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Build more muscle and burn more calories.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 3-16-2017

We included information in last Thursday’s post on boosting metabolism and which kinds of exercise are known to do this best and help most with fat loss.

That research found out WHY this is so.

The exercises they found did this by saving and increasing the output of the mitochondria in your muscles.

This slowed or prevented aging or even reversed it slightly.  And, with more burning of energy by the mitochondria, your metabolism goes up or stays high.

Strength training done with progressively heavier weights to the point that a larger percentage of you muscle fibers are used on your last rep or two, causes repairs that increase the amount of muscle in each cell of muscle that you use in each exercise where you do this.

*A few years ago Medical News Today had a story about an anabolic steroid that had a second effect.  In addition to making it easier to do strength training to get this kind of muscle increase and recover from it faster, THIS one also DOUBLED the number of muscle cells by causing their nuclei to divide and make more muscle cells.

AND, when people stopped taking it, they KEPT the increased muscle cells!

Anabolic steroids often have heart harmful effects and reduce your body’s natural testosterone and other anabolic steroids while you take them and some for awhile after you stop taking them.

Worse, anabolic steroids are fiendishly addictive.  For some people they are even more so than cocaine or heroin.

I made a serious mistake and forgot to save the article and I’ve not been able to find it since.

But I did think at the time that if a careful job was done with extra safeguards and support and people strength trained using this steroid long enough to get the extra muscle cells and then continued strength training but stopped the steroids, it would cause a permanent increase in metabolism.

THAT would make gaining excess fat harder and losing excess fat and keeping it off easier!

*A very bright and knowledgeable bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski, from Toronto has created an exercise method that apparently has been tested to do what this steroid does!

Given that it adds muscle that well, his claims that his method removes fat without reducing calories may well be true.  Best of all there is NO steroid used to do the job.
Clearly, given that this works and is valuable, he charges to learn and be coached in using his method.

And, it does have one potential drawback, for each exercise or muscle group you exercise, it adds an extra four minutes.

So doing 8 exercises in 32 minutes would take an extra 32 minutes or 64 minutes to do if you use his method.

*THIS potential third way to do this may be the biggest news of all!

It looks like there is a way to do the same thing in 15 to 30 seconds per exercise that works as well or better! 

(The 32 minute workout would still be only 34 to 36 minutes. 

Or only doing the exercise with this device, you might be able to do a 4 minute workout!)

Unlike the anabolic steroid and Ben’s method, it has not yet been tested and verified to work in a systematic test.

And, like the anabolic steroid there might be a health problem with it.

But, it’s exciting because it DOES look likely to work AND to be safe to use.

I saw information long ago that a version of this was effective.

But at that time I did NOT learn that it caused almost all your muscle fibers to go into use firing up over 97% of them when you exercised on it or that it had the benefits it does when combined with strength training or stretching.    

That’s as high -- or higher -- than the progressive strength training or slow rep strength training gets to on the last toughest reps and which causes muscle growth.

Lastly, by being consistently that high without needing the anabolic steroid or willpower needed in those methods, I strongly suspect it ALSO causes new muscle fibers to be added.

In addition to that, it has some OTHER very valuable benefits.

*It prevents AND speeds healing of injuries!  Both high intensity cardio and effective strength training are hard or impossible to do if you are injured. 

*Even if it does not also double the number of muscle cells too, it clearly DOES add to faster adding of muscle and bone AND speeds metabolism for a proven boost to fat loss!

1.  It can restore balance capacity to a more youthful state.  (This is one of the effects that suggests the vibrations do your brain cells more good than harm which makes it not only safe but beneficial to use.)

2.  It can be used as a stress relief device.

3.  It DOES look likely to help heal partially fractured bones! 

[For athletes or exercisers who get injured by ramping up their exercises too fast this can be a huge asset.  For example, it looks likely to help with knee and foot and Achilles tendon injuries.]

4.  AND, it can improve range of motion and ability to stretch.

AND may also help overcome the wired-in round shoulders some people get as they get older.

5.  It CAN create faster muscle building.  And you can target which ones by what exercises you do while on it.

6.  It may boost your feeling of energy AND exercise you without making you feel drained.

7.  Lastly, using it DOES seem to boost fat loss that stays off!

It looks most likely to work when combined with strength training exercises or with stretches done while on it!

**Here’s the link to the video where Dave Asprey, the founder & CEO of Bulletproof actually does some of these things while standing on the Bulletproof Vibe whole body vibration platform.

“Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is used in universities, professional sports teams, and medical facilities around the United States.

Bulletproof Vibe is the latest in WBV therapy. WBV was invented by Russian cosmonauts in 1960s and has been seen to:

Detoxify and strengthen the immune system (pumps the lymph system thoroughly)
Help regain muscle strength and bone density
Reduce recovery time
Stimulate healthier brain function”

Some people also claim vibration therapy can help:

increase bone density
increase muscle mass
improve circulation
reduce joint pain
reduce back pain
alleviate stress
boost metabolism
prevent or reduce muscle soreness
improve body composition (that means less fat and more muscle!)
And, improve posture 

*At two feet by two feet and just a few inches tall and designed to vibrate quietly, it can be used in many homes and offices.

They charge about $1500 for it.  Some gyms and rehab facilities may have more expensive ones.

But it looks up to one or two person use and small enough and quiet enough to be a practical method to use.

Based on its intended use and watching the video, it looks to have a low enough intensity of each vibration to avoid the injuries that can occur with very high intensity versions.


Using one well looks likely to help slow aging or reverse its effects in some ways AND boost your metabolism enough to be a very potent help to boost your metabolism and fat loss!

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