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Stop depression 90 percent or more part 5.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 2-28-2017

The drugs now given for depression don't work or barely work; they are as addictive as hard drugs; and they have recently found to help cause Alzheimer's disease.  Most doctors still know little else to try.  Some even think these drugs work; but they don’t.

But depression is a hardware and software problem of the brain.  

1.  We now know:  how to use cognitive therapy to fix the software

2. We now know how to fix the hardware;

a) We know what drugs directly harm the hardware and reliably cause depression.  So knowing never to take them even once and to stop them as fast as is safe to do so helps.  Knowing what to replace the drugs with instead also helps.

b) We know things that repair or replace nerves and brain cells and their connections. Successful talk therapy changes the part of the brain used and has this effect!  And, when people do the things that grow new brain cells enough to show on a brain scan, most cases of depression and many cases of PTSD ALSO show dramatic improvement

3.  We know a few things that make people feel better right away.  The best two are low tech and people can simply do them.  One high tech treatment and one drug have been shown to work right away but may not be available for many years yet.

So, most people get harmed by treatment when at the same time, we do know safe and effective ways that cure depression for over 90% of the people who use all the parts." 

Our first post and second one the following Tuesday and the third one had the details of 1. “how to use cognitive therapy to fix the software” and 2. “how to fix the hardware;”

THIS post has an expanded version of:

3.  We know a few things that make people feel better right away.  The best two are low tech and people can simply do them.  One high tech treatment and one drug have been shown to work right away but may not be available for many years yet.

Last time in Part 4 we covered a low tech high level “software” procedure, creating a plan to build a worthwhile life.

This sometimes helps people feel better as soon as they do it.  They often feel more hopeful and effective and worthwhile.

Taking action to make it happen can be a long term project.  It can take work and repeated efforts.

THAT does take work.  So the next step is to boost your ability to do that work.

So, our next step in this series is the things you can do that work even faster to give you that ability AND make you feel better immediately.

Many of them are quite easy to do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Some are a bit more of an effort but DO make you feel better as soon as you do them!

In Part 6 coming next week, we list a new way to feel better fast that gives you enormous leverage.  AND, it’s proven to work even for people in quite challenging situations now!

It can take as little as two or three days to do to a couple of months to finish well.

But you begin to feel dramatically better the first day!

In this post we cover things that you can do that you can start immediately and begin to help you feel better from the first day.

A.  Do the several things that boost your mood from poor to good from instantly to within days:

*SSRI drugs are poor at boosting serotonin levels in the brain because the boosting they do is in the blood levels which does little for your brain and causes side effects.

But many people are deficient or even severely deficient in vitamin D3.  AND good to optimum levels of vitamin D3 DO boost blood levels of serotonin in the brain where it IS helpful.  So taking the likely minimum real daily requirement of D3 in people who are rarely in the summer sun of 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 does sometimes lift depression.

Doing this also makes getting sick from viruses and bacteria less likely AND makes serious harm and even death from such illnesses much less likely.  It also makes cancers and osteoporosis and mental decline less likely.

So taking that much D3 can help you lift depression and protect you at the same time!

*Dopamine also helps people feel good and people who are low in it are often depressed. 

Drugs and supplements tend to be poor or temporary or unreliable at meaningful boosts of dopamine.

But thinking loving and warm thoughts of someone or giving them a hug when they are willing DOES reliably boost dopamine quickly. 

Doing this a few times a day can go a long way to lifting depression fast!

*Be less depressed by giving your brain the fuel that rebuilds the hardware in your brain because you begin to get the benefits in removing your worst moods and irritation right away!

1.  Begin taking and eating enough fish or seafood or algae derived omega 3 oils also often has a fast effect on mood!

Take one or two softgels a day of Nordic Naturals Omega 3 oil supplement with lemon to help the taste be mild.

Take one or two a day of Jarrow DHA.

Eat wild caught fish low in mercury and high in omega 3 oils one to three times a week.

This helps your body release the nerve and brain cell growth hormone, BDNF, to repair your brain hardware which often lifts depression caused by reductions in the white matter that connects the parts of your neural net by rebuilding it.   (Alaskan salmon is wild caught with sockeye the best kind for this.  Small fish that are wild caught also work:  sardines, small mackerel, herring, etc.)

This works even better for BDNF release when you also do regular, vigorous exercise most days of every week.

AND, many studies also show that almost immediately doing this reduces your worst moods AND it makes you much less irritable! 

You feel better right away and the people in your life are less likely to treat you badly or avoid you.  You literally are easier to be around.  In some cases that can triple the effect!

2. Take Phosphatidyl Serine also.  If you are over 50 or have eaten packaged and other foods that tend to cause glycation or calcification of the cells in your brain, your cell walls in your brain cells harden and prevent enough oxygen and nutrients from entering your brain and waste leaving.  Phosphatidyl Serine restores these cell walls to pliable good health that can then move nutrients in and wastes out normally. (Jarrow makes a PS 100 formula that I take.)

So, when you take PS for a few days you begin to have fewer down moods and you think better.

