Monday, December 30, 2013

Strategies for effective New Year’s resolutions....

Today's Post:  Monday, 12-30-2013

What do you care about that you’d like to be better in 2014?

There are two ways to do that.

You have to divide those into doing things better that you are already doing and trying totally new things:

1.  What actions can you take to make the things you are already doing to achieve that better or more reliable?

Which of those will I do right away?   When exactly will I begin the first one?

Are there any I will do later and if so when exactly should I put it in my calendar?

2.  What actions that you are not yet doing to make those things better that you could begin doing to see how well they work? 

Note that listing what you will do and when – DO work if you follow through.

Some things will work better than others and some will be more doable than others.

But if you set it up that way, you do have a good shot at making things better in 2014.

A.  In my case, fat loss is a priority to help lower my blood pressure, look better, protect my health better, and help me turn off acid reflux.  My measure is how much my waist measures and how covered up with fat the muscles are on my belly.

1.  Upgrades to things I’m already doing:

a).  I already have stopped eating refined grain wheat products and corn and soy oils and hydrogenated oils and long ago stopped drinking soft drinks and high sugar fruit juices.

But I was drinking lower sugar 100% cranberry juice every morning and eating no sugar added apple sauce daily.   So I’ve just cut out half the cranberry juice and might go to all of it.  And, I’ve cut out 90% of my no sugar added apple sauce.

So, my 2014 resolution is to keep doing it or upgrading what I’m doing instead.  (I’ll also check to see if my waist gets smaller.)

b)  I’ve done a bit better at improving my at home super slow strength training.  But my ability to do a bit more each week has been more sporadic than I’d like.  Though it has worked well at times, I’ve not had a way to add small increases to dumbbell weights since they jump 5 pounds each time.  So I’ve bought what I think to be adjustable wrist weights so I can add about a pound at time.

My hope is that this will enable me to add weights I can do well enough more often and that I’ll add strength and muscle in 2014 that I would not have otherwise.  (That one is easy to check!  If by the end of 2014, I’ve added 10 to 30 pounds on each hand to the dumbbells that are already a bit, about 5 to 10 pounds heavier than they were a year ago, it will show the method works.  (I’ll also check to see if this also helps my waist get smaller from the added muscle.)

2.  Things I’ll try out adding that I’ve not done before:

a)  I now can work up a 5 to 8 minute yoga progression where each of the parts is doable without excessive stress or stretching that I can do to relieve physical stress.  Then I’ll see if I can manage to add it two or three times each week.  The evidence is that I have a shot at 5 or 10 points lower blood pressure and lower cortisol enough to reduce my waist size.

(It works by focusing your mind for those few minutes on doing the moves well and doing the very deep and controlled and slow breathing while doing the moves.)

b)  I’ll see if I can get a supply of fresh Wakame seaweed to add to my nonstarchy vegetables by finding out how a local restaurant gets their supply or buying it from them.  Eating more such vegetables will cut my calorie intake without making me hungrier.  And, Wakame is thought to have a compound in a large enough intake of it that it helps the fat you lose belly fat. 

Getting the new things started will be some work.  But by doing them all successfully, and doing other things that aim to cut my belly fat too, my hoped for result is to have a smaller less fat waist by the end of the year.

B.  This same system can make other kinds of resolutions successful and they can make YOUR resolutions successful.

What do you care about changing and improving for 2014?

What are you already doing that you can upgrade?

What things likely to work and be doable can you add?

Exactly how will you do each one?

How will you measure the results of these actions on your desired result?

C.  For some of you, these improvements can be life changing for the better.  They have been for many others.

I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year -- no matter what the causes.

And, I wish you great success in the new actions you take to improve your life!  

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Four GREAT Christmas ideas....

Today's Post:  Monday, 12-23-2013

1.  The holidays can be super stressful.

But one of my strength and health emails had this idea that can be a huge help!

(I think it was in John Rowley’s email.)

You have all these things to do.  So, if you do as most people do and say I HAVE to do this and I HAVE to do that, you can get tired and cranky really fast.

His idea is surprisingly simple.  You have the same things to do. 

But talk about them by saying I GET to do this and I GET to do that. 

THEN the focus is on being able to do them and caring about the people you get to do them for.  You feel MUCH happier even if you are still rushed.

2.  When you get a gift, do as my Dad used to do and was so good at. 

He always gave people a sincere thanks.  He showed he liked to be remembered and was happy to get a gift from that person.

He may have not thought the gift a great choice or wanted something else.  Sometimes you could tell. 

BUT he always gave the person who gave him that gift a sincere thanks.  He showed he liked to be remembered and was happy to get a gift from that person.  That positive and gracious way of thinking meant you could never go wrong or have a bad time giving Dad a gift.

It made every birthday and every Christmas go better.  He is gone now.  But you can still use his gift!  Do as he did, it really makes things better!

3.  An article in the paper had an interesting finding that I read recently. 

Oddly they found most people LIKE getting cash as a present but think others won’t like getting cash!

So, if you have a really well selected gift that you are almost certain they will like or a really nice version of what they asked for, that’s great!  But if you have no clue or time to shop, a really thoughtful card and a check WILL be a good gift!

4.   The real Jesus looks to have been born in late summer sometime in August according the people who study such things.

Why them, did the Christians move the celebration date to mid-Winter?

Because the existing traditions for this time of year were so positive and it made the Christian celebration more meaningful & helped it fit almost every culture they entered when they were still a new religion.

That’s because this time of year is dark and cold and in previous times food was often in short supply. 

But, despite those things this time of year is a time to give and help people and rejoice –

-- Because these problems are temporary and light and warmth and all good things will come again and do begin to do so right now -- in mid-winter!

May your holiday season be happy and may you have healthy and prosperous New Year!  

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My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 12-23-2013

This report is no fun to write as it’s bad news this time—again!

This is another mixed review report. (The bad news this month is in Part I.)

And, the likely results I’m headed for are still promising!  (Why is listed below in Part II.)

Part I:

The bad news first:

Last month I gained 3 & a half pounds. 

This month I gained another 2 pounds. Ouch!

 Now I’m at 3 and a half pounds over my goal weight.  And most of the 10 pounds I gained since I was 6 and a half pounds under my goal weight has been fat.  I can tell when I look in the mirror.

I did continue the strategies I’ve continued to use that lost me the 30 pounds to start with.

BUT, I did allow myself a LOT of Christmas cookies during the last part of the week just past.  Plus I’ve been under some extra stress.  (I do NOT do that often!  But I made the mistake of tasting a several kinds of the cookies and then having seconds of the 3 kinds that were that good.)

The surprise was that I did NOT gain any on my waist this month.  The extra fat seemed to go on my bottom more this time.

