Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fat for Fuel and ketogenic fat loss ideas.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-27-2017

Last week I had ordered the book listed below from Amazon about ketogenic fat loss and related health benefits:

* Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy is a new book by Dr. Joseph Mercola which came out on May 16, 2017.

* I was quite disappointed with it.  It was extremely technical and not at all well set up to use as a guide to fat loss.

*It was even less usable for people who know to add or maintain their strength and muscle mass.

*That said, it did have some valuable information that was new to me:

After fasting, the follow up week or two to add to or maintain any fatloss, will only work well if you stay in ketosis. AND a bit too much protein will turn off ketosis as effectively as too much carbohydrate intake.

Also, if you stay in ketosis with some protein in the week or two following a fast, you can get better fat loss results if you eat most of your food in a way that you have a 12 hour or more fasting period each day.

And, if you eat enough more protein and carbs while still eating in a low carb way to stop ketosis but maintaining that practice of eating most of your food in a way that you have a 12 hour or more fasting period each day the week or so after that it can help prevent rebound fat gain.

*On a totally different topic, he presents evidence that taking an iron supplement and/or having too high a level of iron in your blood in men and in post menopausal women not only can cause heart disease, it tends to cause fat gain or prevent you from losing it

Since I’ve had less success with my efforts at fatloss and I HAVE been taking a multi with iron, I found this personally interesting!

I’d heard of the possible link to heart disease and that giving blood could reduce the risk.

But he also says it has a negative effect on efforts to lose fat you keep off.  The even more valuable thing he has in this book is how often to give blood to prevent this effect.

I did give blood a couple of times for heart disease prevention.  But I had no clue how well this worked or how often to give blood to get this effect.

He has the answers to those questions in this book!  You can get a blood test for iron as ferritin.  And his book has how often you need to give blood each year based on your test results.

*I’ve also been reading both Mike Matthews and Ben Pakulski’s work on how to add muscle AND lose fat.

Both have gotten excellent results.

Mike’s advice is less complex to follow but Ben’s advice is based on a good bit more of the technical knowledge in Dr Mercola’s book and is more compatible with it.

*It looks like adding this new information to what I’ve been trying may already may make my efforts more successful.

When I fasted and seemed not to lose as much fat as I wanted and then gained it back that may well have been because I didn’t create ketosis or didn’t do it enough when I fasted and then didn’t have a week of eating while maintaining ketosis or the daily fasts for several hours a day or have a week eating low carb without ketosis but with the daily fasts for several hours a day.

Dave Asprey of Bulletproof has had good results with just his coffee and butter and his MCT oil with no food during the first part of the day and his main meal at lunch time.

For me, and according to the studies I’ve seen, many other people, eating the main meal at breakfast and very lightly if at all in the evening to get this several hours of fasting a day works better.

For a four week period for fat loss, something like the following may work:

1.  A week of fasting with ketosis.

2.  A week of only moderate protein intake at breakfast while maintaining ketosis and the daily fast in the evening.

For those two weeks, do the same intensity but far less repetitions or weight in my strength training due to the protein restriction.  This maintains the training of my nerve control and I think will prevent muscle loss.

3.  A week of my normal high protein intake but maintaining the daily fast in the evening and a low carb eating style.

4.  Then a week of high protein all day eating with some carbs for muscle gain.

*It will be interesting to see how well that works when I try it.

*Meanwhile, I’ll get my ferritin tested to see how much iron I might need to remove by giving blood.  

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to prevent muscle loss as you get older ….

Today's post:  Tuesday, 7-25-2017

*People who get older and don’t prevent it tend to become frail with weak bones and can need to be taken care of from weakness and lack of mobility.

Worse, they aren’t strong enough to prevent falls and if they fall they can break multiple bones.  This is often a painful and life ending event.

*But it can be prevented! 

These things we just listed don’t happen to those who prevent this muscle loss.  So if you’d like to avoid those limitations and harms for yourself, you can do so!

The Medical News Today article below says that sarcopenia, wasting away of enough muscle mass to cause problems in older people can be prevented by three things:

1.  Eating a modest amount of protein, one gram of protein for every kg of bodyweight per day;

Health OK protein like organic vegetables, grass fed whey or meat, eggs from pastured hens, dairy products from grass fed cows; and wild caught fish and tree nuts for those not allergic all work.  