3.  Would you like to have less of your worst moods and be less irritable right away?

Do both!  Take the omega 3 and DHA and the wild caught fish AND take Phosphatidyl Serine also.

B.  Sometimes building something or fixing something or gardening will lift depression almost immediately.

Creative cooking when you become better or good at it also works.

This happened to me once.  I felt really down.  But since I didn’t feel like doing any of my normal activities and there was a challenging repair needed in our kitchen, I decided to take that time to see if I could do the repair.  Much to my surprise my efforts and solutions to the problems I had DID work.

THEN I noticed I felt dramatically better!

I’ve lost my record of their names.  But this once happened to a couple.  The woman was a therapist and realized if she knew why it worked, it could work for her clients too.  And, her husband was a researcher who knew which parts of the brain did which things.

He knew that HALF our brains were wired to everything else.  AND the other half our brains were wired to our hands!

So if you fix something or make something or even clean something extra well with your hands instead of watching TV, wool gathering on the couch, or even reading, you can feel better right away too!

C.  If you do it right away, STOPPING things that depress you and doing it quickly can also speed relief from depression.

There was a study which found that the more packaged snacks and treats and soft drinks of any kind people ate the more likely they were to be depressed.

THEN, there was a study showing that depressed people who began eating only health OK foods, particularly vegetables and fruit, became less depressed.

And THEN the two heavy hitters showed up!

*A study found that people with severe depression that nothing else was helping who stopped all the packaged snacks and treats and soft drinks and commercial baked goods and began eating only health OK foods, particularly vegetables and fruit, became significantly less depressed!

These people went from little nutrition and things that caused mood swings and reduced blood flow to the brain to great nutrition with stable mood and better blood flow to their brains!

**Just recently, the second heavy hitter showed up!  It turns out that removing things that depress you and adding things that help you feel good may only be HALF the reason that making this switch turns off depression even in severely depressed people!  Even I was astounded.

I’ve been very worried since I discovered it was happening that nanoparticles in foods and spices and in clothes were putting a contaminant into human cells which had zero or near zero ways to remove it.

It seems that packaged snacks and treats and condiments and spices used in them and in commercial baked goods, nanoparticles of titanium dioxide are included to keep the ingredients well mixed and of consistent taste and texture.  The study found that this had two dramatically depressing effects. 

These particles damaged the villi in the small intestine prevented as much as half the nutrient absorption from all the foods people then ate.

These nanoparticles of titanium dioxide also caused rips and tears in the walls of the small intestine allowing things that caused excessive inflammation when the body reacted to them.

So these nanoparticles both stopped the things that reduced depression from reaching the people who consumed them AND they turned on conditions that depressed people!

In our Thursday posts on fatloss that you keep off, we posted that overall achieving fatloss you can sustain and keep off requires you to stop eating and drinking things that fatten you and also make you sick and age faster -- AND to boost your metabolism.

So, if you want to stop ALL the bad things that also cause depression and consume only the things that help you prevent it, what do you eat instead? – AND what do you stop consuming and the other reasons why to do so? 

You can both here on our blog at this URL, https://iehealth.blogspot.com .

Paleo AND Healthy Priority List.....Tuesday, 1-24-2017 -- We posted first on what foods and drinks are best to eat and which ones help most to include.

Then in --
Beat Sugar Cravings.....Thursday, 1-26-2017 – We posted on the many thing to stop eating or drinking and why.

As the title suggests, this post also has tips on how to have fewer cravings as you do so!

D.  One of the two common causes of depression is taking statin drugs.  They literally pull the plug from the energy generators in your cells, the mitochondria, by depleting them of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 that keeps them healthy.

This often weakens the heart causing reduced blood flow to the brain and contributes to heart failure if it continues long enough.  AND people taking statins have less energy, think less well, and feel older.

Since this happens every day, taking statins is often a very effective way to induce depression that is hard to get rid of.

The wonderful news is that stopping all the foods and drinks that are harmful ALSO stops several kinds of heart attack starters.

And, the organic vegetables and fruit, the monosaturated oils, and the omega 3 oils to eat instead, are many times more protective against heart attacks and strokes and all causes of death than statin drugs in the third of the people who get some benefit.

So, if you stop the bad things and eat and drink the good things only, you have zero need for the tiny protection of statins!

So, once that is in place, you can stop statins and their depressing effects too!

E.  Beta blockers are even more effective at causing depression that makes people feel bad every single day than statins. 

So, once you stop beta blockers and recover from them, you WILL be less depressed.  In some cases more than half people’s depression will be gone from just this cause alone.

But beta blockers are somewhat addictive AND you need to stop taking them by reducing the dose in steps over several weeks to avoid very dangerous blood pressure surges.

But you can feel better immediately by focusing on being up to making that effort soon, you will be rid of beta blockers also!

Then do most of these steps to lift depression fast and you WILL be up to stopping beta blockers.

At that point you will be far less depressed!

You can then do the work that can take time to repair your brain’s software and repair and reconnect your brain’s hardware!

Once that is done you will rarely be depressed or remain depressed long!

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