(And, I may have gained some muscle as except for my bottom and waist, you can see my muscles more everywhere else from my super slow strength training.

BUT, the bad news is I’m still about 5 inches or so too fat on my waist!

THIS is the key measure for me. 

Based on the lack of what the bodybuilders call high definition and the small visible rolls of fat on my belly and “love handles” and hips and the equal amount of excess visceral fat likely inside my belly, I think I do have that much fat to lose. 

There is better news on my gaining more muscle. 

But at my age, even with that good news and a shot at gaining maybe 10 pounds of muscle -- to lose my fat belly, I still need to directly lose 24 pounds of fat.  When I gain that muscle it likely will help.

But in case it winds up being more like I become much stronger but only gain 2 or 3 pounds of muscle, I still need to directly lose about 20 pounds of fat at least.

So, I’d best do more with my food choices to get there!

Part II.  The good news!:  Why the likely results soon are better!

a)  First the added muscle is looking both like it will add fewer pounds but those are becoming far MORE likely.

My left shoulder is still not 100%.  But it is enough better that I CAN and AM beginning to use more weight on my shoulder exercises.  I also am just about to add a way to increase the weight I use on the corrective exercises the physical therapist gave me.

In fact, by adding wrist weights from one to four pounds, I can much more easily get stronger by making smaller but more frequent progress in ALL my at home exercises with dumbbells. 

(It can be too big a jump to go to 5 pounds more on each hand.  But by adding one pound a week, I think I can make faster progress without having to do that now.)

Since I am doing better at home already and am also getting stronger on the Nautilus machines at the Perfect Workout super slow gym and personal trainer I’ve been using, I’m beginning to be more optimistic about adding muscle by getting stronger. 

But their high tech scale says I’ve only added about half a pound of muscle so far.  So instead of gaining a pound a month of muscle, a pound a year may be more what’s doable.

So, I’m both encouraged by the progress and likely improvement, I’m much more motivated to find a way to upgrade my eating program.

b)  This month’s big news is I just DID that!

Here’s the story:

I’d seen Dr David Perlmutter’s expertise before in his Better Brain book.

So, when I saw publicity for his new book:

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers by David Perlmutter, MD

I thought it was likely an important book I should check out.

But I’d not expected to find that I should make changes that much in what I eat because I have removed all wheat 99% of the time and eat very little grains now.

So, I got his new book and began to read it.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that some of the fruits I’ve been eating and the rolled oats I’ve been eating every other day, were still too much!  So much so that by cutting them in half and cutting the no sugar applesauce I’ve been eating by 90%, I may have a shot at losing about half of my 24 pounds of fat.

That one I’ve already begun to do.  If I’m doing enough with his information, by next month of the month after, we should see some results.

If what I do works, I’ll provide more details next time or the time after that.

I’ve found his work very well researched and very convincing!

If you have fat to lose yourself or want to lose your holiday fat gain after the holiday, do read and use his book!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

New information on avoiding GMO foods….

Today's Post:  Friday, 12-20-2013 

Dr Al Sears is not perfect but does occasionally send good quality and well researched emails about important health issues.

This week he sent one about a new kind of GMO apple that will look better after it’s sliced because the inside surfaces of the chunks you cut it into won’t turn brown.

(I still eat applesauce but no longer eat apples straight including the peel since I found out that even organic apples have some kind of pesticide sprayed on the skins.  Hopefully one day it will be possible to eat truly organic apples that you can buy at the store that don’t use this.

Of course, I still prefer to buy only apples marked as organic for other people because there are some things those don’t have sprayed on them.)

GMO foods have pesticides and other nonfood things in them that you can't wash off because they are literally part of the food.  They are also virtually all sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.  Animals and insects often won' t eat them and there is some evidence they are not safe for long term consumption. 

Allergies and autoimmune diseases and severe decreases in fertility and genetically sound children are some of the things research has found or which seem likely from eating GMO foods.

And, a large percentage of the packaged foods and fast foods that GMO foods go into are best avoided even with non-GMO ingredients.  

So avoiding things like soft drinks and fast food and packaged foods is one of the best ways to avoid GMO foods.

So is avoiding protein foods and fats from animals fed grains because they are fed GMO grains!

The rest of his email though is so valuable, I’m including it here!

It has two labels that some foods now have that show foods that are at least 99 % non GMO and maybe GMO free for one of them and probably completely GMO free for the second one.

(Since I haven’t his graphics I’ll describe each of the two so you’ll recognize them.)

It lists the many countries that DO ban GMO foods or require foods containing them to be labeled. (Most of the modern, developed world’s countries except Canada and the United States are on that list!)

It also has links to resources to help you avoid GMO foods.:

“Right now, the European Union, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand require GMO foods to be labeled. But Connecticut and Maine are the only two states that require GMO labels on food.

Big Agra is still lobbying to make it illegal to differentiate between their GMO foods and the real thing. Monsanto and Kraft spent $46 million dollars to defeat the California GMO label law. But almost everyone else in the U.S. wants the labels. 4

A New York Times poll from this year found that 93 percent of people want GMO ingredients labeled.

An earlier Washington Post poll found 94 percent of people want the labels.

Consumers Union says 80 to 95% of people want GMO ingredients labeled.

Right now, for the most part, labeling is voluntary.

But there are a few things you can look for to help you avoid GMO ….

First, “GMO free” claims are not legal or even scientifically possible right now because the testing isn’t good enough to be 100% sure.

Second, there are two labels you should know about.

One is the label at right:”

(Non-GMO Project is decent as it means 99.1 % GMO free which is NOT quite good enough yet but FAR better than products that ARE at least 95% GMO instead of less than 1%!!)

Their Label has a butterfly on the left in the first section and 

Project    in Blue on the right in the first section

The second section has VERIFIED in green)

“That means a product has gone thorough testing by the Non-GMO Project. It’s the same standard as the European Union, where any product containing more than 0.9% GMO must be labeled.

In fact, the USDA has even endorsed the non-GMO project’s label. Sellers that want to can use the label on meat and some egg products so you know if the animal was fed genetically engineered crops like soy, corn and alfalfa.

Another label to watch for is the “100% organic” label.

That’s NOT the “USDA Organic” label… that doesn’t mean what you think it does.
Did you know organic is a federally certified term? It can mean different things, though.
A label of “organic” can mean up to five percent non-organic ingredients. These could be GMOs. And you might see the “USDA Organic” logo on the package even though the food is not non-GMO.

But “100% Certified Organic” is supposed to mean that those products have met strict requirements, one of which is that anything 100 percent organic can contain no genetically modified ingredients.5

However, you might see the USDA organic label on both of these packages because it’s allowed.

