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3 ways to get better results from omega 3 oils….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-19-2013 

There is some research that says it shows that omega 3 oils don’t help with heart disease or other health problems.

It’s totally wrong and false and possibly deliberately so.

If you use omega 3 oils correctly they do deliver massive benefits and those studies are real!

After the list of benefits, we cover the 3 ways to get better results. 

As we’ve posted before the bad research either used too little omega 3 oils or more likely did NOT test it on people who do the most important of these 3 methods.

A.  Omega 3 oils combined with two other practices have these benefits:

1.   Disease prevention and protection from heart disease and strokes by cutting or removing high chronic inflammation and by increasing your HDL and lowering your triglycerides which shows you have low levels or lower ones of the small particle LDL that causes blood vessel inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

You can also achieve lower levels of HS CRP inflammation by including omega 3 oils. And, high levels of HS CRP are danger signs for heart attack risk while low levels indicate little risk.

2.  Substantial protection from cancers because the high chronic inflammation levels omega 3 oils help prevent both help cause and worsen cancers.

Lowering chronic inflammation both prevents osteoarthritis and reduces pain and stiffness if you have it with no drugs needed to do these things.  Omega 3 oils have been shown to help do this.

3.  Very high levels of brain and mood protection and enhancement from growing new brain cells and preventing brain shrinkage and mental decline to feeling less irritable and depressed helping you to feel better and be easier to live with!

This is particularly true if in addition to eating wild caught fish and seafood high in omega 3 oils or take an omega 3 oil supplement, you take a DHA supplement.

DHA is a kind of omega 3 oil that produces these benefits.  It’s quite high in calamari, octopus, and in sardines and other small wild caught fish.  Jarrow makes a DHA supplement from calamari oil and you can buy water packed sardines for very little money.

Combined with regular exercise, DHA helps boost levels of BDNF that grow new nerves and brain cells.  (They both do this.  And by doing both, you get strong protection for your brain and mental abilities.)

Dr Al Sears just sent an email and added these:

Your brain uses DHA to stay sharp and accurate. People with higher levels of DHA have more plasticity, which means they can learn faster and retain memories more easily. DHA also boosts a protein in your brain that enhances learning and recall”

Women who take DHA while pregnant have kids that develop mentally earlier and better than women who do not.  Their babies apparently get more brain development by doing this.

B.  Here are the 3 methods:

1.  The most important one does take a bit of work to begin and some to continue well.  But given what it protects you from, pain & osteoarthritis, bad moods and irritability, disability, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, brain shrinkage, and other kinds of mental decline AND heart disease, it clearly is worth doing it!!

If you eat corn and soy and canola and safflower oils, eat grains heavily – particularly refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat and eat the fats from animal foods from animals fed grains, primarily GMO corn and soy AND don’t take or eat omega 3 oils your ratio in your body is from 10 to over 20 times higher in omega 6 oils than omega 3 oils.

But in that huge an amount and that high a ratio omega 6 oils are very pro-inflammatory. 

It’s easy to see that if someone is doing all this wrong, their ratio is so far from the one or two to one ratio that produces low inflammation and good health that it’s not possible to take or eat enough omega 3 to restore the balance.

If you stop eating all the foods and oils high in omega 6 that balances the ratio enough that adding omega 3 oils then becomes far more effective.

So, if you want to show omega 3 oils are ineffective simply test it on a population of people who don’t even know to cut their omega 6 oil intake and are not doing it at all!

(Refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat and even 100 % whole grains boost your blood sugar even more than sugars because they have such a high glycemic index.  That lowers HDL and boosts triglycerides besides helping to make you fat.  That causes heart disease in addition to the higher level of inflammation because it indicates more small particle LDL in your blood.

Worse, when your blood sugar gets high enough the sugars are attached to your LDL particles like spikes that harm the inner surface of your blood vessels and destroy capillaries all over your body.

So to be effortlessly less fat, have much less cardiovascular disease and low enough levels of omega 6 to make taking omega 3 oils more effective, stop eating foods made from refined wheat flour from hybrid, GMO wheat completely, stop eating oils high in omega 6 and used extra virgin olive oil instead, and cut or WAY back on eating other whole grains.

(Some rolled or steel cut oats or quinoa dishes can be OK in moderation.)

Eating wild caught fish and animals fed only grass and organic sprouts or are pasture fed on unpolluted pasture or beans and lentils instead of from grain fed animals for protein also helps a LOT.

If you can only get the grain fed kinds of meat and poultry, you can minimize the damage by eating the most lean and fat trimmed versions you can get.  You can add back oils with extra virgin olive oils.

(Grain fed, farmed fish have too much omega 6 and way less omega 3 oils.  But they are best NEVER eaten because of their sky high levels of several harmful pollutants!)

2.  Suppose you have cut way back on source of omega 6 in your food and you now take omega 3 supplements and a DHA supplement and eat wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils two or three times a week, wouldn’t be nice if you could do something easy to DOUBLE the health protective effect that gives you!?

Recent research found you can!!

You simply include about 4 ounces a day of any organic vegetable at any time of day but do it every day.

Recent research found this almost doubled the health protective effects!

We know that vegetables have hundreds of health protective nutrients including carotenes and the cancer protecting nutrients in cruciferous raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

But that result is still amazingly strong!

This was mainstream research and there is also reason to think it is likely accurate!

THIS one is very highly recommended!

Eating such vegetables also helps create permanent fat loss without excess hunger because they have so much fiber and so little sugars or fats or calories.

3.  What if you have heart disease or memory problems or joint pain you want to make better fast, is there a way to boost the effect of the omega 3 oils you are getting?

Dr Al Sears in a recent email said you CAN do that by taking krill oil with your DHA supplement.  He says research has found that krill oil makes the DHA more bioavailable AND transports more of it across the blood brain barrier.

That one I’m less sure of.  But if I had any of those things, I’d try it to see how it worked!

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