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Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-25-2016

1.  Today the majority of Americans still eat and drink things that make them fat and sick and don't do the protective exercises that are proven to help them stay well at all or do nearly enough.

This results in heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  It also causes obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, shortened life, much shorter healthy lives worth living, and tends to cause cancer.  And, it both cuts the number of years people can work and their productivity while they still are working.

And, some people still smoke or use tobacco or nicotine products and ALL those problems get even worse!

The somewhat to completely ineffective drugs and medical procedures to make these avoidable problems somewhat better cost billions and billions more each year.

The economy has a lot of drag because of this and will tank if it keeps getting worse!

2.  Meanwhile the research has been done in abundance.  If people stop that lifestyle and instead eat mostly organic vegetables and some organic fruit and health OK protein foods and health OK fats and oils instead AND take targeted supplements when needed AND do several kinds of exercise each week including strength training and short cardio with rests for fitness and other exercises they can fit in and like, ALL that changes!

Adding strength training and short cardio with rests and customized intermittent fasting to that lifestyle can cause permanent fat loss or prevent getting fat in the first place.

This also sharply slows aging and maintains the ability to be independent and self managing for almost all their lives in the people who follow it.

People can and already have lived healthy lives worth living until well over 90 years old with none of these health problems.

They have been productive when they have kept working or productive at the volunteer work and hobbies they like all that time.

3.  What are the resources that can help you make these lifestyle upgrades successfully that have helped others and gotten excellent results?

Here's a short list:

The areas they are in include:

a)  Effective habit change for beneficial changes
b) Strength training produces many of the most valuable protective effects and self esteem boosts
c) Eating lots of organic vegetables which is possibly the most health protective thing known,
d) Intermittent fasting because when done successfully it's an effective way to lose fat that is OK for your health to do
e) The way less sugar and no wheat people because stopping those things enables fat loss and stops most of the very worst kinds of foods and drinks and health problems
f) And the paleo people who combine no, or way less, sugar and organic lots of organic vegetables and enough naturally fed animal protein to support effective strength training.
g) Doctors who realize that lifestyle upgrades that prevent disease and restore health are more effective and safer than drugs to solve these problems and are working to enable medicine to include this approach and do it well in addition to medicine as we have developed it for those situations where it is needed and effective.

The resources:

a)  Effective habit change for beneficial changes

James Clear has a large set of well thought out articles detailing workable techniques to do that.
I've found his work very helpful personally.

How to start improving your habits.  How to fix problems that block you when you try to change a habit.  How to keep improving.  How to ensure you keep the good habits you develop and regularly do enough of them to reliably get the good results you want.

His articles have all that and more!

b) Strength training produces many of the most valuable protective effects and self esteem boosts.

Surprisingly it is even MORE important for women; but so far, fewer women do it than men.

http://www.theperfectworkout.com/ is the website of a company that provides two very time efficient and quiet private sessions a week, even one will help, for a slightly pricey fee per month.

They make it easy for women who have no experience to progress from there to some real health gains and protection from frailty in old age.  Many of the women also begin to look much better and gain considerable self confidence.  In fact, many older women who could no longer go places they enjoyed become able to do more than they could before!

Their method also tends to prevent and can help reverse osteoporosis.

They do well with professional men who are very short on time to exercise also.

http://www.niashanks.com/   I like Nia Shanks direct approach that specializes in helping women.

"I help women achieve their goals with simple, empowering strength training programs."  "I've worked with clients for over a decade, and I know what works."
"Health and fitness information that makes you feel great about yourself."
"Shanks came up with her own powerlifting program to help women of all levels become their "strongest and most awesome" selves. She encourages readers to pay more attention to the numbers on the dumbbells than on the scale, to stop obsessing over having a "perfect" diet, and to find a way to get the best results with the least amount of effort."


Mike Matthews specializes in helping people use power lifts with barbells to gain muscle while staying lean or becoming lean while increasing muscle at the same time.

His method works and his thoughtful and researched analysis is appealing.  So are the results he helps people get!

He's quite knowledgable on strength training for women and has helped many get great results.

But his sweet spot is helping men of 20 to 50 to look great and more muscular while losing fat at the same time.

He has added his own line of multiple component supplements.  I prefer to take many of these as separate supplements instead.  But his research on the benefits of the components is well done.

The bad news is that he is sometimes less health oriented than I think is desirable. And some of his health information is dated and incorrect.  But he is a very bright man who reads research well. So I think that will change eventually.

Bottom line, if you are a man who wants to look muscular and have visible abs, or you are a woman who wants to look athletic and sexy instead of just thin and willowy, Mike's advice may well be just what you need.

To be continued to add the remaining sections in our next few posts.

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