work BETTER with a glass of red wine at dinner.

One of the more newsworthy stories was when a study of the heart protective effects found the Mediterranean diet was so heart protective that the study was stopped half way through!

The researchers did this for two reasons.  They wanted to get the good news published.  And they wanted to allow the control group that did NOT eat the Mediterranean diet or get its protection to do so!

The upgraded Mediterranean diet is protective for several reasons.  So doing them all is extremely protective!

*Before we report on a discovery that can about DOUBLE the protection you get from the Mediterranean diet and is a stealth ingredient that powers much of its protective power of every version of it, here are the many ways the Mediterranean diet is protective.

1.  In the book, Anticancer, the author makes very clear how harmful it is to get an overdose of omega 6 oil:  from grains; and from oils made from grains; and animal fats from animals overdosed with grains when that is NOT their proper diet AND all of the above at once!

This way of eating is so proinflammatory and filled with herbicides and pesticides it causes cancers or makes them more fast growing & deadly.  That was his main point and still is since his book is still for sale on Amazon.

But other studies have shown for sure, this ALSO causes Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease perhaps even MORE effectively.

By contrast the upgraded Mediterranean diet eliminates ALL that.  The olive oil used has so much less omega 6 since it is mostly the omega 9 monosaturated fat that is neutral.  And, the wild caught fish and seafood from unpolluted waters have the anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils—including the most heart and brain beneficial one, DHA.

For those not allergic to them, raw almonds and walnuts and pecans and avocados have a similar low omega 6 profile and are in the Mediterranean diet.  AND, they are an even more effective way of getting vitamins and minerals for health than the very best vitamin pills.  They have hundreds of complementary and health boosting versions instead of just the best known one.

2.  The abundant organic greens and herbs and starchy vegetables and garlic and onions are EACH cancer preventive.  Eating many kinds during an average week is MASSIVELY cancer preventive.  Eating them with cooked pasta or tomato sauce AND extra virgin olive oil or nuts MULTIPLIES that effect by making the several kinds of carotenes more bioavailable.
Other research has found that eating vegetables of this kind in that large an amount every week is, by itself, THE most effective way ever found to prevent heart attacks and deaths from them!

3.  Eating one or more servings each day of an organic, whole serving of fruit, is by itself, the most effective way to prevent strokes and deaths from them every found.  Even better, it prevents BOTH ischemic or obstructive strokes AND hemorrhagic or bleeding in the brain stokes.

4.  A version of the Mediterranean diet that eliminates grain too works even better!

The original version used the original wheat before hybrid wheat and herbicides and pesticides were used.  And the pasta this original and unpolluted wheat was pressed into was a minority of the Mediterranean diet and this form was low glycemic too. 

But you can get more of the more protective effects of vegetables and beans and nuts if you eat no grains.  AND, you avoid the risk of getting hybrid wheat grown with herbicides and pesticides.

Then too, rice was originally not polluted with arsenic.  So that too could be a minority of the Mediterranean diet.  Now, almost all rice has too much arsenic to be safe to eat.  And, it always was the most fattening part of the Mediterranean diet.  So a version that has no rice or has it very rarely -- produces better health effects.

Separate studies show that cheeses made from cows fed ONLY their natural diet are safe to eat.  So using that kind of cheese for flavor also works in the Mediterranean diet.

Every bit of this report on the health protective aspects of the upgraded Mediterranean diet is impressive.

Here’s the news I just found out in the last few days:

There is another set of ingredients in the Mediterranean diet that may produce as much as HALF its astounding health benefits.

Even more impressively, increasing the amount you get can enable you do DOUBLE the protective effects of the Mediterranean diet!

The phytochemicals in extra virgin olive oil are astoundingly health protective.

They prevent EVERYTHING you need to protect your heart. Recent research found they make your HDL prevent oxidation and remove excess cholesterol from your blood vessels; they prevent clotting as ginger & curcumin also do even when you do less exercise than is best.  (This enables you to get MORE protection from heart attacks and ischemic strokes with zero need for the dangerous drugs for that.) They prevent your arteries from becoming stiff or plugged up too.