Grass fed whey works best for building muscle. It's high in leucine and its protein profile fits the profile of human muscle protein almost exactly.

2.  Getting effective strength training each week for your major muscles. "..exercise all the major muscle groups, which include the legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, and abdomen."

3.  Take preventive supplements:  

Take the supplement creatine and taking an adequate amount of vitamin D3.  

"....taking creatine supplements may increase strength and lean muscle mass in adults of any age."

Jarrow makes creatine in a powdered form which is the easiest way to get decent amounts; and they also make an 800 mg capsule.

Taking 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 along with vitamin K2 both makes bones and muscles stronger and harder to injure.  

Vitamin K2 both enhances that AND sends calcium to your bones and muscle and removes it from your blood vessels!  So the K2 they didn't mention is very important to take also.

Taking a gram a day of  l-leucine and two grams a day of l-carnitine and taking ursolic acid is also known to help. Ursolic acid is in the supplement Holy Basil which is the easiest way to buy it.

(Taking ubiquinol and PQQ to boost your mitochondria that power your muscles also helps as does NOT taking statins which do the reverse and tend to cause effective strength training to damage muscles instead of building them up!)

Sarcopenia: Causes, symptoms, and management
Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by loss of muscle mass. Learn about the causes and symptoms of this condition, and how it is diagnosed and treated.
-----Original Message-----
From: Medical News Today
To: iehealth
Sent: Fri, Jul 21, 2017 1:49 pm
Subject: MNT daily newsletter - 21 July 2017

*Note that this kind of muscle wasting also can cause you to get fat over time.  That’s because if you eat the same and your muscles shrink and use fewer calories, the amount you eat can stay the same and seem normal but the extra calories gradually fatten you!

So the other reason to prevent this muscle wasting is to avoid this fat!

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fat for Fuel.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-20-2017

* Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy  -- is a new book by Dr. Joseph Mercola which came out on May 16, 2017.

It’s available on Amazon: 

I just ordered my copy earlier today.

I did that for three reasons:

1.  As I posted on my Monthly Fatloss Report last Monday, in my quest to gain muscle and lose fat, I seem to finally have found what works for me to add muscle.  And I seem to be doing so while gaining no fat.  This is very good because it’s more typical when eating enough protein and extra carbohydrates compared to a very low carb diet to add as many pounds of fat as you add pounds of muscle.

After a few more weeks or months of doing this, given that what I eat is the same from week to week, I may have gained enough muscle to also force some fatloss.

But after that time if I still have most of my excess fat, about 16 pounds, I want to renew my efforts to lose fat directly.

Because Dr Mercola explains how to test for the ketosis that causes fat loss to manage the process successfully in this book, I think I can be more effective in my fasting and low carb eating than I was last time I tried it a few months ago. 

It also helps that the comments of readers of this book show people who have lost fat quickly and right away while following his methods.  And, people who lose fat quickly in their first few weeks research has found are more likely to succeed in losing a meaningful amount of fat and keeping it off.

2.  To the extent his book has the information that eating in a way that puts you into ketosis DOES boost the function of your mitochondria, THAT is new information to me and I think most people.

a) It means some of the fat loss from eating in a way that keeps you in ketosis is from boosting your metabolism!

 It means that eating in a way that keeps you in ketosis sharply slows aging. 

And, it can increase your energy and feeling of energy.  That may enable you to think better and be more productive too!

It even might help you get stronger while you are losing fat by eating enough protein but not fasting while being in ketosis.

3.  We already know that having some periods of time where you continue eating only health supporting foods but enough more of the higher carbohydrate ones, make following a ketogenic diet easier for most people to do the rest of the time. 

People who do strength training well also find such breaks help add extra muscle during them.

The overall reputation for the better done low carb diets has been that they DO effectively cause fat loss but few if any people can stay on them long term.

Clearly good tasting recipes for low carb foods can help.  Achieving the fat loss you want can help.  And, now with Dr Mercola’s book, it looks like knowing the very desirable health benefits can help.

But I hope to be able to add to that how to use these breaks without gaining back all the fat you lost.  So, I’m quite keen to see if the information in Dr Mercola’s book can help me do this.

