Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quit smoking for sure with no fat gain.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-13-2017

*Do you live in California?

If so and you still smoke, you know that cigarettes just went from $6 a pack to $9.

Would you prefer to be a nonsmoker and drop your cost for cigarettes to zero?

*Do you live somewhere other than California but you still smoke and would prefer to be a nonsmoker?

If you said yes to either question, this post is for you.

There are many reasons people who want to be nonsmokers don’t try to quit OR stop smoking but go back to smoking anyway.

*Here’s the news!

There are now solutions to each of the reasons why people don’t try to quit smoking or don’t succeed when they try.  People who use each one well become lifelong nonsmokers.

*You may need more than information to quit smoking. So we are working on a paid coaching program to ensure you learn to use the solutions.  See the end of this post if you want to be on the waiting list to ensure you are included in the first group.

There are two reasons people who prefer to be nonsmokers still smoke.

1.  They don’t think they can do it or they tried and failed before.

*Without knowledge of how to prevent it, people who use nicotine by smoking or vaping or using other tobacco products, tend to psychologically crave nicotine when they stop using it.  

Without turning that off, it is extremely hard to quit and stay off nicotine.

*Then too, some people have more severe physical or cognitive withdrawal effects when they stop using nicotine.

*Lastly, people who don’t know the antidotes who used cigarettes or other nicotine products who suddenly get extra stressed, or are extra stressed now, very often will go back to the cigarettes or other nicotine products they were using.
At that stress level people often need SOMETHING;  and if they have nothing else will retry cigarettes.

2.  Or they know except for very light and very heavy smokers people who quit smoking gain ten pounds or more of added fat because they lose the boost nicotine was giving their metabolism.

If you know that you may want to cause that even less than you would rather not smoke.

I saw a study that found most smokers want to quit but half of them won’t even try because they want that fat gain even less!

But if you have a toolkit and something important breaks, you simply fix it.

*With the solutions we have now, if you prefer to be a nonsmoker, learn these new tools and use them and you will be a nonsmoker the rest of your life.

*The man who unlocked the door to all this had a stroke of genius.  It turns out his new insight was and is accurate.

The man who did this was a very heavy smoker.  Once he had this new understanding based on the careful analysis he did, he realized it was true.

His name was Alan Carr. 

After he smoked his last cigarette with this new understanding he was a nonsmoker because he had no reason to have any more ever again. 

Did he have cravings for nicotine or cigarettes after this? No he did not.  It literally could be called The Great Escape!

The wonderful news is that once you completely understand what he discovered, you can do it too. 

Thousands of people who have read his book about it also have escaped nicotine craving totally!

There are three ways you can learn this.

*From the description here just reading it and following the logic might do it for you.

Simply put he realized that when he smoked to relieve stress when he was bothered by the physical discomfort from having his nicotine level go down, what happened was the slight physical discomfort left OK. 

But all that did was to restore him to where he would have been to start with had he been a nonsmoker.  He realized at that point he STILL had to deal with the stress!

Had he simply been a nonsmoker he could have STARTED there and saved all that fuss and mess and expense.

If you understand this and its implications, you stop craving cigarettes and nicotine psychologically.  It’s total & immediate.  Once you get by the much less addicting physical withdrawal symptoms you are a nonsmoker.

(Also, you can see why in our system ALSO teaching you a way to deal with severe stress that works better the greater the stress is helps ensure that you quit nicotine and not even go back if some disaster strikes after you quit!)

*To help people believe him and force them to think about it in enough ways to internalize it, he wrote a book.

The people who got the book and read it all the way through as soon as they had a copy, got the same result he did.

Alan Carr:    Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking    Nov 17, 2011     Paperback   $ 11 .99

It’s currently available on Amazon

For people who need more than the book there is coaching and there will soon be a lot more!

*In the UK where he lived his followers set up a group coaching program for people who could use his discovery to quit but needed some help initially to do it.

(Without the new added help we are adding, the people in the UK coaching program to learn Alan Carr’s method were six to eight times more likely to quit than people in old style programs a research study showed!)

*Our coaching program, when we launch it, will do the coaching online, but it will give you extra power and leverage to make upgrades to your health to help ensure your success.

It will also give you tools to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms if you have them.

It will give you a way to overcome severe stress that works BETTER the greater the stress AND which uses zero drugs.

It will give you ways to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal problems with no drugs AND a way to simply turn them off psychologically that works better than morphine.

It will give you extra and effective ways to rapidly turn down the health risks smoking was causing you.

Two of those have each been shown to make success at quitting twice as likely.

The coaching itself has been shown to make success at quitting more than twice as likely.

Those risk reduction methods turn off so many things that make people fat that many people will avoid fat gain from just doing them!

AND, we’ll give you ways to boost your metabolism to add to the fat loss those things make likely.

(We think our method as it now exists will help people quit and get LESS fat instead of gaining more. 

And, we will work to improve our methods to increase the percentage of people that do completely avoid fat gain after they quit nicotine whether from smoking or vaping or patches or other tobacco products.)

To get on the waiting list for our online coaching to quit smoking for sure with no fat gain, email me, David Eller at .     

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