Friday, November 22, 2013

Research says fat loss is essential for heart health....

Today's Post:  Friday, 11-22-2013

As many of you saw, yesterday we posted on how the severe impact on heart health of smoking and tobacco smoke exposure is the BIG reason to quit and ban second hand smoke from public areas.

Doctors have known for many years that the more people smoke and the longer they have smoked and even if they smoke lightly, smokers have MUCH more artery plaque buildup than people who have no tobacco smoke exposure. 

Every single exposure to tobacco smoke adds to the plaque buildup.  (The other half the problem is that tobacco smoke also triggers heart attacks in people who would have escaped them or only had them many years later.)

But this also means that anything else that causes that kind of plaque buildup is a direct cause for heart attack, strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia from the drop off in circulation.

We’ve known of course that the foods and drinks that make people fat are heart attack starters and do tend to cause just exactly that kind of plaque buildup.

And, we've known that the foods that tend to make people fat often contain oils high in omega 6 that boosts inflammation as well as the heart attack starters boosting inflammation as they damage your blood vessels.

Lastly, people who do the regular, vigorous exercise that causes fat loss also get heart health benefits.

So, since the things that cause obesity cause heart disease and plaque buildup and inflammation, it’s no surprise that the fatter people are the more plaque buildup they have.

But, until just recently, no one had measured both the BMI of people AND plaque buildup to see if this was a strong association or a weak one.

THAT was recently done!

Being fat turns out to be just like smoking! 

If someone smokes at all and the more someone smokes, you can know they have more plaque in their blood vessels even without measuring it directly.

Here’s what the new research found:

The higher someone’s BMI reading, the higher their plaque levels are.

Even if you do more things right and have better health indicators by exercising and eating less of the heart attack starters and less of the inflammatory foods, that means the fatter you are the more plaque you have and the more danger you and your health are in.

(We posted on how to do those things to lower your health risks right away even before you lose much of your fat on:  Tuesday, 10-22 this year.)

There are groups focused on accepting fat people as they are.

They believe two things:

1.  People who are fat deserve to be treated well as individuals and not treated badly without even knowing them or what they have to offer.

That’s completely accurate. 

Everyone deserves to be treated courteously and kindly period!!

AND, there are some people who are quite fat who are really remarkable people well worth knowing because they are such good, talented people.  The fools who write people off before getting to know them, can really lose out more than they may possibly imagine!

2.  They believe that fat people should not be urged to lose their fat.

THAT has just been proved totally wrong!

It’s simple.  This research says that everyone who is more than a little bit fat is risking serious health problems and a shorter sicker life.

Not only does this impact them and the people that care about them, it costs everyone money from the expensive drugs and treatments they will need that they could avoid.

It’s powered by the fact that until now we didn’t know much about helping such people lose that fat permanently and the solutions for some people who need them to lose fat at all were still far less developed than they are rapidly becoming.

Between the harm this research shows they risk by being so fat and the tools that are now becoming available EVERYONE who is too fat should begin to learn those tools and use them.

Telling them it’s OK to do nothing is irresponsible in my view!

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