Look for a “100% organic” label instead. They come in many forms but here’s one example to the right:”

The green logo says 


“To find non-GMO products, you can use the Non-GMO Sourcebook at It even tells you how and where to get non-GMO seeds.

I like The Institute for Responsible Technology’s site

You can also visit Just click on “resources” on the left-hand menu. You’ll see links to companies, and even test kits.

There’s also the European Union’s GM Watch at”

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 ways to get better results from omega 3 oils….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-19-2013 

There is some research that says it shows that omega 3 oils don’t help with heart disease or other health problems.

It’s totally wrong and false and possibly deliberately so.

If you use omega 3 oils correctly they do deliver massive benefits and those studies are real!

After the list of benefits, we cover the 3 ways to get better results. 

As we’ve posted before the bad research either used too little omega 3 oils or more likely did NOT test it on people who do the most important of these 3 methods.

A.  Omega 3 oils combined with two other practices have these benefits:

1.   Disease prevention and protection from heart disease and strokes by cutting or removing high chronic inflammation and by increasing your HDL and lowering your triglycerides which shows you have low levels or lower ones of the small particle LDL that causes blood vessel inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

You can also achieve lower levels of HS CRP inflammation by including omega 3 oils. And, high levels of HS CRP are danger signs for heart attack risk while low levels indicate little risk.

2.  Substantial protection from cancers because the high chronic inflammation levels omega 3 oils help prevent both help cause and worsen cancers.

Lowering chronic inflammation both prevents osteoarthritis and reduces pain and stiffness if you have it with no drugs needed to do these things.  Omega 3 oils have been shown to help do this.

3.  Very high levels of brain and mood protection and enhancement from growing new brain cells and preventing brain shrinkage and mental decline to feeling less irritable and depressed helping you to feel better and be easier to live with!

This is particularly true if in addition to eating wild caught fish and seafood high in omega 3 oils or take an omega 3 oil supplement, you take a DHA supplement.

DHA is a kind of omega 3 oil that produces these benefits.  It’s quite high in calamari, octopus, and in sardines and other small wild caught fish.  Jarrow makes a DHA supplement from calamari oil and you can buy water packed sardines for very little money.

Combined with regular exercise, DHA helps boost levels of BDNF that grow new nerves and brain cells.  (They both do this.  And by doing both, you get strong protection for your brain and mental abilities.)

Dr Al Sears just sent an email and added these:

Your brain uses DHA to stay sharp and accurate. People with higher levels of DHA have more plasticity, which means they can learn faster and retain memories more easily. DHA also boosts a protein in your brain that enhances learning and recall”

Women who take DHA while pregnant have kids that develop mentally earlier and better than women who do not.  Their babies apparently get more brain development by doing this.

B.  Here are the 3 methods:

1.  The most important one does take a bit of work to begin and some to continue well.  But given what it protects you from, pain & osteoarthritis, bad moods and irritability, disability, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, brain shrinkage, and other kinds of mental decline AND heart disease, it clearly is worth doing it!!

If you eat corn and soy and canola and safflower oils, eat grains heavily – particularly refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat and eat the fats from animal foods from animals fed grains, primarily GMO corn and soy AND don’t take or eat omega 3 oils your ratio in your body is from 10 to over 20 times higher in omega 6 oils than omega 3 oils.

But in that huge an amount and that high a ratio omega 6 oils are very pro-inflammatory. 

It’s easy to see that if someone is doing all this wrong, their ratio is so far from the one or two to one ratio that produces low inflammation and good health that it’s not possible to take or eat enough omega 3 to restore the balance.

If you stop eating all the foods and oils high in omega 6 that balances the ratio enough that adding omega 3 oils then becomes far more effective.

So, if you want to show omega 3 oils are ineffective simply test it on a population of people who don’t even know to cut their omega 6 oil intake and are not doing it at all!

(Refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat and even 100 % whole grains boost your blood sugar even more than sugars because they have such a high glycemic index.  That lowers HDL and boosts triglycerides besides helping to make you fat.  That causes heart disease in addition to the higher level of inflammation because it indicates more small particle LDL in your blood.

Worse, when your blood sugar gets high enough the sugars are attached to your LDL particles like spikes that harm the inner surface of your blood vessels and destroy capillaries all over your body.

So to be effortlessly less fat, have much less cardiovascular disease and low enough levels of omega 6 to make taking omega 3 oils more effective, stop eating foods made from refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat completely, stop eating oils high in omega 6 and used extra virgin olive oil instead, and cut or WAY back on eating other whole grains.

(Some rolled or steel cut oats or quinoa dishes can be OK in moderation.)

Eating wild caught fish and animals fed only grass and organic sprouts or are pasture fed on unpolluted pasture or beans and lentils instead of from grain fed animals for protein also helps a LOT.

If you can only get the grain fed kinds of meat and poultry, you can minimize the damage by eating the most lean and fat trimmed versions you can get.  You can add back oils with extra virgin olive oils.

(Grain fed, farmed fish have too much omega 6 and way less omega 3 oils.  But they are best NEVER eaten because of their sky high levels of several harmful pollutants!)

2.  Suppose you have cut way back on source of omega 6 in your food and you now take omega 3 supplements and a DHA supplement and eat wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils two or three times a week, wouldn’t be nice if you could do something easy to DOUBLE the health protective effect that gives you!?

Recent research found you can!!

You simply include about 4 ounces a day of any organic vegetable at any time of day but do it every day.

Recent research found this almost doubled the health protective effects!

We know that vegetables have hundreds of health protective nutrients including carotenes and the cancer protecting nutrients in cruciferous raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

But that result is still amazingly strong!

This was mainstream research and there is also reason to think it is likely accurate!

THIS one is very highly recommended!

Eating such vegetables also helps create permanent fat loss without excess hunger because they have so much fiber and so little sugars or fats or calories.

3.  What if you have heart disease or memory problems or joint pain you want to make better fast, is there a way to boost the effect of the omega 3 oils you are getting?

Dr Al Sears in a recent email said you CAN do that by taking krill oil with your DHA supplement.  He says research has found that krill oil makes the DHA more bioavailable AND transports more of it across the blood brain barrier.

That one I’m less sure of.  But if I had any of those things, I’d try it to see how it worked!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ways to sleep better….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 12-17-2013 

There are a handful of people who have the genetics to get healthful and restorative sleep in 3 to 4 hours a night.

But for everyone else, the health statistics for people who get less than 6 hours a night of sleep or more than about 8 and a half hours a night are NOT good.

Today, for people who are interested in things or have goals they are committed to or both, it can be really hard to get much more than 6 hours a night.

