Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Stop Parkinson’s disease....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-13-2016

a) We know that avoiding exposure to herbicides and pesticides can avoid them causing Parkinson’s disease.  This is even more the case in people who are genetically more likely to have this happen. 

So avoid places they are being applied. Never use them at home.  Eat only naturally fed protein foods and/or avoid the fats of animals fed grain as the grain is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides some of which are GMO with glyphosate and these are bioconcentrated in the fat.  Only eat organic vegetables and fruit.

b) Take the supplement DMAE as it may protect the part of the brain that causes Parkinson’s when it’s damaged, the substantia nigra.

c) Eat a diet that is very high in organic vegetables. (Terry Wahls, MD who you can look up online reversed her MS and has helped others do so by eating this way. Her books detail what she did and her guidelines for those who wish to do the same.) Since MS is similar to Parkinson’s disease, I suspect doing this will help Parkinson’s disease also.

In fact, that’s likely because she found that this diet improves the health of your mitochondria.

One of the two new things that can stop Parkinson’s that I’ve recently found is research that seems to have shown that boosting your mitochondria stops Parkinson’s disease in several ways at the same time.

1. Restoring mitochondria to health shown to reverse Parkinson's disease.
Do the exercises that grow new mitochondria, vigorous, short, cardio and strength training and walking every week, doing at least one, most days of the week.

Eat the food that also keeps them healthy like cruciferous vegetables.

Take the supplements: PQQ, ubiquinol, quercetin, and rhodiola.

PQQ restores mitochondria that have minor damage; helps the body clear senescent mitochondria that can’t be saved but block healthy ones from working; AND PQQ helps your body grow new mitochondria!

Ubiquinol (the form of CoQ10 that your body actually uses); quercetin, and rhodiola help your mitochondria stay in good health.

Here’s the research that shows restoring mitochondria to health reversed Parkinson's disease in several ways:

New Parkinson's drug heralded as breakthrough

Although the treatment of Parkinson's disease has not seen any major advances for decades, MSDC-0160, a diabetes drug, could signal a revolution.

This drug is not yet available or FDA approved.  And it may have side effects or contraindications that the natural methods do not.
But the things that boost mitochondria we list you can do now!
And they have many other health benefits: heart protection; preventing muscle loss and becoming frail and slow with aging; and many more!

2.  Dave Asprey of BulletProof in a recent article on using light for health and better sleep and performance, lists several ways that 10 minutes of direct sun exposure around mid-day benefits your health.

Some of the drugs for Parkinson’s provide dopamine that because of the Parkinson’s disease the body no longer produces or produces enough of.

But they have side-effects and tend to stop working the longer they are used.

According to this article, sunlight may do this better and do it without the drawbacks.

“Sunlight also increases dopamine release and dopamine receptors in your body. This is good news if you suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder, which suggest low levels of dopamine, and even Parkinson’s disease, where dopamine neurons are damaged [13]. 

Higher dopamine levels also mean you’ll have more motivation and will be less prone to addictive behaviors. Before Prozac, doctors would send depressed people and alcoholics to solariums – buildings with glass walls and ceilings. The dopamine from the sunlight would boost mood and ease withdrawal.”

There are many more things that can help prevent or ease or reverse Parkinson’s disease.

But anyone who has Parkinson’s or wants to prevent it would do well to consider taking the actions in this post!

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