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New leverage to prevent Alzheimer's disease Four.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-18-2017

1.  Why not start with cutting the risk in half!?

You can cut the risk of getting cancer or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

So, all my posts on preventing cancer or a specific kind like breast cancer or prostate cancer start with that.

Many doctors know this now.

Check this out:

You can ALSO cut the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dying of it fully in HALF by reducing your exposure to tobacco products and its smoke to zero.

Also quite true!  But even many doctors do NOT yet know this!

The statistics are quite simple:  Two thirds of smokers will develop Alzheimer’s.  And one third of nonsmokers will.

The goal is reducing it to zero of course.  But you get great leverage by using this to begin by cutting the risk in half.

AND, it’s no longer a problem to do this!  There are two little known resources that are extremely effective and two more are coming soon.

This started part 1 of this series.

(Our post, on Tuesday, 3-28, has why this happens AND an effective but not yet well known two part way to boost the success rate in quitting smoking from 6% to closer to 70 to 90%.  Best of all you can buy both books that teach these methods for under $30 on Amazon.)

*Keep or restore the cells that make up your brain and the power centers of these cells.

This post on keeping the mitochondria that power your nerves and brain cells health was on Tues, 4-4.

Last week, 4-11, we covered:

*Keep or restore the myelin that protects the connecting cells covering the nerves in your brain and its interconnecting and connecting cells and your other nerves as well. 
This week I’ll add this:  A study, reported by Dr Al Sears said that besides its better known effects, the herb gotu kola was found to cause the growth of new neurites which are the dendrites and axons that interconnect nerve and brain cells.  And, it may be that doing this plus the other things that grow new brain cells may replace all of some of the ones that are harmed by myelin breakdown.  This combination may also replace myelin.  At worst it looks likely to help retain the connecting nerves and slow the effects of MS and ALS.

The next strategies we will resume covering this week:

*Clean the brain and eliminate the buildup of the tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.


*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it. 

(We cover them together because the actions that do one of these almost always does some of the other also.  AND, the end results are very much the same for each of these.

*Social conversation even though it feels easy most of the time actually engages most of your brain as proven by brain scans!

Learning new things that you find valuable or enjoy researching or that interrelate with things you already know also uses most of your brain and can cause new brain cells and interconnections.

Learning a new language does both of these at once!

This intensive use tends to also prevent any formation or progression of beta amyloid or tau caused tangles research has found.  This is even the case when a good bit of beta amyloid is already present.

**Following a low inflammation lifestyle and taking turmeric or curcumin supplements taken from turmeric tends to prevent the formation of beta amyloid and tau tangles in the brain.  AND, turmeric and curcumin also apparently empower the macrophages in your immune system to remove tau proteins from your brain!

***The sterol stigmasterol that appears with beta sitosterol removes beta amyloid from your brain!  Losing your sense of smell is a symptom of beta amyloid killing your olfactory nerves.  But somehow it was found that when people who this had happened to took stigmasterol, their sense of smell returned!  I read that; and since then have read that other research has verified that stigmasterol removes beta amyloid from the brain.

When I read that, I was very pleased because, by accident, I’d been taking stigmasterol for several years before I read it!  Here’s how that happened: 

I began taking beta sitosterol because it prevents or slows the development of BPH which can block older men from urinating well AND it lowers LDL cholesterol.  (Taking 3 a day of the Natrol tablets of beta sitosterol was one of the two things I did to lower my LDL cholesterol the first 25 points I’ve lowered it.  Natrol knows of this effect and calls their beta sitosterol supplement “Cholesterol Balance.”  I take three tablets a day which is not expensive, about $15 a month.

I read labels and noticed that the product also had another sterol, stigmasterol.  I realized it must be another sterol that appeared with beta sitosterol in the natural source they took the product from.  At the time, I decided it might also help with the things I was taking beta sitosterol for – or, at worst it would do no harm.

I now know that the stigmasterol is a significant protection for me ever getting Alzheimer’s; and I will make a strong effort to keep taking it!

*Increase the circulation into and out of your brain and inside it. 

One cause of beta amyloid buildup is poor circulation to the brain reducing the flow of waste products and macrophages containing beta amyloid from the brain.  So more beta amyloid builds up.

