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You CAN protect your vision even more.….Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-17-2018

Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular and retinal and optic nerve degeneration can cause you to lose your vision.

But these conditions are preventable and even more reversible than is widely known.

Besides the good health lifestyle we teach that prevents the things that reduce circulation or damage your nerves in general, there are several things that specifically prevent or help reverse such damage.

Last week we posted on several nutrients that are proven to help prevent vision loss and even restore it in many cases.

We added some extra information to the Dr Sears email he sent on 4-10 to do that.

Then on Weds, 4-11, he sent another email, part two to the first one with even more examples of how dramatically the right nutrients can improve vision and added more to the information on the nutrients we posted on last week.

AND he added some additional nutrients that can increase the effect of the first set!

Dr Sears, in this second email lists the nutrients that can do the most to keep good vision or restore it:

I list them next and explain why I don’t take two of them as supplements, which is why I suggest not taking his combination supplement that DOES include them.

“The most powerful antioxidants for crystal clear vision include

Vitamin C *
Vitamin A, [the retinol version from animal sources.]
Zinc *
L-Taurine *
Lycopene *
Vinpocetine    [I Do NOT take this one!]
Ginkgo Biloba *
Bilberry extract *

[I take all these marked with * as supplements except for retinol vitamin A and Vinpocetine and the Zeaxanthin & Lutein pair.]

[Vitamin A in the retinol form can be overdosed & I take a bit daily and eat egg yolks weekly and drink whole milk each of which has some. I agree with Dr Sears that you get optimum results by including it besides the carotenes in vegetables.  But for most carotenes it’s best to get them in their natural form because you get the natural molecules AND the hundreds of other carotenes in a complementary balance.  You also get them in their natural ratios.  The one exception seems to be lycopene which we address a bit later in this post.]

[Vinpocetine is a very bad supplement which can have harmful effects and even stop working if it does help at first.  NOT a good idea to take!]

[The Zeaxanthin & Lutein pair I may be a bit light on but I do eat broccoli and cabbage with nuts or extra virgin olive oil AND avocados AND the hundreds of carotenes these foods contain + I do take lycopene.

As I’ve posted before, avocados have the Zeaxanthin & Lutein pair and many other carotenes AND the monosaturated fat that makes them all bioavailable!]

“**Ginkgo    To maintain sharp vision at any age, your eyes must have enough blood flow.

[Adding astaxanthin increases this effect!]

Healthy circulation through your capillaries delivers necessary oxygen to your eyes. It also removes the deoxygenated blood and waste material from your eye tissues.

This blood flow is also responsible for delivering essential nutrients to your eyes. If your eyes are unable to receive enough of the nutrients they need because of poor circulation, your vision can suffer.

Luckily, ginkgo is an amazing herb for boosting circulation. In fact, it’s so powerful that if you’re taking blood thinners, you can’t take ginkgo at the same time!”

[The bolding here is mine.  In fact I’ve posted separately that Ginkgo and deodorized garlic and vitamin K2 and nattokinase and ginger and curcumin in combination are a safe and effective way to prevent blood clots but the “blood thinning” drugs are NOT safe – or as effective!]

“To top it off, ginkgo also provides antioxidants that fight free radical damage to your eye’s cornea, macula and retina. And, as you now know, this damage is one of the root causes of vision loss as you age.

Incredibly, I couldn’t find ANY eye supplements that include this vision must-have!

With its ability to increase essential blood flow to your delicate eyes as well as its powerful antioxidant support, I recommend 50 mg of ginkgo daily to my patients.”  [I take 60 mg a day from a Nature’s Way standardized Ginkgo supplement.]

**Bilberry  Like many folk remedies, the bilberry’s eyesight boosting properties are now being proven by science.

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health tracked patients taking an extract of this tiny berry. The results were astonishing. A staggering 97% of the subjects significantly improved their eyesight! 23  [I added that bolding.]

You just don’t hear success rates like that from drugs. And there are zero side effects — just incredible benefits for your eyesight.

So how does the bilberry work? Researchers have now discovered specific compounds in bilberries that optimize your eyesight and give you sharper night vision.

This vision miracle contains a flavonoid called cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G). And C3G boosts and replenishes the protein complex in the rods of your eye.24

Your rods are your eyes most sensitive cells. Their light sensitivity allows you to see in dim light.

As you age, your eyes have less and less of this night vision protein that feeds your rods. As a result, your ability to see in the dark is delayed — sometimes for long minutes when you’re temporarily blinded. This delay can be dangerous and even deadly.

