Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yet another reason wheat bread fattens so well….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 1-28-2016

I. Introduction:

The doctor who has best publicized much of this lately and explained it best is Dr William Davis in his first book, Wheat Belly, and in his more recent books.

But years before that many people backed by consistent research have found that a high protein diet from health OK sources, a high vegetable diet AND a with slightly restricted whole fresh fruit and sources of health OK fats and oils is the best way to lose fat and keep it off.

(People around the world have lived on these foods often using spices that have health benefits for thousands of years until about 100 years ago.)

And, the most important things to stop totally otherwise are these:

All soft drinks.  BOTH regular and diet soft drinks are proven extremely effective fatteners; and the list of really awful diseases they cause with even slight regular use is growing by the day.

All high fructose corn syrup, concentrated fruit juice, agave nectar, fructose, and artificial sweetners AND fruit juice!  AND more added real sugar, sucrose, than 3 to 5 % of total calories.

ALL MSG & related compounds. (People who eat foods containing MSG are fatter than those who eat the same foods and the same calories.)

ALL hydrogenated oils.  (We now know that even a little bit of them eaten every day builds up in your body to a horribly harmful level.  And, they are proven heart attack starters.)

AND, any and all foods containing wheat! 

II. The many ways that wheat containing foods fatten that have been well known for years:

a) Things that are eaten often and cause high spikes of blood sugar cause your body to release insulin to protect your body from the effects of high blood sugar.

BUT, insulin tells your body to store any calories it can grab as fat AND lock it down to make it hard to use short of famine conditions.

Some of that can be OK but a lot of it every day is a SURE fattener!

This is the nasty but little known fact:   Both refined grain wheat and real 100 % whole wheat boost your blood sugar after you eat them AND they boost your blood sugars about 53.8 % MORE than eating sugar!

So eating ANY wheat products tends to make and keep you fat!

b) Almost all fast food, packaged desserts, packaged snacks, and bread contain wheat AND one or more of the fatteners listed above from MSG to hydrogenated oils to excess real sugar to high fructose corn syrup.

The very bad news is that all of them are doubly effective fatteners!

The much better news is that if you stop eating wheat totally, all those foods are gone too!

Health and fatloss Coach, Mike Geary, found that most of his fatloss clients tended to not lose weight and fat if they ate a wheat food more often than once every other week.

c) THEN, Dr William Davis found that today’s hybrid wheat has a very effective  inflammation producing compound.

High inflammation makes fat loss harder AND is a direct cause of and worsener for heart disease, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and most cancers!

Even worse, he found that this ingredient makes a large minority of people sensitive to all gluten.

The verdict seems very clear to me in light of all this: 

If you want to get and keep the good health easily possible to you and/or you want to NOT be fat, you know NOT to ever eat wheat!

III. Just like soft drinks that are so harmful so many ways it seems that not a month goes by that doesn’t have another reason never to drink them, hybrid wheat and the foods that it goes into do too.

So, given all the information above, finding out there is yet ANOTHER reason wheat breads fatten should be no surprise.

Much to my shock, even so, a few days ago I got another way wheat breads fatten!!

Nine days ago I got this in an email from Steve & Becky Holman:

In wheat bread there is yet another fattener!

“…. there's an added ingredient that is alarming--potassium bromate…

"A new study published by the Environmental Working Group found that 86 popular breads, pizzas, pastries and cookies contain potassium bromate."

The state of California lists potassium bromate as a cancer-causing ingredient--and it's banned in many countries, including the U.K., Canada and Brazil.

So what's it doing in your bread and other flour products?

That harmful synthetic chemical is added to flour to strengthen the dough, getting it to rise higher, along with giving a fresh-baked color. But it's a carcinogen…

The ingredient is linked to tumors in the kidneys and thyroid, the gland that regulates your metabolism. Hmm, bread does tend to pack on belly fat...

PLUS, a study published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions links potassium bromate to faster aging--it damages DNA strands. (

But you CAN have bread and avoid the carcinogenic toxins, not to mention inflammatory gluten…

Here's one of our most popular guest articles--by nutritionist Kelly Herring, who has a background in nutritional biochemistry...

She says, "When you choose bread made with 'intelligent ingredients,' it can actually protect--not wreck--your health."

Here’s her link:

See: if you want breads or similar foods that taste good but contain ZERO wheat!

You do have to make them yourself or pay a personal chef to do so.  But if you would miss not ever having any bread having these MUCH "better breads" with ZERO wheat on occasion may be something of interest to you.  

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

B12, B Complex vitamins, and health….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 1-26-2016

I. Introduction:

Do you want to have abundant energy or feel really horrible because you have so little energy?

