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The many reasons exercise IS critical for fat loss….

Today's Post:  Friday, 12-6-2012 

This really is hard to credit at times because there are many ways to get enough exercise and not lose weight or even GAIN weight.

I should know!  I already exercised better than most people but still had over 30 pounds of fat to get rid of.  I had to do more to cut calories but not nutrition to lose the 30 pounds I’ve lost.

And, there are people who eat totally the wrong things and get enough exercise who are far fatter than I was.

All quite true….BUT:

If you want to succeed at fat loss, you will dramatically increase your chances if you exercise. You’ll boost your chances even more if you do the right and most effective kinds!

If you want to lose fat AND NOT lose muscle and bone, you’ll increase them instead if you do the right kind of strength training and eat enough protein. 

This is extremely important to keep your health and mobility and ability to live on your own instead of in a nursing home as you get older.

AND, it’s critical to allow you to keep off the fat you lose and improve your health instead of harming it!

Want to get fatter without eating more or eating worse?
People who don’t strength train and just eat the same get much fatter over several years as they lose just a bit of muscle each year.  Then their bodies burn fewer calories and they add fat with them instead—even without eating more! And the fat they gain is bigger than the muscles they lose, so they LOOK fatter too!

If you’d rather do the reverse instead and add muscle and healthy bone weight and get to eat more without gaining back your fat, you should learn the most effective kind of strength training and do it every week.

Some people want to lose fat to be healthier and avoid diseases many people today take partially effective, high side effect drugs to manage. I’m for sure in that group! 
If you are too, exercise is total good news! 

Want to NOT have a heart attack or stroke?  The exercise itself directly turns down the small particle LDL that causes heart disease and strokes and vascular dementia. 
The exercise itself provides the best protection against moderately high blood pressure to prevent heart disease and strokes.

Want to BE and look younger than most people your age?  Exercise directly slows aging and keeps your mitochondria working as if you were much younger AND that effect turns down the insulin resistance that causes type 2 diabetes and all the horrible things that can cause.

Want to keep your memories and mental abilities?  The BDNF nerve and brain cell growth hormone your body releases when you exercise and the better blood sugar levels and the improved circulation is literally THE best Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia preventer known.  Tons of things help; but they really begin to be forceful and most effective IF you exercise too.

Would you like to lose all your excess fat and do it as fast as possible?

You can do this and do it better if you use the most effective kinds of exercise and do them every week.

Two of them burn calories for hours after you do them if you do them at all well!

Both of those cause fat loss directly in addition to your food and drink upgrades!

(It’s still true that your body is very efficient at using calories so you can eat more than this helps you; and eating and drinking the stuff that forces your body to gain fat instead of stopping it totally can tend to override exercise too.  BUT you’ll still be less fat and far healthier if you do the exercises.  AND when you eat better foods and drinks and avoid overdoing it all the time, fat loss will be easier and faster.  Best of all you’ll be able to eat more without gaining it back. So it will STAY OFF!)

One kind reduces stress and makes you more resilient and cuts cortisol and speeds your belly fat loss.  (I just posted on that one and am adding it myself by the end of this year.)

But that isn’t all!

Exercise empowers you to control what you eat!  Social psychologists found over 50 years ago that people who even begin to do some regular exercise change their self image.  Once they are doing regular exercise even for a few minutes once or twice a week every week, they see themselves as health oriented and able to take actions to protect their health!

Changes they might not have believed they would ever do become doable and even easy and people often do them then when they would never have done so before. They eat better food and begin to stop eating and drinking junk.  If they smoke, they quit or at least smoke less.

Guess what that means?!

It means that regular exercise is a little known key to enable you FOR SURE to begin eating the real foods that support your health well and do NOT make you fat AND totally stop the fattening and harmful foods and drinks some people have real trouble stopping.

If you exercise, in short, it’s literally like a magic want enabling you to lose fat you keep off!

It even makes your ability to eat right MUCH better! That’s in addition to everything else it does.

And that’s STILL not all!

Why do people lose fat at all? 

Exercise helps you begin to get the benefits you want and does it right ALL right away!

They want to feel more in control of their life.

They want to look better.

They want to feel better about themselves and feel more able.

They want to improve or protect their health.

It may take from a year to three years to lose ALL your excess fat depending on how much you have to lose.

But by doing exercise from the start, you begin to get ALL those benefits in the first month or two -- WAY before all the fat comes off!

It even gets better yet!

As soon as you lose the first 5 and then the first 10 % of your body weight as fat—AND you begin to do well with the exercises, you get HUGE health improvements!

People have been known to astound and please their doctors. 

Many people can stop taking drugs they have been on and hated. 

That’s because they no longer have that condition; or now have the improvements the doctor wanted to see; or have replaced the drug with far better health protection.

Others can go from four drugs to one and take half as much of that one.

But the key factors are clear, if you want to do the best at fat loss and keep it all off and get the benefits for sure you are losing that fat to get, exercise is what you need!

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Anonymous Katherine L said...

So true! I'm hoping that blog posts like this will help to really spread the word among any healthcare advisers who have not paid attention to nutrition research in the last 10 years. It is going to take time to undo the erroneous messages of the last 40 years regarding dietary fats....

9:11 AM  

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