Falls and resulting injury can occur as you “feel” your way to the bathroom at night. And precious seconds can make all the difference when you’re driving at night and are unable to see the road clearly.

But when you have enough C3G by consuming bilberries or their extract, you speed up this protein processing. Then the rods responsible for your night vision are supercharged and bounce back quickly, enabling you to see well in dim light.

So you can confidently drive at night, climb dimly lit stairs, and make your way on a shadowy unfamiliar street.  And you can easily read the menu in a candlelit restaurant.

And there’s even more.

On top of powering up your “owl-eyes” night vision, the amazing bilberry contains powerful antioxidants. These fight the inflammation and free radical damage that contribute to vision loss.

It also increases healthy circulation in your eye’s capillaries. Supporting your retina’s health as well as the rest of the tissues surrounding your eye.

It’s obvious the bilberry is a must-have for any vision supplement. Yet many other formulas fail to include it! And those who include bilberry give you weak mixtures that do nothing for your eyes.”

[Dr Sears also includes the research comparing two tribes that live in similar areas of the Amazon basin.  One group has age related vision decline and tends to wear glasses.  The other has zero vision decline at any age and rarely needs glasses at all.
The tribe with the very strong and lasting vision they found eats a variety of fruits and other plant foods that have similar phyto nutrients to bilberry!  The tribes are almost identical otherwise and live in almost the same climate!

He doesn’t emphasize this variety as much as I think might make sense.  Also lots of fruit can be a bit fattening.  I solve this myself by eating wild organic low glycemic blueberries twice a week and taking  a bilberry/elderberry supplement from Natures Way labeled as a bilberry supplement.  I also take cherry extract and cranberry extract.

I think doing this is the most effective way to do what this Indian tribe does in the Amazon basin.

** “Lycopene

Research has shown how lycopene protects and heals your eyes from within.

It does this by directly impacting the chemical processes that lead to vision loss. Its antioxidant  properties intervene and stop the domino effect of reactions and damage.

In a study published in Life Sciences, lycopene slowed and stopped the age-related vision loss in the subjects’ eyes.26

Lycopene’s amazing ability to support vision health is all about free radicals.

When you don’t get enough antioxidants in your diet, your eyes are vulnerable to free radical damage. And this plays a big role in age-related vision loss.

By feeding your eyes a steady stream of lycopene, you protect your eyesight.

Lycopene promotes the health of your eye’s macula, retina, rods and cones. And supports the natural balance of proteins in your eyes.  Helping you hold on to your sharp vision. And enjoy the peace of mind and independence that makes life worth living.

While many other vision supplements either fail to include this vision miracle or include a weak dosage of 6 mg - 10 mg, the new NutraVision [Dr Sears supplement that also has vinpocetine] contains the optimal dosage of 20 mg!”

[For lycopene, the optimum intake is closer to 30 mg a day.  BESIDES its value for the eyes it prevents and even may reverse prostate cancer.  I believe this effect also does the same for breast and ovarian cancers in women.  It may even be a way to prevent or reverse most cancers.]

“As lycopene is actually found in the eye itself like lutein and zeaxanthin, this level of supplementation is required if you want to fight age-related vision loss and enjoy youthful, sharp vision for life!”

Between our post on Tuesday, 4-10 and today’s post, these two posts list a set of protocols that you can use to prevent or in many cases reverse vision decline and night vision decline!

By following the complete low inflammation lifestyle and including these vision protecting foods and supplements you can keep or restore your vision.

And, because of its preservation or restoration of your night vision it is even a traffic safety help and a way to safely keep driving as you get older!      

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Three ways to prevent diabetes and fat gain….Today’s Post….Thursday, 4-12-2018

1.  As we’ve posted before, eating in a low inflammation lifestyle with no hybrid wheat and few other grains and very little real sugar PLUS doing walking and effective and vigorous strength training and brief vigorous cardio – has all these benefits:

It is very heart protective lowering LDL & triglycerides and boosting HDL.

It tends to prevent fat gain in several proven ways.

 It tends to remove fat gained from eating MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners and packaged foods, desserts, and snacks.

It even helps you be less hungry because you no longer drink soft drinks that add calories without removing hunger.  And, it prevents craving level rebound hunger that free fructose and excess sugar and artificial sweetners all cause.

It’s even common for people who switch from the high inflammation-fattening lifestyle to the one that boosts calories burned and reduces fat formation to find that they lose as much as 25 pounds or more of fat with no added effort to restrict calories on the amount of food they eat.

By removing the causes of diabetes in this way you can often prevent it.  And, in many cases you can reverse it.

One of those ways is so effective in fact that it’s our next method.

