Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stop fat gain and problems at menopause.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 3-30-2017

*A bit over two weeks ago on 3-14, Medical News Today published an analysis showing that using even the horse urine derived estrogen replacement at the beginning of menopause when it is often most uncomfortable with hot flashes and the like and a woman’s body often takes the biggest hit on weaker bones, a boost in heart disease risk, lower libido, and fat gain WAS effective when it was in use.

Not only that, using it for this short period, did NOT boost the risk of cancers and heart disease that studies found long term use tended to do.

He then concluded that women have lacked this protection from these problems since the long term studies were publicized 15 years ago with ZERO benefit for doing so.

*I not only agree with him, the reality of what women can do is about TEN times that good!

Some time ago some studies found that the long term problems of estrogen replacement were largely caused or made worse by a big boost in high chronic inflammation.

(This is also true of birth control pills.)

Both the estrogen replacement using that compound and early menopause itself tend to increase chronic inflammation by quite a bit.

But since we now know how to create a large drop in chronic inflammation, even a very large drop in it in many cases, by doing so, women in early menopause and women on estrogen replacement can turn off these problems and risks!

*There are also ways to cut heart disease risk, cancer risk, osteoporosis risk, and prevent fat loss.

If those are added too, both the problems of early menopause and the problems caused by estrogen replacement are much reduced if not eliminated!

*Sadly, if it has been tested, the results are not known.  But there is also reason to believe that if bioidentical estrogen is used instead of the horse urine drug, that too will tend to prevent these problems.  Because some sources of bioidentical estrogen might not be full strength or have other problems some Gynecologists recommend the more regulated estrogen patches that they prescribe to their patients.

My strong belief is that when the estrogen patches and bioidentical estrogen from other sources that tests as potent and contaminant free are tested, they will be more effective and have far fewer side effects than the horse urine estrogen replacement.

*But the conclusion is that adding these known to work methods to even the use of the horse urine estrogen replacement in the early stages of menopause or when menopause is problematic will work extremely well to stop those problems.

Using bioidentical estrogen may also work better.

Last but far from least, using ALL these other methods and ZERO estrogen replacement will solve many of these problems of menopause entirely.

*The basics of how to reduce chronic inflammation and why to do so, are extremely well covered in the book Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber which has sold well since it was first published and is still available on Amazon.

Thanks to the work of Dr William Davis and Dr David Perlmutter we also know that stopping ALL consumption of hybrid wheat and sharply reducing other grains or eliminating them not only helps lower inflammation but causes a big drop in heart disease risk.

Adding ginger and boswellia supplements and DHA and fish based omega 3 and eating wild caught fish high in omega 3 as well lowers inflammation yet another notch and boosts the protection from heart disease.

Eliminating all soft drinks, fructose sweeteners including high fructose corn syrup AND all artificial sweeteners drops inflammation, heart disease risk, and fat gain yet another notch.

Lastly, completely eliminating MSG and its cousins in the foods that have MSG (& which quite often contain hybrid, refined, wheat) drops inflammation another notch.  This also tends to prevent fat gain or help reverse it.

*As many of you know, we have also posted on what to eat instead a few weeks ago.  Organic vegetables and fruit are one of the most potent preventers of heart attacks and strokes and cancers known!

And in our Tuesday posts when we finish the current series on preventing Alzheimer’s disease, we will do a new most on preventing osteoporosis with some new information.

Osteoporosis is nearly 100 % preventable with what we now know to use! (and NOT use!)  

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