But restful sleep is critical for good health, enjoying life, having a good mood, having enough energy, being productive at your work and other commitments, and staying an ideal level of fat on your body!

So if you do have a life that leaves you closer to 6 hours a night for sleep than 8 as most of us do or you want the things restful sleep can give you, getting good quality sleep is really important.

Even the famous super-short sleepers need good quality sleep!

Restful sleep of enough duration increases your release of growth hormones and neurotransmitters.  Your body stays in better repair, your brain stays at full strength, and you feel a LOT better.

And recent studies found there is even more to restful sleep.  Your brain becomes a bit denser leaving channels between the parts and the fluids that then circulate in those opened up channels carry off waste products.

That process helps prevent mental decline of all kinds. 

And you feel refreshed after sleeping and more energetic because your brain is literally clean and refreshed!

So, what can you do to sleep better?

There are something like 24 things that each work and you may need some more than others.

But here are a few of the more effective ones:

A.  One of the most effective has the most and most important other benefits.

Get some form of vigorous exercise early in your day.

People who do get MUCH better quality of sleep. 

By itself it may have as much as half the effect of the whole list for most people.

I think it’s because the exercise starts all the processes you want to go on when you sleep. 

It releases overall growth hormones; it releases the special growth hormone, BDNF that creates new nerve and brain cells. 

It keeps your blood sugars lower and increases your circulation to all parts of your body.  That ensures your brain has those and the circulation you need for you to get restorative sleep. 

It lowers your perceived stress level and increases your feeling of competence and control.  So you feel safer and have less to distract you from falling asleep.

It makes you physically tired and causes your body to ask for a rest to rebuild the cells it stresses, so you have much less of a problem falling asleep.

It works best for sleep when done early in the day.  AND, people who exercise early enough in the day to do it BEFORE the demands of the day, ideally at home, find it enormously easier to do reliably every week and keep doing it.  (I do that 7 days a week.)

You can do such exercises later in the day.  And, in fact for strength training, you may be a bit stronger at 4 to 6 PM than at 4 to 7 AM. (Recently I have been doing a half hour superslow strength training session from 6 to 6:30 PM.)

But you want to have such sessions end by about 3 hours before you go to bed.  That way your body is in recovery mode with your heart rate back to normal well before you go to bed.

(Any kind of vigorous exercise will work – even a few minutes of very brisk walking. 

But I’ve found a hard effort at superslow strength training works best.  The muscles you exercise get extra blood flow into them and act like a warm internal pillow when you go to bed!)

B.  If you have sleep apnea it will prevent restful sleep and disrupt it badly when it happens. 

This is so true, people with sleep apnea can fall asleep at work or while driving which ranges from not good to fatal!

(If you aren’t really over-fat; do not have any daytime sleepiness; do seem to get restful sleep often; and have no issues with snoring or BAD snoring that you know of and have no higher levels of high blood pressure, you likely do NOT have it. You can skip this section and go to the next one.

BUT if you have those things or know you have sleep apnea, it will trash your ability to get restorative, restful sleep.  And both your sleep quality and your health will be MUCH better if you turn sleep apnea off!)

There are four ways to turn it off.

1.  The brute force method works but is more than a bit nasty.  It consists of a breathing mask and an air pump to ensure that you have continuous air pressure so you have it basically breathe for you.

“CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open.”
It’s a bit noisy and you are connected to it and it doesn’t travel well and every time you get up to visit the bathroom you have to remove it and put it back on.

It does work great though and people with bad apnea find they get MUCH more restful sleep.

The causes of sleep apnea though have 3 other ways to solve the problem without the CPAP.

If you have a nose or throat issue that prevents breathing or your body doesn’t fire the nerves to your breathing muscles effectively, it overrides it.

Those can be fixed without the CPAP and doing so removes sleep apnea by removing its causes!

2.  Much of the sleep apnea is caused by having your tongue or throat tissue combine to stop the air.  In mild cases, simply sleeping on your side can turn this down enough. 

But in more severe cases, there is now a way to stop it without the CPAP machine. 

An in office procedure you can go back to work from almost called the Pillar Procedure puts a low invasive plastic insert that keeps your throat from closing that much.  This works right now even if you are obese which tends to cause the problem.

And, if you are more than 50 pounds over-fat, losing most of it and all of it over 50 pounds is also a big help. We now know how to do that while the solutions before have not worked reliably.

3.  Most people breathe through their nose and even if they have their throat open, there are problems some people have that cause enough of a nose blockage to cause sleep apnea.  These problems can also be fixed!

Note that if you have sleep apnea or BAD snoring, there IS a specialty medical practice that does the Pillar procedure and also can fix the nose problems.  They check first to see if you have each one and then fix what you have.:

EOS Sleep Center -
1 (877) 372 1033
For The Treatment of Snoring & Sleep Apnea.

And, if you have something else you think is apnea but is NOT, they can diagnose that too. 

I referred someone there who had issues caused by acid reflux NOT apnea.  They nailed it.  His regular doctor then gave him a reflux drug prescription and his problem was gone AND his sleep quality went way up!

So I think well of this medical group!

4.  Part of sleep apnea is a deficient nerve and muscular response to your control nerves caused by nerve damage and weak mitochondria in those cells. Instead of overriding the problem easily, they don’t fire off or the response is too weak.

With only mild obstructions, people without that part breathe OK anyway.  And that too can be fixed in most people.

What’s the most effective cure for this?

a)Do vigorous exercise if only for a few minutes at a time most days of every week!

b) Add to that, do NOT taking statin drugs.   They deplete CoQ10 that keeps the mitochondria in your cells healthy AND statins quite often harm your muscles if you do vigorous exercise if only for a few minutes at a time most days of every week.

Instead, eat right and take sterols and niacin and learn how to eat to prevent high triglycerides and inflammation and do it.

c) Take 100 to 300 mg a day of the much more bioavailable form of CoQ10, ubiquinol which keeps your mitochondria healthy and firing off the energy your cells—both nerves and muscles that your cells need.  Ubiquinol acts much like supplying fuel to an engine.

d)  Take the new supplement PQQ.  Kiwifruit has some and is higher in it than most foods.  PQQ restores damaged mitochondria and apparently also helps your body grow new ones.  PQQ acts more like rebuilding your engine to like new condition or getting a bigger engine or adding a turbo charger to the one you have!

C.  Set up your bedroom to make restful sleep easy and fix issues that prevent it.

1.  Keep it dark! 

Do NOT have TV in your bedroom at all!  And stop watching it an hour before you go to bed or don’t watch it much at all unless there is something special or a critically important news event on it.

If you have a computer, make sure you stop using it or stop using it without wearing blue blocker glasses at least an hour before you go to bed. 

