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Diet soft drinks now PROVEN to fatten AND a good replacement.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-6-2017

*The “result data” experiments have long ago shown that people who drink diet soft drinks tend to get fatter;  and that obese people who drink them to help lose fat gain it instead; AND that people who drink diet soft drinks have more belly fat and bigger waists.

But the hope that no-calorie soft drinks can allow people cutting back calories to drink soft drinks plus the massive marketing that makes them look like a celebration drink, has still overpowered the thinking of most people.

Millions of people with these false beliefs still drink diet soft drinks.

The research has now been done to find the “smoking gun” that proves beyond doubt that diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them directly FORCE the people who consume them to get fat or fatter AND cause that fat very hard to get rid of!

It couldn’t be simpler: 

“Diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them directly FORCE the people who consume them to get fat!”

We now know why! 

We’ve known some likely contributing factors before; but since it wasn’t quite for sure, it had little effect on the public.

THIS is different! – And, it’s comparable to the Surgeon General’s statement on tobacco causing cancer in 1964.

Artificial sweetners, sucralose the worst, cause genetic changes in stem cells that INCREASE fat formation and inflammation! 

People who drink diet soft drinks consume the most and are most fattened.  AND, it may be even more effective in people who are already fat!

This was recently in Medical News Today:

“Low-calorie sweeteners increase fat formation, study finds

Written by Honor Whiteman    Published: Tuesday 4 April 2017”

"Many people opt for low-calorie sweeteners as a "healthful" alternative to sugar, but a new study suggests that they may not be so beneficial after all. Researchers have found that consuming high amounts of low-calorie sweeteners may promote fat formation, particularly for individuals who are already obese."

"For their study, the researchers sought to gain a better understanding of how low-calorie sweeteners affect the body's metabolism at a cellular level.

Sucralose led to buildup of fat droplets in fat-derived stem cells

Firstly, Dr. Sen and team applied sucralose to stem cells derived from human fat tissue.

The stem cells were exposed to the artificial sweetener for a total of 12 days at a dose of 0.2 millimolars - a dose comparable to the blood concentration of people who drink around four cans of diet soda daily.

The researchers found that the stem cells showed an increase in the expression of genes that are indicators of fat production and inflammation. Additionally, the stem cells demonstrated an increase in the accumulation of fat droplets, especially when exposed to a higher sucralose dose of 1 millimolar.

Next, the researchers took biopsies of abdominal fat from eight adults, of whom four were obese and four were a healthy weight. All adults reported consuming low-calorie sweeteners, primarily sucralose and aspartame.

Abdominal fat samples were then compared with samples taken from adults who did not consume low-calorie sweeteners.

The team found that adults who consumed low-calorie sweeteners not only showed an increase in the transportation of glucose into cells, but they also demonstrated an overexpression of genes associated with fat production.

Furthermore, the researchers identified an overexpression of sweet taste receptors that was up to 2.5 times higher among the fat samples of adults who consumed low-calorie sweeteners. Such overexpression may play a part in the transportation of glucose into cells. From there, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The effects of low-calorie sweeteners were strongest among adults who were obese, the team notes."

*Good replacement for soft drinks and diet soft drinks:

People like several things about drinking soft drinks and diet soft drinks.

Most want a way to have some kind of chilled or iced water.  Many want a way to get an extra sparkly mouth feel.  Many want a caffeine boost. 

Most would like to feel better; and many would like the feeling of having a youthful libido like the young people in the ads from the soft drink makers.

Chilled water kept in a glass jar with a secure lid works for single drinks.  Iced water with lots of ice and gradual additions of water and ice lasts for several drinks.

Iced or chilled coffee stored in those ways adds a caffeine boost if you want it.

Some people who are older or like hot spices find that a dash or two of cayenne pepper mixed into a drink can give a crisper and more refreshing “bite” to a cold drink without using carbonation – with carbonic acid -- or phosphoric acid which is in cola drinks.

What about a way to feel better and have more of a feeling of having a youthful libido?

Adding Maca powder to your drink by whisking it in or chasing a few capsules of Maca extract with your drink has been tested to do this!

This article by Mike Geary has more details:

*Maca DOES boost libido in men AND in women too! 

*Al Sears, MD says in his separate article, that studies show that while Maca does not boost testosterone directly, it DOES prevent conversion to the form that lowers actually usable testosterone -- free testosterone -- AND helps stop the converted form from causing more BPH in men!

So, unlike the effect from diet soft drinks which is entirely a conditioned placebo effect, a Maca powder chilled drink or Maca extract with your chilled drink, there is also an added REAL effect!  



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