Thursday, January 12, 2017

New way people can power start fat loss….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 1-12-2017

As you may already know, there are a number of actions that can help or force fat loss:

*You can stop eating foods and food components that fatten AND increase cravings for similar foods.

*You can stop drinking drinks that not only fatten and increase rebound hunger and cravings for more but never made you less hungry when you drank them! (Most people know that regular soft drinks do this. But fewer know that diet soft drinks and real fruit juices also do this.)

*You can begin to eat at least one more real and organic vegetable a day as a doable way to build up to eating more than that which is a proven way to lose fat you then keep off and protect your health better than drugs too!

*Whether you do a regular walk at a scheduled time even once a week even for a few feet at first or just a 7 minute walk near work or home -- that’s a proven way to not only start fat loss and better health AND once you do it, you will find it dramatically easier to do the other things.

*Not only is this true for strength training also; and even one or two scheduled days a week for even ONE exercise is a very doable way to start. Strength training is also a great way to go because you can literally start with tiny weights you could have lifted at age 3.  And, since you are new to it, you can also lift more weight or for a few more times EVERY time you go for many months.
Research shows that this is very motivating and boosts your self esteem by quite a bit!

But what if you feel rotten and have very low energy and in order to have food taste good you need to eat or drink the fattening stuff?

Recent research reported on Medical News Today shows that people with a lot of fat to lose have low dopamine which makes foods less rewarding to eat.  So such people tend to eat the addictive fatten foods or drink the fattening drinks to force some reward out of it.

And, companion research also reported recently on Medical News Today shows that people with a lot of fat to lose have low dopamine which makes people feel low in energy and reduces the feeling of reward other people feel from exercise.  They even move less while sitting.

Of course, if you could somehow boost the dickens out of your dopamine levels if only for the first few weeks while you get started AND you also had a better mood, more mental focus and more energy, would that help?!

Oh my yes!

We’ve posted over the last few weeks on some ways to do this.

But there are two new ways to do this which are faster and you may find are more forceful.

a) One increases energy and concentration and confidence so well people quitting cigarettes while using it found it quite doable! It does this by strongly boosting your dopamine release.

b) The other one boosts physical and mental energy so strongly, people who use it are in a better mood and can do things they previously found mentally challenging quite successfully.
Even better, as supplements go each one is moderately priced.


“Unmotivated to exercise? Dopamine could be to blame

People with reduced dopamine are less likely to exercise or to start doing so.”

THAT is what we want to turn off completely while you begin!

ALSO, people with enough dopamine enjoy food enough more they need sugars and msg less to enjoy food and less food to feel enjoyment so they may ALSO take in fewer harmful calories and total calories!

Another recent Medical News item reported research that it is precisely because people with a lot of fat too lose are low in dopamine that they crave the very foods and drinks that fatten them and too much of them!

Here again, to help you slam this to a stop and free you from this effect, we want to ensure you have enough dopamine to turn this off while you first do it and get used the upgrade!

Research was done showing that a wild green oat extract restored normal dopamine function in those taking it within the first few days.

Not only that it boosted mental energy and ability to concentrate enough that it was successful in helping smokers stop smoking and the nicotine was no longer doing that for them!

In addition nicotine acts as an MAO inhibitor which reduces depression.  By doing this with the wild green oat extract instead, stopping the nicotine is much easier because you still have the effect from the much safer replacement.

Over time, the boost in dopamine from wild green oats does fade somewhat.

But that’s OK because by the time it does, people losing fat have begun to eat right and exercise by habit and have found things they do well or find quite rewarding.

And, it’s also OK for overcoming nicotine addiction because you are no longer addicted to nicotine by the time this happens.

The supplement, Avena Sativa or Wild Green Oats, is inexpensive and you can buy or order it at your local health food store:

Solaray makes it in a 350 mg size with 100 capsules. Have your health food store order it and its number is 1418.

Based on what I have read, the effective dose is to take 3 a day.  So this works out to a month’s supply.

b)  The other block is to physically have low energy in your brain which runs in part on acetyl choline.  And this tends to get lower as you get older.  Worse, many drugs that turn it off are better not taken.  (We just posted on that.) 

Doctor Dharma Singh Khosla is an expert on supplements that protect or restore brain function and in his recent email said this:

“The naturally occurring compound, Huperzine A, is known for its ability to detoxify pollutants directly from the brain.

That’s something we all could use a lot of.

Huperzine A is also instrumental in keeping your acetylcholine levels at optimal levels.

And, as you may recall, low acetylcholine equals memory loss.

Supplementing with Huperzine A increases acetylcholine in the brain.”

Unfortunately his supplement with Huperzine A also contains vinpocetine which causes problems for some people who take it.

In my opinion the best way to take it is by itself.  You can get it from your local health food store.

Have them order the Source Naturals one with this info:

Source Naturals, Huperzine A, 100 mcg, 120 Tablets   

Product Code: SNS-02410
UPC Code: 021078024101

Reviews also said that this helped mood and short term memory and long term memory access AND it did so both in young students studying for tests and in older people with impaired  circulation to the brain! 

Two things to remember:

Beginning these helpful actions even one day each week at a level you will find easy for just a few weeks has been shown to be extremely effective.

Just decide which one to do first and put it on your calendar. Then do it as reliably as you do going to work or coming home from work.

Research has shown this is extremely powerful.

So is completely stopping the things that make you fat and sick.

Have any doubts you can do this?

Don’t feel you have enough energy or will power to even do these things?

Try taking both of these supplements for the first two months and you may well find you do have!

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