Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yet another reason wheat bread fattens so well….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 1-28-2016

I. Introduction:

The doctor who has best publicized much of this lately and explained it best is Dr William Davis in his first book, Wheat Belly, and in his more recent books.

But years before that many people backed by consistent research have found that a high protein diet from health OK sources, a high vegetable diet AND a with slightly restricted whole fresh fruit and sources of health OK fats and oils is the best way to lose fat and keep it off.

(People around the world have lived on these foods often using spices that have health benefits for thousands of years until about 100 years ago.)

And, the most important things to stop totally otherwise are these:

All soft drinks.  BOTH regular and diet soft drinks are proven extremely effective fatteners; and the list of really awful diseases they cause with even slight regular use is growing by the day.

All high fructose corn syrup, concentrated fruit juice, agave nectar, fructose, and artificial sweetners AND fruit juice!  AND more added real sugar, sucrose, than 3 to 5 % of total calories.

ALL MSG & related compounds. (People who eat foods containing MSG are fatter than those who eat the same foods and the same calories.)

ALL hydrogenated oils.  (We now know that even a little bit of them eaten every day builds up in your body to a horribly harmful level.  And, they are proven heart attack starters.)

AND, any and all foods containing wheat! 

II. The many ways that wheat containing foods fatten that have been well known for years:

a) Things that are eaten often and cause high spikes of blood sugar cause your body to release insulin to protect your body from the effects of high blood sugar.

BUT, insulin tells your body to store any calories it can grab as fat AND lock it down to make it hard to use short of famine conditions.

Some of that can be OK but a lot of it every day is a SURE fattener!

This is the nasty but little known fact:   Both refined grain wheat and real 100 % whole wheat boost your blood sugar after you eat them AND they boost your blood sugars about 53.8 % MORE than eating sugar!

So eating ANY wheat products tends to make and keep you fat!

b) Almost all fast food, packaged desserts, packaged snacks, and bread contain wheat AND one or more of the fatteners listed above from MSG to hydrogenated oils to excess real sugar to high fructose corn syrup.

The very bad news is that all of them are doubly effective fatteners!

The much better news is that if you stop eating wheat totally, all those foods are gone too!

Health and fatloss Coach, Mike Geary, found that most of his fatloss clients tended to not lose weight and fat if they ate a wheat food more often than once every other week.

c) THEN, Dr William Davis found that today’s hybrid wheat has a very effective  inflammation producing compound.

High inflammation makes fat loss harder AND is a direct cause of and worsener for heart disease, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and most cancers!

Even worse, he found that this ingredient makes a large minority of people sensitive to all gluten.

The verdict seems very clear to me in light of all this: 

If you want to get and keep the good health easily possible to you and/or you want to NOT be fat, you know NOT to ever eat wheat!

III. Just like soft drinks that are so harmful so many ways it seems that not a month goes by that doesn’t have another reason never to drink them, hybrid wheat and the foods that it goes into do too.

So, given all the information above, finding out there is yet ANOTHER reason wheat breads fatten should be no surprise.

Much to my shock, even so, a few days ago I got another way wheat breads fatten!!

Nine days ago I got this in an email from Steve & Becky Holman:

In wheat bread there is yet another fattener!

“…. there's an added ingredient that is alarming--potassium bromate…

"A new study published by the Environmental Working Group found that 86 popular breads, pizzas, pastries and cookies contain potassium bromate."

The state of California lists potassium bromate as a cancer-causing ingredient--and it's banned in many countries, including the U.K., Canada and Brazil.

So what's it doing in your bread and other flour products?

That harmful synthetic chemical is added to flour to strengthen the dough, getting it to rise higher, along with giving a fresh-baked color. But it's a carcinogen…

The ingredient is linked to tumors in the kidneys and thyroid, the gland that regulates your metabolism. Hmm, bread does tend to pack on belly fat...

PLUS, a study published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions links potassium bromate to faster aging--it damages DNA strands. (

But you CAN have bread and avoid the carcinogenic toxins, not to mention inflammatory gluten…

Here's one of our most popular guest articles--by nutritionist Kelly Herring, who has a background in nutritional biochemistry...

She says, "When you choose bread made with 'intelligent ingredients,' it can actually protect--not wreck--your health."

Here’s her link:

See: if you want breads or similar foods that taste good but contain ZERO wheat!

You do have to make them yourself or pay a personal chef to do so.  But if you would miss not ever having any bread having these MUCH "better breads" with ZERO wheat on occasion may be something of interest to you.  

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