Thursday, May 25, 2017

Great way to build bone and muscle to lose fat.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 5-25-2017

Great way to build bone and muscle to lose fat!

*Strength training done carefully has a tiny injury rate compared to even other kinds of exercise and MUCH better than sports have.

*Progressive strength training forces you to tense your muscles more on the last repetition or the last two because in order to make your muscles move the weight you have to use ALL your muscle fibers in the muscle making the lift – not just the ones you use for less weight or fewer repetitions.

Once you experience this feeling and have gained some strength, you can purposely tense that muscle using no weight at all.  Not only that, you can learn to tense your muscle and keep tensing it more until you get almost the same effect that you get doing the lift. In fact, a champion body builder, King Kai Green found that doing this between sets both enabled you to do it more effectively during the end of the sets AND caused more muscle growth.  I tried it and found doing this ALSO increases the control I have of the weight during those last few repetitions. 

(You can tense your muscles at the position where you start a lift; you can tense your muscles half way through the lift.  You can even keep them close to that tense and do the lift slowly with zero weight.  You can tense each part of you separately.  You can even tense everything at once!  Lastly, because you do this just after each set and a few times a day every day.  You burn more calories than you would if you didn’t do this.)

This means that doing strength training carefully AND using this technique makes injuries during strength training even less likely.  That’s because your muscles are stronger AND you have better control of them!

*Even better, every time you use a muscle that powerfully it tugs on the bone or bones it’s anchored to.  When that happens, abundant research has shown those bones get stronger and heavier from the healthy bone this causes you to add!

*Best of all, recent research has found that this removes excess FAT from your bones and causes them to burn more calories.

*Incredibly, that research also found that in obese people who have been sedentary this effect is THREE times greater!

Of course after you have done this for several weeks and keep doing it, this extra boost will become less because you are no longer sedentary and your bones are less fat and your lean weight will go up.

This will cause you to have a lower percentage of fat and less excess fat than you did at the start.

If you eat no more than you did or a bit less and/or the quality of what you eat becomes better, this ALSO removes excess fat extremely well!

It’s a great combination!

I’ve only been doing it for a few days now.  So I’ve not yet seen if it will help me lose fat or belly fat and have a smaller waist.

I HAVE however already gotten stronger and am more in control of the weights than I was!

*Here’s the link to Mike Matthew’s article on how safe strength training is AND some tips to make it even safer:

But by adding those to his other advice &/or for some things getting two really good spotters or doing replacement exercises that don't need them you can do strength training almost injury free and have minimum downtime due to injuries.

Mike does not cover spotting for heavy squats and bench presses. NOT in this one anyway though I think he does cover it elsewhere and the book he recommends does cover it. (Deadlifts and landmine presses use those same muscles and need no spotting. That’s another solution.)

He also doesn't cover the risks of strokes or popping a blood vessel during extreme exertion. (Taking one or two grams of vitamin C in divided doses each day AND eating one or more pieces of organic fresh fruit each day is the best way known to prevent this.  Eating enough protein also helps.)

Following a very low inflammation lifestyle that we have written about elsewhere and taking curcumin, ginger, and DHA AND completely avoiding MSG has also been found to cut pain and speed healing.  

Oddly, he doesn't cover in this how the right food and supplements can reduce the chances of injury or speed recovery and prevent strokes and easily popped blood vessels.  (Taking 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 has been found to cut the incidence of injuries to muscles, tendons, and bones in half compared to not doing so!  You also recover from any injuries you do get much faster.  In fact, it was this effect that caused the injury prevention effect to be tested for and found!)

He doesn't cover advanced methods of injury recovery either.  (The Bulletproof Vibe may or may not do everything that’s claimed for it.  But it apparently has made injury recovery more complete and happen faster very well for some users. For an injury to one arm or leg, it’s been found that continuing to exercise the healthy arm or leg speeds injury repair to the injured one.

Lastly, because this is likely because of the motor nerve stimulation to the injured side.  And, because of this you can also speed recovery of the injured arm or leg by beginning to do the tensing exercises on the injured arm or leg.  You can do this sooner than you can resume using weights.  You can do it in ways that focus the attention on the areas less injured at first.  The trick is to wait for the worst pain to stop and start very slowly.  At first, if it causes any pain, simply stop.  Try it later if that happens.  If you are extra careful at first and progress a bit more slowly at first you can often do this without causing a re-injury.  But if you do it well and take the D3, you can cut the recovery time at least in half.)

*Here’s the link to the Medical News Today story about the effects on bones when you exercise in this way:

Another reason to exercise: Burning bone fat - a key to better bone health

It's a fat-burning secret anyone interested in bone health should know. For the first time, UNC School of Medicine researchers show that exercising burns the fat found within bone marrow and offers evidence that this process improves bone quality and the amount of bone in a matter of weeks.

The study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, also suggests obese individuals - who often have worse bone quality - may derive even greater bone health benefits from exercising than their lean counterparts.

"One of the main clinical implications of this research is that exercise is not just good, but amazing for bone health," said lead author Maya Styner, MD, a physician and assistant professor of endocrinology and metabolism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "In just a very short period of time, we saw that running was building bone significantly in mice."

Although research in mice is not directly translatable to the human condition, the kinds of stem cells that produce bone and fat in mice are the same kind that produce bone and fat in humans.

"I see a lot of patients with poor bone health, and I always talk to them about what a dramatic effect exercise can have on bones, regardless of what the cause of their bone condition is," said Styner. "With obesity, it seems that you get even more bone formation from exercise. Our studies of bone biomechanics show that the quality and the strength of the bone is significantly increased with exercise and even more so in the obese exercisers".

In addition to its implications for obesity and bone health, Styner said the research also could help illuminate some of the factors behind bone degradation associated with conditions like diabetes, arthritis, anorexia, and the use of steroid medications.

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