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Boost your metabolism to lose fat, part 3.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 2-16-2017

In some ways there are two basics for permanent fat loss.

1.  Stop routinely ingesting the things that reliably fatten you.

Then you stop making the problem worse!

2.  Boost your metabolism so you burn more calories twenty-four hours a day.

Over time that will remove your excess fat.

People who succeed at anything we now know take consistent action and keep doing it;
-- and they use what Reverend Bob Schuler called "experimental persistence": They not only keep at things until they get the results they want, they take action and test things; they scrap the things that fail but learn from what happens, they look for new things to try and try them, they put in the time as a priority increasing their abilities and trying again.

A new book describing this is called "Grit."

Use that on these two actions and you can lose fat and keep it off!

The post this time is, Part 3 of:

2.  Boost your metabolism so you burn more calories twenty-four hours a day.

Over time that will remove your excess fat.

There are four ways to do that:

a) Increase your muscle mass and healthy bone mass. AND, do the things that prevent losing them.  (Part 2 last week had those methods.)

b) Make sure your thyroid levels which control your metabolism are high enough to give you energy and burn fat and NOT low enough to do the reverse.

AND, make sure your mitochondria that are the power centers for each of your cells that supply their energy remain plentiful and healthy. This ALSO slows aging; and the way that MSG & its cousins reliably fatten apparently is to do the reverse!

c)  Eat the foods that actually have tested to enable you to eat more calories and food -- yet be lighter AND less fat!  (There ARE some; and eating them is a key to losing fat you keep off because you can do it without excess hunger.)

d) Ensure that the bacteria in your gut aren't making sure you gain and store fat.

(Research shows that if you import otherwise healthy gut bacteria to cure the dangerous C. Difficile infection but do so from a fat person, these gut bacteria then make YOU fat.

And, more recent research has found that when you lose fat even without triggering the low energy plus increase in hunger of the famine response by using calorie cut backs only some days each week or by properly done fasting, a separate genetic program causes those same bacteria to increase unless it's blocked.)

 Here they are:

a) Increase your muscle mass and healthy bone mass. AND, do the things that prevent losing them.

Last week in part 2 we covered those exact things.  Many people can use those methods to boost their metabolism and gain many other health benefits.

AND people who do NOT do them have their metabolism go DOWN.  That causes some fat gain every year in people who don't use them.

This week we begin to cover these:

b) Make sure your thyroid levels which control your metabolism are high enough to give you energy and burn fat and NOT low enough to do the reverse.

AND, make sure your mitochondria that are the power centers for each of your cells that supply their energy remain plentiful and healthy. This ALSO slows aging; and the way that MSG & its cousins reliably fatten apparently is to do the reverse!

Thyroid levels can fatten you if they are low or drop to a lower level.

*One of the two ways MSG fattens is that it harms your thyroid and reduces its output.  The longer you ingest it and the more foods you eat often that contain it the more likely this becomes.

The good news is that almost all the foods that contain MSG are also fattening or harmful.  So when you stop them all, you both turn off other foods that have it and are fattening AND stop having MSG cut your metabolism.

*In the early stages of menopause and just before it, women have a drop in their metabolism.  Unfortunately, it's also about when the thyroid reduction from MSG ingestion kicks in.

This can prevent fat loss if you are doing a lot of things right.  And, women who aren't doing the other things to lose fat and prevent gaining it, often gain fat rather quickly during this time.

*Worse, MSG boosts chronic inflammation.  When women who have been taking in a lot of MSG or who keep doing it, they have more hot flashes and night sweats and insomnia.

At the same time, the process itself boosts chronic inflammation which boosts their risk of heart attacks and strokes and osteoarthritis and cancers and Alzheimer's disease.

But women who completely avoid MSG and do all of the things that reduce inflammation that also includes stopping many fattening foods, can slash hot flashes and night sweats and insomnia - AND sharply reduce all those health risks.

*The even better news is that there is evidence that women who cut inflammation in all these ways can safely take an estrogen replacement.  This is even more likely I believe if they use bioidentical estrogen.