2.  It’s not widely known; but strength training that puts your larger muscles into strong contractions causes you to have to catch your breath after each set AND it releases growth hormone to rebuild your bones and muscles better AND releases BDNF to repair and keep your nerves and brain cells.

Progressive, brief sessions of cardio also have these effects.

So doing some of each every week enables you to burn calories well enough to tend to prevent diabetes and fat gain.

Doing this set of things including the exercises tends to reduce insulin resistance and remove excess fat from your pancreas and release stem cells that may cause your beta cells to be restored and make more insulin.

But it’s the next effect of these kinds of exercises that is even less known that can directly stop diabetes!

When you do them enough that your muscles need to restore their glycogen they pull glucose from your blood without using insulin to do so!

Diabetes is caused by insulin resistance or by too little insulin which causes too much sugar in your blood.

But when your muscles remove glucose without using insulin that solves both of these problems simultaneously!

People from South Asia tend genetically to make less insulin.  When they move to the cooler temperatures in Europe or the United States and eat using a high sugar and high inflammation lifestyle, they often get diabetes even when they do not look fat.

So following the low sugar, low inflammation lifestyle and doing the exercises that cause their muscles to remove sugar directly without insulin, can remove their diabetes.

3.  In women, estrogen causes their bodies to release a hormone that enables them to feel full.

When their estrogen begins to disappear early in perimenopause women tend to eat more and gain fat because of this effect!

The researchers were able to show that less estrogen DOES remove this protection against eating too much.

But research has shown that estrogen replacement does NOT cause cancer or heart disease when a woman completely switches to the low inflammation lifestyle.

That means the estrogen replacement to prevent this cause of overeating and diabetes is  quite safe, particularly if after two years or so it is then discontinued.

A recent Medical News Today article reported research that proved this effect and also suggests that this kind of estrogen replacement can prevent the diabetes women often get at menopause.

(It’s also important to know for women to stop taking or not begin taking statins as some women do at this age.  Research shows conclusively that statins CAUSE diabetes AND cause the mitochondrial damage that makes the more severe effects of diabetes worse and more likely.

So, it’s important to use the more effective and safer methods to protect your heart instead.  And following the low inflammation lifestyle provides 80 or 90% of the best protection for your heart.) 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

You CAN protect your vision….Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-10-2018

Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular and retinal and optic nerve degeneration can cause you to lose your vision.

But these conditions are preventable and even more reversible than is widely known.

Besides the good health lifestyle we teach that prevents the things that reduce circulation or damage your nerves in general, there are several things that specifically prevent or help reverse such damage.

Cataracts are caused by damage to your lens in each of your eyes.  But if you add the things that reverse the damage to stopping the things that cause it, you can stop them from getting worse and can even get some reversal.

Cataracts are caused by damage to the lens in each of your eyes from ultraviolet rays. 

But going outside in sunny weather -- AND in mid-day overcast surprisingly -- provides enough high ultraviolet damage to do this damage.

Some of the nutrients and actions we list have prevented this from happening to Aborigines who are very exposed to this kind of ultraviolet daily.

So reducing your exposure to strong ultraviolet AND doing those things and some others can keep cataracts from getting worse or even reduce them.

1.  Instead of going outside for vitamin D3 which many people already do because of work but not all, take 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 for your D3 levels instead.

2.  When you do go outside particularly when driving, always wear shatter resistant dark glasses that both cut polarized glare AND filter out much of the excess ultraviolet.  Also wear a brimmed hat that allows you to block sun from above or just to the right or left of where you are looking.

Also note that at mid-day bright or even darker overcast still has the level of ultraviolet intensity high enough to cause damage. 

Your eyes compensate in a way this is NOT what it looks like; but a light meter used in physics or photography DOES show that high level of ultraviolet is there!

3.  Do all the things you can from the rest of this list.  But add them to taking astaxanthin because it’s a very small molecule antioxidant carotenoid in fish swimming in cold water such that it protects them in water too cold for larger carotenoids to work.

Your eye and its lens and your retina and the interface between it and your optic nerve all have very little direct access to blood flow or nutrients carried by your blood.

Astaxanthin both delivers the effects of a carotenoid and an antioxidant to all those places.  It also apparently helps deliver other eye protective nutrients that you eat or take also!

4.  Eating a wide variety of foods that contain alpha carotene and lutein and zeaxanthin and hundreds of other carotenoids is also known to protect all of your eye and the retina and its pigments as well! 

Taking larger amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin can overdo it.  But eating those organic vegetables daily delivers the correct amount and all those hundreds of co-factors.

