Thursday, May 18, 2017

Astonishing GOOD news about steroids.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 5-18-2017

Potentially very good news about intermittent, once a week, steroids!

People who take steroids daily for some autoimmune diseases or seriously dangerous asthma do get some relief for autoimmune disease and sometimes completely turn off dangerously severe asthma.

But when this is continued with daily dosing for many weeks or longer, it tends to cause muscle wasting and osteoporosis and either forces fat gain or prevents fat loss or even both!

You can replace these effects by stopping causes like MSG and artificial sweeteners and taking things that tend to reverse autoimmune disease such as vitamin D3 because it not only boosts killer T cells, it boosts regulating T cells and improves their accuracy!

But the effects from doing this might not be enough to stop taking the steroids or it might not begin soon enough to stop the harmful side effects.

New research may have found a way to continue these steroids that not only prevents this but tested as having the REVERSE effect!

This has not one but TWO huge potentially beneficial uses!

1.  Taking steroids every day for a long time is harmful and fattening despite the partial protection it gives for some things.

By using this dosage method it may be quite possible to continue using them when other methods don't quite replace steroids or haven't been in use long enough to replace them.

Using them in this way may well enable this use without the muscle and bone damage and fattening effects of everyday use!

2.  Not only that, the rebound effect between weekly doses tested as anabolic enough to not only prevent muscle wasting but fix it and even cause speed recovery from injuries!

Astoundingly, this may be a way to have a legal AND safe anabolic steroid to use!

*The research was done on mice.  So, it hasn't been tested and found to work in people.

But the effects look like they are rooted in mammalian biological processes, so my prediction is that they will work in people too.

Clearly, this can be tested at once in people who have had their bones or muscles or ability to lose fat harmed by daily use.

*Using this method for injury repair or reducing osteoporosis or building muscle is an off label use.  This is a grey area but doctors often try such therapies.

If the clearly indicated use tests out as working in people taking it for its approved use, I think this second use will be tried.

If it does work as I think it will, not only will this help people who take it daily to unblock fat loss, it may add bone and muscle for people who exercise and do so also by reducing down time from injuries.

Weekly steroids strengthen and repair muscles
Weekly doses of glucocorticoid steroids, such as prednisone, help speed recovery in muscle injuries, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.

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