Thursday, January 07, 2016

HOW stress causes belly fat AND blocks its removal....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 1-7-2016

This news is literally brand new today!

We already know that chronic levels of high stress are a cause for people to gain ugly belly fat and dangerous visceral fat.

Because such stress releases cortisol, it has been thought that reducing the levels of cortisol with a drug or supplement might help.

From taking one such supplement with no effect on my weight or waist measurement and NOT reading that this approach has worked for others, it appears that while lowering stress stops this effect reducing cortisol without cutting the stress does not.


We do now know precisely HOW stress causes such fat gain AND even worse, it blocks losing belly and visceral fat!

Though there may eventually be an obesity treatment to turn off the messenger that does this, it’s quite clear that actually turning off the threats causing chronic levels of high stress or creating regular physical stress relief must be done to turn off this effect now.

Medical News Today published the research today!


“Researchers uncover new details linking stress, fat metabolism” )

There IS a messenger released when you are under severe, chronic stress that causes the gain of ugly belly fat and dangerous visceral fat.

It’s a protein called betatrophin

The researchers found out that it very strongly locks down belly and visceral fat making it extremely hard to remove.

They even know precisely how high levels of betatrophin does this!

So if you have had trouble losing belly fat, it may be challenging to do; but we now know how to unlock it.

There are reports that people who do the kind of yoga that gives them stress relief
or use the Gabriel method that involves increasing your feelings of safety and a kind of regular stress relief added to a good fat loss program have indeed caused hard to lose fat to leave!

Now we know why!

You can physically remove this kind of fat with a laser as we reported on in our post of Tuesday, 1-5-2016.

But in the same way you have to continue to eat right and exercise well to keep off that fat,

     this new research shows you have to get effective stress relief to keep off that fat too!

There are some online Yoga programs that have claimed people who do them have lost this hard to lose belly fat.

This research strongly suggests that if you do these yoga sessions regularly and add the very deep breathing throughout that enables them to cut your physical level of stress you very likely DO unlock this hard to lose fat. 

Then by burning extra calories plus turning off the release of this betatrophin, if you also eat right, you CAN and will lose the belly and visceral fat that you may have been unable to lose before!

We know from the effects on blood pressure of the slow breathing using the Resperate device that the stress relief from the slow breathing reduces high blood pressure and physical stress far better than just meditation for most people.

In fact this kind of yoga, using the Resperate, or doing Tai Chi regularly, test as about four times as effective at reducing stress and high blood pressure as meditation.

Yoga and Tai Chi also burn as much calories when you do them as walking while the Resperate does not.

Yoga and Tai Chi also need fewer minutes a week to be effective than the Resperate.

Each of these methods to physically remove stress require time each week to do them that has to be added to your schedule to work.

*Is there a way to get this kind of stress relief that allows you to do the other things you have to do each day at the same time?

The new Thync device may do just that!

I’m testing it to see if it can be usable enough to do that in a practical way.

If I find it usable AND see results from my feelings of stress going down and my elevated blood pressure go down as it would with these other methods I’ll be posting on it here!

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