Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some kinds of exercise slow aging best.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-14-2017

We included this information in last Thursday’s post on boosting metabolism because these kinds of exercise are known to do this best and help most with fat loss.

This research has found out WHY this is so.

And, the effect also slows or partially reverses aging!

We've long known from the experience of people who have lost weight and fat from exercise that some forms of cardio are effective because they significantly boost metabolism.  Now new research shows why this is the case!

This study was recently in Medical News Today:

Exercise prevents cellular aging by boosting mitochondria

"....high-intensity interval training had the greatest effect at a cellular level, specifically on mitochondria

High-intensity biking effectively reversed age-related decline in mitochondrial function.

Ribosomes, vital players in the synthesis of proteins, also received a boost from exercise - it increased their ability to build mitochondrial proteins, which explains the rise in both mitochondrial function and muscle hypertrophy."

*THIS study suggests that NOT taking statins AND doing a PACE like activity that is itself high intensity plus improving such us jump rope or using a trampoline or sprinting boosts mitochondria best.

(PACE is an interval or variable cardio exercise with rests or easy parts between very vigorous and or fast cardio parts.  Because you start at a level that is easy and improve gradually this is safe to do, particularly if you stop or slow down if you get too tired or out of breath.  It's so effective because you relentlessly do more or have shorter rests or both until you are quite fit.  That's the progressive part.  You also can do as little as five minutes of these exercises per session and have it be effective! )

(There are MUCH more effective ways to protect your heart and prevent heart attacks and strokes than statins.  Statins have two dreadful problems that contraindicate using them with these exercises:  They do the reverse of these exercises and research finds that statins HARM the mitochondria that these exercises restore to health and SPEED aging.  But MUCH worse, they increase the harm -- even making it permanent or killing the person -- when combined with these exact exercises.)

*This study may not have found that high intensity strength training fails to do this as they may not have used a version that DOES do have the intensity needed using heavy enough weights to get this effect.

*BUT they HAVE shown that jump rope and trampoline and sprinting DO this AND this also suggests that doing one of those plus strength training builds muscle better than only doing strength training.

*AND even if strength training does this less, for sure if you strength train besides jump rope or trampoline or sprinting you DO get more boost to your mitochondria!

*Lastly, if taking D-Ribose boosts the number or effectiveness of Ribosomes, adding it to effective exercises may help boost mitochondria and add muscle!

Exercise prevents cellular aging by boosting mitochondria
Exercise is known to stave off the effects of aging, but how it manages this at a cellular level is not understood. A new study focuses on mitochondria.

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