As we've posted that reduces bone loss which helps maintain metabolism.  AND, when combined with the very low chronic inflammation that further reduces hot flashes and night sweats and insomnia.  For some women this also helps them with love making.  At the very least it helps prevent pain from it.

*MSG also reduces your metabolism directly!  People who ingest MSG and take in the same foods and calories as people who do not get heavier and fatter.

The reason for this is that MSG apparently harms your mitochondria which are the power centers in each of your cells that deliver their energy!  That directly lowers your metabolism too!

*In addition to NOT eating the fast foods and processed foods that are loaded with MSG, to avoid it you have to read labels on foods, particularly condiments.

When you do this, you may be astonished as I was to find not only high fructose corn syrup in many but the very large percentage that list "spices" or even "organic spices" on the label.

(To make MSG even from organic ingredients, as many steps and solvents are used to do so it's comparable to making gasoline from crude oil.  The end result is NOT what people think of as organic!)

Since MSG makers know people work to avoid it, they deliberately hide it by doing this!

For example, mustard should be a health food; and it has zero calories and very little salt!

But nearly every mustard in mainstream chain stores DOES list "spices" on the label.

Whole Foods and some healthfood stores carry Organicville Yellow Mustard.  It does not list "spices" because it has no MSG.  It has no need of it.  The mustard seed itself is spicy enough!

*Taking 1,000 mg a day of Tyrosine just after you get up (two capsules of 500 mg does this) was found to help soldiers and pilots and special forces people like Navy Seals to be more stress resistant and resilient.  That's primarily because it helps your body boost its dopamine levels.

[I began taking it when I first heard this and have taken it ever since.]

AND your body uses tyrosine to make thyroid hormone!  So taking this much ensures your body has this supply to use to do that.

*Some people are allergic to iodine.  But it also is essential for your body to have abundant iodine to make enough thyroid hormone to ensure your metabolism stays high.

Some people eat enough foods to have plenty, particularly if they get the 150 mcg of iodine standard in most multivitamin plus mineral supplements.

But other people who don't have those food sources or who need more iodine to make enough thyroid hormone will make enough less thyroid to have low metabolism need more iodine than that.

I found a great way to fix this:  Whole Foods Market carries a Kelp supplement.  Each capsule has the many minerals you need tiny amounts of AND about 400 mg of iodine!

So by taking their daily multivitamin plus mineral tablet with 150 mcg of iodine and the kelp capsule with 400 mcg, I get at least 550 mcg a day of iodine.

*I found out recently that 200 mcg of selenium a day helps your body turn the inactive form of thyroid into the form that keeps your metabolism high. [Solaray makes that exact amount of selenium per capsule.]

Some multivitamin plus mineral tablets have 50 mcg of selenium.

But your body only uses the amount that it can process from what you ingest.  This form of selenium is not very effective for some people.

There is a very bioavailable form of selenium however.  You can get plain raw Brazil nuts in bulk at Whole Foods.  And each Brazil nut has about 50 mcg of selenium.

By eating five to seven Brazil nut a week, you get the best blood levels of selenium.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT take more selenium than this.  Higher amounts are less usable for its benefits AND neurotoxic!

*Most people who do not make an extra effort to fix it are not just deficient in magnesium but severely deficient.

This is very dangerous for your heart.  One cardiologist wrote in Medscape that in his opinion, the sudden cardiac death of Carrie Fisher was likely caused by severe magnesium deficiency.

He also said that because most people who do not make an extra effort to fix it are severely deficient in magnesium, it should become a policy that everyone at least take 400mg a day of magnesium to prevent this.  He takes 400 mg a day of magnesium citrate personally.

I've been taking more magnesium than that to minimize my high blood pressure and keep my bones strong which enough magnesium is also essential to do.  [In my case it's imperative because I take acid reflux drugs - now Zantac.]

Enough magnesium has also been shown to prevent migraines and all other kinds of headaches!

So when I saw an article by Dr Al Sears to that effect, I read it only to find that getting enough magnesium ALSO ensures your body makes enough of the active form of thyroid hormone to keep your metabolism up!

"When patients come to me complaining of migraines, I do something they don't expect

I test their thyroid levels. Most doctors would never think of that at all. But let me explain why it makes sense.