To the maximum extent you can, have NO small sources of light at all in your bedroom.

Get blackout curtains so no outside light enters at all.  (I still remember one winter night when a storm knocked out the power to our whole neighborhood how it went from very low background light to totally black outside & the huge difference it made.  For best sleeping and more natural melatonin release, keep it that dark.  There is evidence this kind of natural melatonin release is itself restorative to your brain and helps prevent cancers too!)

You can take from half a mg to 3 mg of melatonin just before bed too.  But keeping your bedroom that dark makes that more effective and your sleep more restful by itself.

2.  Keep your bedroom quiet!

This will make it easier to fall asleep and improve your sleep quality. 

And, if you can avoid sudden loud noises at night be sure to do it.  Research found that people who have that often quickly begin to sleep through such noises. BUT, it does still disturb sleep and cut sleep quality even if you sleep through it.

a) Try to live in a quiet area if you can and have your bedroom have good sound insulation on top of that.

b)  There is now a high tech solution you can use also with anti-noise devices that detect noise real time and generate a reverse wave form of sound to muffle it down to almost zero.

c)  I use a much more low tech solution.  I sleep on my side with two pillows and sandwich my head between them and through my higher arm over the top one to create a light and sound muffler. 

This works pretty well.  When our alarm goes off early I often never hear it and my wife who does jostles me until I get up and turn it off. 

C.  Other effective methods to help you sleep better: 

1.  Avoid drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks over 300 to 400 mg a day; and stop drinking any by 3 to 6 hours before you go to bed.

More than 300 to 400 mg of caffeine adds little mental performance over that much or a bit less.  What the amount over that DOES do is to keep you from getting restful sleep so you then need extra the next day to wake up from not sleeping well.

Why take the time and spend the money when it messes up your sleep and doesn’t net out an added alertness benefit?

(I’ve found that since I like a lot of caffeinated drinks that a bit of coffee and several cups of tea and green tea help me to achieve that balance.)

The next group of things is my adaptation of a list from Dr Russell Blaylock that I got in his email yesterday:  (Those I included above I deleted or included where he has extra info.) (I also added my comments on each point like this.)

From Dr Russell Blaylock  12-16-2013

(IMPORTANT point on WHY to boost your sleep quality:  )

“The lack of sleep can sharply influence your quality of life as well as raise your risk of everything from automobile accidents to obesity and heart attacks.”

2.  (Do NOT, repeat NOT, take drugs to help you sleep.)

“The problem with sleep-inducing drugs is that they rarely produce restful sleep, and they often plague users with a number of complications and side effects, including next-day drowsiness, sleepwalking, and confusion.” 

(They have caused death and crimes in people who are sleep walking and can REDUCE your productivity and ability to manage your life the following day. 

Worse, people who take these drugs something like triple their risk of cancers and dying over people who don' take them and do this within the first year or two!)

“Below are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that you will enjoy a good night's sleep without the use of drugs. “

“• Always try to go to bed at least by midnight.  Staying up late resets the biological clock and can disrupt sleep patterns.”
(Getting home well before 10 pm also helps you avoid drunk drivers and GET home.  On holidays & week-ends it also helps to get to bed no later than two hours after you normally go to bed during the week.)

(It also helps to get up at exactly the same time each weekday and go to be as close to the same time each night and at least 6 hours before you get up.)

“• Keep the room slightly cool.  Benjamin Franklin suggested a cool pillow to induce sleep.”

(Ideal is 60 degrees in winter to less than or = 69 degrees in summer plus wearing slightly warmer clothes such as sweat clothes and a light to heavier blanket helps.  Turn down the heat to 60 at night in cold weather and use air conditioning to keep the temperature below 70 degrees in summer if you can.  If not, have a fan running to help cool you that causes air to flow over you.)

“• Make sure the room is dark.  Avoid nightlights, brightly lit phone dials and clocks.”  (This one we already covered and it IS very important.)

“• Try playing soothing music on a low volume at bedtime. “  (This works best for soothing music YOU personally like!)

“• Avoid reading or watching television at least one hour before bedtime.  Allow yourself time to wind down.”  (This is very important for TV. Reading is a bit more forgiving because usually if you overdo it you fall asleep while reading!)

“• Some people will become hypoglycemic during the night, and this will wake them up. 

Avoid sugar and sweet foods in the evening. Try eating a piece of turkey by itself (no bread) before bedtime. Turkey is high in L-tryptophan, an amino acid that the brain uses to generate the sleep neurotransmitter serotonin.”

“• Avoid caffeine, smoking and all foods containing excitotoxins.” 

(MSG is fattening and harmful and is also an “excitotoxin.”   Caffeine is OK until a few hours before bedtime.  MSG and smoking are best deleted ALL the time!)

“• Exercise earlier in the day.  Exercise lowers inflammatory cytokines. Exercising late in the day revs up the metabolism and this can keep you awake. Do not exercise after 7:00 PM.”

(Here is his list of helpful supplementsJ

“• Before retiring for the night, take the following:

1) One gram of buffered vitamin C (magnesium or calcium ascorbate). This helps induce sleep.

2) Magnesium citrate (120 mg.) at bedtime. It is a natural relaxant and calmative. (The magnesium is good for you and most people who don’t take it as a supplement are deficient.)
3) Melatonin. Start at 1 mg. 30 minutes before bedtime. Increase as necessary. It will induce dreaming.

Other natural sleep aids:

• Calming teas.  Chamomile, valerian root, passionflower and catnip all calm and sooth the nerves. “

(The teas have not worked for me.  But if try them they might work for you.)

(Valerian is a special case.  The sedative ingredient works great and is strong.  But that exact ingredient stinks! 

So, only take it if you are under great stress and need your rest or just aren’t getting to sleep for some reason and need your rest. 

Take a capsule with enough Valerian to do the job. 

AND keep the container inside a larger one with a lid that can seal in the smell when you aren’t using it.

I have some.  But so far I’ve not needed it as I’ve avoided the stresses I got it for so far.  And it IS in that extra container!)

“• Flavonoids. Many flavonoids are anxiolytic, meaning they calm anxiety.

The most useful are hesperidin and quercetin. Take 250 to 500 mg. of hesperidin and 250 mg. of quercetin one hour before bedtime.

They also reduce inflammation.”

(Grape seed extract, bilberry extract, resveratrol, organic blueberries, and red wine are all also high in flavonoids.  I ingest all those. 

But I find red wine best for sleep at one or two drinks.  This lower amount is best for health and much more than two glasses causes me to wake up half way through the night and be wide awake when my liver finishes detoxing the extra alcohol.)

