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Stop depression 90 percent or more part 6.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-7-2017

The drugs now given for depression don't work or barely work; they are as addictive as hard drugs; and they have recently found to help cause Alzheimer's disease.  Most doctors still know little else to try.  Some even think these drugs work; but they don’t.

But depression is a hardware and software problem of the brain.  

1.  We now know:  how to use cognitive therapy to fix the software

2. We now know how to fix the hardware;

a) We know what drugs directly harm the hardware and reliably cause depression.  So knowing never to take them even once and to stop them as fast as is safe to do so helps.  Knowing what to replace the drugs with instead also helps.

b) We know things that repair or replace nerves and brain cells and their connections. Successful talk therapy changes the part of the brain used and has this effect!  And, when people do the things that grow new brain cells enough to show on a brain scan, most cases of depression and many cases of PTSD ALSO show dramatic improvement

3.  We know a few things that make people feel better right away.  The best two are low tech and people can simply do them.  One high tech treatment and one drug have been shown to work right away but may not be available for many years yet.

So, most people get harmed by treatment when at the same time, we do know safe and effective ways that cure depression for over 90% of the people who use all the parts." 

Our first post and second one the following Tuesday and the third one had the details of 1. “how to use cognitive therapy to fix the software” and 2. “how to fix the hardware;”

THIS post has an expanded version of:

3.  We know a few things that make people feel better right away.  

In Part 6 this week, we list a new way to feel better fast that gives you enormous leverage.  AND, it’s proven to work even for people in quite challenging situations now!

It can take as little as two or three days to do to a couple of months to finish well.

But you begin to feel dramatically better the first day!

In this post we cover things that you can do that you can start immediately and begin to help you feel better from the first day.
*One is incredibly effective and brand new!  (It’s a hardware fix.)

It has two parts.  One can be done easily within a few days!  The other can be done within one day in some cases and stops depression in several ways.  It’s a bit harder for some people: but this new information makes it totally clear doing removes a major cause of depression.

We already posted that:

SSRI drugs are poor at boosting serotonin levels in the brain because the boosting they do is in the blood levels which does little for your brain and causes side effects.

And, we posted that taking a few thousand iu of vitamin D3 a day has been found to increase serotonin in your brain where it can help you feel less depressed.

BUT to do that well, your body has to be able to make the serotonin. 

And THAT is the exciting new news!  The majority of Americans still follow practices that badly deplete a building block needed to make serotonin.

You can fix that in a week if you are still doing those harmful practices and not the fix needed.  Add those fixes to the vitamin D3 and PRESTO, your brain has plenty of serotonin when it was depleted before!  Wow!

Most Americans are still ingesting high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and free fructose and consuming a total of 7 Tablespoons of sugar a day instead of 3 Table spoons of real sugar on at most two days a week.

Thanks to Dr Al Sears’ recent email I just found out that to process all this huge excess of sugars your body has to use a LOT of magnesium. 

But most people are seriously deficient in magnesium because they eat too few foods like almonds and dark leafy greens and other raw tree nuts and animal protein foods fed their natural diet AND they don’t take extra magnesium as a supplement each day.

But the now tiny amount of magnesium left is no longer enough for your body to make serotonin.

It seems magnesium is a necessary building block for your body to make serotonin!

The fastest fix is to take 400 to 800 mg a day of magnesium first along with the vitamin D3.

(You can get magnesium citrate and chelated magnesium at the health food store.  I take two capsules of each.)

To increase the effect you can eat the foods that have magnesium.  That does extra duty because it has other health benefits and gives you something to eat that won’t depress you.
But the most forceful fix is to simply slam consumption of soft drinks and foods and condiments containing high fructose corn syrup or agave or concentrated fruit juice or artificial sweeteners to ZERO!

THAT is enormously forceful to help you stop depression we now know!  We already know that these ingredients cause depression in other ways too AND are heart attack and fatty liver starters too!

BUT this new information is the smoking gun these sweeteners are DEPRESSION starters on top of that!

Add the D3 and magnesium first.  Then stop these depression starters ALL of them as soon as you can. 

Why continue to give yourself depression?  Now you know you can and how to do it.

If you do it, this has great leverage.

But it takes action you might not feel up to now.

*NOW we have you covered anyway!

In Part 6 this week, we list a new way to feel better fast that gives you enormous leverage.  AND, it’s proven to work even for people in quite challenging situations now!

It can take as little as two or three days to do to a couple of months to finish well.

But you begin to feel dramatically better the first day!

It’s an integrated set of VERY easy to start software tools that allow you to open doors to abilities you already have but don’t now know how to turn on.

*You already have the ability to overcome mental and physical challenges. 

Do an exercise to experience this right away in just a few minutes and you feel better and can immediately do more.

*You already have the ability to feel connected and boost your dopamine more and more reliably than any known drug by doing one or more exercises that just take minutes to do.

THAT directly reduces loneliness and depression!

*Are you in pain or even severe pain?  Did you know that your brain can cut it in half so well that you also no longer are bothered by why what’s left over.

You no longer need biofeedback or acupuncture or years being a monk to learn it.  We now know how to do it with much less fuss and begin immediately.

There are even minute’s long exercises to allow you to experience this that work.

*Have you seen horrible scenes in combat or a disaster or a violent crime that have you drained because you can’t seem to stop seeing them. 

It seems you also have the ability to turn these off at will.

There are also minute’s long exercises to allow you to experience this also!

Then once you practice applying these on a small scale you can do something really worthwhile.

To help ensure success you can recruit allies.

Once you do that you make progress and build on it.

Then sometimes when things come together or you reach a critical mass of progress, you will experience “Epic Wins”

Here’s where to get this system and why I’m so personally excited to be using it myself:

I've found a resource that's been proven to work that has near magical powers.

The woman who created it did so for herself to overcome the effects of a severe concussion. 

She got such fast and powerful results she realized other people would benefit by doing what she did.

*This woman's original work was a video game designer.  So she used the methods used in games in her life upgrade program.

Here's a link to check out her work.  Besides her book, she created a website to help ensure people did all the steps in six weeks.


SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully by Jane McConigal is the book.  Mine just came Wednesday, 3-1 last week.

*Then they tested it on a beta test group.  It didn't just test well to help people feel better and less depressed and anxious in the six weeks  -- 

for many people the effect was as if her program had handed them lightning bolts.  They not only recovered from things, many of them made amazing good things happen too!

So to stop depression FAST add the key supplements that help cut depression immediately.

Stop as many of the depression starter foods and drinks as you can manage.

Buy this book and do the exercises.

Then stop the other depression starter foods and drinks and do the things that grow new nerves and brain cells and increase your cellular energy and upgrade your brain’s software even more.

If you do, you’ll find despite any setbacks or even disasters, your depression will approach zero and stay that low!

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