They are ALSO antiviral and antibacterial and even antifungal.  This effect is so strong it can kill the bacteria that cause food poisoning or drug resistant infections and works on BOTH gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

So, this has two implications and ways you can increase the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

First, the version of the upgraded Mediterranean diet that is most protective tends to use ONLY extra virgin olive oil.

Second, you can take two or four 250 mg capsules of standardized Olive Leaf Extract by Nature’s Way and just about DOUBLE the effective health benefits of eating the upgraded version of the Mediterranean diet!

(I was taking two a day for its antiviral effects to protect me from Flu and colds and viral pneumonia and West Nile and Yellow fever viruses!

Now I know how incredibly heart protective it is I’ll make sure to keep taking it.

AND, research found that taking 4 a day, 1,000 mg a day of the olive leaf extract produced reduced high blood pressure by 11 over 4! 

I’ll check with my daily readings to sure.  But that likely means I can stop taking the ace inhibitor I take each day now in a 5 mg dose that does less than that.  Since the ace inhibitor may have some harmful effects, I’ll be very please if that works!

Here are some sources with part of this information and the other health protective effects:

"Animal studies demonstrate that olive leaf extracts lead to significant drops in elevated blood pressure. 

Remarkably, these effects are evident when supplementation occurs either before or after the animals develop hypertension. This means that the extracts have the ability to both prevent and treat high blood pressure.

The drop in blood pressure is accompanied by reduced pressure in the heart’s left ventricle. This results in improved blood flow to the heart’s own coronary blood vessels. 

Additional human studies demonstrate the ability of olive leaf extracts to significantly reduce blood pressure measurements.

One particularly fascinating study was conducted among identical twins with borderline hypertension (blood pressure in the range of 120-139 mmHg over 80-89 mmHg). Studies of identical twins virtually eliminate genetic variations which may impact study results. After 8 weeks, placebo recipients showed no change in blood pressure from baseline, but patients supplemented with 1,000 mg/day of olive leaf extract dropped their pressures by a mean of 11 mmHg systolic and 4 mmHg diastolic. The supplemented patients experienced significant reductions in LDL cholesterol.

A human study measured olive leaf extract against captopril, one of the conventional drugs used for treating hypertension.11 In this study, patients with stage-1 hypertension (140-159 mmHg over 90-99 mmHg) took either 500 mg of olive leaf extract twice daily, or 12.5 mg of captopril twice daily, which was increased as needed to 25 mg twice daily. After 8 weeks of treatment, both groups experienced a drop in mean blood pressure from baseline (11.5 and 13.7 mmHg systolic; 4.8 and 6.4 mmHg diastolic, respectively), with no significant difference between the two groups. In other words, the olive leaf extract performed as well as the prescription drug."

Catopril is an ACE inhibitor.  THAT may mean I can take a bit more of olive leaf extract and STOP my ramipril!

Oleuropein in the oil in olive oil and olive leaf extract ALSO has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties!!

Oleuropein in Olive and its Pharmacological Effects - NCBI - NIH

Simply put this stuff is the POWER behind many if not most of the protective benefits of the Mediterranean diet!

It boosts NO in keeping your blood vessels healthy and reduces atherosclerosis AND lowers LDL and prevents clots (ischemia.)

Not only that, because its antibacterial effects are effective on both gram negative AND gram positive bacteria AND it smashes their cell walls, this may make it an essential addition to fighting any drug resistant bacteria AND this may mean it can help knock out biofilms with that cell wall effect!  

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Fast Heart Protection without drugs….Today's post:  Tuesday, 1-9-2018

I’ve posted on this before such as this one about how using a SonicCare fast vibration toothbrush and good dental care can cut your heart attack risk in half. 

And when you can do it right away and have relatively healthy gums to start with it can protect you that much while you systematically do the things that are fast but take a few weeks to get in place completely.