(My experience with fasting but not eating low carb after it, was that I lost on the scale and maybe some fat but that I gained it all back.)

Dr Mercola’s book may help give me the combination of the easier to stay on ketogenic eating and breaks that don’t bring all the fat back will enable people to stay on a program that KEEPS THE FAT OFF once you lose it. 

THAT I’m personally looking forward to!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Being too hot can cut helpful thoughts & actions….

Today's post:  Tuesday, 7-18-2017

* Being too hot can cut helpful thoughts & actions

You can read the article with that information here:

"We know from past research, and personal experience, that hot, muggy, uncomfortable weather can make us cranky and potentially unpleasant.

A new study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology demonstrates how the heat may make you less helpful.... "

*This can cause you problems at home and at work.  If you are in business, it can cut customer service quality and drive customers away.

When it’s hot in the summer it helps to know how to combat this!

And, now that more places are hot or hotter more often because of global warming, it is increasingly important to know how to combat this! 

*There are three ways to do so:

1.  You can make where you live or work far less hot even though it’s still hot outside.

Just the difference between 69 & 80, let alone over 80 or over 90, cuts the ability to give good customer service or volunteer help or give as much of it if you do.

*So, using enough A/C or heat proofing + fans & saving up the cooler temps at night with good insulation + good air conditioning to solve the external problem helps!

(Venting the heat buildup under the roof before it radiates into the living space; well designed window shades outside; heat-reflecting or heat insulating windows; and heat blocking curtains can keep the heat outside!  This saves having to pay money and energy to pump the heat outside.  You can cut that to zero or reduce it by over half!

Ceiling fans can enable you to feel OK up to 5 to 7 degrees more.  You may function best at 68 and OK at 72.  With ceiling fans you may be OK from 73 to even 79 degrees.

*Cooling just your bedroom also prevents an energy drop from poor & less sleep! 

Having your bedroom never get hotter than 68 with very light blankets if needed, can be like an extra half hour to more than an hour of sleep compared with over 80 and having to get up to change out of wet, sweaty clothes all night!

*Cooling your workplace WILL make you more productive, particularly if you need to concentrate to do knowledge work or sell or do customer service.  Heat proofing the space; ceiling fans; and reliable air conditioning all make this happen!

2.  You can do the things proven to reduce or cancel this effect inside your brain and body. (It’s not well known; but this is quite doable!)

If your underlying chronic inflammation is high, you are more likely to be irritable and be crabby with people. 

If it’s quite low, you may well be easy to live with and nice to people because you feel so much better.  So the more you know how to have your inflammation be low safely and do it, the easier it is to be easy to live with and be nice to people. 

For resisting heat, the difference between high chronic inflammation and very low can make as much as a ten degree difference in how much heat you can deal with and keep good spirits and good behavior.

Studies found that feeding jail inmates a breakfast with some kind of fish high in omega 3 oils or giving them omega 3 and DHA supplements made the inmates less irritable so much that it cut down on fights!  The inmates were unaware of how much feeling less irritable influenced their behavior.  But it worked anyway!

Since adding the other parts of a very low inflammation lifestyle have such incredible health benefits, doing it to help your personal heat proofing in hot weather is a great idea!

And, since soft drinks both regular and diet boost inflammation but people who don’t know to avoid them drink more of them in hot weather, that can make a big difference!

(High chronic inflammation besides making you more irritable also causes or helps cause Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks and strokes, and many cancers!

In fact, one of the best ways to learn the basics of lowering your chronic information is to read the book, AntiCancer and follow its advice! 

Also using ginger or taking it as a supplement and only getting the vegetables and fruit it recommends in organic forms only will increase how well this protects your health and lowers your chronic inflammation.)

3.  You can practice good ways to be nice, easy to talk to, and, in business, to give good customer service -- enough that you can do them anyway even if you feel way too hot!

If you know how to ask the right questions and ask what would help and do so well enough you could almost do it in your sleep, you can make a habit of asking them so consistently, you can ask them even when the heat HAS made you irritable and you feel horrible.

And, once you do so, the reaction of the other people is so much better than not asking them, this will often solve the problem despite the heat!

*So, if you can minimize the heat and increase your ability to overcome the effects of the heat in these two ways, you can slash how much harm too much heat otherwise tends to cause you.  

