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New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Two.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-28-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

This will be part 1 of a series because I was out of time last week; and these other ways to prevent or reverse mental decline will need to wait to next week and likely the week after that!:

(Last week’s post, on Tuesday, 3-28, has why this happens AND an effective but not yet well known two part way to boost the success rate in quitting smoking from 6% to closer to 70 to 90%.  Best of all you can buy both books that teach these methods for under $30 on Amazon.)

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells.

The mitochondria are in each off your cells and turn carbohydrates and ketones from fat plus oxygen into energy.  Your muscles have them. But so do all your nerve and brain cells.

There are three proven ways to do this:

1.  You can do the vigorous exercises, such as effective strength training or higher intensity by brief cardio most days of every week because they release the BDNF nerve growth hormone that grows new nerves and brain cells and keeps their mitochondria healthy. Adding the omega 3 DHA and the supplement Bacopa also increases this effect.

2. You can totally avoid the many ineffective drugs now known to harm the mitochondria directly or prevent this repair or both!

Because these many drugs also cause depression and can make it impossible to stop depression, we cover them more thoroughly in our recent Tuesday series on depression. 

Two that are most notable are statins and beta blockers.  As we posted in that series, both drugs harm your mitochondria and there are much more effective ways to get their intended benefits.

But the real smoking gun research was when a study of statins taken by diabetics proved that this was totally contraindicated by the evidence because the mitochondrial damage from taking statins made the diabetes much harmful and all the complications and harms much more likely!

This included blindness and sensory nerve damage and the capillary destruction that causes amputations!

(Eating healthfood foods only and doing these exercises AND avoiding statins also tends to prevent or reverse diabetes. 

Careful and brief fasting also triggers stem cells that increase both the alpha cells and the beta cells which help to simply reverse type 2 diabetes and sometimes type 1 diabetes in part.

 The other way to boost these stem cells is the regular vigorous exercises.)

There are also several supplements that keep your mitochondria healthy to start with AND can prevent damage and even add new mitochondria and either save or remove sick mitochondria!:

The ubiquinol form of COQ10 that your body actually uses and stops making as you get older, you can take enough to keep your mitochondria healthy by taking 100 to 200 mg a day as a supplement. 

PQQ found in kiwi fruit, UC Davis researchers, found, along with some follow up research makes NEW mitochondria, saves slightly damaged mitochondria, AND helps remove senescent mitochondria that cannot be saved to clean them out of the way of the healthy ones! 

And, NAC, N-acetyl-Cysteine, and alpha lipoic acid help your body to release glutathione which is an internal body anti-oxidant that prevents the high oxygen use mitochondria from harm AND prevent bacteria and viruses from damaging the mitochondria as much.

(Adding enough, about 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 also prevents much of the damage to your mitochondria that bacteria and viruses do.)

This set of things not only prevents Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline; and can reverse diabetes and its harms; but it also slows aging by actual test if you do all of these steps!

The next strategies we will resume covering next week:

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well. 

In addition to these other methods to restore nerves, there is a proven way not yet well known to stop many of the things that destroy myelin; AND there is way that very recent research suggests to shut down most of the other things that destroy myelin. 

By adding those to these other strategies we now can fight ALS and MS and Parkinson’s disease. 

The MS effects are close to a cure while their use in ALS and Parkinson’s disease look likely to at least be slow and even partly reverse them.

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it.  

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