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Stop mental decline and slow aging and stop insulin resistance....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 10-15-2013

We’ve already posted many times on ways to prevent mental decline of all kinds and Alzheimer’s disease.

Recent research found that consistent higher blood sugar readings and sugar in your blood (96 to 119 fasting blood sugar readings) means that you are directly having this excess blood sugar beginning to cause early Alzheimer’s disease.

(Higher levels that are diagnosed as type 2 diabetes begin to add spikes of sugar to your LDL which begins to act like sand in an engine and destroy your blood vessel surfaces and many of your capillaries.  THAT begins to accelerate the formation of Alzheimer’s disease and cause vascular dementia from the drop off in blood circulation to your brain

These two levels of elevated blood sugar mean that you have enough excess intake of foods and drinks that spike your blood sugar -- or enough insulin resistance to have your insulin be a bit high since you need extra insulin to even keep your blood sugar that low.

That extra insulin means consistent fat gain; and the extra sugars get sent off to permanent fat storage.  Oops!

1.  Of course, you can slash your intake of the foods and drinks that cause this by 90 to 100 % less.

In my view, no one with any sense who knew what they did to your health, let alone how fattening they are, would eat or drink ANY of these!:

Soft drinks, diet soft drinks; refined grain foods – particularly those made with wheat; or white rice. Nor would they ever voluntarily eat or drink ANYTHING containing high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners

And, they would cut out 90 % or more of other whole grains and real sugars.  They'd eat or use far less each time and consume them fewer days a week or a month.

2.  The other way to help fix this is to turn off the insulin resistance.

It seems that insulin resistance is caused in part by dysfunction in your mitochondria.  They are the generators of energy in your cells.

Just stopping the overload of work just listed helps restore your health and fix insulin resistance because you can get away with lower capacity in your mitochondria and they may be harmed less by the excessive blood sugars and lower blood flow as well that you then have less of.

But there are four more ways to restore your mitochondria to health.

1. Doing regular vigorous exercise most days of every week particularly short bursts of high intensity cardio and slow motion strength training directly causes your mitochondria to be healthier to support that.  And, it can quite literally turn off insulin resistance and use the sugars to do the work of the exercises.

Many people with lower levels of high blood sugar find doing slow motion strength training a few days a week simply turns it off!

2.  Your body uses the substance ubiquinol to repair and energize your mitochondria.  But the conversion of CoQ10 to ubiquinol that happens in younger people who eat plenty of high quality protein foods stops happening in older people.  Taking CoQ10 helped but was not very effective.  However, taking the supplement ubiquinol directly is effective.  So that too is a way to slow aging by partially reversing a major cause of it and also turn down insulin resistance.

3.  Unfortunately, millions of people today take statin drugs that most of them get little benefit from. 

(Only a minority of them get strong benefits due to their genetics.  And, the vast majority of doctors do NOT give the $150 genetic test first to see if they are in that minority or not.) 

Then too, there are safer and far more effective ways to prevent heart disease than taking statins even for the group that they are more effective for.

(See our previous posts on that.)

Why is that such a big deal?  Because statin drugs deplete CoQ10 and ubiquinol in the body of people who take them. 

That’s really harmful!  It depletes the mitochondria in the hearts of people who take statins and weakens them.

But even worse than that, the mitochondrial dysfunction from taking statins directly causes insulin resistance.

So it should be no surprise at all that statin drugs cause more type 2 diabetes than they prevent heart attacks.

So the third way to slow aging and stop insulin resistance and the mental decline that causes is to use better heart protection methods than taking statin drugs.

4.  What would be almost better than these methods if we could find it?

What if we could cause your cells to grow brand new, healthy mitochondria too?

The exciting new discovery is that we DO have that now!

It’s called pyrroloquinoline-quinone, or PQQ.

It's a new vitamin and is in kiwi fruit and eggs from pasture fed hens and some other foods.

It DOES cause your cells to add new mitochondria.

So you can see taking PQQ helps actually reverse part of aging and that it helps turn down insulin resistance.

And, it is available as a supplement.  Jarrow supplies it.  The effective dose tests out to be about 20 mg a day and Jarrow supplies it in 10 mg and 20 mg sizes.

So you can see that taking PQQ would likely stop the creation of some causes of Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Al Sears has found research that shows exactly that.

This research shows that:

"When you take PQQ, it protects the proteins in your brain and reduces the formation of the plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s. PQQ also protects the brain from the toxic effects of any plaque that may already be there.1"

“PQQ reverses amyloid plaque toxicity and damage: In one of the first studies to look at PQQ, researchers found that when they pre-treated brain cells with PQQ they were protected from damage by amyloid plaque. In fact, brain cells “recovered” from death induced by the plaque, PQQ prevented healthy brain cells from dying, and made weakened and dying brain cells give off “healthy” signals again.3

PQQ protects against brain injury and improves memory: After suffering a brain injury, a group of animals were trained for five days to do a maze test. The animals given PQQ easily completed the maze, but none of the animals without PQQ could complete the maze. And the more PQQ the animals got, the faster they could do the maze.4

PQQ shields brain cells from toxicity: In another animal study, two groups of rats got a toxic level of glutamate (yes, the same stuff that’s in artificial sweeteners) in their brain. One group also got PQQ. The PQQ protected the animals’ brain cells from injury. It also acted as a powerful antioxidant, squelching free radicals so they didn’t cause damage.5"  

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