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Fast recovery from flu or workouts....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 11-22-2016

Both recovering from the flu and recovering from workouts depend on either less damage to your cells and mitochondria to begin with or faster repairs after the fact.

a) When you get the flu, you often can take as long after you are over it to recover your normal energy as it took to get rid of it or longer – weeks sometimes. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut that to one or two days or less?

b) In strength training you actually damage your muscles a bit when you train with enough weight to make progress.  The progress comes when your body repairs this damage and adds a bit extra.

So, fast recovery that reflects this process working better and faster not only makes you more comfortable, it allows you to work harder and make more progress!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of youthful fast recovery even if you are older now?

1.  Getting 10,000 iu a day or more of vitamin D3 does this.  That much D3 boosts your viral and bacterial killer T cells substantially AND makes them more accurate in only attacking those and NOT your own cells.

It also has been shown to prevent injuries and speed healing from injuries.

(A doctor in Georgia, where good high school football teams are almost as good as their good college teams that the NFL recruits from, discovered that people who were sick or injured recovered better and faster if he made sure to give them at least that much D3.

He contacted the coach of a good high school football team and suggested they give all their players that much D3 to see if it helped.  They did so.  They then compared the number of injuries for the season before that and the season where the players took D3.

The total number of injuries fell in half compared with season without D3 for all the team!)

So, when you get that much D3 daily your cells get less damaged from the flu and from workouts.  And, when your cells are damaged, D3 has been shown to speed healing.

(You are also less likely to GET the flu AND when you get a flu shot while taking D3, it’s more likely you won’t get the covered flu strains too!)

2.  Dr David Perlmutter, in his Better Brain book, also noted a similar experience with the internal super-strength antioxidant, glutathione. Your body makes this internally if you are healthy and eat the things glutathione is made from.

When Dr Perlmutter had patients sick enough to be in the hospital he measured their level of glutathione.  It was usually below normal AND the lower it was the sicker the patient was, the more likely they were to die, and the longer they took to get well and had to stay in the hospital.

Conversely, the patients who had higher glutathione levels were less sick and got well much faster.

Then he tried giving the patients with low glutathione an IV with glutathione to boost it to the level of the patients who got well and recovered faster.

That DID happen.  It was a very useful thing to do to speed his patients getting over illness and recovering faster.

(Surprisingly, given the cost cutting pressures now and this result, I’m quite surprised that this has not become standard practice for all hospitalized patients!)

Why does this happen?

And, how can you get this to happen in your body?

a ) One set of answers came about 3 weeks ago:

A supplement maker Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute in an email said this:


“Research done at Odense University in Denmark found that centenarians (aged 100-105 years old) had significantly higher glutathione levels when compared to younger elderly subjects (aged 60 – 79).

And – get this -- the 100+ year-olds that were able to function the best had the highest glutathione levels of all.3

Scientists at the University of Louisville, KY found that females aged 60 to 103 who were in top mental and physical shape had very high glutathione levels in their blood.4

The consensus is:

Plentiful glutathione = good health and long life
Depleted glutathione = sickness and death

Glutathione supercharges your natural killer (or NK) cells – also known as your immune system’s top assassins. In fact, it doubles their disease-fighting power.

Plus, it protects your NK cells and other immune system cells from free radical damage – so this germ-destroying team can operate in top form and give you more “well” days to enjoy your life.”

It goes on to say that usually glutathione levels drop as you get older but that taking the supplements that help your body make Glutathione can overcome this.

(This suggests that older people who boost their glutathione get the robust protection from the flu shot that younger people get.  And, like vitamin D3, they are less likely to get other kinds of flu.)

Sulfur is a key ingredient in glutathione, so taking NAC, n-acetyl cysteine, boosts your levels of glutathione in part because cysteine is a sulfur containing amino acid.

Taking even one 500 mg capsule a day of NAC works.  Jarrow sells the one I take.

b)  And in an HSI eAlert email I found this:

“Now, a new study from researchers at Oregon State University confirms why there's no time like the present to get ahead of the aging curve and start beefing up your defenses.