Do you want your nerves to allow you to feel things without tingling sensations or pain?

Do you want to stay mentally sharp and remember things well?

Do you want to slow aging and prevent cancer by keeping your DNA from developing or keeping defects?

Do you need to take the one safe and effective drug for high blood sugar…
or need to take what now looks to be the safest effective acid reducing drug….
or take the safest and cheapest effective high blood pressure class of drugs?

Most people I know would like to have or be able to do all these things except the last one.

And millions of people are already taking one or more of the 3 drugs in the last one!

If you want or need even one of those things, the information in this post is for you!!

A slightly above average amount or a high amount of vitamin B12 in your blood is essential for each of the first four things --
AND each of the 3 drugs depletes B12.  So they are only safe to take if you supplement B12 or design your whole food intake around getting a lot of it.

II. The drugs, Ranitidine, trade name, Zantac (the proton pump inhibitors have recently been found to help cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease) & Metformin, & thiazide diuretics each is a best in class drug BUT each and every one depletes B12.

And, many people at some point past age 65 produce less stomach acid.  This means they are able to get less or far less B12 from their food.

III. Many of us are eating in a very low or no meat fashion because eating lots of organic vegetables and fruit and eating little or no factory farmed meat is otherwise a very effective way to get and keep good health.

But those who eat this way without wild caught fish or dairy or eggs or meat or poultry from animals fed ONLY their natural diet, routinely get too little or even no vitamin B12!

(The good news is that folate and many of the other B complex vitamins except B12 are high in many vegetables, particularly the greens and other green vegetables.)

IV. There are two ways to get enough B12 if you have enough stomach acid.

a) Getting a shot of B12 works. 

But taking lozenges of B12 that you allow to dissolve underneath your tongue or chewing them up and waiting a bit before eating or drinking more works very nearly as well as shots and is massively cheaper and easier to get. 

(NOW supplements makes a methyl B12 sublingual in 1,000 mcg and 5,000 mcg sizes.  And, the 1,000 mcg size I take is quite inexpensive.)

b)  Liver has megadoses of highly bioavailable B Complex vitamins – INCLUDING B12.

The bad news is that you have to get organic liver
or better yet organic liver from ONLY naturally fed animals
for it to be safe to eat because liver bioconcentrates the harmful things it removes or tries to remove as its natural function.

The second thing is having a way to prepare or cook liver that tastes good because it can be unpleasant to eat otherwise.

If you take Zantac or are well over 65 so you haven’t enough stomach acid only the shots or the sublingual supplements will work for you.

(But you may get some B12 from eating liver.  And, I’ve found eating liver is so filling and nutritious it cuts my appetite for extra food enough to be a fat loss help!)

V.  For all B complex vitamins, having enough of Omega 3 oils from wild caught fish and Omega 3 and DHA supplements has been shown to make the B complex vitamins much more bioavailable.  Plus wild caught fish like salmon, sardines, herring, etc also have B12!

AND a recent Medical News Today article said that research showed that this effect was SO strong it DOUBLED the protective effect of B12 and the other B vitamins in preventing cognitive decline!

V.  I recently learned that B12 is strongly preventive for shingles AND for those who develop shingles it has been shown to sharply cut the intensity and duration of them.

(I got the shingles vaccine after seeing my Dad get shingles and causing him pain and to miss a family Christmas he had planned to attend.)

And, I take enough vitamin D3 to keep my immune system able to prevent shingles I think.

But I’m delighted to learn that I’m even less likely to get shingles because of the methyl B12 lozenges I take twice a day!

VI. You may have all the information you want and be motivated to use it at this point.

But if you want to know much more detail about B12 and the B complex vitamins OR you want to be even MORE motivated to use it --

Here are the ideas and information that inspired me to add the other things I know and do this post now that I found in the email I got on 1-20-2016 from Dr Al Sears:

It includes:   How to tell if you have enough B12 AND besides energy and good health, enough B12 slows aging by up to 10 years!

To subscribe to his emails see:

“B vitamins are essential to your body's energy metabolism. And B12 in particular is crucial for energy.

When you take in high-quality B12, you unlock the energy contained in the foods you eat and turn it into glucose you can burn. 

But fortified junk food is no way to get your vitamins. In a minute, I'm going to show you a better way.

But let's take a look at how important vitamin B12 really is — especially as you age.

First of all, your body's ability to absorb vitamin B diminishes as you get older. So you may need vitamin B supplements, even shots, if you are deficient. A straightforward blood test can determine your vitamin B levels.

As you age, your digestive track no longer produces a protein called gastric "intrinsic factor." This protein binds to vitamin B12 so that your body can absorb it.   