Orange and yellow vegetables and dark green ones are high in carotenes.  (In broccoli and green leafy vegetables the dark green hides the carotenes.)

The two foods that work best for this are wild caught salmon cooked with the skin left on and eaten and organic avocados.  The omega 3 oils in the wild caught salmon and the monosaturated fat in the avocados help make their carotenes and the others you eat bioavailable.

5.  Taking bilberry extract and eating organic wild blueberries have been shown to protect and even revive the pigments in your retina.  This has been shown to prevent night blindness or even reverse it!

6.  Dr Al Sears sent an email today with some others that can also help:

The increase of the ability of your eye to drain excess fluid from taking astaxanthin may help prevent glaucoma which is caused by excess pressure building up in your eyeball.

Dr Sears also found research that *Ginkgo Biloba….boosts healthy blood circulation to your eyes and reduces inflammation. 

And studies show that supplementing with this herb improved the vision of people with glaucoma.”  Taking 60 mg a day will do this. 

Ginkgo may also boost protection of your optic nerve and enhance your eye’s blood circulation.

“L-Taurine. This amino acid strengthens the cells of your retina and protects your lenses from drying out.

It helps prevent age-related vision loss including retinal ganglion cell degeneration.”

I take 500 mg of taurine four times a day for heart protection.  This apparently may also help protect or restore your vision.

7.  Your eyes are also a direct connection to nerves in your brain.  This means that all the things that protect your brain and nerves protect your vision!

AND, the things that cause new nerves and nerve repair or help do so also protect your vision in this way.

Notably taking DHA and omega 3 oil and eating wild  caught fish plus NOT eating any hybrid wheat and otherwise eating in a low inflammation style that we have often posted on does this.

So does regular exercise that releases the nerve growing and repairing BDNF growth hormone.

In addition NOT taking statins and taking the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 and taking PQQ is known to help keep the mitochondria in your optic nerves healthy and may even help remove senescent ones and save damaged ones that can be saved. 

Statins do the reverse of these beneficial things.  Other more effective ways to protect your heart and lower inflammation that do not are dramatically more desirable and preferable!

Also taking bacopa and quercetin seems to enhance these effects

Lastly taking 2 a day of the sterol supplement from Bluebonnet that contains the beta sitosterol and stigmasterol that have been shown to restore the sense of smell by removing beta amyloid from the nasal nerves.

This may also work in the retina and optic nerves since they are similar and in a very close location. 

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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Get strong without injury when older….Today’s Post….Thursday, 4-5-2018

Many men & women over 50 stop doing strength training due to getting persistent joint injuries.

1.  This has very undesirable consequences!

It can cause lack of mobility and frailty and the loss of years, even decades, of worthwhile and mobile life. 

2.  But if strength training causes joint pain that lasts all week long and fails to heal, it’s understandable if people stop doing it.

The much better news is that this is avoidable AND reversible!

3.  The scary and unfortunate news is that many drugs independently cause this to happen. 

Worse, that INCLUDES over the counter drugs people take for the pain!

This post has how to avoid all that and what does allow you to strength train with heavier weights without joint pain.

And, it has how to speed recovery if you do get a mild injury with methods that DO work without making things worse instead!

The cure has several parts:

1.  Avoid a lifestyle that causes joint pain even without exercise and follow the lifestyle that prevents joint pain and breakdown instead.

2.  Do not take or keep taking the drugs that cause joint pain or breakdown.  Notably that statin drugs do this is a known effect. 

Worse, the over the counter drugs for pain and inflammation are harmful and include some effects that cause or worsen joint pain. 

Mercifully some parts of the lifestyle that prevents joint pain and breakdown build your joints and reduce excess inflammation.

3.  Use the exercise forms and styles for strength training that increase your control and minimize injury to your joints.  Do not use or discontinue forms and styles of strength training that are uncontrolled or stress your joints excessively.

I found out today that besides making effective strength training harmful to do and causing insomnia and migraines that make strength training harder to recover from between times, statins drugs have another known side effect.  They cause joint breakdown and inflammation!

Since while statins are poor at heart attack and stroke protection for those who do not yet know the effective methods that do NOT have these side effects, it IS essential to take action to avoid heart attacks and strokes.

For new readers who don’t yet use the methods that do prevent heart attacks and strokes—and use the methods that lower inflammation very well these two posts and their comments have those methods:

These two posts have the strategies that show what things work and how to upgrade to them:

Fast Heart Protection without drugs....Tuesday, 1-9-2018


This post and the two comments I added that contain many things that do this AND they improve blood flow to the brain as well as the heart and tend to prevent Alzheimer's and vascular dementia.