(Cutting inflammation by NOT eating oils or foods high in omega 6 oils and taking curcumin and using turmeric containing curries and ginger and taking omega 3 oils helps prevent mild aches and pains from existing or disrupting your sleep if present.  Cutting excessive chronic inflammation in these ways also prevents heart disease, mental decline, and cancers!)

“• Omega-3s. Take your fish oils one hour before bedtime. (One teaspoon to one tablespoon.) The omega-3 fatty acids suppress the cytokines that disturb sleep.”

(I take my omega 3 oils and DHA earlier in the day.  But I take enough that it likely is still working when I go to bed.  And some days I eat wild caught salmon for dinner.)

Two other supplements that help you sleep are extra vitamin B1, thiamine; and taking the chewable or under the tongue forms of the methyl version of B12. 

The B12 also gives you extra energy during the day and helps prevent nerve problems and mental decline.  

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why to never eat Splenda or sucralose….

Today's Post:  Friday, 12-13-2013 

Once back when a friend and I were working together on foods for a heart health OK restaurant menu several years ago, I remember him suggesting sucralose to cut sugars.

Cutting back on sugars DOES help; but I remember saying I suspected sucralose was an unsafe way to do it.


We already know one important reason; and there looks like there may be an even worse reason:

1.  Dioxin is something best NOT eaten! 

Citizens for Health
A new, in-depth review on the synthetic sweetener sucralose (marketed as Splenda), published in the journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health reveals that the dangers of sucralose and Splenda have been underestimated….
 baking with the artificial sweetener releases dioxin.

Read more:

Dioxin is extremely toxic and damaging to your health in even very small amounts particularly if you keep ingesting them.  That’s in part because chlorinated hydrocarbons tend not to break down or take many years to do so.  So, like trans fats, if you ingest them regularly, you wind up having a LOT in your body.

My comment:  This may or may not be true as I've not tested it or seen it yet in other sources.

But since sucralose WAS developed initially as a chlorinated sugar it was hoped would be an insecticide and bait in one pass, it would NOT surprise me if it is true.  

2.  We DO know that eating sucralose DOES tend to wipe out the probiotics in your gut if you eat any! 

Looks like to me its only positive use might be to help kill the bacteria that cause ulcers and antibiotic resistant C Diff!

And, since it now looks like taking the right probiotics in pill form after emptying your gut does that job, you’d only need to use sucralose for the most dire cases.
The probiotics you normally have if you are healthy protect your health in dozens of ways we now know.

So wiping out all or even many of them for a sweet treat when you don’t have to is NOT a great idea.

3.  Sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorinated hydrocarbon.  Since World War One chlorinated hydrocarbons have been used as poison gasses. (Look up phosgene online some time.)  Since then chlorinated hydrocarbons have been used to make nerve gasses and insecticides.

To me that suggests these first two problems with sucralose (Splenda) may well NOT be the only reasons to avoid eating or drinking any!

4.  The CSPI, Citizens in the Public Interest group has published that despite FDA clearance ALL the major artificial sweeteners have enough track record of causing cancer and other problems in some people that ingest them that they are best avoided.

The one exception they made was for “Trulia” which combines an OK tasting part of Stevia, a natural super low calorie sweetener with erythritol, the sugar alcohol with by far the fewest gut problems.  These are natural substances and that OK tasting part of Stevia avoids the horrible and oppressive taste of all of Stevia.

So if you want to use something, you can use Trulia. 

But I personally think given who makes Trulia and the lack of care they have for human health in their other products, I think having sweets far less often and mixing erythritol 50-50 with real sugars when you do is better.

If you use half erythritol and not too much and you don’t eat a lot of the food or very often that gives you close to half the sugar and calories and glycemic impact.

Why not use 100% erythritol? 

You can.  Some people do.  But sugars like brown sugar from sugar cane, coconut sugar, and real maple syrup taste good in ways besides their sugar. So the half and half version is likely to taste better.

4.  But the most important reason is that if you eat foods with 100% erythritol once or twice a day or more, it may have some of the effects of artificial sweeteners on making you fat and helping cause heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

For sure aspartame and sucralose and the other artificial sweeteners have shown by many actual tests that they are more fattening and harmful to your health than real sugar.

People who drink diet soft drinks are fatter and have bigger waists than people who drink soft drinks with high fructose corn syrup.  And high fructose corn syrup is so fattening and harmful no one who knows about its effects is willing to ingest it!

That’s in part because when people think they are NOT making themselves, they eat or drink WAY more of these artificially sweet things.

According to animal testing it’s also because your body may do more insulin release and fat storage when artificial sweeteners are ingested that when real sugars are.  This looks to be a hard wired mammalian effect in the way artificial sweeteners are processed!

What about you?

For me these several reasons are way more than enough. 

I will never voluntarily eat a food or drink a drink that has sucralose (Splenda) in it.  And I’d never use a packet of it to sweeten a food!  

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three different ways to slow aging….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-12-2012 

The three different ways to slow aging are:

1.  Keep your telomeres long or as long as possible:

2.  Keep the energy generating parts of all your cells, the mitochondria, alive and healthy;

3. Avoid gunking up your cells with sugars bonded to your proteins or at least minimize it.

1.  Keep your telomeres long or as long as possible

I just posted on: Meditation, Yoga, and Tai Chi….Tuesday, 12-3-2013 & how they have been found to lengthen your telomeres by as much as 43%. 

You can take the special kind of astragalus that causes your body to make more telomerase which is how your body makes your telomeres longer; but it’s several hundred dollars a month. Yoga and tai chi have other direct health benefits, can be done at no cost once you learn them; and burn calories too.

There is some evidence as well that the more intense and vigorous exercises, superslow and progressive strength training & progressive interval or variable cardio with high intensity periods alternating with rest periods lengthen your telomeres and lengthen them dramatically in your muscles—including your heart.

The super effective antioxidant your body makes called glutathione may also lengthen your telomeres.  And taking the supplement N-acetyl cysteine aka NAC and alpha or R lipoic acid cause your levels of glutathione to rise.

2.  Keep the energy generating parts of all your cells, the mitochondria, alive and healthy 

Dr Al Sears has posted that taking the four or more times more bioavailable form on CoQ10, ubiquinol has been found to dramatically slow aging because it keeps your mitochondria that you still have fully powered up.  The Life Extension Foundation notes it likely taking ubiquinol can increase your lifespan by over 10%.

(One of the many reasons to NOT take statins is that it depletes this substance and REDUCES the health of your mitochondria.  Besides the muscle damage and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, it’s quite common for older people who take statins to feel even less energetic, easily tired, and become more slow moving.)