If you are deficient in vitamin B12, you may experience:

Memory loss, impaired thinking and general cognitive difficulties; 

Fatigue and weakness;

Trouble walking and balance problems;

Numbness or tingling in your hands, legs or feet;

Yellowish skin;


A swollen or inflamed tongue.

B12 works with the seven other members of the B vitamin family to support your metabolism. It also helps regulate nerve transmissions and maintain the health of your nervous system and spinal cord.

It also helps synthesize DNA, regenerate bone marrow, and renew the lining of your gut and respiratory system.

When you don't get enough B12, your body can't get energy out of your food. It also can't form healthy red blood cells. And the result is low energy, weakness and fatigue. 

B12 also protects your telomeres. You may have heard me talk about telomeres many times before.

Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of your chromosomes. Every time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter — and that means you are dramatically increasing your risk of contracting the chronic diseases of aging.

In one study from the National Institutes of Health, doctors looked at telomere length in 586 people.1

Over 10 years, people taking vitamin B12 supplements had telomeres on average 5.9% longer than those who didn't take B12.

In fact, their cells were acting more than 10 years younger. And that means lots more energy. 

Here are some of the best food sources of vitamin B12:2

Braised beef liver….”

....Free-range eggs.”  [eggs from pasture fed chickens are safer to eat & likely have more B12)

As you can see, B12 comes from animals.

Vegetarians and vegans sometimes try to get B12 from plant sources, like seaweed, fermented soy, spirulina and brewer's yeast. But they're really getting analogs of B12, called cobamides. And they can actually block your intake of B12 and increase your need for the real thing.3

In addition, acid reflux and ulcer drugs, like Prilosec, Nexium and Pepcid interfere with B12. [As does the much safer Zantac I take] So do diabetes drugs like Metformin.

And patients with celiac disease, colitis, IBS or Crohn's disease, as well as gut issues like "leaky gut" or an inflamed gut, also have trouble absorbing B12.

Those are just some of the reasons why nearly 26% of people over the age of 60 have low or borderline B12 levels.

And it's why I recommend a B12 blood test for most of my patients.4 

Your doctor might tell you normal B12 numbers are between 200 and 350 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL). But I find patients at that level have clear symptoms of B12 deficiency. I recommend keeping your level above 450 pg/mL.

To get to that level, most people need to supplement. I recommend taking 5,000 mcg per day for healthy energy levels and telomere protection.”

[I’ve not yet been tested.  But between the wild caught salmon and naturally fed dairy products and pasture fed eggs I eat each week AND the 1,000 mcg methyl B12 I take twice a day I’m pretty sure I’m well above that.

For one thing, even taking the two tablets of Zantac a day, I still seem to have excess stomach acid anyway!]

I hope you found information in this post you can and will use to protect and optimize your health!  

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Monday, January 25, 2016

People from India are multifactorial health risk….

Today's Post:  Monday, 1-25-2016  (Upgraded 2-24-2016)

Are you from India?  Did your parents come from India?

That's good!  Some of the most effective company founders and the most important technology executives in the Silicon Valley are like you.

You're quite important to the Silicon Valley economy.

BUT you are also at severe multifactorial risk to your health!

People like you are at unusually high risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other related health issues.

Worse, that's true even if you are still in your twenties or thirties!

 AND, that's still true even if you look trim!

(This is important if you work with people from India, particularly if they have moved to the United States. 

And, because such people have been so successful, it’s important to you if you live in the Silicon Valley or even the United States because they are so important to the economy!

Last, but far from least, most other Americans are at similar risk for the same diseases, it’s just less severe in most cases or happens later in life.)

A.  The better news is that we are beginning to know why this is so. 

Better yet, we are beginning to know how to lower these risks and prevent them from harming people.

There are three underlying causes:

1.  The foods and water for people near the Indus River are high in arsenic.  So people from there and people who are the children of people from there who may have been impacted in utero before birth.  Arsenic exposure can and does cause heart disease and related cardiovascular diseases. 

And, it can cause this in people in their twenties and thirties who are at an age where they expect to be healthy and not have to worry about such things.

Dr Raj Dash at Stanford has started a program to treat such people.  When I went to hear him speak he DID have such patients!

(Besides getting tested to see if treatment is needed, it’s important to avoid eating ANY kind of rice.  The arsenic in the water it’s grown in is high enough it can cause this harm to anyone. 
With their other risks already, NOT adding this one is critical for people from India.)

Rice also tends to slam up blood sugar which is something people from India should avoid like the plague!  (See the next section.)

