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More ways to lower chronic inflammation....

Today's Post:  Friday, 10-25-2013

Last Tuesday we posted on the two basic ways even people who are considerably too fat can become dramatically healthier within a few weeks and well before they lose any of their excess fat.

Researchers found that there are people who are too fat who still nevertheless have health indicators that while not ideal are MUCH closer to it than many fatter people have

These people were studied to find out why!

The two key things that were different are these:

This healthy group of fat people are much more fit and less sedentary than those with very bad readings.

And, their measures of inflammation are far lower.

You can do each of these two things and not only become dramatically healthier within a few weeks, but you get some fat loss from it with no extra effort to eat less needed!

In Tuesday’s (10-22-2013) post, we posted on how to get into such exercises safely and many doable ways to slash your level of chronic inflammation.

But as often happens, I realized I’d left out several more effective and doable ways to stop inflammation.

So, here they are:

(I’ve also included a huge benefit of cutting your level of chronic inflammation that I left out last time.)

1.  Dark cherry extract; dark and sour cherries as a food; and celery seed extract supplements all cut inflammation enough to ease the pain of gout.

And, recent research found that considerably too high intake of salt if you do it long enough, causes damage to the insides of your blood vessels.  This causes inflammation.  And, it seems gout is then caused by that inflammation and is an indicator of it!

(This blood vessel damage also causes heart disease too – and high blood pressure!)

That means that if you cut back on excess sodium by stopping things like MSG; and use other spices and not just salt; salt your foods a bit less often and use sea salt or magnesium chloride instead of pure sodium chloride most of the time; and tend to only add more salt to foods AFTER you taste them – AND stay completely away from canned goods and breads that are high in salt, you will have healthier blood vessels; lower blood pressure; MUCH lower inflammation; AND you may avoid gout too!

( Note that Hain makes a packaged and easy pour sea salt that has had iodine added which they sell at Whole Foods which makes doing this MUCH easier to do!)

Also note that you get two other benefits by doing this.

Other aches and pains will become much less and much less noticeable because of your lower inflammation too.  So you can use far less or zero over the counter pain killers.  Since those are expensive if you take several a day and have more side effects than is widely known, that alone is a BIG benefit.

Even better, you may escape osteoarthritis or have it STOP getting worse!  Did you know that research has found that high chronic inflammation CAUSES osteoarthritis.  It’s NOT just aging and wear and tear.  When your body temporarily boosts inflammation to call in repairs to your joints, that is completely OK.  But if it gets too much inflammation or the inflammation fails to stop when it should, it causes damage to your joints!

And, high chronic inflammation every day over time tends to build up a lot of damage!

2.  Getting flu and colds causes inflammation.  Worse, fighting the fever with over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs stops part of your body’s immune response and makes the flu or cold last longer and more severe.

So, particularly now when the flu season has started and begun to spread across the country, if you haven’t already done so, here are two things to consider doing right away!

1.  If you can and don’t already do so, this week begin to take 3,000 to 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3.  Research has found that this is the optimum and safe intake for most people.

And, from now through February getting that much from sun exposure is almost impossible in most places in the Northern hemisphere.

The benefits are spectacular by doing so also.

Because we now know doing this boosts your immune system so much you get 3 benefits.

This makes you getting kinds of flu the flu shot doesn’t cover much less likely and getting bad colds less likely too. 

Flu shots do work.  But they have a failure rate.  But if you take that much vitamin D3, your flu shot is MUCH more likely to work to protect you.

Third, if you get that much vitamin D3, your chances of getting a severe case of the flu or dying directly of it virtually disappears!

2.  If you haven’t already done so, DO get your flu shot.  At least half the kinds you will be exposed to are covered!  And, if you take the vitamin D3 along with it, it’s very likely to make your flu shot work.

You can cut your chances of getting the flu about in half by getting the flu shot.

Add taking the vitamin D3 and you can do even better than that -- AND you will be far safer!

Why not avoid getting the flu? 

Recent research shows that it boosts inflammation and blood vessel damage so much that people who get the flu shot every year have less heart disease!

Last but far from least, the vast majority of the much touted deaths during the flu season are NOT caused directly by the flu.  They are caused by the pneumonia many people get once the flu has weakened them.

But you can prevent most cases of pneumonia too!  You only need to get the pneumonia vaccine once every 10 years or so.  And as with the flu shot, it will be more likely to protect you if you take the 3,000 to 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3.

Have you gotten the pneumonia vaccine at all?  If so has it been more than 10 years ago?

If you haven’t, you can not only lower your likely inflammation but be more likely to stay alive if you get the pneumonia vaccine!

If that fits you, please get it this week.  Why let yourself get that sick when you can completely avoid it?  

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Blogger David said...

Since I wrote this post, I got an email with some research that the extra nutrients from olives in extra virgin olive oil are directly anti-inflammatory too!

It seems extra virgin olive oil is more than just an oil that produces no inflammation itself which is why to replaces the high omega 6 oils that do with extra virgin olive oil.

2:30 PM  

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