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Monday, July 17, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report June 2017.....

Today's post:  Monday, 7-17-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 7-15-2017

Gained 2.2 pounds from 167.7 last month to 169.9

Gained an inch on my chest to 38 from 39.  This makes 1.5 inches from 2 months ago when I was 37 & a half inches.

No change on my waist to a half inch increase at about 41 & a half to 42.

Gained an inch & a half in my hips from 37 & a half to 39

1.  Since last month I gained about two pounds but only one pound exactly since two months ago.

2.  My chest and hips were an inch and an inch & a half bigger..

My waist was about the same – way too big! 

But my better strength training did seem to add to my chest measure AND my hip measurement.

Since I also got stronger and my muscles look bigger and my wife says they are harder, it’s clear my new strength training technique is adding muscle!

Mike Matthews says that it’s typical to add 5 pounds of fat when you eat enough protein & carbs and strength train well enough to add 5 pounds of muscle.

(Just one example:  Not long ago I was pleased if I could do 40 to 44 pushups the one day a week I test that each week each Monday.  Today, I did 59 and after catching my breath a bit I did 16 more for a total of 75 in about 60 seconds. 

That extra effort to learn to use extra strong tension in the muscles doing the work on the last few repetitions and between each set isn’t just working, it’s working superwell!  Even better, I’m just beginning to get better at it.

This last 4 weeks I also added the 20 mg of Synephrine and a bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin three times a day which is thought to boost metabolism.

That plus slightly bigger and more exercised muscles likely did boost my metabolism over the last few weeks.

So, if the inches I gained where I exercised my muscles better are muscle, my weight gain was maybe close to all muscle.

If so, very little or none of my gain in pounds was fat. 

Maybe the 20 mg of Synephrine and a bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin three times a day boosted my metabolism enough to prevent the typical fat gain to almost zero.

 3.  My food intake was very close to the same as last month. 

My cardio exercises were about the same too.

4.  What changed was that I did do better at strength training doing the extra high contraction and focus reps at the end of each set and between them.

My stress level was about the same; but I handled it better AND got some small and big good news that helped lift it a bit

*For me, as for many people, having enough money for at least a minimum OK lifestyle with zero chances of severe money problems reduces stress.  I was under that threat far less the two weeks just before I measured for this month.

*For me, even more than other people who also have it but at a lower level, having an ally who is unusually supportive and of some help sharply lowers my stress level.

5.  The most promising person who WAS responsive with favorable information and replies and who WILL be a future ally can only do so when I reach some milestones that will take a few weeks or months to reach. 

But the new information the past month makes it likely I’ll have those milestones soon. AND, it looks likely I’ll be able to add several key people as allies to do so!

My back up emergency person did come through right before my deadline and this time with the money that was my preferred request. 

AND, the past few weeks the 20 mg of Synephrine and a bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin three times a day plus extra dried parsley and dried oregano I added reverses the usual fat regain by directly reversing the causes that were found by research that I posted on last year!

In this case, it seems to have prevented fat gain instead.) 

6.  I believe my continued persistence and continuing to both follow up on successful efforts and finding new and promising things to check on AND doing so, will enable me to lose my excess fat remaining and keep it off.

7.  I’m continuing to find new ways to boost my metabolism and add bone and muscle that I’m beginning to use.

I don’t know yet for sure how effective my new supplements are in helping me lose fat as I gain muscle -- though the data do look good for that this month.

But as my new strength training method helps me get stronger; I get better at it; and I can get to the heavier weights to use it on, it DOES begin to look like I’m adding enough muscle that by eating about the same – or eating about the same and fasting better than I did last time and while using the new supplements a few times, I’ll finally get back to weighing 161 pounds with far less fat than I have had.


 I’ll achieve the financial leverage I need.

I’ll get the active allies I need.

 AND I’ll begin to use all of the metabolism boosters I’ve found to add to the ones I’ve been using.

(That includes adding a weekly workout at a gym with heavy barbells and adding these new techniques and trying the BulletProof vibe.)  

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quit smoking for sure with no fat gain.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-13-2017

*Do you live in California?

If so and you still smoke, you know that cigarettes just went from $6 a pack to $9.