Heart Protection Breakthrough….Tuesday, 11-7-2017 

Much of the information in that post is here.  This post just puts it in a different order.  And, this post focuses more on doing the things that begin to be effective right away.

If you want to get significant heart attack protection within a week or two and superb protection within a month or two these several actions have been tested to deliver this. 

Each one of them is effective.  If you start with one or two and quickly add the rest as soon as you can, that will do the job you want done!

1.  I’d heard that garlic was heart protective and tended to increase your HDL.  Since preparing food with garlic cloves is messy and time consuming and gives you bad breath, I began taking the 300 mg deodorized garlic capsules from Kyolic two a day each morning.  But I wasn’t sure this was as effective as the minced, raw garlic in foods was. 

Then a significant test of these was in a Medical News Today release.  That study found that taking 1200 mg a day of the mg deodorized garlic capsules from Kyolic reduced the buildup of soft new plaque in the arteries of the people tested.  AND of potentially even greater importance, it showed effectiveness at preventing the existing plaque from breaking soft pieces away causing a heart attack.

In plain language what this study found is that within two or three weeks people who did this were stopping much of their future risk of a heart attack AND slashing their risk significantly within that two or three weeks too!

So, I immediately tried it since I had the supplement on hand.  Besides the two 300 mg capsules each morning, I took one at lunch time and one at dinner.

About five weeks afterwards, I had a chance to do a lipid panel to see if any results showed up on it.

WOW!  My HDL only went up a point or two.  But my LDL went down 20 points!  And it was low to begin with.  My triglycerides even went down by 50 % from very low to extremely low.

Since one of the best if not the best measures of heart attack risk is HDL divided by triglycerides  where you want a high reading and the average American is at one third with someone at risk at one tenth, my ratio went from  a bit below 3 to almost 5.

In five weeks I literally had 68% better heart protection by actual measurement. 

Some of that has reduced some since as my body has acclimated to it. 

But my protection is still excellent and taking the four capsules a day showed a very fast protective effect!

Do you want or need more fast protection than that?  That’s just the first of five!

2.  Stop ingesting heart attack starters and add the strongest antidotes at the SAME time!

This gets spectacular results you can also see on a lipid panel within three or four weeks!

Specifically, stop ALL the most harmful food & drink ingredients that boost triglycerides and excessive inflammation AND begin to take the supplements and eat the foods that slash excessive inflammation.

This boosts your HDL and lowers your triglycerides and inflammation.  AND by actual test it’s very effective and FAST.

You can even start with just two things:

Stop eating ANY hybrid wheat at all totally and completely.  And take 500 mg a day of DHA, the most effective and brain positive omega 3 oil type.

Dr William Davis and Dr Al Sears both had patients that could never boost their HDL much report jumps of 20 and 30 and even 50 points.  And this was in a week or two!

Others have had triglyceride drops from over 300 to less than 100.

Doing that double has turned an HDL divided by triglyceride ratio from well below one to over two!  That shows a hugely heart protective effect. 

You can also do more to get the best reduction in inflammation. But these actions also lower high or very high chronic inflammation to close to the desirable level.

Note that hybrid wheat is an ingredient in packaged foods and fast food and packaged snacks and desserts.  To eat absolutely none of it, you have to not eat all those foods that it’s in.

That removes or slashes your intake of all these other heart attack starters!:  high fructose corn syrup; harmful high omega 6 oils like soy and corn and canola; GMO food ingredients; hydrogenated oils; and MSG.

If you also stop all other sources of these ingredients and artificial sweetners, you can triple the effect from this point! 

NOTE that this eliminates all soft drinks which also helps you be far less fat and far less likely to get osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s disease!

3.  Hard, calcified arteries are a very effective predictor of future heart attacks and strokes.

Did you know you can cut that as a risk by 53% in just 3 weeks or so?

You can!  What if you added that to the first two things?

What if you did all three within 3 weeks?

You can begin to go from the verge of a heart attack to a 5% risk in that time!

And we have two more things yet to add!

