Monday, January 23, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report.....

Today's post:  Monday, 1-23-2017

(Tips on fasting from my personal experience with it.)

A.  Here's the key news:

Last time, I’d just lost more pounds the first 5 days of my 12 day fast than the 5 day fast before it! I lost 8.3 pounds instead of 4.9 on my first 5 day fast.

I hoped to lose a bit more the following 7 days of my 12 day fast and then keep off some of what I lost so the fat loss could be cumulative by fasting every other month until I lost more fat total.

It got complicated to tell

After the full 12 days, while fasting for the week longer, instead of losing about 3.6 pounds more of fat for a total of 11.9 on the scale,
I gained back 1.9 pounds to 6.4 pounds total on the scale.  AND, I gained that back WHILE FASTING for a week!

Then, when I ate normally, I again gained back more than 6.4 pounds I lost.

To be sure that gain back period had two stuff myself Christmas Dinners and leftovers for a few days after.

I also got swollen ankles so some of that weight gain was added water weight.

THEN I tried a 4 part protocol I found online that looked to help reduce the cause of my swollen ankles.  WOW!  It not only worked to remove the new swelling, it removed most of the original swelling too!

That caused a weight loss on the scale large enough to bring me back down to only a 1.5 pound weight gain from the level just after my first 5 days of my 12 day fast last month.

So, I weighed 164.4 two months ago before my two fasts.  Now, after the two of them AND losing this water weight, last Saturday, I weighed 157.4.  That’s a two month total loss of 7 pounds!

What about fat loss?

I gained 1.5 inches on my chest since last month.  Could be part of that is muscle.

I also gained an inch on my waist – the half inch I lost while fasting AND an added half inch!

My hips remained exactly the same.

B.  What I learned and my resulting strategies and tests to do now:

1.  The excessive intake of carbs & calories and maybe some of the ankle swelling was due to trying a pay ahead and pick up Christmas dinner.

THAT we will NOT do ever again! 

We were forced to buy a package with more than two dinners of the turkey AND which we had to cook after paying for a precooked option.  I think they used tons of MSG on the turkey too!

They included mashed potatoes and rolls when we wanted NONE.  They also included a bit extra.

 We wanted extra stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce.  So we got enough for one person instead of extra for two people.  Worse, I think they again used MSG on the gravy & stuffing – and might have used some high fructose corn syrup in the cranberry sauce.

NEVER again!

Next time, we or a cook we hire, will make what we actually want from only health OK recipes for each part.

Even going to a good quality restaurant where we can order only almost OK food choices as we did for New Year’s Eve, would be better.

(I’ve found one off decent quality meals out of this kind once in a while adds zero pounds on the scale!)

2.  I was going to be fasting this week; but am just getting over a surprisingly bad case of the flu when I do as many things as I do that prevent this and get over them faster.

So, my next fast is going to be for 5 days and start a week from today after I’m well.

Also, during it and the two weeks after it I’ll be taking the metabolism booster I just posted on and ramping up my exercise to normal.

I’m hopeful that will finally show net fat loss.


Eventually, we’ll have a good test without mistaken holiday dinner choices or unexpected bad cases of the flu.

Once we do have a good test and good results from the addition of this metabolism booster, if we do, then, I can create a net fat loss plan that will work by continuing to remove fat.

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