Would you prefer to be a nonsmoker and drop your cost for cigarettes to zero?

*Do you live somewhere other than California but you still smoke and would prefer to be a nonsmoker?

If you said yes to either question, this post is for you.

There are many reasons people who want to be nonsmokers don’t try to quit OR stop smoking but go back to smoking anyway.

*Here’s the news!

There are now solutions to each of the reasons why people don’t try to quit smoking or don’t succeed when they try.  People who use each one well become lifelong nonsmokers.

*You may need more than information to quit smoking. So we are working on a paid coaching program to ensure you learn to use the solutions.  See the end of this post if you want to be on the waiting list to ensure you are included in the first group.

There are two reasons people who prefer to be nonsmokers still smoke.

1.  They don’t think they can do it or they tried and failed before.

*Without knowledge of how to prevent it, people who use nicotine by smoking or vaping or using other tobacco products, tend to psychologically crave nicotine when they stop using it.  

Without turning that off, it is extremely hard to quit and stay off nicotine.

*Then too, some people have more severe physical or cognitive withdrawal effects when they stop using nicotine.

*Lastly, people who don’t know the antidotes who used cigarettes or other nicotine products who suddenly get extra stressed, or are extra stressed now, very often will go back to the cigarettes or other nicotine products they were using.
At that stress level people often need SOMETHING;  and if they have nothing else will retry cigarettes.

2.  Or they know except for very light and very heavy smokers people who quit smoking gain ten pounds or more of added fat because they lose the boost nicotine was giving their metabolism.

If you know that you may want to cause that even less than you would rather not smoke.

I saw a study that found most smokers want to quit but half of them won’t even try because they want that fat gain even less!

But if you have a toolkit and something important breaks, you simply fix it.

*With the solutions we have now, if you prefer to be a nonsmoker, learn these new tools and use them and you will be a nonsmoker the rest of your life.

*The man who unlocked the door to all this had a stroke of genius.  It turns out his new insight was and is accurate.

The man who did this was a very heavy smoker.  Once he had this new understanding based on the careful analysis he did, he realized it was true.

His name was Alan Carr. 

After he smoked his last cigarette with this new understanding he was a nonsmoker because he had no reason to have any more ever again. 

Did he have cravings for nicotine or cigarettes after this? No he did not.  It literally could be called The Great Escape!

The wonderful news is that once you completely understand what he discovered, you can do it too. 

Thousands of people who have read his book about it also have escaped nicotine craving totally!

There are three ways you can learn this.

*From the description here just reading it and following the logic might do it for you.

Simply put he realized that when he smoked to relieve stress when he was bothered by the physical discomfort from having his nicotine level go down, what happened was the slight physical discomfort left OK. 

But all that did was to restore him to where he would have been to start with had he been a nonsmoker.  He realized at that point he STILL had to deal with the stress!

Had he simply been a nonsmoker he could have STARTED there and saved all that fuss and mess and expense.

If you understand this and its implications, you stop craving cigarettes and nicotine psychologically.  It’s total & immediate.  Once you get by the much less addicting physical withdrawal symptoms you are a nonsmoker.

(Also, you can see why in our system ALSO teaching you a way to deal with severe stress that works better the greater the stress is helps ensure that you quit nicotine and not even go back if some disaster strikes after you quit!)

*To help people believe him and force them to think about it in enough ways to internalize it, he wrote a book.

The people who got the book and read it all the way through as soon as they had a copy, got the same result he did.

Alan Carr:    Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking    Nov 17, 2011     Paperback   $ 11 .99

It’s currently available on Amazon

For people who need more than the book there is coaching and there will soon be a lot more!

*In the UK where he lived his followers set up a group coaching program for people who could use his discovery to quit but needed some help initially to do it.

(Without the new added help we are adding, the people in the UK coaching program to learn Alan Carr’s method were six to eight times more likely to quit than people in old style programs a research study showed!)

*Our coaching program, when we launch it, will do the coaching online, but it will give you extra power and leverage to make upgrades to your health to help ensure your success.

It will also give you tools to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms if you have them.

It will give you a way to overcome severe stress that works BETTER the greater the stress AND which uses zero drugs.

It will give you ways to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal problems with no drugs AND a way to simply turn them off psychologically that works better than morphine.