How to eat a low inflammation diet….Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-19-2017  


By following the lifestyle that keeps inflammation very low and adding the things that prevent heart disease you get two benefits that allow for safely doing effective strength training:

You turn off most of the main causes of joint inflammation and breakdown AND you include things that strengthen and build healthy joints! 

(The vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 and magnesium we list, besides building bone, also help build joints!  And, the vitamin C and daily organic fruit and vegetable servings also have natural vitamin C AND cofactors that build strong and resilient bones and tendons and joints.  Nature’s Way sells grape seed extract with some of those cofactors, for example.

Adding bone broth from cows fed only grass or taking the amino acids in it or taking a supplement with some of the collagen in it can increase bone and joint building too:

Now sells the amino acid proline as a supplement.  Source Naturals sells TMG, trimethyl glycine.  And Drs Best sells a supplement with Hyaluronic acid.  That supplement contains hyaluronic acid that helps joints contain enough fluid to lubricate well AND the form of collagen that has been shown to help rebuild joints.

(Joints and their cushioning surfaces are made of these ingredients.)

Those nutrients are also in bone broth from bones with marrow that are heated before the broth is made. By having larger amounts of the key building blocks and all the cofactors, that kind of bone broth can be a great way to go. (Our local Whole Foods sells such bones from cows that are 100% grass fed only.)

But if you aren’t well set up to make that kind of bone broth or dislike it, those supplements do help.

3.  Use the exercise forms and styles for strength training that increase your control and minimize injury to your joints.  Do not use or discontinue forms and styles of strength training that are uncontrolled or stress your joints excessively.

The key exercises for building overall strength and strong legs and back and keeping you mobile are the ones that exercise your chest and upper back and your lower back, gluteus or butt muscles and your thighs.

Other exercises that strain your joints can simply be skipped entirely by most people.

a) Pushups and bench presses are important to do because the pectorals and latissimus dorsi – called pecs and lats by body builders, are large muscles and provide the base for anything you need to do with your upper body that requires strength.

The unfortunate news is that the way untutored people do them, they tend to injure your shoulders.  This common style tends to put more strain on your frontal deltoid muscle than it is well designed to take and in a position that strains this muscle.

The key change is to a form where the pectoral muscle does 90% of the work instead and uses the frontal deltoid far less and in a high leverage position.

When doing pushups when you come down, if you touch your chin or chest and then go back up, you’ll tend to injure your shoulders. Using that same style doing bench presses is even worse for producing shoulder injuries because you rapidly become able to use more weight.

The cure is surprisingly simple! 

When you do pushups, lift your head so you are looking at the wall in front of you and, NOT, repeat NOT, at the floor.

Then increase the arch in your back this causes as much as you can so your shoulders are already well up from the floor.

Then using your pectoral muscles almost by themselves to a strong “push down” motion with them.  Then you only need to push a bit with the triceps in your arms at the top.

(Note that you do NOT use the front of your shoulders much at all to do either part!)

Lastly, only go down until your KNEES touch before you go back up.

To do the bench press safely with weights heavy enough to be effective, you will get strong enough to need one or two skilled spotters in case you try to lift too much or cannot do the last rep you had hoped to do.

But if you are only using lighter weights where you almost certainly can lift more and more times than you are doing, that may not be necessary.  Just do pushups as a second set and do as many as you can.

But in BOTH cases, you use the same method as in the pushups, which is why to learn the method doing pushups first.

Leaving your buttocks firmly touching the bench, get as much arch in your back as you can and look as far back as you can rather than at the bar.

Then, in that position, let the bar down under control until it just touches your chest.  Then use your pectoral muscles in a push DOWN method for the first two thirds of the lift; and then at that point finish the lift pushing with the triceps on your arms.  With the weight already moving and lifted that far your arms can then finish with a weight you could not lift with your arms and shoulders!

Best of all, because you use your pectorals so much and your shoulders so little you can become able to lift a good bit of weight without the nagging shoulder injuries the more common style causes!

The other exercise that you can do that exercises your grip and the part of your trapezius muscle that shrugs your shoulders and your glutes and entire leg is the deadlift.

You simply grab a bar with at least one large plate on each side and bend down in a way that keeps the SAME back arch as the pushups and bench press all the way down and back up and then stand up with it and set it back down again keeping that arch as you get to the floor.

You also hold the bar with one hand over the bar and one under it.  That way if it tries to roll out of your grip with one hand it rolls into a better grip with the opposite hand.

You do NOT need or want to roll your shoulders back at the top by the way.

Just stand up with weight and set it back down.

