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Stop migraines without drugs and why.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 5-30-2017

Friday before last, 5-19, I got an email from Dr Al Sears about migraines.

In it, Dr Sears explains how motivated people are get rid of migraines and much they hamper people and cut their productivity at work.

He also says why he does NOT use the common drugs to treat it.  Simply put they work badly and also cause harm from their side effects.

Because he said this so well, I quoted him last time

Last week, Thursday 5-23, we covered a method that is worth trying because it does work sometimes and simply stops migraines completely when it does work. 

We added another method that cuts the both the number and severity of migraines in half. 

We covered some nutritional deficiencies that cause migraines.  We covered what foods and drinks to stop because they deplete  those ingredients and what foods and supplements to add that are rich in those nutrients.  We also covered an ingredient that tends to CAUSE migraines that most people eat a lot of and how to avoid doing so.

If migraines are still problematic at that point, there are several other things comparably effective to add. 

Because migraines are sometimes caused by other emotional or nerve or circulation problems, you can add the proven ways to fix those when needed.

The best news is that many of the things you can do improve two of these or even all three, not just one.

If your serotonin in your brain is high or dopamine is high or both, the level of pain it takes to bother you goes WAY up.  In fact, the people using the SuperBetter methods have raised those high enough, some of them simply stopped having migraines at all!

There are several of these the book SuperBetter suggests:  If there was a time that someone supported you or really boosted your spirits enough that it made you almost glow, remembering that time in detail boosts serotonin very well.  If there was a time that you were there for someone you care about that gives you similar warm feelings, remembering that time in detail also works.  The author also suggests thinking of several people who helped you or supported you even in a small way that you can thank with an email and sending a few right after another.

Taking 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 or more and the K2 to balance it, also tends to boost serotonin in your brain.  So if you take that much D3 and do one or two of the things suggested in SuperBetter, that’s likely to generate enough serotonin to turn off or turn down migraine pain.

(Oddly, the SSRI anti-depressant drugs do NOT boost serotonin in your brain but in your blood where it causes problems instead of making you feel better.  Worse, if you stop taking them these drugs tend to increase your perception of pain.  To me that contraindicates ever beginning them for people with migraines.)

High chronic inflammation increases your perception of pain and also causes problems with your blood vessels and circulation.  It’s a cause of heart disease and strokes and Alzheimer’s disease!

NOT ingesting MSG or the foods it’s commonly in that often have a few similar glutamates that do the same thing avoids increasing inflammation!

Taking an omega 3 supplement and particularly taking the omega 3 DHA as a supplement and/or eating fish from unpolluted water that are high in omega 3 lowers inflammation -- AND helps the BDNF from regular exercise grow and repair nerves and brain cells.

So, doing this set of things reduces migraine TWO ways.  It lowers inflammation which reduces pain AND it repairs nerves which reduces pain.

In fact, studies have consistently found doing this reduces how irritable you feel!  So doing this helps you to avoid causing problems with the people you live with and work with.

So, they treat you better instead of worse and THAT reduces migraines!  It also improves circulation and the health of your blood vessels and THAT reduces migraines!

So this set of things reduces migraines FOUR ways at once.

Besides exercise and NOT ingesting MSG, there are two ways to sharply improve this effect as well. 

As we posted on before, you can eat or take turmeric and/or take curcumin supplements made from turmeric and eat and/or take ginger.

You can also read the book “Anti-cancer” and follow its advice.  No longer eat ANY hybrid wheat, no longer eat oils made from grains, and no longer eat protein foods or fats from them that are fed grains reduces inflammation! AND eating organic, high nutrition vegetables and fruit and protein foods from wild caught fish and legumes and raw tree nuts and eggs and meat from animals fed no grains but their natural foods instead can SLASH migraines.

Doing both has a VERY forceful effect.  For example, people who completely stop eating ANY hybrid wheat and cut way back on other grains AND take DHA alone, have their HDL cholesterol go way up, their triglycerides go down and sharply reduce their chronic inflammation.

Again, that produces better circulation AND cuts chronic inflammation.

These steps in this post added to those in last week’s post will stop most migraines.

AND, in SuperBetter, there is a technique that cuts any severe pain in half by taking over the nerve connection that sends pain signals to your brain.  Even better, by it being something you do and control, the remaining pain is no longer a bother.  You feel it off and on; but it no longer makes you feel helpless or suffering from it!

In fact, it was using this technique and getting that exact effect that helped inspire Jane McGonigal to write SuperBetter!)

This works BETTER than morphine!  It’s NOT addictive or expensive or life threatening to do.

So, if after doing these other things you still get some migraines or painful ones, learn and use this technique!

(It’s so important a technique that I’m working on a mini-course with several ways to do it and practice exercises.)  

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