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Metabolism boosters that may work well.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-22-2017

*On Thursday, 12-1-2016, last December, we did this post: 

In it we posted on some new research into the likely direct causes of weight and fat regain and the failsafe famine response.

The researchers found that, just after any significant weight or fat loss, gut bacteria usually caused a couple of effects that lowered metabolism and boosted hunger:

“The bacteria reduced the levels of two flavonoids - apigenin and naringenin.” 

That effect increased hunger and also reduced metabolism significantly.  So these effects reliably cause fat regain.

*Mike Matthews found that people who learn to do the heavy compound barbell lifts at the gym who use good form and safety procedures AND gradually but relentlessly increased the weight gained enough muscle to change how they looked.  Simple, by making the largest muscles stronger in his clients, their muscles got bigger and burned more calories.

But for some time now he has posted pictures of his clients who have done this that also show considerable fat loss on top of this.  Instead of looking a bit flabby with some muscles his featured clients got slightly larger muscles AND lost overall weight and looked dramatically leaner with abdominal muscles that are clearly visible.

A few days ago, he revealed how he was able to take this second step so well.  My take on it is that for the key metabolism booster the amount he suggests and has in the supplement he sells, 50 mg of synephrine 3 times a day, may be a bit too high for the level of safety I’m personally comfortable with.  But the combination of synephrine and rutin and lots of naringin clearly is outstandingly effective. It boosts metabolism enough to produce visible fat loss effects!

Mike found data that synephrine produced that fat burning and metabolism boosting that are almost as good as the far more dangerous ephedra did before it was banned.  And that this is particularly effective when it is taken with rutin and lots of naringin.

Because his supplement also has things like tyrosine that I already take and things I think are unnecessary -- and this higher level of synephrine, I’ve taken a pass on using it.

But the research I reported on last December and found currently and his great results suggest Mike is on to something!

This stack or combination looks like it can help me lose the fat I’ve failed to lose so far AND help others who are willing to eat right and exercise do the same.

I’m about to find out if doing a triple, using 20 mg of synephrine three times a day instead of 50, grapefruit for the naringin, a multiple bioflavonoid supplement AND lots of the bioflavonoids AND taking the apigenin and naringenin, that when depleted slowed metabolism and reversed fat loss, will be as effective for me as his higher synephrine approach has been for his clients.

I found a 10 mg capsule synephrine supplement I can take two of three times a day for just $16 a month including taxes & shipping.

Whole Foods often has organic grapefruit in its produce section.

And, I found to my amazement, I already have and eat two of the world’s highest sources of apigenin and naringenin.  I’ll just eat a bit more of each and do so 7 days a week instead of 4.

The organic dried parsley spice I buy at Whole Foods is the highest known source of apigenin.  And, it’s not close. Dried parsley has well over 10 times what anything else has!

The organic dried oregano spice I buy at Whole Foods may have some apigenin also and it may well have close to as much naringenin as parsley has in apigenin. 

(Mexican Oregano was cited in one source as having more naringenin; but I have no source for it let alone an organic one.  And, the organic one at Whole Foods is quite reasonably priced.)

My hope and to some extent my expectation is that 20 mg of synephrine three times a day will be safe AND by adding it to this more complete protocol, this combination will work as well as Mike’s 50 mg three times a day version.

I haven’t yet been able to get to a gym for the heavier lifts.  And, I have not yet been able to try the Bulletproof Vibe that may increase my muscle mass by doing the exercises I already do now while standing on it and likely WILL boost my metabolism.

But this new protocol based on research and successful practices I can do now.

Each month I do a fatloss progress report.  So if over the next 6 months I lose 6 to 10 pounds and one to three inches from my waist by using this new protocol, you’ll see it here!

*I discovered several things in researching this protocol:

*Grapefruit IS an effective fat loss aid.  I dislike the flavor.  So when I saw research off and on that did help with fat loss, I decided not to try it.

Now, with this way to triple supercharge that effect, I’ll put up with the taste!

