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Breakthrough stroke recovery found....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-27-2016

a) Recently, Medical News Today had a story showing that there might be a way to turn off and reverse stroke damage up to a few days after the stroke.

Very few stroke victims make it to treatment in the first hour or two after the stroke; and even those who do have a death rate from getting treatment for an obstructive or ischemic stroke when they have a bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke instead – or the reverse.

So, if there was a safe way to stop and even reverse the damage up to a few days after the stroke for people who survive it, it would be a huge advance.

The researchers found that stroke damage gradually spread and got worse and worse for days after the stroke which badly compromised recovery efforts.

They found that the harmed brain cells released a high level of glutamate AND that as this glutamate spread out, it killed the cells in contact with it for several days. 

So if there was a way to slam this process to a stop even up to three or four days after the stroke, you could cut the total damage by more than half.  That would make recovery work far better!

And, as often happens, they hope that knowing this, they can make a drug which will do this safely.

b) The good news I knew when I read this is that, we DO know a couple of ways to do this now, people can just go do!  No need to wait for a drug when you can get a big percentage of the effect without waiting!

We cover that later because there is even better news!

c)  What if you could remove almost all the glutamate right away AND the same thing that did that ALSO helped grow new brain cells?

That would certainly be the first thing to do!

You could add other ways to cut glutamate and grow new brain cells later.

The breakthrough news is that this substance exists and is available now!

But the really huge news is that it apparently has tested to be able to reverse damage that has already occurred even if it is weeks old!

Unlike the other things we post on, it has not yet tested by many people to do this.  But one test found this result.

And, because the substance has BOTH effects, I suspect strongly that it Will test to do so.


"Oxaloacetate is an important metabolite involved in one of the energy pathways in the mitochondria, the power house of a cell "

It's available as a supplement called KetoPrime from BulletProof products.

"As the dosage increases from the minimum 100 mg other system processes occur, such as the reduction of high glutamate levels, which is one of the damaging factors for closed head injury/stroke victims."

Oxaloacetate has ALREADY BEEN TESTED TO WORK IN HELPING TO CURE STROKE DAMAGE from its ability to remove excess glutamates AND, like BDNF, it helps grow new brain cells!

Human recombinant glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase 1 (GOT1) supplemented with oxaloacetate induces a protective effect after cerebral ischemia

M Pérez-Mato, P Ramos-Cabrer, T Sobrino, M Blanco, A Ruban, D Mirelman, P Menendez, J Castillo, F Campos
Cell Death Dis. 2014 Jan; 5(1): e992. Published online 2014 Jan 9. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2013.507
PMCID: PMC4040715  

d) And THAT means that adding the other things to add new brain cells that have been tested many times to grow new brain cells AND boost the plasticity of the brain to retrain the brain for what does not come back, it may be possible to get near full recovery of stroke victims who couldn’t talk or get out of bed!

 e) Eating one or more pieces of organic fruit each day has been shown to prevent BOTH obstructive or ischemic strokes AND bleeding or hemorrhagic strokes AND reduces the death rate from all causes.

Adding this step helps ensure any gains you get continue and you get no new strokes AND eating six or more servings of vegetables a day or 3 or more plus exercise is also protective AND by eating cruciferous vegetables helps boost the health of your mitochondria.

e)  These will also help:

*Avoid MSG as close to 100% of the time as possible. 

If a condiment or spice mix lists “spices” or even organic or natural “spices” they’ve added MSG.  Use only those that do NOT have “spices” on the label.  Organicville yellow mustard has none and tastes great.  Almost all its competitors DO list “spices”, contain MSG, and will help boost the glutamate in your brain and cause high inflammation causing many diseases notably including Alzeimer’s disease and increase stroke damage instead of reducing it!

Stuffing and gravy often included in Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners are best avoided at other times 100% of the time to avoid the refined GMO hybrid wheat that fattens and causes so many diseases, notably heart disease and strokes.  So, since commercial cooks often also add MSG to stuffing and gravy too, only eat one small serving of each and stop.

(Of course if you are making these yourself, you can make them without wheat OR MSG!)

*AND, " For each 100-mg/day increase in magnesium intake, risk of stroke decreased by 7%."  (From a Medscape article on the cardiovascular benefits of a high magnesium intake.)

*  Known ways to clean up damage in the brain such as better circulation from brisk walking and short burst very vigorous cardio and following the low inflammation lifestyle PLUS taking extra DHA and completely stopping hybrid wheat and taking bacopa & possibly other things that grow new brain cells or remove senescent mitochondria or grow new ones or keep them health such as taking PQQ and Ubiquinol AND STOPPING statins and doing either short burst very vigorous cardio  or heavier, progressive strength training or both can help cure TBI, PTSD, & depression.

* Take stigmasterol and 10,000 iu vitamin D3 and NAC as they help clean damage and prevent inflammation.  And take turmeric &/or curcumin with black pepper and/or a health OK oil.

These are known to prevent or remove damage.

Do those and the brain will heal resulting in better sleep AND better mood AND improved cognitive skills AND prevention of further increases in impairment.

*  The brain cleans up damage during sleep, particularly deep sleep.

Exercise, particularly vigorous exercise done first thing in the morning, helps with better sleep, particularly falling asleep quickly.

Drink any red wine before dinner and drink no other kinds of alcholic drinks at least 6 days a week; Drink only 1 to 1.5 drinks before dinner most days.

Your overall sleep quality and time in the deep sleep that cleans the brain will go up.

Wear a sleeping mask to bed if fast , cheap & reliable and increases deep sleep and going to sleep faster.  Adding blackout curtains or sleeping in a room that has them can also help.

Go t o bed within a relatively narrow time window each night & at least 6 hours before you will get up AND have the time you get up exactly the same 7 days a week.

Make your sleeping room reliably cool and quiet if you can.  (Ear plugs; noise reversing technology; and a coolness pad to sleep on (like an electric blanket in reverse) can help when the room conditions can't be changed or the cost is too high.

Consider taking chewable melatonin and taking Valerian & GABA at bedtime because melatonin induces sleep quickly and Valerian and GABA tend to cause more deep sleep that is restorative

d) Visualizing what you want your injured side to do as you do it with your undamaged side can help.

Then doing this as a skilled trainer gently positions your arm or leg to the correct position for that step.

And, spending hours practicing until the skill returns can help.

Doing these other things to repair damaged brain cells or grow new ones while you are doing this makes it much more likely to work.

e)  There is also a new electrical stimulation device for the motor nerves that stimulates the part of the brain that co-ordinates them that may enhance this process.  It is finally released for sale by Halo Sport in San Francisco.

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