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More vegetables and much less sugar to lose fat.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-15-2017

*Most people in the United States take in far too much sugar and much or most of that is some kind of high fructose corn syrup or other free fructose.

This is now known to health researchers to be extremely fattening and causes many kinds of disabling and expensive and deadly diseases. 

Most of the people who do this think this is a tiny effect and only happens to some people.

The research says otherwise!

Doing this is very harmful and very fattening.  And no one who takes in that much escapes! 

Light intake causes harm and fat gain after about 10 years. 

And very heavy intake only takes 30 days we now know because of the experience of the man who did it, Morgan Spurlock, and created the SupersizeMe documentary. 

He was able to reverse most of the metabolic indicators of future health problems in another 30 to 60 days once he stopped.  But it took him over a year to lose all the fat he gained and get all his libido back!

*But you may know that people once ate sugar when very few were fat and these diseases were rare.  And, sugary treats can be nice on occasion. 

Isn’t there a way to do what they once did? 


To do it you eat far less sugar and only eat forms of sugar that existed back then. 

Organic and non GMO beet and cane sugar, dark molasses, real maple syrup or sugar, and unprocessed organic honey, preferably local, all work.

I can verify it works if you also eat no wheat and very little other grains and exercise regularly and eat as little real sugar as they did. 

I eat that much and my fasting blood sugar tends to be between 70 and 80 and my HBA1C ranges between 5.4 to 5.6.  My triglycerides are also below 50.

* Here’s the difference between then and now:

You can eat zero added sugar or you can eat 5 to 7 T of sugar per week and likely stay healthy and may stay or get lean.

a)  Now in the United States the average person who eats packaged foods and drinks regular soft drinks gets 5 T of sugar per day to 21 T per day.

 While fat people tend to get 10 to 35 T a day!

Much worse, most of that tends to be as 70% free fructose high fructose corn syrup or agave which is a bit higher in fructose than 70% or concentrated fruit juice which is free fructose also.

This is on top of eating refined grain hybrid wheat in comparable quantities!

This tends to make people fat. It also is a direct cause of heart disease and strokes and fatty liver and type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease and is thought to make most cancers more likely too,

That much sugar also badly depletes magnesium which directly causes osteoporosis.

(Diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them are actually worse.  They cause the same things directly and they tend to lead to also eating more grains and sugars.  Those artificial sweeteners have also been found to cause migraines and MS and digestive problems and they are more fattening than high fructose corn syrup as shown by repeated tests and research.)

So eating a very modest amount of real sugar is much less harmful and fattening than taking in huge amounts of diet soft drinks or their artificial sweeteners.

How much sugar did people eat then?  I found the data in a Forbes article recently.

"Forbes revealed that in 1812, people consumed 45 grams of sugar every 5 days"

[(45 grams of sugar is right at about 3 3/4 tablespoons = 3.75 T) /5= .75] X7 = 5.25 T

That much sugar is .75 Tablespoons of sugar a day which equals 5.25 per week

So that is about 5 T of sugar per week!  And 7 T a week is about the same in its effects.

*So the first conclusion to lose fat and keep it off and stay healthy, alive, and mobile, is to eat only these once traditional sugars.

And to limit your intake to 5 to 7 Tablespoons a week or less!

*The food that has the reverse effects is eating organic vegetables a few to several times a day with most of them being green, nonstarchy vegetables and none being conventionally grown potatoes.

This is filling with very few calories! AND besides stopping ingesting the causes and stopping smoking, doing this is the most heart protective and heart attack preventing thing that we have ever found!  The many cruciferous vegetables in this group are extremely cancer preventive

(Some supplements come close for heart protection but they are much more effective if you stop the causes and eat these vegetables too!)

(One or two servings of organic whole fruit and one or two servings of a starchy yellow or green vegetable such as blackberries and other berries and bananas and sweet potatoes and yams also are strongly protective against stroke and many cancers.  The bonus is that many of them taste sweet enough to satisfy your sweet cravings with no harmful forms of sugar needed!)

*And there are three ways to make it easier and more likely for you to eat these foods!

1.  Simply thinking of them or describing them in positive terms was found to cause more people to order them and eat them in a restaurant setting!

Descriptions like “sizzlin’ green beans” and “crunchy cauliflower” and ‘yummy sweet yams” DO work.

2.  For hundreds of years ethnic cuisines have created good tasting recipes for vegetables using oils and spices and sometime pieces of fruit or nut or bits of seafood.

Just-sautéed green beans with slivered almonds using a low temperature and extra virgin olive oil is one example.

Diced cold cauliflower with warm garlic butter made with Kerrygold grass fed butter is another.

Yummy sweet yams with peeled and baked and mashed yams with Kerrygold grass fed butter and baked with some organic raisins is another.

Yummy savory yams with peeled and baked and mashed yams with a bit of sea salt and mashed garlic cloves and Kerrygold grass fed butter.

3.  Use mindful eating to savor and notice the natural taste of the raw vegetables you eat.  Learn to enjoy each kind for the way it tastes.


There are other foods to avoid because they harm or fatten you; and it helps enormously to eat health OK protein foods AND to do the effective exercises of a few kinds each week.

But if you simply stop all the bad or excess sugars and sweeteners and add the many servings of organic vegetables and some organic fruit every day, you will be dramatically healthier and MUCH less fat!  

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