Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 tips and new info....

Today's post:  Thursday, 11-17-2016

Previously we have posted many pages on ways to fix a health OK Thanksgiving dinner and a post on how to enjoy the day, stay healthy, and not gain too much or any bodyfat.

Because you may want that info, I’ll list a link to those shortly.

But I’m doing that today instead of updating those for two reasons. 

a) One is new information helpful to know at Thanksgiving that is in this post below.   (You can easily lose any fat you gain from Thanksgiving or the whole holiday season before the end of the year using the new information on fat loss.)

b) And the other is that I want to also do a post today for The Great American Smokeout which is today as well as this one.

I. Here are the beginnings of those two posts and the URL to see each of them:

(The log at the URL lists the second one first; but you can easily scroll down to read the first one first.)

How to stay healthy on Thanksgiving, 2015

Today's Post:  Wednesday, 11-25-2015

There are two ways to a healthier Thanksgiving Dinner.

Yesterday's post was about ways to prepare a healthier Thanksgiving Dinner."

(The URL above has the rest of that post.)

Fix a healthier Thanksgiving Dinner, 2015....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 11-24-2015

Here is my 2015 update on the versions I posted in 2008 to 2014. 

There are two ways to a healthier Thanksgiving Dinner. (You can use all the info if you are doing it all or just for the dish or two you bring.)

1.  Today we talk about ways to prepare a healthier Thanksgiving Dinner.

2.  Tomorrow, we plan to post on how to stay healthier eating a Thanksgiving Dinner no matter how it's fixed.

(The URL above has the rest of that post.)

II.  The new information helpful to know at Thanksgiving is that:

 You can easily lose any fat you gain from Thanksgiving or the whole holiday season before the end of the year using the new information on fat loss.

The two posts you can read above have strategies that can allow you to eat really well -- even to the point of being super-full -- on Thanksgiving with gaining fat or gaining much less and still have a great Thanksgiving.

But if you normally gain a pound or three at Thanksgiving and about that from other holiday goodies, wouldn’t it be nice to have it all leave and maybe take some previous fat with it by the end of the year?!

You may very well be able to using some new research by Dr Jason Fung.

Other studies show that many people become fat and then fatter over time from holiday fat gain that accumulates every year and from muscle loss from not doing effective strength training but eating about the same for many years.

(We posted on several resources to help men, and particularly women get into strength training on Thursday, 11-3, two weeks ago, if that is of interest.)

But to turn off the holiday fat gain immediately would also clearly help!

We posted on that just one week ago:  “The importance of the new information on fasting.”  Thursday, 11-10-2016.

(You can see both of these two posts by just scrolling down from this one.)

I’m doing a 5 day fast this week because fasting takes off belly fat first and most; and that’s the part of me that’s fat and which I’ve had little success getting rid of.

Such fasts, Dr Fung has found take off 2 to 5 pounds of fat.  (They also tend to remove belly fat first!!)

Plus, they do so without slowing your metabolism too!

So, it’s possible to cancel out all your holiday fat gain with one similar 5 day fast or at most two.

And, by doing it as I am Monday through Friday, you can still go to Saturday parties the weekend before and Saturday and Sunday parties the weekend after.

(The Sunday before, or the day before if you do a different set of days of the week, the fat loss works better during the fast if the day before you eat only protein and fat foods, a zero carb day that day.)

That means whether you gain two pounds or ten this holiday season, this gives you a way to get rid of all of it and maybe more before the end of the year!

To find out more, get and read Dr Fung’s book, The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung.

It’s available on Amazon.  Just enter   Dr Jason Fung  on their books search field.

You can also read my post next Monday, My Monthly Fatloss Report, which this time will be about my fast, how effective it was, and the tips I can pass on from my experience with it.

(I’m just a bit over three days into my five days and it’s already clear it’s been effective because my belly looks significantly smaller than it did last week!)

III. The other thing that I’ve found that helps the Thanksgiving season go well is to make a list of things I’m Thankful for.  It puts me in a better mood and allows me to be thankful on Thanksgiving day.

You can do it on a pad of paper or on your computer where you save it each day.

Just write down one or two things you are thankful for.  Then every time you think of something else write that down too.  Then read it over the day before Thanksgiving.

One year I really got into this.  I started with just a couple of things but wound up with closer to 50!

Despite the large number of bad things that are going on now – and always are it seems – there are also always things to be Thankful for.  It really helps to remember them.

And, Thanksgiving is a good time to do it!  

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