It will give you extra and effective ways to rapidly turn down the health risks smoking was causing you.

Two of those have each been shown to make success at quitting twice as likely.

The coaching itself has been shown to make success at quitting more than twice as likely.

Those risk reduction methods turn off so many things that make people fat that many people will avoid fat gain from just doing them!

AND, we’ll give you ways to boost your metabolism to add to the fat loss those things make likely.

(We think our method as it now exists will help people quit and get LESS fat instead of gaining more. 

And, we will work to improve our methods to increase the percentage of people that do completely avoid fat gain after they quit nicotine whether from smoking or vaping or patches or other tobacco products.)

To get on the waiting list for our online coaching to quit smoking for sure with no fat gain, email me, David Eller at .     

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Great Health News for Californians!….

Today's post:  Tuesday, 7-11-2017

*I supported Proposition 56 which did pass in California and went into effect recently which jumped the taxes on each pack of cigarettes by $2.

Of course I did that because I’ve found out in how incredibly many ways each puff of tobacco smoke sickens and kills. 

(People sort of know about cancer; but it’s much worse than they know. Doctors know about heart disease. But that tobacco & its smoke causes half of all Alzheimer’s cases too few people yet know. And, few people know tobacco & its smoke causes a big speed up in aging)

*And, I did that in part because fewer people smoking means that I & everyone in California will be subjected to less second hand smoke when the tax increase causes more people to quit and those who continue to smoke less.

Now that Proposition 56 has been in effect for awhile, the great news for Californians is that fewer people are smoking.  People who still smoke, smoke less.

*The article in the San Jose Mercury says that the retail per pack price has gone from $6 a pack to $9 a pack. 

This $3 increase is good news because it will cut smoking more than just the $2 tax increase.  (It seems the retailers are trying to keep some of their previous profits by adding that extra dollar.)

*According to the graph in the story about 75 million packs of cigarettes were sold in May, 2016.

After a jump to about 92 million just before the tax when retailers bought at the pretax prices and then fell a bit below the likely future average in April, the new level of sales is now about 38 million packs that was sold in May, 2017.

*If that level of sales stays the same or even drops in half, that’s incredibly good news for the California financially!

The San Jose Mercury article then wrote of people being disappointed in the taxes raised for MediCal that serves low income Californians.

They should be jumping up & down for joy instead!

Now far fewer low income Californians will draw on MediCal funds than before. And, there will be more funds available for those who do still need them!

*Studies of communities with similar drops in smoking find almost immediate and LARGE savings in emergency room visits for heart attacks.

These studies proved that smoking not only causes heart disease, it triggers heart attacks in people who would have otherwise escaped them! 

As I remember, it cut heart attack visits IN HALF!

Emergency room visits alone are so expensive, just these first visits no longer happening will boost the MediCal funds for everything else by millions of dollars in every part of California.

In short for every drop in taxes for MediCal of about $10 just this huge drop in ER costs will net MediCal about $100 in savings.

And that may only be half of the savings! 

The people who no longer had heart attacks AND the uneducated and the poor people who smoke and then have to be treated with MediCal funds when they get all these diseases, the costs on an ongoing basis will both drop by 25 to 100 %.

The conclusion is:

*Because of the effect of Proposition 56, YOU are now safer when you go to public places than you were last year.  (The big drop in second hand smoke is more protective than most people know!)

*And, because of the effect of Proposition 56 regardless of any new tax revenue,

fewer people will need MediCal funds AND the amount of MediCal funds available for those who still need them will go up substantially!

*Best of all, far fewer Californians will be sick or disabled by illness than there otherwise would have been!  

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Things that help fatloss also prevent cancer.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-6-2017

*We already posted on how doing a complete lifestyle upgrade to prevent and mostly reverse the big boost in excessively high chronic inflammation is something I learned the most from in the book Anticancer.

The things he recommends to sharply drop high chronic inflammation and directly prevent cancer as well, include two things that help fat loss enormously!

He says to COMPLETELY remove all these to lower high chronic inflammation enough to strongly prevent cancer from what you eat and drink:

All drinks & semi-foods made with refined hybrid wheat, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, artificial sweeteners, and oils high in omega 6 and those oils that are also hydrogenated.

