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New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-28-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

(We’ll get back to that shortly!)

Here are the reasons for this: 

Smoking is one of the several things that destroy or severely reduce the circulation in your capillaries that serve your brain cells.  That prevents them from getting fuel and oxygen and then prevents your blood from removing the normal waste from your brain cells and the resulting harm including the tau and beta amyloid.

One of the things just publicized recently that makes this process so much worse is that tobacco products touching your mucous membranes such as chewing tobacco or snuff and tobacco smoke in your lungs is that tobacco massively increases your exposure to cadmium and arsenic.  Exposure to each of those causes direct harm to your nerves and brain cells. 

It’s no longer a problem to quit smoking and using other forms of tobacco

There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

Suppose you could simply stop smoking and never have any cravings for nicotine or smoking again?  That would be the great escape for many!

*There is now a proven way to do that!

By itself, it’s so effective that it works six to eight times better than most stop smoking programs!

The reason it isn’t 100% effective is that people don’t use it right away because they fear they won’t be able to withstand the nicotine withdrawal and have had more trouble with it than most – OR they use tobacco in some form when they are under severe stress and need something to relieve it and have nothing else to use. 

Many people who have returned to smoking after quitting before felt driven to it by the severity of the nicotine withdrawal or when they next get under severe stress.

If people knew they could stop both of those entirely, they’d use the first resource right away and never smoke or use tobacco or nicotine again!!

*The second new resource by itself has a method that uses no drugs but is more effective than morphine in relieving pain and discomfort by actual test!

Compared to a severe concussion or a badly broken leg, even BAD nicotine withdrawal is easy to overcome with this!

The second new resource by itself has something that DOES make you feel better AND more able to remove the causes of severe stress.  Incredibly, it works BETTER the greater the stress you are dealing with.

Even better, each of these new resources is available on Amazon.  In fact, for under $30 for both together you can have them delivered to you in just a few days!

Here they are:

*Alan Carr was a heavy smoker until he realized that the craving for nicotine was the belief that nicotine caused the cravings when believing it did MORE than just returning a person to normal when they began to have withdrawal symptoms did the job instead!

And, that means that not using nicotine in the first place started you out at normal and left you there.  And, best of all tobacco and smoking were totally unneeded to be normal.

Then he stopped smoking cold and no longer had ANY cravings to continue. Not that day or ever again!

That’s why I like to call his method,  “ The Great Escape!”

“Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr is available in paperback for $9.99 on Amazon.com today.

*Jane McGonigal is a game designer who was in a car accident that gave her a severe and severely painful concussion.

People that happens to have committed suicide.  She considered it; but remembered that the pain was temporary as bad as it was -- AND she remembered a game technique that has been tested to work better than morphine to relieve such pain and then used it!

(The technique simply disconnects you from about half the pain and gives you some distance mentally from the rest.  She used it and the physical pain was the same until more healing happened but with this relief she could turn on at will, she no longer suffered from the pain!)

Then she realized similar techniques could empower people to overcome almost any other challenges and she could use them to become not just better and recovered but, Super Better.

The book tested to work well in a six week program where people learned each of her techniques.  They were less depressed and less anxious.  More than that some of them made dramatic positive changes in their lives!

I found her method in my copy of her book that came on March 1 that DOES make you feel better AND more able to remove the causes of severe stress.  Incredibly, it works BETTER the greater the stress you are dealing with.

I can say it does work like having lightning bolts to use on this problem!

I’ve done many successful things with energy and without burning out or feeling overwhelmed since I began to use this method.

I still run short on time to do everything and not everything that I try works.  But I feel so much better and do so many things more than before that I’m both more effective and more optimistic.

I can say with certainty that most smokers will no longer need the illusion of relief from severe stress when they can turn to this method instead!!

*Our course to quit smoking without fat gain that begins with these two books will be out soon.

Our method cuts the chances of resuming smoking or tobacco use or nicotine in half several more times AND ensures quitting leaves you without fat gain AND helps you speed your recovery from the health damage of the smoking you were doing to cut your risk of cancers and heart disease and mental decline to near zero.

This will be part 1 of a series because I’m out of time today and these other ways to prevent or reverse mental decline will need to wait to next week and likely the week after that!:

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well.  In addition to these other methods to restore nerves, there is a proven way not yet well known to stop many of the things that destroy myelin; AND there is way that very recent research suggests to shut down most of the other things that destroy myelin.  By adding those to these other strategies we now can fight ALS and MS and Parkinson’s disease.  The MS effects are close to a cure while their use in ALS and Parkinson’s disease look likely to at least be slow and even partly reverse them.

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it.  



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