Monday, December 23, 2013

Four GREAT Christmas ideas....

Today's Post:  Monday, 12-23-2013

1.  The holidays can be super stressful.

But one of my strength and health emails had this idea that can be a huge help!

(I think it was in John Rowley’s email.)

You have all these things to do.  So, if you do as most people do and say I HAVE to do this and I HAVE to do that, you can get tired and cranky really fast.

His idea is surprisingly simple.  You have the same things to do. 

But talk about them by saying I GET to do this and I GET to do that. 

THEN the focus is on being able to do them and caring about the people you get to do them for.  You feel MUCH happier even if you are still rushed.

2.  When you get a gift, do as my Dad used to do and was so good at. 

He always gave people a sincere thanks.  He showed he liked to be remembered and was happy to get a gift from that person.

He may have not thought the gift a great choice or wanted something else.  Sometimes you could tell. 

BUT he always gave the person who gave him that gift a sincere thanks.  He showed he liked to be remembered and was happy to get a gift from that person.  That positive and gracious way of thinking meant you could never go wrong or have a bad time giving Dad a gift.

It made every birthday and every Christmas go better.  He is gone now.  But you can still use his gift!  Do as he did, it really makes things better!

3.  An article in the paper had an interesting finding that I read recently. 

Oddly they found most people LIKE getting cash as a present but think others won’t like getting cash!

So, if you have a really well selected gift that you are almost certain they will like or a really nice version of what they asked for, that’s great!  But if you have no clue or time to shop, a really thoughtful card and a check WILL be a good gift!

4.   The real Jesus looks to have been born in late summer sometime in August according the people who study such things.

Why them, did the Christians move the celebration date to mid-Winter?

Because the existing traditions for this time of year were so positive and it made the Christian celebration more meaningful & helped it fit almost every culture they entered when they were still a new religion.

That’s because this time of year is dark and cold and in previous times food was often in short supply. 

But, despite those things this time of year is a time to give and help people and rejoice –

-- Because these problems are temporary and light and warmth and all good things will come again and do begin to do so right now -- in mid-winter!

May your holiday season be happy and may you have healthy and prosperous New Year!  

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