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Real mind boosts from food....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 11-8-2016

1.  I’ve read that eating a lot of organic blueberries each week is so brain enhancing that older people who begin to do it, test on mental abilities like people who are 12 years younger.

Because there is evidence that micronutrients in blueberries improve circulation and make your blood vessel walls more flexible and stronger, this also protects you against stroke.

2.  Dr Al Sears had an email about people living in Okinawa who were very competent mentally and their kids seemed gifted.  The research found that the small fish they were eating were very high in DHA and was very likely the cause of this.

DHA lowers chronic inflammation, particularly if you also avoid grains and grain oils with excessive omega 6 oils.

In fact, getting lots of DHA from supplements or food also makes you feel better and much less irritable when you do that.

Getting enough DHA also lowers small particle LDL.  So between it cutting inflammation and cutting the cause of blood vessel blockages, getting enough DHA helps ensure your brain gets good circulation as you get older.

So it’s very brain protective.  But DHA also helps the brain hormone BDNF grow new nerves and brain cells!  So does regular exercise!  So getting enough DHA daily AND enough exercise most days of every week is massively brain protective!

Eating smaller wild caught fish that are high in DHA, like sardines and herring, a few times a week works. So does eating wild caught salmon once or twice a week. And, it may help to take one or two 280 mg DHA capsules from Jarrow a day also.

Lastly, the antioxidant astaxanthin that makes salmon pink or red is physically tiny so it circulates well in the very cold water salmon swim in.  There is some evidence that taking astaxanthin as a supplement along with the fish or DHA supplements carries the DHA past the blood brain barrier and is even more effective than just eating or taking DHA by itself.

3.  Cinnamon too boosts your brain power? 

Surprisingly it does!  And, that’s in addition to the brain protective effects it has from excess sugars and glycation of your cells.

Cinnamon, we already know helps prevent excessive blood sugar surges from sugars and grains  AND protects against the AGEs they cause and the AGEs, aka browned food, that you eat.

So cinnamon has been shown to help turn down or turn off even moderately high blood sugar that is a cause of beta amyloid build up and Alzheimer’s disease.

For that reason, both use it as a spice in my coffee and take a capsule a day too.

AGEs or glycation are where proteins in your cells are gummed up with sugar molecules which is a cause of aging and illness.

So because I know cinnamon helps stop both of these harmful effects, I use it as a spice in my coffee AND take a capsule of a cinnamon supplement each day too.

Now, THIS  article says that cinnamon boosts memory and lowers the anxiety when learning that can harm learning to sharply increase learning and does so even in people who have NOT been
learning easily!

(To be sure this study was done on mice.  But it dovetails with the brain protective effects of cinnamon we already know for sure it has.)

Conclusion:  There are many foods and spices and supplements that boost brain effectiveness and your ability to learn, manage things, remember things, and be protective.

We’ve left out a few in this post.  And regular exercise does so in several ways at once!

But this information that cinnamon and DHA and blueberries help that much is so striking, I thought you should see it.

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