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American Heart Association plugs oils that CAUSE heart disease!….

Today's post:  Wednesday, 7-5-2017

*The initial research found that high LDL readings and high cholesterol readings did seem to suggest getting a heart attack would be more likely.

And, lower LDL readings can indicate lower levels of oxidized LDL or LDL with glucose spikes attached or lower levels of the tiny LDL that is a direct cause of heart disease.

Less of ALL those forms of LDL does help prevent heart disease.

Some of the historical data on peoples who had low LDL did find less heart attacks. 

But the complete analysis found that these peoples ALSO ate lots of organic vegetables and fruit and some of them ate the protective oils in the Mediterranean diet – notably extra virgin olive oil AND they ate wild caught seafood high in the anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils.  They also ate no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners and far less sugar!

*If you reduce the total LDL in a way that oxidizes the LDL, oxidizes the HDL, and increases chronic inflammation, you not only INCREASE heart disease, you increase cancers and Alzheimer’s disease!

*Independent research was done on lowering LDL with oils such as corn oil and soy oil and canola oil and safflower oil and peanut oil that are each high in omega 6 oil. 

The total LDL readings DID go down.  But the heart attack rate did not.  Worse, the death rate went UP!

*From the book Anti-Cancer and this abundant other research, the reason is clear.  Those oils lower LDL in a way that oxidizes the LDL, oxidizes HDL, and increases chronic inflammation!

The large excess amount of the pro-oxidant omega 6 oils in those oils does this.  They create even worse effects if they are heated because they oxidize so easily.  And, these oils come from plants that are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides too.  And they are also often GMO crops. 

Nutrition researcher Mike Geary even found a study showing that to make these oils taste better and have a better shelf life, they are heated and processed in a way that turns part of the oil into hydrogenated oil.  

THAT is very bad news because other research shows that such artificially hydrogenated oils even in small amounts that are repeated build up to levels that CAUSE heart disease and heart attacks!

So the study showing the death rate went up while the LDL went down shocked the people that thought anything that lowers LDL was protective.

Meanwhile those who knew this other research expected this result and knew why it happened!

*Incredibly, I’d heard that the American Heart Association recently recommended that people eat corn and soy oil because they lower LDL.

Since the other research we discuss here is clear and known, this recent harmful recommendation reflects irresponsible and incompetent due diligence on the part of the American Heart Association.

Did they take money to do this?  Possibly.  But what I think is more likely is that they relied on research that was actually false and was deliberate and paid for disinformation by the companies that provide pesticides and herbicides or these grains.

The American Heart Association does say to not smoke and eat vegetables and fewer sweets so they may do some good with those recommendations.

So, when I heard of this new and harmful recommendation by the American Heart Association I wasn’t motivated to post on it.  They do some good things and haven’t kept up with recent independent research much.  To me that was old news.

But one of the emails I get reminded me that many people and even many doctors don’t know this weakness of the American Heart Association and this may result in people being harmed by these recommendations!

So I decided to do this post.

And, since they put it well here also is what they had to say:

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 3:10 pm   From: Health Sciences Institute

"Dear Reader,

How is it that bad advice never, ever seems to go away? It simply lurks in the shadows, waiting to reappear at just the right moment.

Well, that moment is now, and the advice is about dietary fat -- coming from the good old American Heart Association.

What the AHA is telling us is little more than a rehash of decades-old nonsense about what we should and shouldn't eat if we want to avoid heart disease.

And it came to its conclusions by ignoring practically every shred of scientific evidence that says otherwise.

The real skinny on fats

The AHA has just issued its "Presidential Advisory" to "set the record straight" on fat.

No, it's not for the president. It's a nod to the president of the AHA, who appears to think this fat situation needs lots of media attention right away. People are going hog wild using coconut oil and butter, and the AHA must step in and save the day!

The organization searched its archives for some of the most outdated research it could find, dusted it off, reformatted it, and sent it out for all to see. The lead author of this drivel, Dr. Frank Sacks, said that the AHA wanted a document for both laymen and professionals that wasn't full of "jargon and scientific language."

And they certainly hit that mark...and beyond. Because this "document" is missing any actual science.

The "message," according to Dr. Sacks, is that the best fats to include in your diet are the polyunsaturated ones found in soy, peanut, and corn oils. Monounsaturated fats found in sunflower and olive oils, nuts, and avocados are "not as healthy," but they're still okay.

Coconut oil and butter, on the other hand, are downright deadly, according to the AHA.

But if you follow this advice, you'll be partaking in some of the most heavily processed foods out there -- ones that are also extensively sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. And in the case of corn and soy, 99.9 percent come from those genetically modified Frankencrops that are doused in Roundup.

On top of that, corn and soy oil can oxidize inside your body, becoming a literal recipe for heart disease (something that can be the case even if your LDL, or so-called "bad" cholesterol numbers are said to be just fine).

All peanut products, even the oil, are prone to a dangerous kind of cancer-causing fungus called aflatoxin. And a warning, on WebMD no less, says that animal studies have found peanut oil can clog arteries!

What you'll be missing by eliminating those "terrible" fats such as coconut oil and butter, not to mention avocados, nuts and olive oil, are a virtual cornucopia of amazingly healthy foods that have been found to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia.

Avocados, as we've told you, are practically a Swiss Army knife of health benefits, and they can even slash major heart disease risk factors.

Nuts such as cashews, almonds, and walnuts have been found in study after study to provide big benefits in fighting cancer.

Coconut oil is about as healthy a fat as you can find, as it's linked to brain health and immune system support.

Then there's butter, which contains a fat called margaric acid that's been found to "significantly" reduce the risk of heart disease.

And olive oil! This amazing fat is the main player in the Mediterranean Diet -- need I say more?

I could go on and on, but as we've told you over the years, these forbidden fats hold the key to a healthy diet.

Of course, it's probably more important to the AHA to keep its Big Food friends happy. 

Not only does it receive millions of dollars from food manufacturer donors, but the AHA "heart-check mark" is available for purchase to place on products with "specific nutrition requirements."

But, as you would expect, many of these items are low-salt, low-fat, highly processed soups, meats, and even fake egg products.

In other words, all so-called foods you should have ditched years ago!

To Getting Your Fat Facts Straight,

Melissa Young "

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