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Prevent cancer AND the flu....

Today's post:  Wednesday, 12-7-2016

1. The most important way to prevent cancer is to eliminate the cause of half of all cancers and half of all cancer deaths.

Avoid tobacco smoke and using tobacco products as close to 100% of the time as you can.

Doing this is like taking an axe to your cancer risk!

(The official number is one third. 

But when you add to that the cases caused by second hand smoke years ago -- or where the person smokes very lightly or uses snuff, & this tobacco use doesn’t come up when they are diagnosed with cancer, it clearly is about one half.

An oncologist once told me it IS closer to a half because half his patients he saw for cancer in the hospital were smokers.

We know why:

The tobacco itself is radioactive.  So if it or its smoke touches the inside of your mouth from its smoke or putting it in your nose or mouth it can and does cause cancer anywhere in your body your blood takes it.

Continued use of nicotine is carcinogenic research found.

Tobacco smoke contains cadmium and arsenic which are carcinogenic.

Tobacco smoke has dozens of direct hydrocarbon carcinogens AND many times that many from the much hotter smoke if a lighter is used instead of a match.  And, almost all smokers use lighters now.)

The good news is that superior nicotine withdrawal systems are coming; courses that actually result in most people becoming tobacco free in 3 months are coming; and way to quit smoking with zero fat gain is coming.

2.  The second way to prevent cancer -- which also helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease! -- is to make the lifestyle upgrades that slash excessive chronic inflammation.

I’ve posted on this often.  But the best starter information on this is a book called,

Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber M.D.

It has why changes in our diet have made inflammation and cancer more likely and how to make upgrades that reverse theses changes. Making those changes does lower chronic inflammation.

(Also taking DHA and omega 3 supplements and eating wild caught fish high in omega 3 adds to this effect.

Taking the herb boswellia from frankincense has been shown to lower chronic inflammation – by 24% in one study.  And, there is also some evidence it also kills cancer cells without harming healthy ones.)

3.  Your body routinely repairs precancerous DNA changes AND removes cells that have them with the killer cells of your immune system.

But when you get older, this happens less well because your immune system declines.

That’s why cancers are much more common in people over 60.

That’s also why fewer people get protection from flu shots and more people who get the flu get very bad cases or fatal follow on pneumonia when they are over 60 or 65.

This post lists ways to reverse this decline by about half or more and ways to make your immune system much more effective at doing this on top of that!

Doing them all prevents cancer and prevents the flu AND makes getting rid of them more likely and faster.

(We posted recently on some of this information in our post on Tuesday, 11-22-2016:

Fast recovery from flu or workouts.

Taking NAC which causes glutathione release which causes increased killer cells and causes your immune system to function more as it did when you were younger plus protecting cells from attack.  So does taking glutathione which Bullet Proof now makes available.)

Six days ago on 12-1, I got this information in an email from Dr Al Sears:

“Astragalus. I've used this herb for more than 20 years to help my patients improve their immune systems. And the research on astragalus continues to grow...

In one study, the immune systems of subjects supplementing with astragalus for three months acted up to 20 years younger.6”

(This is from two separate actions:  Astragalus helps lengthen telomeres and causes the cells of the immune system to function as they did when you were younger; AND it apparently also boosts killer cells.)

“Another showed that cancer patients treated with astragalus had the potential to live twice as long as those who received chemotherapy alone.7 In fact, researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas found that cancer patients who take astragalus double their chances of survival.8”

The best killer cell booster is enough vitamin D3.

"Getting 10,000 iu a day or more of vitamin D3 does this.  That much D3 boosts your viral and bacterial killer T cells substantially AND makes them more accurate in only attacking those and NOT your own cells." from our 11-22-2016 post.

The two that make older immune systems work as well as much younger ones are NAC and Astragalus.

These also boost killer cells and help your healthy cells recover:

Arginine (and likely l-citrulline) boosts killer cells. L-citrulline turns into l-arginine in the body; and taking it tends to result in higher blood levels of l-arginine.

D3 also improves the accuracy of killer cells and increases their number substantially so they kill a bigger percentage of cancers and the killer cells attack far fewer or none of your own cells.

PQQ improves aptosis also and enables your body to kill and clean up dead cancer cells more easily AND may also have some direct cancer killing effects. PQQ also causes new mitochondria to help power new, healthy cells.

4. There are many other things you can do to prevent cancer that also work. 

And there are many other things that you can do to prevent the flu and recover from it faster.

But these in this post, so far are less known and are more powerful than most others!  

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