Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New way to stop osteoarthritis....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-18-2016

Osteoarthritis can reduce your quality of life due to the pain and also reduce your ability to stay mobile and do the things that often make life worth living that require mobility.

Worse, the OTC drugs most people take for it have harmful side effects and don’t do much to actually turn it off or do much to reduce the pain.

1.  It’s been found that high chronic inflammation not only makes osteoarthritis worse but also is one of its causes.

The low inflammation eating style we recommend and learned from the book Anticancer can prevent this or begin to improve it.

The very good news is that osteoarthritis has a second cause that you can also turn off!

Yesterday Medical News Today had it:

It seems that high LDL, likely the small particle kind that causes heart disease and strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, harms the mitochondria in cartilage thus causing osteoarthritis.

So, if you effectively lower that by reducing high LDL, you turn off this cause.

And, since the supplement ubiquinol helps keep mitochondria healthy, taking it also might make that work even better.

The bad news is that doctors tend to prescribe statins to lower high LDL instead of the more effective and far safer life style upgrades.

And, statins cause mitochondrial dysfunction by removing your body’s supply of ubiquinol.

That means that statins are totally contraindicated for this use.

So, to remove this cause of osteoarthritis, you have to use the lifestyle changes that lower LDL.

Stop eating and drinking the things that cause high LDL and instead eat the things that reduce it instead! 

Stop hydrogenated oils and hybrid wheat and high fructose corn syrup and way too much real sugar!

Completely avoid tobacco smoke because it causes far more heart disease and heart attacks than it causes cancers!  And, it boosts LDL as part of that.  (That’s a huge effect considering that tobacco and its smoke cause about HALF of all cancers!)

Eat a good bit of organic vegetables each day.  Six or a bit fewer servings a day of organic vegetables is the most effective way to prevent heart attacks known.

All of these lower LDL cholesterol!

The best news is that the eating style suggested in the book Anticancer also makes exactly those changes!

In addition, the curcumin and turmeric it recommends to lower inflammation also reduce arthritis pain with added health benefits instead of side effects.

Even better, eating turmeric spiced foods and taking curcumin lowers LDL cholesterol.

Its cousin spice, ginger, also lowers inflammation and HDL cholesterol.

It’s beginning to look like you can come close to preventing osteoarthritis totally with these methods.

And, by using them all well, you can definitely make it better if you already have osteoarthritis.

Here’s the Medical News Today story and a few quotes:


“High cholesterol triggers mitochondrial oxidative stress leading to osteoarthritis

New research suggests that mitochondria targeting antioxidants could be a viable treatment strategy for osteoarthritis before cartilage reaches a stage of complete degradation.

High cholesterol might harm more than our cardiovascular systems. New research using animal models, published online in The FASEB Journal, suggests that high cholesterol levels trigger mitochondrial oxidative stress on cartilage cells, causing them to die, and ultimately leading to the development of osteoarthritis.

This research tested the potential therapeutic role of mitochondria targeting antioxidants in high-cholesterol-induced osteoarthritis and provided proof-of-concept for the use of mitochondrial targeting antioxidants to treat osteoarthritis.”

New research suggests that mitochondria targeting antioxidants could be a viable treatment strategy for osteoarthritis before cartilage reaches a stage of complete degradation.

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