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Resource documenting what health producing eating styles have in common….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 10-31-2013

A few days ago, I got an email trying to sell me information on a “magically effective” nutrient   that had been discovered by a Dentist in the 1930’s.

He had apparently gone to study more primitive groups then available to study to see why they seemed to have such extraordinary dental health.

He wound up studying a surprisingly large number of these cultures.  That was a real feat considering the state of transport available to him then!

But his findings were even more astonishing.  The dental health of those people WAS that good.  And, the number of people needing orthodontic treatment was zero or close to it.

But in those cases where that same culture adopted a more “modern” Western diet most of the people did need orthodontic care.

He took the pictures to prove it too.

The Paleo diet is based on eating as people did over 10,000 years ago and it is a bit limited in what it recommends.

This dentist, by contrast studied people alive less than 100 years ago who used many different styles of eating.  He then analyzed in some detail what they had in common that caused such good health results.

Paleo was included.  But there were many other styles that differed.

As you know if you are a regular reader here, we now know that all these diets had large amounts of locally sourced organic and mostly non-starchy vegetables.

What may surprise vegetarians is that they all used some kinds of wild caught or naturally fed animals and fish and seafood for food.

Of course, the things none of these ways of eating used at all or contained (from high fructose corn syrup to regular sugar to oils high in omega 6 oils to refined and whole grain wheat flour) are now known to be harmful and disease causing.

And except for some tiny intake of sugar from honey and other natural sources, they had virtually none.

By the way, the miracle nutrient was vitamin K2 mostly from animal or fish livers or other organ meats since these people wasted nothing edible from these animals and fish.

I now take vitamin K2 as a supplement because it along with exercise and vitamin D3 and other minerals such as magnesium causes bone repair and strengthening. That combination moves calcium from your foods from your blood stream to your bones for that purpose.

And, vitamin K2 also prevents calcium from depositing on your arteries which strongly prevents heart disease and high blood pressure.

So the vitamin, K2, IS that important because it makes calcium go where it benefits you and NOT go where it harms you!

Once I had the man’s name, I did not need the eBook to learn this, I just looked him up on Google.

The few people who knew how powerful the information he found was helped him form a foundation to ensure it was kept available and you can read their findings directly at its website.

The dentist was Weston Price. 

Weston Price had the state of the art NOW and had most of it in the 1930's!

The things he found then are about a 90% match for my analysis of the most health producing ways of eating now.

That should be no surprise since we both studied ways of eating proven to produce good health results.

But there are a few surprises in his data.

You can read that over for yourself it you like at:

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