By using all these methods, you can get strong bones and muscles AND joints that don’t hurt or get worse at the SAME TIME!  

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Ibuprofen may help cause Alzheimer’s disease….Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-3-2018

Dr Dale Bredesen found that high chronic inflammation was one of the 3 most potent ways to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

This is directly true.

It’s also the case that foods and chemicals that cause high chronic inflammation also cause Alzheimer’s disease.

And, it’s true that foods and supplements that lower inflammation tend to reduce Alzheimer’s disease.

How to eat a low inflammation diet….Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-19-2017 

This post contains details on how to do both things at the same time!

Oddly, despite some ostensible inflammation lowering effects, both statins and ibuprofen tend to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking either one to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s disease is like pouring gasoline on a fire because it’s a liquid and expecting the fire to go out!

(Statins harm the mitochondria which directly causes Alzheimers and causes diabetes which also causes Alzheimer’s disease.)

It’s important to know that taking ibuprofen helps cause Alzheimer’s disease because otherwise sound research lately has been made into a way to cause more Alzheimer’s disease instead of less!

One study found a way to use a saliva test to see if a person is forming excess beta amyloid. 

The researchers suggested that having such people take ibuprofen might improve this because ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory. 

Because of the side effects of overdoing one kind of inflammation reduction, taking ibuprofen is harmful enough to the heart and your circulation to make that source of Alzheimer’s disease far worse!

In addition to that it’s important to know to reduce inflammation in several other ways without side effects.  Both the curcumin in turmeric and ginger do just that.

And, it’s also very important to STOP doing the things that cause excess inflammation to get the most effect!

 (See the post above for details.)

The other recent research found that inflammation that causes harm to your brain’s cells that release dopamine causes Alzheimer’s disease by depriving your hippocampus that gives you access to your short term memory of a needed growth factor.

That’s important research because it shows that using the protocols that prevent or stop Parkinson’s disease also would prevent this effect.

But here again, the researchers suggest using ibuprofen to lower inflammation.

Using those protocols clearly would help.

Unfortunately using ibuprofen would worsen the results for people with this problem by adding another cause of Alzheimer’s disease without using those protocols.

The Better Brain Book by David Perlmutter MD has the protocols he has found effective for Parkinson’s disease.

And, the Life Extension Foundation has some additional protocols.   

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dieting makes you fat but fatloss is possible anyway….Today’s Post….Thursday, 3-29-2018

A Medical News Today research summary said yesterday that:

Repeated attempts to lose fat where you eat less and then eat as you did before, the harmful but common way of "dieting," actually causes fat gain!

Eating real food every day but NOT sugary foods or soft drinks tends to prevent fat gain as people get older.

Regular exercise helps keep fat off, particularly for women.

Interestingly, in this study, men who smoked gained more fat!

Men who were highly educated tended to gain less fat.

Not being in a good relationship and/or having the skills and resources to do so and being unhappy in your relationship tends to cause fat gain.

This study did not teach the best foods for keeping off excess fat nor did it teach the best exercises to do so. 

Instead it looked at what moderately informed or uninformed people did.


“The secret to avoiding weight gain: Don't diet

A new study flies in the face of popular opinion. The authors conclude that dieting is, in fact, a risk factor for putting on excess weight.”

As our regular readers know, eating the most organic and naturally raised real foods and some ongoing occasional stricter eating and doing the right exercises – all of which you keep doing -- CAN help you lose fat you keep off.

The other part is avoiding harmful foods and drinks as close to 100% of the time as you can.

Eating out less -- Only eating the most OK foods on the menu – And almost always avoiding fast food is an important way to do that.

Today, there was article about research showing yet another reason for this:

Eating at fast food places and eating out at all boosts phthalate intake...


Dining out associated with increased exposure to harmful chemicals
New study finds burgers and other foods consumed at restaurants, fast food outlets or cafeterias, associated with higher levels of phthalates
Date: March 29, 2018
Source:  George Washington University
Dining out more at restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food outlets may boost total levels of potentially health-harming chemicals called phthalates in the body, according to a study out today.

"Dining out more at restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food outlets may boost total levels of potentially health-harming chemicals called phthalates in the body, according to a study out today. Phthalates, a group of chemicals used in food packaging and processing materials, are known to disrupt hormones in humans and are linked to a long list of health problems.

People who reported consuming more restaurant, fast food and cafeteria meals had phthalate levels that were nearly 35 percent higher than people who reported eating food mostly purchased at the grocery store, according to the study.

