Thursday, December 08, 2016

Sweet potatoes and fat loss....

Today's post:  Thursday, 12-8-2016

1. Now we know that eating high nutrition organic vegetables and whole fruit can be like a low carb diet by adding some MCT oil, Brain Octane, &/or coconut oil to your diet.

It means you can eat vegetables like winter squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, Garnet yams, pumpkin puree, and cooked carrots at least some days a week without reducing your fat loss or causing fat gain.

Research has shown that these foods have hundreds of carotenes including the extremely health producing and health protecting alpha carotene. 

And getting your beta carotene with its needed carotene co-factors in these foods makes it far more extremely health producing and health protecting than taking it as a supplement.

People who eat a lot of mixed carotenes by eating these vegetables look healthier, they have a much lower death rate and a very much lower rate of cancers than people who don’t.

So being able to eat these vegetables a few days a week without harming fat loss is a very good news indeed!

With extra virgin olive oil or a bit of grass fed butter and spices in some cases these foods can taste really good to eat too!

Pumpkin puree with a bit of grass fed butter and cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice and a small amount of real maple syrup served with whipped cream from grass fed cows can taste BETTER than most pumpkin pies but has no fattening and heart harmful wheat pie crust.

Mashed, cooked Garnet Yams with garlic and a bit of grass fed butter makes a wonderfully good holiday dish.

(The one carotene that seems to be worth taking as a supplement is lycopene. 

The best food source is cooked tomatoes as in no-sugar pasta sauce which is low glycemic.  And, it becomes more bioavailable and even lower glycemic by eating with extra virgin olive oil.

But 30 mg a day of the supplement lycopene reduces prostate cancer in men even more effectively research has found and may very well reduce breast and ovarian cancer in women too.

The supplements come with the oil needed to make the lycopene bioavailable.)

2.  What if you want these carotenes with even less carbohydrates sometimes?

The water used to cook them has many of the nutrients of these vegetables.  This is likely even more so if a bit of grass fed butter or extra virgin olive oil was used and some is in the water. Doing this makes carotenes more bioavailable.

AND, if you do this with sweet potatoes and very likely with Garnet yams, it may even INCREASE fat loss!

A recent Medical News Today article had this study:

Sweet potato wastewater may help weight loss!

These researchers tested the water left over from processing sweet potatoes for industrial use to see if it might be useful for something instead of having to pay to remove it as a pollutant from waste water

They found that it DID have positive health AND fat loss effects.

Will that occur with cooking water for these high carotene vegetables too?

I suspect it’s likely!

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