Dr Weston Price was able to study over 20 ethnic groups who still ate their traditional diets and each one was a bit different depending on what foods were available in their location.  But none of them ate hybrid wheat or sugar AND he found they all had a source for what he called “the intrinsic factor” and were very healthy compared to Europeans and Americans!

This intrinsic factor insured they all had sound and strong bones and teeth.  (He was a research dentist so that got his attention!) It also seemed to eliminate any heart disease or strokes.

We now know his intrinsic factor was vitamin K2.  It acts much like a good intersection manager policeman sending your body’s calcium to your body’s bones and REMOVES calcium from your blood vessels!

Recently I saw a study that people who began supplementing with vitamin K2 were tested and found to have 53% less calcium in their arteries within 3 weeks.

(Vitamin K2 is in the bones and fat of naturally fed animals who eat no poisons or grain.  And, it’s in the bacteria that forms Natto from NonGMO soy.)

  You can take Jarrow MK7 K2 supplements and Carlson K2 and eat cheese such as Killaree cheddar from grass fed cows or bone broth from naturally fed animals or take Jarrow Nattokinase for that source of vitamin K2.

As you know, I’ve long posted that statin drugs are ineffective compared to these other protocols and harm your mitochondria including those in your heart and the rest of you and are best never taken even once.

Even so I saw some research that baffled me at the time.  A statin was paired with a second drug to lower LDL cholesterol and heart attacks went UP.  Not only that the amount of calcium deposits in the arteries went up also.  Recently I found out why.  Statins ALSO deplete vitamin K2!

So, if you want this protection from K2, stop or never start statin drugs of any kind.

Any one of the things here gives you far more heart attack protection than statins give even the people with the heredity that responds to them.

(Note that if you stop all soft drinks and take magnesium & boron & vitamin K2 and do walking or leg strength training it’s also very preventive and even sometimes curative for osteoporosis.)

4.  Slashing high chronic inflammation is the fourth one.

Note that the second step here gives you a flying head start on this. Stopping hybrid wheat and all the nasty ingredients it appears with and taking DHA really is effective

Taking other supplements and eating foods that lower inflammation and protect your heart also works.

Taking the second step and putting the other ways to cut inflammation in place almost doubles your heart protection!

Curcumin and ginger not only lower inflammation, they lower triglycerides and cut LDL cholesterol.

And, the organic vegetables and whole fruit that you eat instead in a low inflammation lifestyle BY ITSELF doubles your heart attack and stroke protection from everything else.

(See our recent post:  How to eat a low inflammation diet…. Tuesday, 12-19-2017.)

5.  Eliminating exposure to nicotine, tobacco, and tobacco smoke also cuts heart attacks.

These things TRIGGER heart attacks! 

When several communities made community wide efforts to stop all second hand smoke, the number of heart attacks the local emergency rooms saw, immediately fell by more than half.

If you can eliminate your exposure to second hand smoke or quit within a week, you can also cut your risk of a heart attack by up to double within 3 weeks.

(As some of you know, I’m working on a way to add to the work of Alan Carr to make a 90% + effective stop smoking system.  But just buying and immediately studying all of his book removes nicotine addiction for most of the people who study it with some extra effort.)

And within 24 hours of quitting your heart attack risk begins to fall!  And adding these other four things can remove almost all the rest!


There are several other ways to cut your heart attack risk that you can add to these!  Some of those like the right exercises and niacin and sterols can cut your risk in half again!

But if you put these five things into place in the next four weeks, you can go from horribly at risk to almost certainly safe in that time.   

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Turn off a main cause of morbid obesity….Today's post:  Thursday, 1-4-2018


The doctors define morbid obesity as a BMI over 35 or over.

A more accurate definition might be a BMI of 40 or over in a person who is not heavily muscled and who has a harmful and chronic condition related to carrying that much excess fat or the lifestyle habits that cause obesity.

Or more simply put:  people who are well over 40 pounds too fat and already sick from it or sick from what they did to get that way.