There is some evidence as well that the more intense and vigorous exercises, superslow and progressive strength training & progressive interval or variable cardio with high intensity periods alternating with rest periods increases the health of your mitochondria and does so dramatically in your muscles—including your heart.

Now there is new evidence that even though you tend to lose mitochondria as you get older until you have as little as 5% of them left!,
-- you can make more or restore the ones that would otherwise die off by taking the substance PQQ which is in many foods notably including kiwifruit which are a superfood for many reasons if you aren’t one of the few people allergic to them. Taking 20 mg a day seems to work.  This one is only recently discovered.

But you can see that by taking each of these steps you will have more energy and your ability to move youthfully and feel energetic will be dramatically higher.  And, your heart will be far stronger. 

3.  Avoid gunking up your cells with sugars bonded to your proteins or at least minimize it

When sugars become attached to the proteins in your cells and DNA it’s called glycation.  And although your body can tolerate some of this, if it becomes excessive your cells and your DNA begin to stop working properly.

This is even worse if you have too much glycation or attached sugars to your LDL as it acts like spikes on even the normally safe large particle LDL resulting in your blood flow harming the inner surface of your blood vessels and destroying many of you much smaller capillaries.  That’s called type 2 diabetes; and this is why having it causes blindness, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney damage, and even foot amputation if you have it too high a level for too long.

What prevents too much glycation?

a) Keep your mitochondria and keep them healthy.

Do the more intense and vigorous exercises, superslow and progressive strength training & progressive interval or variable cardio with high intensity periods alternating with rest periods increases at least two times a week each every week.

Those two things cause your body to take up and USE the sugars you take in and NOT cause glycation.

(Have you noticed that such exercises have appeared in all THREE of these methods?

Studies at Stanford found dramatic increases in lifespan AND years of healthy life in people who do these kinds of exercises every week for many years.)

b) Keep the things out of your food that cause glycation if you eat them.

Never ingest high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners; and minimize your intake of real sugar.

Eat almost all zero or low glycemic foods.  Health OK protein foods are zero or close to it.  Health OK fats and oils have a glycemic index of zero. Nonstarchy vegetables are close to zero. 

And, eat NO grains or sharply minimize the grains you eat. 

Any grains you do eat should be whole grain and balanced with a zero or very low Glycemic food. 

AND, to the best extent you can manage avoid eating any hybrid or GMO wheat or flour or corn meal.  These foods are even higher in glycemic index than sugar!

Eat foods raw or very lightly cooked or slow cooked at a moderate temperature.  The protein in foods cooked too long or at too high a temperature become glycated.  Then when you eat the food, those glycated proteins are in it and tend to cause glycation in you!

AGEs, glycated proteins, tend to cause the damage they do in part because the cause chronic inflammation that is too high.

THAT means that if you do other things that avoid high chronic inflammation it minimizes the damage from the glycation you are exposed to.

It’s hard say if high HDL lowers chronic inflammation directly or because it’s a marker for less small particles of LDL that go into the molecular gaps in your blood vessel walls and cause inflammation.

Recent research suggests that besides being a marker for low amounts of small particle LDL that we already knew about, HDL may indeed lower inflammation directly TOO!

So, how do you increase your HDL level?

THE most effective method in part because it directly lowers the amount of small particle LDL in your blood is to use our old friend, doing superslow and progressive strength training & progressive interval or variable cardio with high intensity periods alternating with rest periods at least a couple of times each every week!

In fact, the more consecutive years in a row you do this, the more effectively it does this recent research found!!

Eating health OK proteins increases HDL, notably whole eggs from pasture fed hens.  Eating wild caught fish works well because eating extra omega 3 oils also increases HDL.  So does eating meat occasionally from animals fed only grass or organic sprouts.

Egg yolks contain choline which boosts HDL.  So in addition to that, you can take choline or lecithin supplements that contain choline also.

Eating organic berries and if not allergic raw, unsalted, and oil free nuts each boosts HDL.

Drinking red wine and or dark beer at low moderate to moderate levels boosts HDL.

(So does drinking high moderate levels of wine and beer.  But that tends to cause high blood pressure, deaths and economic damage from accidents and other health problems.)

You can also lower inflammation by never eating grain fed meat or poultry or eating them as close to totally fat removed as you can.  That’s because their fat contains dramatically too much omega 6 oils from the grains, mostly corn and soy, that they are fed. 

Using extra virgin olive oil or nuts or avocados instead of soy or corn or canola oil also helps avoid excessive omega 6 intake and its associated inflammation.

Here again, eating no or very little grain helps you because excessive omega 6 oils which are high in all grains promotes inflammation directly.

And, besides eating wild caught fish, you can take omega 3 oils and DHA, a kind of omega 3 oil that’s extra beneficial for your brain and nerves. 

(Walnuts and flax seeds are health OK sources for the plant based omega 3 oils. 

But the animal based omega 3 oils from fish and seafood and the much smaller foods they eat including algae and phytoplankton is dramatically more effective than the plant based kind. 

Canola oil has some plant based omega 3, but is almost all from GMO grain and WAY too high in omega 6 oils.)

If you both lower omega 6 oils AND boost omega 3 oils, you slash chronic too high inflammation AND the diseases it causes or speeds up!

Lastly you can take and cook with turmeric and ginger as they are health beneficial anti-inflammatory spices!  

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two new ways to stop prostate cancer….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 12-10-2012 

Many middle aged and older men have heard that prostate cancer can kill you. 

But they don’t know they can mostly prevent it. 

Or, if they get the slow growing kind, they don’t know how to minimize how fast it grows and prevent it from becoming the deadly and aggressive kind.

So until recently if they were diagnosed with even the slow growing kind, they choose the very high side effect methods to treat it.

Some bright and successful men still do this much to my shock and feeling that they are harming themselves unnecessarily.

They usually become impotent. The ones that don’t usually can no longer have orgasm.  And the ones who get complete prostate removal lose several inches some men didn’t expect to lose.

We’ve posted on this before.  But there are two more new ways to prevent the slow growing kind from growing and make the aggressive kind far less likely or even slow down or stop the aggressive kind!

(We also review in this post some of the other things that prevent cancer, prostate cancer, and aggressive prostate cancer just after the two newest things we did this post to get to you.)

1.  The easy one you can literally begin today or tomorrow is this one:

It was in the research reported by Medical News today:
This article has extremely good news!

So for sure I wanted to make you aware of it!

And, I include my comments.

This research found this:

Grape seed extract, in prostate cancer cells, "....was found to induce cancer cell death, known as apoptosis, but left healthy cells unharmed."

This is another supplement I've been taking for general health for a few years now!

The researchers believe they have isolated the most effective part of the extract and a relatively inexpensive way to make it directly instead of the more expensive extraction from the natural source.