Over the years, I've found that migraines and hypothyroidism go hand in hand.

And now a new study proves what I've seen in my own practice.2:

For 20 years, researchers studied 8,412 residents of a small town in Ohio. They found that people with frequent headaches had a 21% higher risk of hypothyroidism.

And people with migraines had a 41% increased risk.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the body can't make enough thyroid hormone. It can cause mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and constipation.

Most doctors prescribe synthroid or similar drugs for low thyroid. But I don't treat my patients with chemical hormones. Natural hormones are safer and less expensive.

I've found that addressing my patients' hypothyroidism also helps with their migraines.

But even before trying natural hormones, there's something else I recommend first. I advise many of my patients to take a simple and natural thyroid booster that also relieves migraines.

It's a magic little mineral called magnesium. Here's why it's so important for your thyroid…

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck. It produces hormones that drive the metabolic rate of every cell in your body.

Magnesium helps you make more of the T4 hormone in the thyroid. Without it, many of the enzymes that make thyroid hormone could not function at all.

This important nutrient [magnesium] also helps convert the inactive T4 hormone into the active T3 form.

This is critical because the metabolism of your cells is boosted by T3, not inactive T4.

Magnesium also helps avoid migraines. Studies show that migraine sufferers have low blood levels of this mineral.3

Other research shows that taking 500 mg of magnesium for just 12 weeks can vastly improve the frequency and severity of migraines.4

To boost your magnesium levels, start with your food. Add green leafy veggies, tree nuts, yogurt, berries, halibut, avocado, bananas, and raisins to your diet.

Supplements are also widely available. Look for magnesium that is bound to citrate, malate or aspartate. Take it with vitamin B6. It will increase the amount of magnesium that accumulates in your cells.


Some people have trouble absorbing magnesium from pills. If you eat a high fiber diet, for example, your body doesn't absorb as much magnesium. Also, taking diuretics, antibiotics, or proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux all interfere with magnesium absorption."

[Minimizing diuretics and H2 blockers and antibiotics and NOT taking proton pump inhibitors, which are harmful, DOES help with this some.

Eating heavy on foods high in magnesium; taking over 600 mg a day of magnesium in divided doses; taking two kinds magnesium citrate and magnesium asporotate each help with this.

Magnesium threonate may also work when the others do not AND it may work for migraines best because it enters the brain & spinal fluid when other kinds do NOT:

"In pre-clinical models, the magnesium L-threonate .... boosted magnesium levels in spinal fluid by an impressive 15% compared to no increase with conventional magnesium."  [Life Extension product quote.]  

** The other way to boost your metabolism and prevent it from dropping is to maximize the health and number of your mitochondria.

Your metabolism is the summary of all the energy generated by your cells.  In each of your cells the component that generates its energy and therefore yours is the mitochondria.

[This next section is from the post I did two days ago about how to stop being depressed.

In that section I cover how to protect yourself substantially better from strokes and heart attacks than the tiny protection some people get from statin drugs.

I repeat the section on mitochondria from it here because statin drugs directly harm them and lower your energy and metabolism.

We list what to do to increase the health and number of your mitochondria.  This not only boosts your metabolism and keeps it from going down, it also is an anti-aging effect!]

**I ran across this sobering description of how taking statins can depress you directly:

"In a recent study, researchers at the University of Illinois looked at the effects of statins on mice.
They found that animals on statins definitely had lower cholesterol.

But they also moved less. And when they did move, mice on statins didn't go as far.
They were less fit, lost more muscle strength, and got tired faster.

And at the cellular level, they didn't develop the muscle cells that help produce energy more efficiently.

In short, statins stopped the desire to exercise and the benefits of exercise."

[This is caused directly by statin drugs harming and turning off your mitochondria!]

THAT is depressing even if you think well.  Tired all the time.  Easy to run out of energy.

Since there are MUCH more effective ways to protect your heart, causing depression by taking statin drugs the data show are a very bad idea, particularly if you want to stop being depressed.

AND, since vigorous exercise, if only for 7 to 10 minutes a day - almost every day of every week -- releases the nerve and brain cell growth hormone BDNF that repairs your hardware and restores full access to your hippocampus where you store your memories is the most important way to repair your brain's hardware, like beta blockers, taking statins prevents the repairs!

