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Possible concussion good news….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 1-17-2017

Concussions are damage to the brain caused by blows or impact.  They can be mild or severe and cause temporary or permanent damage.

They can be caused by any accident that causes blows to the head and are common in competitive contact sports like football.

I read recently that the Stanford University Football team has an eye exam device that can tell them if a player who might have a concussion does have one for which he should be taken out – or if he does not and can continue playing.

Apparently this device is accurate enough to help them maximize both the playing time AND the health of their players.

Medical News Today just had a story of research showing that for people with concussions that blood levels of tau protein indicated the severity of the concussion.

“Biomarker in blood may help predict recovery time for sports concussions

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that the blood protein tau could be an important new clinical biomarker to better identify athletes who need more recovery time before...”

From studies on Alzheimer’s disease, we know that tau causes or indicates damage to the brain.

But we also know that taking 10,000 iu a day or more of vitamin D3 and taking curcumin both tend to remove tau or prevent its formation.

We also know that taking the sterol stigmasterol helps remove beta amyloid which tends to form from tau and helps it cause damage among other things.

And, both tau & beta amyloid tend to cause nerve damage or death.

In addition, MSG and a pro-inflammatory lifestyle tend to cause both tau & beta amyloid to form which vitamin D3 & curcumin help to remove.

It’s not been tested; but doing the things that remove tau and beta amyloid AND prevent their formation as a practice, IN ADVANCE of blows to the head, may well significantly reduce concussions at all and significantly reduce their severity if they happen.

And, it looks quite likely that doing the things that remove tau and beta amyloid AND prevent their formation after blows to the head that do result in a concussion would reduce its severity and enable faster recovery.

For combat soldiers and competitive football players this could be an important discovery!

Secondly, these preventive practices also help prevent Alzheimer’s and all kinds of heart disease – strokes, heart attacks, and erectile dysfunction and many cancers.

So having competitive athletes and combat soldiers use them is clearly indicated as it is for everyone who wants to avoid these diseases.

The potential that this research suggests also exists that blows to the head are less likely to cause a concussion or a less severe one and speed recovery from concussions is potentially quite valuable to know.

Besides taking vitamin D3 and curcumin and NOT ingesting MSG or related compounds there are many ways to reduce chronic and excess inflammation.

[The sterol supplement Cholesterol Balance by Natrol contains both beta sitosterol and stigmasterol.

I began taking 3 a day of it to lower LDL cholesterol – which it did.  But finding it helps prevent Alzheimer’s and now looks to prevent or speed healing of concussions from the stigmasterol in it has been a very positive surprise.

The two best sources for what foods CAUSE high chronic inflammation and which ones reduce or eliminate it are:

The book Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD and the books by William Davis, MD who shows that never eating wheat, cutting back quite a bit on other grains and taking or eating the omega 3 DHA both stop boosting HSCRP inflammation AND reduce it if it is high to begin with.

This also boosts your HDL and lowers your triglycerides which Harvard researchers found slash your level of small particle LDL and all kinds of heart disease!

In addition to taking curcumin, using ginger as a spice or taking it as a supplement also sharply lowers inflammation.

[Botanically, turmeric from which curcumin is extracted and ginger are cousins and have similar anti-inflammatory effects.]

I also discovered that taking both curcumin and ginger daily not only was effective with these food changes in lowering my HSCRP, that my LDL cholesterol went down by 30 points.

So following these practices is well worth doing for these other reasons!

Now it looks like they also help prevent concussions or make them less severe AND speed up healing concussions too!

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