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Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 5-2-2017

Despite the common belief even among many doctors that this is not doable, this IS doable in most cases.

(In very late stages nothing short of a way to reverse time or something like the device the fictional Dr McCoy in the original Star Trek series used will do it.

When it gets that bad people die directly of osteoporosis;

and short of that but severe osteoporosis can cause a fractured pelvis or cause a hip fracture without an accident to cause it that can result in a broken pelvis or severe head injuries from the falls it causes.  These events have a very high death rate and cost huge amounts of money to deal with.

Wouldn’t it be far better to prevent all this or reverse it well before these things happen?

Despite the common belief even among many doctors that this is not doable, this IS doable in most cases.

Each of these methods have been tested to work. (Only 2 of the very newest ones we list at the end have not, though one of the 3 HAS been tested to work.)

And like many health protocols that work, these methods get the best results when you use ALL of the techniques.

But two things help. 

*You can start with just the most effective ones and those easiest to do to get more than half way to the effect of doing everything that works.

*Most of the techniques enhance or protect your health in other ways too!

Few things in health protection are as much fun as finding something prevents something you want to avoid only to discover you have been doing that already for over ten years because it also prevents something else!

1.  Remove the biggest causes first and do things instead that are the antidote to those causes:

*Stop soft drinks and their sweeteners and hybrid wheat and excess sugar AND take magnesium and eat foods high in it. 

Despite their reputation of being a drink for young people at parties with no bad effects that the soft drink makers still show at movie theatres and on TV, soft drinks for many things are as safe to use as being bitten by a cobra or Komodo dragon with no fast access to medical care.

We cover elsewhere that both regular and diet soft drinks directly cause obesity and fatty liver and help cause heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Of course the soft drinks makers are correct that other things do too.

But for causing osteoporosis, regular and diet soft drinks are so effective they are in a class by themselves!  Nothing else you can ingest causes osteoporosis so well or in so many ways!

*Soft drinks are carbonated to produce the fizz.  They use carbonic acid to do so.  This leaches calcium out of healthy bones.  The amount is not large at any one time.  But drinking a few a week from age 13 to 53 causes a HUGE multiplier effect. The effect on weakening your bones from doing THAT is worth turning off!

*The most popular and best selling soft drinks are colas which also use phosphoric acid which is much more effective at leaching calcium out of healthy bones.

So, when you drink regular or diet colas your bones get hit with both!

And, there is a LOT more too!

We are NOT done listing the effective ways soft drinks cause osteoporosis; and anyone who drinks them regularly subjects their bones to ALL these causes of osteoporosis!

In our next post in this series we’ll list the rest of those and fill in the outline below in that and the other following posts.

*Women near or beginning menopause or right after it; consider estrogen replacement PLUS a 100% low inflammation lifestyle;

2.  Take the easy and fast steps that build and strengthen bones: take boron and 10,000 iu D3 and K2; 

3.  Do the more challenging but extremely effective things that our bodies need to build and keep strong bones.  Do walking AND strength training or an effective alternative that works better for you.

4.  Stop or do NOT begin the old line drugs for it & do all of the above plus add Bulletproof vibe and strontium instead.

5.  Consider these things that actually do what those drugs were supposed to do but do not do.   

Try adding strontium;

or use the Bulletproof vibe; or try treatment with platelet rich plasma or do so AND use the Bulletproof vibe.

 or if it gets FDA approval and actually does NOT have side bad side effects that show in its first year, Medical News Today reports a new drug that is a kind of anabolic steroid in its effects that actually causes new health bone growth and density improvement that strengthens bones.  

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