*The three reasons that much excess fat can be extremely hard to remove:

a) We already know that as part of the famine protection most people have inherited that excess fat over a certain amount tends to internally resist being used short of a life threatening emergencies – real famines & similar events.

b) We already know that a separate factor in fat gained from stress tends to create fat that resists removal.

c) But this misses a third thing that may cause more morbid obesity than the first two things and make the excess fat it causes almost impossible to remove!

It’s a reason that makes the low previous success rate in getting rid of that much fat more understandable.

There are drugs that cause people to eat more.  There are drugs that make it hard or ineffective to exercise.  There are drugs that reduce people’s metabolism.  And there are drugs that reduce your energy and feeling of energy or cause significant depression so much that people who take them are less able to exercise or even try new ways of eating.

We’ve already posted about statin drugs and beta blockers and the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) commonly prescribed as antidepressants.

They each do many of these things and a LOT of people take them. 

*Statins turn off your cellular energy generators or impair them.  We now know this can make you feel less like exercising and even cause you to harm your muscles by doing the very exercises that help build muscle, keep you healthy, and boost your metabolism that CAN help you lose fat.

This mitochondrial damage both causes diabetes AND research has even found statins make diabetes more likely to cause the really dreadful things bad diabetes causes, blindness, foot amputation, etc!

Since there are far more effective and even faster ways to protect you from heart attacks and strokes that we have posted on, no one knowledgeable should take statins.

So statins no longer need to make you get or stay fat if you have that knowledge and act on it.

*Beta blockers prevent your muscles from exercising hard enough to maintain desirable muscular strength and size and capacity to do endurance work.  This causes heart failure and almost always causes severe depression that is untreatable without stopping the drug.  Recent research has found that the heart protection that short term use of beta blockers is used for is not really much at all.

The two effective ways that have been found to do the desirable physical stress relief beta blockers were thought to provide without this harmful permanent effect are not yet on the market.

But the drugs are so ineffective and harmful and fattening between their de-conditioning your muscles and the energy drain and depression, they no longer need to make you get or stay fat if you decline to take them.

*There are effective ways to treat depression including higher amounts of vitamin D3 that increase serotonin in your brain.  But the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) commonly prescribed as antidepressants increase serotonin in your blood where this causes problems.  Research recently found taking these weakens your bones.  And the rate of people with depression they help is little better than placebo.

Weaker bones and continuing depression don’t help you lose fat! 

So if you are knowledgeable and do the things that do work to stop depression including exercise and don’t take these drugs, you’ll be less depressed and have stronger bones and less fat!

*We’ve posted on these 3 already but there are some even more fattening drugs out there.

*Many people take steroids and immune system blockers for asthma and rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Many of these fatten the people who take them and you can actually make a record starting when they begin to take the drug with weights and pictures and see the people get fat.

There are three ways to combat this:

1.  Turn off the intake of things that cause autoimmunity.

MSG and artificial sweeteners and some herbicides and pesticides cause or help trigger autoimmunity.  So do things that cause your gut to have holes in it that creates a way for things that should not enter your blood stream to do so such as heavy or daily aspirin use. Eating hybrid wheat does this and is thought to be a common cause of autoimmune diseases by this method.

So, to the extent you can stop these totally, you can avoid, turn off, or turn down autoimmune diseases.

2.  Dramatically increase the things that keep you healthy without triggering autoimmunity.
Organic vegetables and whole fresh fruit do so.  So does following a low inflammation lifestyle including taking curcumin and ginger.

Because vitamin D3 increases your regulatory T cells that stop your immune system from attacking things it should not,
taking over 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and taking vitamin K2 to make that strengthen your bones and remove calcium from your blood vessels, not only helps stop or turn down autoimmune disease, it protects your heart and strengthens your bones.

Doing both of those things, stopping the causes AND adding the protective things -- allows you get better or even well and stop taking the drugs for autoimmune disease that fatten.

3.  And, for some autoimmune conditions, a recent Medical News Today found that taking these drugs once a week only -- effectively kept the desirable effect of the drug but stopped the side effects including the effect that makes people fat.