This includes both regular & diet soft drinks, over 99% of baked goods and breads, all fast food except water, and all packaged dinners and snacks and desserts.

Every single one of these is more fattening than the calories in it and horribly harmful for your health.

The average American takes in as much as 25% of their calories from these foods!

So it’s small wonder that removing them all often results in a 25 pound fat loss for many people with no other effort at eating less!

*He also recommends an eating style that includes many kinds of vegetables other than potatoes and he recommends whole fresh fruit too as the basis of what people eat instead.

We believe that also insisting on as close to 100% of this produce be organic is even more likely to prevent cancer.  You avoid the pesticides and herbicides that are known carcinogens and those that likely are but it hasn’t been proven yet.

Eating many more of these vegetables and whole fruit also tends to result in a 25 pound fat loss for many people with no other effort at eating less!

*The many kinds of cruciferous vegetables ALSO directly prevent cancer too!

The email I get from these folks had an article on the cancer preventing effects of cruciferous vegetables:

Besides the sulforaphane and mixed carotenoids & IC3 Carbinol and DIM and some others,

"....cruciferous vegetables also contain an anti-cancer compound called benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC), which helps combat cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells often hide out, evading treatment, only to emerge and cause a recurrence of cancer. "    

So cruciferous vegetables not only kill cancers, they also remove many of the stem cells that would enable it to restart!

(Of course if any come back anyway if you are still eating this way, those likely will get killed off too!)

In addition to this, we posted on how when people lose fat, research found that a key reason for fat regain was that bacteria removed the bioflavonoids apigenin and naringenin and its cousin naringin which tend to remove excess fat and keep metabolism high.

And, here's the cancer fighting connection:

Dried parsley spice is the highest known source of apigenin.  And, dried oregano has both and is higher in naringenin and its cousin naringin.

So if you use organic dried parsley and oregano on your salads or in your main dish foods, you help keep off fat you lose and can lose it more easily.

But these bioflavonoids apigenin and naringenin and its cousin naringin also kill cancer cells and tend to prevent them from developing stem cells!

So when you use these methods to lose fat and keep it off, you also slash your risks of getting ANY kind of cancer!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

American Heart Association plugs oils that CAUSE heart disease!….

Today's post:  Wednesday, 7-5-2017

*The initial research found that high LDL readings and high cholesterol readings did seem to suggest getting a heart attack would be more likely.

And, lower LDL readings can indicate lower levels of oxidized LDL or LDL with glucose spikes attached or lower levels of the tiny LDL that is a direct cause of heart disease.

Less of ALL those forms of LDL does help prevent heart disease.

Some of the historical data on peoples who had low LDL did find less heart attacks. 

But the complete analysis found that these peoples ALSO ate lots of organic vegetables and fruit and some of them ate the protective oils in the Mediterranean diet – notably extra virgin olive oil AND they ate wild caught seafood high in the anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils.  They also ate no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners and far less sugar!

*If you reduce the total LDL in a way that oxidizes the LDL, oxidizes the HDL, and increases chronic inflammation, you not only INCREASE heart disease, you increase cancers and Alzheimer’s disease!

*Independent research was done on lowering LDL with oils such as corn oil and soy oil and canola oil and safflower oil and peanut oil that are each high in omega 6 oil. 

The total LDL readings DID go down.  But the heart attack rate did not.  Worse, the death rate went UP!

*From the book Anti-Cancer and this abundant other research, the reason is clear.  Those oils lower LDL in a way that oxidizes the LDL, oxidizes HDL, and increases chronic inflammation!

The large excess amount of the pro-oxidant omega 6 oils in those oils does this.  They create even worse effects if they are heated because they oxidize so easily.  And, these oils come from plants that are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides too.  And they are also often GMO crops. 

Nutrition researcher Mike Geary even found a study showing that to make these oils taste better and have a better shelf life, they are heated and processed in a way that turns part of the oil into hydrogenated oil.  

THAT is very bad news because other research shows that such artificially hydrogenated oils even in small amounts that are repeated build up to levels that CAUSE heart disease and heart attacks!

So the study showing the death rate went up while the LDL went down shocked the people that thought anything that lowers LDL was protective.

Meanwhile those who knew this other research expected this result and knew why it happened!

