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Prevent strokes and heart attacks 3 ways.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-21-2017

We’ve posted on a number of ways to do this that work.

This post was sparked by a recent email from HSI that I got detailing the very big risks of something even some educated but very busy people don’t do now.

I feel very fortunate to have found a way to do this effectively in as little as two or three minutes a day.

But this email showing that failure to do this is so very harmful that it sparked this post.

1.  Remove plaque from your teeth almost 100% daily to prevent strokes and heart attacks!

Here’s what that is, what great risk and harm it causes people who fail to do it.

And, here’s a superfast and easy way to do it on the weekday mornings you are rushed, that just tested to be effective in me just a few weeks ago.

*Plaque is a biofilm that the bacteria in your mouth coat your teeth with when you eat.  If you remove it every day, you escape the harm that NOT doing this causes.

But most people don’t yet know how extremely dangerous allowing it to build up actually is. 

They don’t know how to remove it effectively. 

AND, they don’t know an effective way to remove it so fast, they can do it even on the most rushed days so they get it removed EVERY day. 

*We’ve long known that allowing plaque to build up just below the gum line allows it to prevent your gums from staying healthy, getting enough circulation, AND shrinking them and removing their attachment to your teeth.

THAT causes horrible bad breath and teeth that fall out or have to be pulled.  And, the fixes for that either ruin your appearance with missing teeth or cost you a LOT of money for false teeth or dental implants.

This condition has been named, periodontal disease.   

*The even worse news that new research has found that was in the HSI email is that this plaque buildup gets these dangerous bacteria in large quantities into your blood stream.

This has already been found to make heart attacks more likely with even moderate periodontal disease increasing the risk and severe periodontal disease increasing it a lot!

The HSI email quoted a study reported in the British medical journal Lancet that had even worse news.  John’s Hopkins research came to similar conclusions.

Periodontal disease increases your risk of ischemic stroke considerably more than it boosts the risk of heart attacks!

It seems that even mild periodontal disease where your gums bleed just a bit after brushing or when you see the dentist doubles your risk of stroke.

And, severe periodontal disease dramatically increases your stroke risk AND may help cause rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease too!

Perhaps the most important finding was that the level of periodontal disease controlled the harm done.  This didn’t just happen to people over 80! 

The researchers found that young adults with some or severe periodontal disease had the same high risks as older people with them.

I once met a younger middle aged woman who was very, very nice and had been a dynamic athlete who survived a stroke.   To see her need a walker and be able to understand clearly what you said to her & even know a response but be unable to say it was heart breaking.

Oh my!  You don’t want that to happen to you!

*The MUCH better news is that there’s a superfast fix for this that works very well.

I was brushing and flossing as well as I could and my once each 6 months checkups at the dentist, that are no charge in our dental insurance plan, found no periodontal disease. 

But the plaque buildup was still high enough, they had to work at prying it loose each time.

Then the dental hygienist said that a Sonic Care toothbrush with its gentle but superfast vibrations removed plaque better than flossing and that I could use it on days I didn’t have time to floss also.

So besides using the Sonic Care toothbrush AND flossing AND brushing well on Saturday and Sunday, I tried using the Sonic Care toothbrush in just two minutes and brushing as well as I could in one or two minutes.

The combination averaged just 3 minutes a day.

So, at my last checkup, I was curious how well that superfast program had removed my plaque buildup.


The dental hygienist was actually impressed because my superfast but every day program using the Sonic Care toothbrush had removed three or four TIMES the plaque I’d been able to remove with the flossing I’d had time to do!

So, this very doable daily fix, has given me almost 100% protection from this stroke risk from periodontal disease!

2.  Did you know there is an almost easier way to cut your overall risk of strokes in HALF on top of that?

Adding just one piece of organic fruit each day to what you eat a study in the UK found does just that!

Even better, doing this cut the risk of BOTH kinds of strokes by doing this ONE easy thing.

Like preventing plaque buildup, eating a piece of organic fruit at least once a day, cuts your risk of ischemic strokes that the plaque buildup can cause.

AND, it cuts your risk of hemorrhagic or bleeding strokes about twice as much too just by eating a piece of organic fruit at least once a day!

Many kinds of fruit taste good and most people like at least some kinds! 

And, many kinds of organic fruit such as blueberries and strawberries have so many OTHER health benefits, they are listed as “Superfoods.”

3.  There is a third way to reduce your stroke risk that is also about twice that effective in preventing heart attacks!

A UK study found that eating 6 or more servings of an organic vegetable other than potatoes each day cut the risk of death by all causes AND slashed the risk of all heart attacks and also cut the risk of strokes about half as much as fruit.

The even better news is that another study found that eating THREE or more servings of an organic vegetable other than potatoes each day AND doing an effective exercise program most days of every week had much the same effect!

This is great news because eating 3 servings of organic vegetables is more doable and manageable in the kitchen than eating 6 to 10!

And, it’s also great news because doing an effective exercise program most days of every week has a very long list of OTHER health benefits!


Incredibly, you can cut your risk of heart attacks and strokes even more with many other methods that you can use also.

But just doing the first two has tested to be so effective, if you’d prefer not to get strokes, do these first two alone and you can worry a LOT less!  

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