This is an incomplete list as there are other drugs that fatten.

We hope to have a way to stop all of those or use them without a fattening effect once our fat loss membership site is fully developed.

But these drugs are some of the most taken and least effective drugs that are most fattening that you can stop taking to keep them from making you or keeping you fat!  

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Reverse slumping posture….Today's post:  Tuesday, 1-2-2018 

There is a likely double breakthrough in doing this!

1.  First, because it happened to me and I know some of the causes, here’s the background:

*Years ago most people walked almost everwhere and did things like dancing & bowling and played sports themselves for recreation.

(Those things cause your body to build new bone all the time and create bones that are both strong & flexible.)

They drank no soft drinks or just a tiny bit sometimes.  And they spent far less time sitting.

They ate no high fructose corn syrup and less real sugar. (All soft drinks and those things deplete magnesium which is essential to make and maintain bone strength.)

Except for people who read books a lot or the few people such as bookkeepers and accountants who had desk jobs where they looked down at their work for hours, very few people did other than stand straight as they got older.

As a result, except for people in those professions and some literary and scientific people, very few people had a humped or “shell back” as they got older.

*Now, most of us read or look at computers or smart phones or work hours a day sitting down. 

So, it was no surprise to me when I saw most of the young men in the military bands I saw on the Fourth of July had forward heads and the beginning of a “shell back.”

I discovered this had happened to me when I overheard someone at a social event saying he thought I was an accountant.  It turns out that he’d seen I was unusually shell backed for someone my age.

*I further discovered that when I was tired or temporarily depressed or just relaxed and reading I had a pronounced slouch, forward head, and shell backed appearance.

I then discovered that by making an effort to stand tall with my head & shoulders held back, I could minimize this look.

But -- if I wasn’t making a focused and conscious effort, that didn’t happen the rest of the time.

Worse, when I was standing tall etc with my back against the wall, my head was still a few inches off the wall behind me.  It seems that my back curvature had frozen into place & was no longer flexible enough to allow me to truly stand straight.

Then I saw an ad for a Chiropractor who had been able to fix this in some of his clients.  So I tried going to one I knew to be well informed and health oriented.

Their basic “adjustment” is a little strange but safe and it does temporarily loosen the spine so you CAN stand straight.  It’s extremely expensive to go 3 or 4 times a week for six to nine months both in time and in money.  I could only afford twice a month or every other week one time that week.

He said that I could make that up to a surprising degree by doing an exercise at home.

This was NOT really at all doable using the exercise he recommended.  It involved lying on my back on a firm surface and allowing gravity to hold my head all the way back for up to 45 minutes a time at least four times a week.   I did try it.

It was totally horrible.  It was boring & prevented me from doing things I needed or wanted to do in the evening.  My nose ran and being upside down, I had to sit up to clear that and breathe; and it was also extremely unpleasant to do even when that wasn’t happening.

*Then it occurred to me that I could sit at my desk on a chair with a backboard and a weight with a pulley where the weight was heavy enough to hold my shoulders back with a way to get into and out of this to go home or see someone or visit the bathroom.

*Then I found out that if I worked at home and did this right after a session on the BulletProof Vibe and practiced standing tall on it, the combination might work extremely well.

That has NOT been doable for me either.  Nor would it be doable for most people

But since it would allow me to breathe and work or read & socialize and likely effective too, it had potential!

2.  Here’s the breakthrough!

Suppose there might be a way that cost less than $50 that was so light & portable you could wear it dancing or go shopping or drive to work in it.

I’ve not tried it myself but it looks like someone who has acclimated to using it could do those things.

AND, it sounds like you could wear it often enough to get a permanent fix or one you only needed to redo a few times a year.

For faster results, you might even be able to stand on a BulletProof Vibe for half an hour three or four times a week while using it and have it be totally effective.

It’s a new product but one I hope continues to be made and available.  If it is at all well made, it sounds like a near perfect solution to a vexing problem.