Poor circulation to the brain also may prevent the effects that keep beta amyloid from forming, so more forms.

All of the things that prevent heart disease do so largely be increasing blood flow to each part of you – including your brain.

Vigorous exercise most days of every week does this directly.  (You can see a ruddy red or pink glow in the skin of someone just after such an exercise.  And you can feel the heat or see the sweat that results.)

Vigorous exercise most days of every week does this indirectly too because it lowers the level of small particle LDL that reduces blood flow several ways.

(In people who have been doing vigorous exercise most days of every week, you can see this in their readings because their LDL and triglycerides are low and their HDL is high.)

As you might expect, a result of this is that research would tend to show that sedentary people are more likely to have heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  It does!

And, as you might expect, research would also show that people with poor circulation are more likely to get heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

This was in Medical News Today on 4-11, a week ago today:

The more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the greater the beta amyloid build up!

Importantly, this measured the same for all races AND for people with the gene for mercury build up and without i.

So, eliminating all of those and boosting blood circulation can VERY strongly prevent beta amyloid build up!

Link between vascular disease and Alzheimer's strengthened
Middle-aged adults with at least two risk factors for vascular disease may have higher levels of beta-amyloid - a hallmark of Alzheimer's - in later life.

Following the low inflammation lifestyle reduces that risk factor and directly reduces a cause of beta amyloid.

This involves eating no hybrid wheat and far less grains and almost zero grain oils AND rarely eating the fat of animals fed grains.  AND finding out how and eating ZERO MSG lowers inflammation and directly reduces a cause of beta amyloid build up.

And, a bonus of doing this is that in addition to reducing inflammation is that it increases your HDL and lowers your triglycerides AND THAT means that it reduces small particle LDL and increases your circulation.

In fact, the triple of the no wheat low or no grain low inflammation eating style and regular vigorous exercise (and NOT taking statins which harms the vigorous exercise) and taking DHA prevents Alzheimer’s disease three ways!

It prevents beta amyloid from forming, it removes beta amyloid that does form, AND it grows new brain and nerve cells!

Is there anything else that increases blood flow?


*Taking niacin 300 mg once or twice a day lowers LDL and triglycerides and INCREASES HDL.  So does taking 250 mg once or twice a day of insositol hexaniacinate because it is a no plastics needed slow release of niacin supplement.

(I do both.)

*Taking 900 to 1200 mg a day of deodorized Kyolic garlic was found to lower LDL cholesterol AND stabilize existing arterial plaque making it less likely to break off and cause a heart attack or stroke.

I added that and my already low triglycerides and LDL went down significantly!

*Taking or eating turmeric and/or taking curcumin supplements taken from turmeric ALSO lowers LDL cholesterol.  That’s in addition to lowering excess inflammation and its other actions to directly prevent beta amyloid build up!

*Eating ginger or taking ginger supplements also lowers inflammation and LDL cholesterol.  (Botanically ginger and turmeric are related.)

(This is a well known set of effects by researchers.  I discovered the LDL reducing effect after adding both turmeric/curcumin and ginger daily.  That single change dropped my LDL from about 105 to 75!)

*And, there is one more:

Eat ZERO hydrogenated oils if you possibly can do so.

Ingesting this awful stuff directly increases your level of small particle LDL that directly causes heart disease!

It literally is heart attack starter!

And, it’s even worse than that!  Consuming less hydrogenated oils will still harm and might even kill you because your body only removes some of what you take in each day!

That means that just a bit of hydrogenated oils each day will build up to very harmful levels within a week or two.  And if you keep doing it each day, you will always be operating with a high level of heart attack starter in your body.

If that’s so, you’d expect that banning hydrogenated oils in a large area would result in fewer visits to the area’s emergency room for heart attacks.

BINGO!   New York banned hydrogenated oils and the research showing exactly this effect was just reported!

AND, that literally means that eating nondairy creamer or commercial baked goods or packaged baked goods with hydrogenated oils or using Crisco or margarine ALSO will tend to forcibly cause you to develop Alzheimer’s.

So, if you want leverage to avoid Alzheimer’s one thing you can do is to take a sword and strike these things off the list of things you are willing to consume!

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