2.  The heredity of people from India, or who are descended from people from India, has been optimized for the hot climate of India and for the conditions of India of over 60 years ago.

a) People from India hardly have any brown fat to boost their metabolism when they are cold compared to people from Europe.

b) In fact, the calories burned by heat apparently mean there is far less need for their bodies to use insulin to lower blood sugar.  As a result, research shows that many people from India release far less insulin in response to high blood sugar than Europeans. 

And, THAT means when people from India eat or drink the things that slam up blood sugar that many Americans eat and drink and think normal, they can lower it less.  This produces blood sugar high enough to do damage and get diagnosed as diabetic.

This effect is robust enough unless they take care NOT to eat and drink these things and take other steps, people from India can have this problems even if they do regular moderate exercise!

The calories burned from fighting heat and the walking their ancestors did plus the need for a smaller body so it can be cooled more efficiently, mean that people from India, particularly those who don’t exercise, carry a good bit of visceral and other internal fat and often don’t look fat or weigh enough to alarm doctors who go by BMI tests.  BUT people from India often have enough fat to cause the same health problems obese Europeans get.

When they move to the United States where the climate is far different; and the mainstream foods and lifestyle have recently been harmful to the health even of Americans of European ancestry, this creates even greater harm.

In fact, this puts people from India or nearby or who had parents who were at even more extreme risk and often at younger ages!

3.  The foods and spices of people living in India and who eat in a traditional way are protective – astoundingly so in some ways.

But if they discontinue eating that way in part -- or even worse totally discontinue eating that way -- when they live in the United States, they stop that protection.

B.  How can people who have these risks protect themselves?

The first step is to know they are at risk which readers of this post will learn.

The second step is to get the blood test for Arsenic, take steps to reduce the impact of that if they test high; AND stop the things that expose them to even more arsenic.

The third step is to know the tests that reveal risk for type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease.

They then need to get these tests.

Then they need to take the protective steps that turn down these risks or stop them.  AND, they need to do so while knowing the extra effort that they may need to do so because of their heredity.

The fourth step is to know which parts of the traditional lifestyle of India are protective and how to use that knowledge either by resuming it or taking supplements based on it or both.

C.  The process is much like solving an engineering or technical problem which people here from India are often unusually skilled at doing.

Get the tests.

Completely remove or stop the causes.

(Most Americans of European ancestry fail to do so.  But the ones who get good results always do so.  For people from India, this is a mandatory step to get protection!)

Create a customized plan to add the protective actions and have it do extra for those areas the test show are already most needed.

Decide which things to begin right away.

And schedule a time to begin those things at a level that is so easy that it is for sure doable.

Then gradually add more things and begin ramping up how well you do the most important ones.

Then manage the process for excellence just like you would for a critical path business or scientific project.

D) If you are one of the people this affects,

> Do you want to know more about this subject?

> If you find out, would you take action to protect yourself?

> Would you begin as soon as possible?

> After you learn the information, would you want to know more about ways to get help with the process?

*  If so, I’m the blogger, David Eller; and I can send you more and explain what else I can do that might help you get good results.

* Most Americans of European ancestry need to do far more to protect themselves from high blood sugar than they do now.

But many of them fail to because they don’t know they are at risk or how to stop it.

They mostly get away with this until retirement age.  So while it’s highly desirable and will keep them mentally sharp, healthy, and alive longer.

For the reasons above, this inaction is NOT something people from India can afford to do.

> Do you want to continue to be at risk when it could be easily stopped?

Some doctors know these risks are most effectively stopped by lifestyle changes and which ones work best and fastest.

And, they know the drugs for them have harmful side effects and are far less protective.

But they don’t know how to get people to make the lifestyle changes; so they tend to prescribe the drugs, the far less effective alternative, only.

The difference is as much as 95% effective for lifestyle changes and 5% effective or less for the drugs.

>Which would you rather have?

> Why can I help?

Because my Dad’s mother died of a heart attack at age 70; and right at age 70, he had the first of about four heart attacks and then died of heart failure worsened by the treatment he was given, I decided to find out how to avoid that.

Because I exercised and almost ate well, when I was a young man, my heart risk was moderate:
LDL 130 and triglycerides 150 and HDL about 50; and my HSCRP inflammation was likely about 1.5.

From the many steps I’ve learned work since then AND acted on, my LDL is 75; my triglycerides are 35, and my HDL is 104 and my HSCRP inflammation is 0.27.

So as I got 40 years older, my heart attack risk has dropped from moderate to close to zero.

This was all lifestyle changes and zero drugs!

> Would you like to know the fastest and most effective part of what I do, that you can begin within a few days?

So, if that interests you, send me your email and name and email me at  .

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