The association between phthalate exposure and dining out was significant for all age groups but the magnitude of association was highest for teenagers;

Adolescents who were high consumers of fast food and other food purchased outside the home had 55 percent higher levels of phthalates compared to those who only consumed food at home;

Certain foods, and especially cheeseburgers and other sandwiches, were associated with increased levels of phthalates -- but only if they were purchased at a fast-food outlet, restaurant or cafeteria."

Add to this that fast food places and many restaurants serve a lot of refined grain foods that contain the most harmful form of gluten and are very high glycemic and this turns out to be even more important.

NOT eating refined grain foods that contain the most harmful form of gluten at all is in an important way to lose fat and keep it off!

Add to that that fast food places put MSG in almost everything and serve the fattening soft drinks and diet soft drinks and so do many restaurants!

So NOT eating at fast food places and being very disciplined at regular restaurants that you go to less often DOES help fat loss although “dieting” does not! 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Prevent and stop hearing loss….Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-27-2018

Most of us are exposed quite regularly to noise and music and conversation that is quite loud.

Over time or even quite quickly in some cases, this can result in hearing loss which can become permanent.

This can cause all kinds of problems if it happens to you.

It can cause problems at work by reducing your ability to network in noisy locations or hear accurately on the phone.

It can cause problems socially when you miss out on conversations from people just a couple of seats from you.

Worse, it can cause trouble in your relationships when you miss or miss-hear things said to you even when you are paying attention.

When it gets bad, it can even cause depression and even physical nerve degeneration in your brain and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease progression or even help cause it!

Most people commute to work now.  And, even inside your car, the level of noise you are subjected to each work day can be higher than you may realize.

You may be one of the many people now who talk on your phone or listen to music with an ear bud in your ear canal.  Turning it up to hear over the racket around you can itself damage your hearing.

About 6 months ago I wrote an email about the very large number of effective things you can do to prevent this kind of hearing damage and even reverse it often.  The husband of a very nice older woman I know was becoming hard to live with due to worsening hearing loss.

So I wrote that post for her and for people in her situation.

Today, as he often does, Dr Al Sears re-sent his email he’d sent before that the US Military found two things in particular that they have used to protect the hearing of their people exposed to gunshots and explosions and other loud noises.

Because his email was my original inspiration for my post 6 months ago and is quite well done, I start today’s post with its main points:

“Al Sears, MD                                                March 27, 2018
11905 Southern Blvd.
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

"The U.S. military is worried about the hearing loss of its soldiers…
Every day during basic training, our men and women in uniform fire hundreds of rounds of ammunition per minute. The noise from their M-16 assault rifles is deafening.

More than half of all U.S. soldiers experience moderate to severe damage to their ears by the time they leave the service.

In fact, hearing loss is the No. 1 disability our soldiers face.

So researchers at the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton recruited 1,000 marines going through rifle training. All were given a standard hearing test.

Then researchers gave 566 marines a powerful amino acid three times a day for a month. The other marines took a placebo.

A second hearing test after the study’s conclusion found that 70% of the soldiers who took the amino acid had dramatically less hearing loss.1

The powerful secret weapon the soldiers were given was an amino acid called N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC).  The researchers found that NAC protected the tiny ear hairs in the soldiers’ ears. They had less damage and also less ringing in their ears.

NAC is so effective our military now uses it to protect soldiers from blast noise, gunfire and explosions.2

You may not be subjected to the same level of noise these marines faced during their rifle training.
But every day you are bombarded with ear-splitting sounds from our modern world. Things like roaring traffic, screeching trains, leaf blowers, lawn mowers and high-speed blenders.  Our ears weren’t designed to deal with these loud noises day in and day out. And it takes a toll on the delicate inner workings of your ears.

You see, your inner ear contains over 15,000 tiny hair cells. They turn sound waves into electrical signals that go to your brain. That’s how you hear. But loud noises damage these sensitive cells.

By middle-age you can be left with serious hearing loss. It interferes with enjoying your favorite TV show or having a conversation with your loved ones. You can have chronic whistling, hissing or ringing in your ears.

Most doctors will tell you there’s nothing you can do except get some high-powered hearing aids.

But supplementing with NAC not only prevents hearing loss…
It helps reverse it.

In a recent study, Yale researchers found that NAC boosts your production of a powerful antioxidant called glutathione. And that helps repair the inner ear damage done by loud noises.3

NAC is available as a supplement in most health food stores. 
I recommend taking 250 mg per day. 

But if you know you’re going to a loud concert or sporting event, take 1,200 mg 12 hours before. 

If the noise is a surprise, take 1,200 mg as soon as possible afterward. Then take 900 mg to 1,200 mg three times a day, with meals, for the next 14 days."