*Incredibly, I’d heard that the American Heart Association recently recommended that people eat corn and soy oil because they lower LDL.

Since the other research we discuss here is clear and known, this recent harmful recommendation reflects irresponsible and incompetent due diligence on the part of the American Heart Association.

Did they take money to do this?  Possibly.  But what I think is more likely is that they relied on research that was actually false and was deliberate and paid for disinformation by the companies that provide pesticides and herbicides or these grains.

The American Heart Association does say to not smoke and eat vegetables and fewer sweets so they may do some good with those recommendations.

So, when I heard of this new and harmful recommendation by the American Heart Association I wasn’t motivated to post on it.  They do some good things and haven’t kept up with recent independent research much.  To me that was old news.

But one of the emails I get reminded me that many people and even many doctors don’t know this weakness of the American Heart Association and this may result in people being harmed by these recommendations!

So I decided to do this post.

And, since they put it well here also is what they had to say:

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 3:10 pm   From: Health Sciences Institute

"Dear Reader,

How is it that bad advice never, ever seems to go away? It simply lurks in the shadows, waiting to reappear at just the right moment.

Well, that moment is now, and the advice is about dietary fat -- coming from the good old American Heart Association.

What the AHA is telling us is little more than a rehash of decades-old nonsense about what we should and shouldn't eat if we want to avoid heart disease.

And it came to its conclusions by ignoring practically every shred of scientific evidence that says otherwise.

The real skinny on fats

The AHA has just issued its "Presidential Advisory" to "set the record straight" on fat.

No, it's not for the president. It's a nod to the president of the AHA, who appears to think this fat situation needs lots of media attention right away. People are going hog wild using coconut oil and butter, and the AHA must step in and save the day!

The organization searched its archives for some of the most outdated research it could find, dusted it off, reformatted it, and sent it out for all to see. The lead author of this drivel, Dr. Frank Sacks, said that the AHA wanted a document for both laymen and professionals that wasn't full of "jargon and scientific language."

And they certainly hit that mark...and beyond. Because this "document" is missing any actual science.

The "message," according to Dr. Sacks, is that the best fats to include in your diet are the polyunsaturated ones found in soy, peanut, and corn oils. Monounsaturated fats found in sunflower and olive oils, nuts, and avocados are "not as healthy," but they're still okay.

Coconut oil and butter, on the other hand, are downright deadly, according to the AHA.

But if you follow this advice, you'll be partaking in some of the most heavily processed foods out there -- ones that are also extensively sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. And in the case of corn and soy, 99.9 percent come from those genetically modified Frankencrops that are doused in Roundup.

On top of that, corn and soy oil can oxidize inside your body, becoming a literal recipe for heart disease (something that can be the case even if your LDL, or so-called "bad" cholesterol numbers are said to be just fine).

All peanut products, even the oil, are prone to a dangerous kind of cancer-causing fungus called aflatoxin. And a warning, on WebMD no less, says that animal studies have found peanut oil can clog arteries!

What you'll be missing by eliminating those "terrible" fats such as coconut oil and butter, not to mention avocados, nuts and olive oil, are a virtual cornucopia of amazingly healthy foods that have been found to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia.

Avocados, as we've told you, are practically a Swiss Army knife of health benefits, and they can even slash major heart disease risk factors.

Nuts such as cashews, almonds, and walnuts have been found in study after study to provide big benefits in fighting cancer.

Coconut oil is about as healthy a fat as you can find, as it's linked to brain health and immune system support.

Then there's butter, which contains a fat called margaric acid that's been found to "significantly" reduce the risk of heart disease.

And olive oil! This amazing fat is the main player in the Mediterranean Diet -- need I say more?

I could go on and on, but as we've told you over the years, these forbidden fats hold the key to a healthy diet.

Of course, it's probably more important to the AHA to keep its Big Food friends happy. 

Not only does it receive millions of dollars from food manufacturer donors, but the AHA "heart-check mark" is available for purchase to place on products with "specific nutrition requirements."

But, as you would expect, many of these items are low-salt, low-fat, highly processed soups, meats, and even fake egg products.

In other words, all so-called foods you should have ditched years ago!

To Getting Your Fat Facts Straight,

Melissa Young "

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