But this team found something else that's just as important where this amazing antioxidant is concerned. A way to boost your glutathione levels so your tank isn't running on empty, no matter what your age.

It's no secret that as we get older we become more vulnerable to all kinds of bodily insults and injuries. Bouncing back from something is a much bigger deal when you're 70 than when you were 17!

And that's exactly what the researchers confirmed in the laboratory when they "stressed" cells from younger animals versus older ones.

They found that younger cells lost a small amount of glutathione, but had plenty left in reserve to keep them alive and kicking.”


“But in older cells, the level of this antioxidant was drained to nearly dry, cutting their lifespan in half!

In other words, running low on glutathione speeds up the aging process of cells.

In the second part of the study, Oregon researchers called for backup from an amino acid called N-acetylcysteine (NAC).

When researchers pretreated those older cells with NAC, and then doused them with a toxic substance, it was like a fort had been built around them. In much greater numbers, they survived and thrived.

And this study isn't the first good news we've heard about NAC by a longshot.

In a 15-year-old study, NAC was found to improve cognitive function in patients diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's disease.

For many years, doctors have used NAC to dissolve the mucus that contributes to asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis.”

So, getting enough glutathione and the supplement NAC which boosts it in your body, means that being sick and working out hard kill less cells which means that instead of waiting until you replace the cells that were killed to recover, you only need to boost the cells that are still alive to recover.

That is a much faster process than growing new replacement cells from scratch!

And, reducing the mucus produced by upper respiratory diseases makes them less unpleasant and easier to get rid of AND cuts the chances of the mucus becoming infected with bacteria!

So, besides taking 10,000 iu a day or more of D3, taking one or two doses a day of NAC, will enable you to get sick less often and recover faster.

And, it also allows you to recover faster from workouts and have less downtime from injuries.

d)  What if you could get an instant direct boost to your glutathione levels?

If you had one, you could do it just before and just after workouts.  This would allow you to work out harder without feeling too hammered and might allow you to make faster progress.

Many illnesses during recovery, you feel better in the morning only to have them get worse and feel worse in the late afternoon.

If you had a fast glutathione level booster, you could do it just a bit earlier in the afternoon to prevent this.  And if you still needed it because this effect still happened, you could do it a second time.

And, doing this would likely further speed overall recovery too.

Now, there IS one!:

Dave Asprey of Bulletproof developed one he now sells.

Instead of taking glutathione that your digestive system destroys before it goes into your blood stream, by adding a liposome coating to prevent this, his product DOES boost blood levels of glutathione.

He calls the product Glutathione Force.

And, he says it also works as a mood and performance booster when you are working hard and have become tired or a bit burned out.

He says you can feel the boost to your energy and mood.

“"One of the most crucial antioxidants can’t be found in any known ‘superfood’...

And while your body naturally makes a certain amount of this “master antioxidant” called glutathione…

Most people don’t get enough to feel the full benefit – even if they take a supplement.

That’s because glutathione all by itself simply can’t get past your stomach acid to get absorbed in your gut and go where it’s needed."

"....why does Glutathione Force absorb so easily?

Glutathione Force uses a patented process called Active Liposomal™ delivery to bind glutathione to a unique peptide (like a protein, only shorter) called lactoferrin that can pass through your stomach intact.

That means the glutathione survives your stomach acid intact to get to your small intestine where it can be absorbed into your bloodstream."

"What People Are Saying About Glutathione Force…

“Amazes me how much clearer my thoughts are, not to mention a sustained energy increase.”
–Scott N.

“Absolutely love the Orange Spice glutathione. I enjoy the taste now but best of all this stuff works fast. I can tell a difference within 15 minutes if I have any inflammation in my body. Best stuff ever!”

“I am using the glutathione force in combination with the upgraded Bulletproof coffee and find I have better clarity and increased and sustained energy. I have been struggling with brain fog and fatigue, so this has been a godsend!”
–Kerry ”

Bulletproof does have its own website.  But I’ve found their products are much easier to buy by buying them on Amazon.     

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