Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easy way to lose fat without hunger.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 4-20-2017

Medical News Today had an item today that showed a way to do this.

Researchers wondered if they provided a variety of foods in a meal which they also provided labels for each food of what was in it that people could read BEFORE they chose what they’d eat.

And, they found what they hoped to find, that when people read the labels first, they ate enough food to not be hungry at the end of the meal AND they ate enough better and left out enough fattening things that those who had been eating differently would lose fat without excess hunger.

“a greater proportion of nutrition-label users selected more fruits, vegetables and beans, and fewer potatoes and refined grains, compared with non-label users. In addition, fewer label users selected fried foods and foods with added sugars….”

Clearly someone who knows to always avoid high fructose corn syrup and any hydrogenated oils and any hybrid wheat and any soft drinks whatever to prevent their dreadful health harms would do even better.

And, providing well prepared and displayed organic produce would also make it work better.

But if you have been buying much of your food at a grocery store and have not been reading labels, this research suggests that always reading labels is an easy and effective way to become less fat without eating enough less to be hungry.

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