I found this on Facebook last Friday, 12-29-2017.

The BestRelief Cervical Neck Traction Device

A back board & forehead brace & pulley and weight set up properly can do this.  But you can't wear it and move about.

THIS device may do the job and you can move about with no trouble!

As you can see in this video, as you gradually inflate it, it gently stretches and straitens your cervical spine.

They claim that this has relieved pressure on severely compressed discs that have caused pain that nothing could turn off.

Of course, that would be great for the people with that problem for whom it worked.

But the number of people with the forward head and shellback trouble is likely over a hundred times larger!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Alzheimers IS reversed by protocols….Today's post:  Wednesday, 12-27-2017 

A bit over two weeks ago I posted on Fake and fixable mental decline causing ruin on Tuesday, 12-12-2017.

In that post I spoke of the promising information in a book I’d not yet read,
The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
by Dale Bredesen, MD of UCLA.

Two things have happened since. 

I read the book and found that in several ways I’d underestimated how much Dr Bredesen DOES know of things the review did not say he did.

And, since he has proven he CAN reverse Alzheimer’s short of people who will die of it shortly when it’s just too late, I was astounded to see an article in the paper saying that evidence finds that Alzheimer’s cannot be prevented or reversed.

This is ridiculous because Dr Bredesen has done the research showing how it can be done and why it works AND when people use what he found, they DO get reversal.

I posted this a week ago as a comment on my 12-12 post:

Weds, 12-20-2017:

Yesterday a study was headlined that they tested and said that they found that Alzheimer's cannot be prevented or even slowed down much. And they said it could not be reversed either.

This is NOT correct and harmful to have people believe because it IS preventable and often reversible.

Oddly, they got several things right.

They found that the current drugs should not be used since they did have costs and side effects and were NOT effective.

Simple minded mind games were not effective.

Combining several beneficial actions did have some effect particularly if these actions included exercise.

Their overall conclusion however, is much like seeing a few parts of an elephant accurately; but then concluding elephants don't exist because you have never seen one.

If people believing their headline wasn't so harmful and mistaken, this would almost be funny.”

Dr Bredesen it turns out has quite a deep understanding of what causes Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline.

*One is that if a person has several kinds of things that cause excessive and continuous inflammation and does nothing to remove the causes and turn it down, this causes Alzheimer’s.

(Note that our post last week on ways to stop inflammation & ways to eat and supplements to take to reverse this.)

*He also lists that if you fail to consume key nutrients and vitamins and minerals it causes mental decline AND Alzheimer’s.  He does know to test for B12 levels and have people take methyl B12 lozenges.  He lists several more and explains what to do to measure where you are and to move your readings to optimal to be sure you reverse these problems. 

AND, other doctors have said that high homocysteine does seem to help cause Alzheimer’s but some research seemed to indicate this was questionable.  Dr Bredesen’s research proves high homocysteine IS a cause of Alzheimer’s AND what supplements turn it down to optimal levels. 

(Both medical systems I’ve been in said that they would not give me a test for homocysteine because it wasn’t important enough to test for.  Preventing or reversing Alzheimer’s is clearly important enough to justify testing for it in every person in those systems!  They were flat out wrong!)

*The third thing that cause Alzheimer’s is toxic exposure to things like mercury -- and from cadmium & arsenic & excessive copper & other things in cigarette smoke and water and the rice that grows in the water high in arsenic. Lead is also a cause. 

This also includes the bacteria from gum disease and all kinds of molds.

He also notes that it includes herbicides and pesticides and GMO foods!

**His records show that when people do all the things his tests show they need to do to stop & reverse Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline, they not only stop getting worse, they recover!

The bad news is that the  people who decide not to do so reliably resume getting worse.

He is less knowledgable about how to induce people to do the things and keep doing them.

**He does understand that the one drug or nothing at all model promoted by the drug companies will always fail and why.

And, he has had some trouble getting proper recognition by a system rigged only for the drug companies and not for curing people.

My desire is to develop what I’ve found to fix these two problems.  

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