This article is about what likely will be a drug for people with aggressive prostate cancer. 

But you don't need to wait on that drug to come out and become FDA approved since it's in grape seed extract supplements.  And, if needed, you can take two capsules three times a day instead of just one as a preventive as I do know.

That way you can have access to it now instead of 5 to 10 years from now. 

And, that 6 a day if you need it, will likely cost much less than a drug with that huge a benefit!

The other thing is that while they likely DID find an unusually effective compound that may get fastest results for those who need it, it may also be that the hundreds of co-factors that appear with it may make it more effective; and that taking enough of the extract to get that much of this isolated factor may be even more effective.

The thing that I like most is that grape seed extract doesn’t just slow the cancer cells, it kills them off.

If you would like to prevent the aggressive kind of prostate cancer or have the slow growing kind, you might well want to begin the grape seed extract right away.

Here’s the story and the link if you want to read the original story.

Compound in grape seed extract 'kills prostate cancer cells'
A compound found in grape seed extract, called B2G2, can successfully kill human
prostate cancer cells, according to a study from the University of Colorado
Cancer Center.

2.  Dr Al Sears teaches a kind of progressive cardio he calls PACE -- using some kind of calisthenics where you do a set at a pace you can do easily in the beginning and then rest until you catch your breath pretty completely.

Then you gradually work until you mostly instead of completely catch your breath and you increase the intensify by speeding up a bit or by resting a shorter time.

It isn’t vigorous at first.  But after several months of gradual improvement it DOES become a kind of high intensity interval cardio.

(You can also do this by walking fast until you run out of breath and then resting and gradually work until you can rest by walking at a moderate pace as a kind of variable cardio.  Or if you are younger and a bit lighter, you can run at near sprint speed and slow down to a moderately fast run and then run a speed closer to a sprint once you get more advanced.)

You can also safely get relatively intense exercise by doing superslow weight training.  By beginning with lighter weights and allowing yourself to catch your breath between kinds of exercise, you can start out with vigorous exercise without overdoing it.)

We already know this kind of exercise removes fat and is the most powerful protection known to prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

And, these two kinds of exercise are two of the three most powerful ways to help cause fat loss and keep it off.

And we know that doing it as Dr Sears teaches -- for short times with the chance to rest or slow down to catch your breath – is much safer than doing sustained high intensity exercises.

What has that to do with prostate cancer?

A LOT it turns out!

Men who do these high intensity kinds of exercise get extremely powerful protection.

In an email within the last few days, Dr Sears said this:

“A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine followed Finnish men for 16 years. It tracked the type of activity the men did each week.

And it found that the higher the intensity of the exercise, the lower the risk of getting cancer.

In fact, high intensity exercise cuts your risk of getting cancer in half.

And a recent study shows that increasingly intense exertion inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells and the formation of tumors.”

So by adding one supplement, grape seed extract, and doing the high intensity or vigorous exercises that produce the most other benefits for a couple to three times a week each, you can get massive cancer and prostate cancer protection.

b)  What else has been shown to cut the risk of getting aggressive prostate cancer?

Men who ate either raw broccoli florets or raw cauliflower florets at least once every week had HALF the incidence of aggressive prostate cancer that men did who ate none.

(Since I read that, I’ve eaten a serving or two of raw broccoli florets most days of every week.  And, when I can, I eat a serving of raw cauliflower florets about once or twice a month.)

Men who take the mineral boron as a supplement (3 mg daily) also have close to half the incidence of the aggressive form of prostate cancer.  (When I found that out, I’d been taking boron already for several years because it also helps increase your alertness something I wanted then and still do!)

c)  What else prevents prostate cancer or substantially slows the slow growing kind?

30 mg a day of lycopene as a supplement in an oil base has been shown to do that.

(It was first discovered that men who ate tomato sauces or pasta sauces with cooked or pureed tomatoes and oil with extra virgin olive oil being by far the best kind, had a much lower incidence of prostate cancer.  We now know that the cooking or pureeing of the tomatoes plus the oil makes the lycopene and other carotenes dramatically more available to your body.)

I’ve found you can make some very tasty chili and curry sauces with cooked and pureed tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

The other two things also help prevent all cancers.

Taking 2,000 to 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 has been shown to help prevent cancer and to help stop the growth of slow growing prostate cancer.

Taking turmeric or curcumin supplements with black pepper helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease AND all cancers.  Since turmeric is the spice that makes curries yellow, most curries contain it and eating foods spiced with these curry blends also helps.  

Both vitamin D3 and turmeric have multiple modes of action.

d)  What else prevents all cancers since you have to get cancer to get any kind of prostate cancer?

Vitamin D3 and turmeric are on that list too.

Eating right by eliminating foods and drinks like grains and soft drinks that boost blood sugars and insulin and by eliminating pro-inflammatory oils and eating a variety of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil instead has been found to reduce obesity and heart disease and all cancers.

We also know that raw cruciferous vegetables and very lightly cooked ones prevent all cancers.  They have several kinds of cancer preventing components. For those cooking unless very light steaming is used or they are eaten raw, the compounds are degraded and stop working.

And, we know that all vegetables high in the hundreds of kinds of carotenes also prevent cancers.  Many dark green vegetables such as broccoli and kale have hidden carotenes.  And carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, and squash also do.  Just like lycopene which is itself a carotene, for carotenes you get the most benefit by cooking the vegetable and combining it with extra virgin olive oil.

The more intense kinds of exercise also cut the incidence of all cancers.

“….the higher the intensity of the exercise, the lower the risk of getting cancer.

In fact, high intensity exercise cuts your risk of getting cancer in half.”

How about one that causes 30% or more of all cancers?  Smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke of others AND using smokeless tobacco does just that. (Because of second hand smoke, that may even be closer to 50%.)

The high temperature flame used to light cigarettes with a lighter produces the most carcinogenic smoke.

And, most people don’t know why tobacco products can and do cause cancers of every kind including prostate cancer.

That’s because tobacco and its smoke are radioactive because of the polonium in the tobacco.

So, if the smoke touches your lungs or tobacco touches your mucous membranes in your mouth or nose, the radioactive polonium goes everywhere in your body that your blood goes – including your prostate.

(Avoiding tobacco smoke is even more effective at preventing heart disease, ED, strokes, and heart attacks and every smoker is hurt by tobacco smoke every time they are exposed.)

So between the easy things like taking D3, lycopene, grape seed extract, and turmeric or curcumin and the harder ones like completely avoiding tobacco smoke and adding vigorous exercise most days of every week, you can absolutely slash your risks of getting prostate cancer or the deadly aggressive kind.

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