Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two new ways to force fatloss....

Today's post:  Thursday, 10-20-2016

There are two new ways to force fatloss.

One is free or even saves you money and is available now.

The other is a new drug that may become available that likely works.

1.  The first one is a new book by a researcher who details what he found to make intermittent fasting work including some contra-intuitive good news that it can be done without muscle loss or triggering your famine response.

I’ve not gotten the book yet or read it.  But I have already begun to increase my use of fasting more than I was doing.  (Its official publication date was day before yesterday!)

Here’s the info I got:

"The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting,"  by Dr Jason Fung" co-authored with Jimmy Moore, details how to implement fasting and overcome some of the most common challenges that might arise, including persistent fears and myths associated with extended water fasting.”

And, it’s available now on Amazon  So you can buy it and use it right away:

Note that it works for type 2 diabetics taking Metformin too.  But managing the process safely in that case is critical because not doing so can kill you.  His book has details on this.

2.  New drug approach may stop fatty liver and type 2 diabetes and reduce obesity too!

"....the drug enters the liver with a trick:

It uses the pancreatic hormone glucagon as vehicle to shuttle thyroid hormone T3 to the liver while keeping it away from other organs, thereby improving cholesterol and lipid metabolism while avoiding typical side effects of thyroid hormone.

The constant rise in obesity and diabetes represents a major burden of our society.

Fatty liver and atherosclerosis are frequent consequences of these metabolic diseases, but an efficient and safe medicine, which would reverse obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver and atherosclerosis remains a major scientific challenge of global priority.

An international team led by metabolism experts Matthias Tschöp (Helmholtz Zentrum München / Technische Universität Müchen), Richard diMarchi (Indiana University) and Timo Müller (Helmholtz Zentrum München) report in the current issue of the journal Cell

   that liver-specific delivery of the thyroid hormone T3 using glucagon corrects obesity, glucose intolerance, fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis without causing adverse effects in other tissues.

"While the ability of T3 to lower cholesterol is known for centuries, deleterious effects, in particular on the skeleton and the cardiovascular system, do so far limit its medicinal utility", says Brian Finan, the first author of the manuscript."

This is not yet approved as a drug for sale.  But if it can boost metabolism safely as this suggests, it sounds dramatically safer than obesity surgery!

With very high health care costs of fatty liver and obesity driving it, this looks likely to be put on the fast track for potential approval.

3.  For now, intermittent fasting looks as effective, is far less expensive, and safe if done correctly.

It also makes sense to do the eating and exercise upgrades that can help with fat loss and protect your health using either method!

In many cases, this will improve the fat loss results.  In almost every case it will improve the disease protection you get.

And, it will also make it far easier to keep off the fat you lose!

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