"NAC is just one nutrient that protects your hearing. I use many others with my patients here at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. 

Here are three that can help protect your ears and even reverse hearing loss.

1. Luteolin. Luteolin is a powerful antioxidant and one of the few that can cross the blood-brain barrier. It protects the nerve cells in your ears from oxidative damage. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory that can repair free radical damage that harms the hair cells in your ears.
The best way to get luteolin is through your diet. Aim to get at least one serving at each meal. Here are my top picks for foods and herbs rich in luteolin:"

[Of Dr Sears picks I think well of these:

[Dried herbs are easier to use AND much more concentrated sources:

Dried oregano [as a spice}
Parsley [as dried parsley spice]
Basil [as a dried spice]
Sage [as a dried spice]

Broccoli [Use as florets raw or diced and lightly steamed with exra virgin olive oil -- raw broccoli will give you some but gives you very strong cancer protection.  The lightly steamed with extra virgin olive oil makes the luteolin and other carotenoids in broccoli more bioavailable!]

[Avocado is superb for this as it has luteolin and other carotenoids and the health OK monosaturated fat to make them bioavailable!)

"You can also supplement. For sharper hearing I recommend taking 25 mg per day."

[Dr David Perlmutter and Dr Dale Bredesen recommend 500 mg of NAC from once to three times a day.  I take it twice a day.  Jarrow makes a 500 mg capsule of NAC that I take.]

"2. Niacin. Your inner ear, like your brain, has no energy reserves. It depends on oxygen and glucose from the blood supply. When blood flow slows, your inner ear is starved of energy.
Niacin or vitamin B3 is a natural circulation booster. It energizes healthy cells of all kinds. 

It also fights inflammation and improves hearing in people with sudden hearing loss. And it’s been shown to reduce ringing in the ears."

You can boost your niacin levels with food. The best sources are grass-fed beef and organ meats, pastured eggs, chicken and turkey, and wild-caught salmon and tuna. Good vegetarian sources include... beets, leafy greens, nuts... and beans."

You can also supplement. I recommend starting at a small dose of 250 mg per day because too much niacin can lead to “flushing.” Increase the amount gradually every month until you get up to 750 mg or 1,000 mg. You can also split your dose into twice a day to help reduce the flush.

[I take 100 mg a day of niacinamide in Solgar's B Complex with C Stress formula.  This form is less of a circulation promoter but it does some and causes no flush.  I also take Whole Foods 300 mg niacin tablets twice a day with food.  

And I take two "No Flush" niacin as inositol hexaniacinate 300 mg twice a day that I also get at Whole Foods. This compound contains about 250 mg of niacin a capsule that releases this niacin as your body digests it with zero flush!  

So between the three sources I get 1200 mg of niacin with almost no flush or only rarely so.]

3. Magnesium. This mineral boosts blood flow to the tiny vessels in the auditory canal. 

And it supports the health of inner ear hair cells. In one study, 320 Army recruits were exposed to high decibel gunfire during their two weeks of basic training. Those taking magnesium had 50% less hearing damage than a placebo group.4

Sadly, over 70% of people are deficient in magnesium.5 

Leafy greens like kale, spinach, and Swiss chard are good food sources. So are quinoa, lentils, almonds, sesame seeds and cacao.

I recommend getting between 600 mg and 1,000 mg a day as a supplement. 

Avoid magnesium oxide or glutamate. The glycine, citrate, malate, and chloride forms are better choices. Take it with vitamin B6 to increase the amount of magnesium accumulating in your cells."

[I take 4 capsules a day of Solaray 200 mg chelated magnesium.   And eat I a tablespoon of slivered almonds and some cooked lentils first thing each morning for good for you fats and desirable fiber and some protein.]

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS”

My post 6 months ago was inspired by this Dr Sears email.

But it adds more ways to boost circulation and grow new nerves and replace damaged ones.

It has a special hearing aid that may help also though I’m not sure how available it is yet.

Check out that post for more information if you want:

“Ways to REVERSE hearing loss!…Today's post:  Wednesday, 9-13-2017

See iehealth.blogspot.com/2017/09/ about two thirds of the way through that file at
https://iehealth.blogspot.com for September, 2017.

*Most people are not aware of it.  But some cases of hearing loss can be fixed –totally reversed! 

Usually when reversal is not achievable, considerable improvement and better health
  -- IS achievable.

Plus if there is at least some hearing or better hearing after taking these steps, there is a new way to get back normal hearing even in loud locations with a new high tech hearing aid!....”

After this introduction that post has some of the same information and several other methods also!  

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