Thursday, June 01, 2017

Why be a bit extreme to lose fat.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-1-2017

Why be a bit extreme to lose fat

Because the “trolls” who make addictive AND fattening foods out of cheap and harmful ingredients to make money have made it essential to do so!

If treats were made from the ingredients they were over 75 years ago, you would still need to eat them sparingly to stay lean.  But if you did that and the other things that remove excess fat quite well, you could do so in moderation. 

Now, when people buy such things at the store ready-made, that is no longer true!

Now if a nutrition expert says moderation is OK, their expertise is not sound.  If you want to be healthy and lean and stay that way, you need to ignore their advice and no longer seek it.

In a recent email from the Natural Health Sherpa was an article written by Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS aka “the Rogue Nutritionist” TM.

*He wrote this: 
Big Food has learned how to layer their products with just the right, scientifically determined amounts of salt, fat and sugar to produce what they call “super-palatable” food – or what you and I would simply call “addictive.”
Brain studies have shown these foods are as addictive as drugs, alcohol and gambling. It’s no accident that “you can’t eat just one.”
For example, your brain remembers the sensation of eating a CinnaBon; next time you smell one, your neurons secrete a brain chemical called dopamine which virtually insures that you won’t stop till you eat one.
So next time you feel yourself being magnetically pulled to eat a particular food, know that there is some mad food scientist smiling somewhere, eager to line his pockets at your expense, so turn the other way and don’t give him the satisfaction.”
*He goes on to say that labeling those thoughts and feelings “trolls’ in “honor” of the unethical people who sent them and did so on purpose is a good way to ignore them.
*Another way to ignore them is to release dopamine from being nice to someone you care about or do a bit better successfully at doing your exercises that day. That way you get your dopamine high from things that make you and your life better!
*A study of what part of the brain decides what to eat found that focusing 100% on the horrible health and fattening results of eating the food enables you to turn down such food.

That’s because this puts the focus and control into your thinking brain and removes it from your emotion only parts of your brain that study found.
The bad news is that these facts mean that to stay in good health and keep off fat you lose and lose it to begin with, in today’s world you have to be extreme to get good results.
The good news is that by doing this, you take money from the trolls who now make that essential to do!
*The list of foods you need to simply boycott and never consume or buy because of this is long. 

Besides packaged dessert treats and almost all commercial baked goods, this includes both regular and diet soft drinks, any & all foods made from hybrid wheat, packaged snack foods, and almost all foods served in fast food places, and anything containing artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or ANY hydrogenated oils or MSG, often labeled as “spices.”  

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