The effective fatloss flavonoid is naringin and grapefruit is the cheapest and highest source for it.

And, that bitter taste of grapefruit – do you know what causes it?  It seems the naringin does because it’s quite bitter!

The other reason I’ve been slow to try or recommend grapefruit is that it can cause too little of some drugs to get into your system – and much more dangerously, it can turn a proper dose of some drugs into a dangerous overdose!

Mercifully for most people that’s not a problem.  And for those for whom it is a problem, in the majority of cases, there is some evidence that results overall will improve by NOT continuing the drug and eating the grapefruit instead.

The worst offender is statin drugs.  But to me that’s not a drawback.  Statin drugs are so ineffective and harmful, if people who take them now stop doing so to eat grapefruit for fat loss, doing so will be a positive NOT a negative.  In fact, the heart protective effects of eating two servings a day of organic grapefruit AND any fat loss combined make it likely that this change will IMPROVE your heart protection. 

And if you add the many heart protective things you can do from stopping eating and drinking heart attack starters, completely avoiding tobacco smoke, and the taking the dozen or so supplements that ARE heart protective by actual tests, your heart and heart attack protection will be many times greater without statins reducing it.

Blood thinning drugs are another.  But as typically given they are not safe to take even without the grapefruit!  They are hard to avoid getting overdoses.  And you have be extra careful when stopping them to avoid any rebound effect,

Mercifully, we are beginning to know effective protocols that achieve the needed protective effect without trying to carpet bomb it out of existence.  So using those far safer protocols instead enables you eat grapefruit just fine. 

In fact, a heart rhythm problem called AFIB is one that blood thinning drugs are given for.  But if you lose 10% of your bodyweight as fat by eating grapefruit in using this protocol, you may STOP having AFIB.  Better yet, eating whole fresh fruit daily is far more effective at preventing strokes than taking blood thinning drugs!

Immune system depressing drugs are unsafe to take with grapefruit.

For autoimmune diseases, it’s beginning to look like there are also better ways to turn those down or off than taking the immune system depressing drugs.

But there are two classes of drugs where you might want to take them and NOT ever eat grapefruit.

Immune system depressing drugs to ensure you don’t reject your new transplanted heart or liver. 
If you take such drugs for this reason, do NOT eat grapefruit!

Antiviral drugs for severe flu or suppression of HIV or AIDS is the other.

*If this protocol is safe and works as well as I think it might, a version of it may finally be a safe solution to the obesity epidemic!

As I noted in this blog when the initial research on a different metabolism boosting drug candidate  came out, there is a chance that a drug which boosts thyroid a bit extra and a second component to prevent this from harming your liver etc might boost metabolism enough to enable people to lose fat they keep off – even if they eat a less than optimum diet and don’t do enough exercise.

This new protocol by directly boosting the metabolism a different way and reversing the effect that enables you to avoid the things that help bacteria re-fatten you, it may be even more effective! 

Of course it will work more and work faster with dramatically better health effects when combined with eating right and the effective exercises!



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I am looking ahead to your subsequent post, I will
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Blogger David said...

Two replies:

*In a few months we'll know if this worked for me. I just started the easy part last night, adding a bit more dried parsley and dried oregano spice to my food. And I just started taking the Synephrine 20 mg at a time an hour ago. So far I seem less sleepy than usual for this time of day and the slight headache I got at first seems to be fading away. If my monthly reports show I lose fat each of the next few months, that will be available here! As writer and self help expert Maxwell Maltz once wrote, "it's an exerimental question." I've started the experiment!

*Welcome to the club. These effects are NOT yet well studied or understood compared with what I think they clearly should be. But if this method works, this protocol is hugely important and those studies WILL be done and publicized.

You may want to try this now or you may want to wait for more information.

For me, after keeping off some of my original fat loss and adding some muscle too; but having zero luck losing the 10 to 17 more pounds of fat mostly off my waist that I've made repeated tries to remove that have NOT worked, I'm trying it now.

12:48 PM  
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