*Here's more on repairing your hardware that works well if you stay off of beta blockers and statin drugs.

Taking the omega 3 DHA as a supplement and eating it in wild caught fish high in omega 3 such as salmon and sardines and others helps release BDNF.

And, doing both the vigorous exercise AND getting the DHA releases more BDNF.

That is well established.  Adding the herbal supplement bacopa also is thought to add to this effect.

(Note that doing this combination of vigorous exercise and DHA when combined with eating NO wheat and the rest of the low inflammation lifestyle has been shown to be very heart protective.

So doing this set of things, the vigorous exercise, the DHA, and eating no wheat does TWO things.  You make abundant nerve and brain cell repairs and reduce any depression damage was causing you before AND you get better heart protection than statin drugs too!)

Scientists have done brain scans in people with PTSD and depression and found that when these repairs are there, the PTSD is less and the depression is often gone!

These techniques are the most important ones to repair your brain's hardware. They can restore your brain's neural net and white matter that fully connects you to your memories.

But what about the other half of the hardware repair, turning up your brain's energy and your feeling of energy and energy reserves?

To be less depressed you want to find it easy to move, feel up to doing things, and have a deep energy reserve.

Not taking beta blockers is clear enough.  You are unable to boost blood flow to your brain because your heart's control that enables that is shut down.

Statin drugs turning those things off is much more direct.  EACH cell in your body, particularly your heart and brain cells, has energy centers called mitochondria.

Statin drugs badly deplete the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 that boosts the mitochondria's energy production and helps keep the mitochondria healthy.

So, to not be depressed, NOT taking statins is imperative.  But there is another problem with ubiquinol.  As you get older, your body converts less of your food to CoQ10 and its ubiquinol form.

Vigorous exercise overcomes this by releasing stem cells that boost your mitochondria directly.

BUT, we now know that taking the supplement, ubiquinol, can resupply this mitochondria fuel.

Doing so is also heart protective since ubiquinol also boosts the mitochondria in the heart.

[I take 100 mg of Jarrow Ubiquinol before breakfast and another before lunch.  And I do the vigorous exercise almost every day also.]

If you also lose mitochondria as you get older, would it also help to grow new ones?

Oh Yes!  Vigorous exercise has been shown to release stem cells that grow new mitochondria.

And, UC Davis researchers found that a food component in kiwi fruit and some other foods called PQQ not only grows new mitochondria it does triage on sick ones.

When you take PQQ your body makes new mitochondria!  AND PQQ restores slightly sick ones to health and PQQ causes very sick or dead and senescent mitochondria to undergo aptosis allowing your body to remove them!

[I take 20 mg a day of Jarrow PQQ to ensure I have that protection.]

In part 4 next week we cover:

c)  Eat the foods that actually have tested to enable you to eat more calories and food -- yet be lighter AND less fat!  (There ARE some; and eating them is a key to losing fat you keep off because you can do it without excess hunger.)

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Blogger David said...

I had read elsewhere that besides its safe antihistamine effect that the supplement quercetin helped boost mitochondria too.

This study may partly confirm this:

Quercetin likely boosts metabolism by boosting mitochondria's output AND keeping mitochondria healthy. So, it may prevent or help fix MD.

"Scientists from Iowa State University, Auburn University and the University of Montana in the United States found that supplementing the mice's food with quercetin (a flavonol found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, and grains) improved biomedical outcomes, providing an inflammatory and antioxidant effect. To the groups' surprise, they also found that the quercetin-fed mice were more active than the control group."

"Dietary supplement could improve heart health
Dietary intervention could benefit heart health in those with muscular dystrophy. That's according to new research published in Experimental Physiology"

This quote strongly suggests that besides these health benefits quercetin boosts mitochondria enough to boost activity, metabolism, and calories burned too!

It's in red wine as part of the extract from the grape skins. It's in apple peels though it's only safe to use that source using organic, unwaxed apples. And, it's in onions, particularly red onions. Jarrow makes it available as 500 mg capsules. I take those.

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